Tuesday 5-13-03 Recaps

Tuesday 5/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Simone and Carlos are out on bail. Surprisingly, Greenlee thanks Simone for pulling such a daring stunt and making Fusion the talk of the town. She then senses that Simone may be taking more interest in Carlos. Kendall joins Erica and Bianca for dinner at Erica’s apartment. At first, Bianca is annoyed with Kendall, but then realizes that they are in the same boat. Kendall encourages Bianca to be brave and to work at getting Lena back. Erica thanks Kendall for being so caring, and Kendall seems glad to finally get some of her mother’s affection. Bianca makes plans to meet Lena at SOS. Erica, Kendall and Bianca toast to their success. At Michael’s, Lena says she wants out. Maria, Maddy and Aidan are on a boat. Aidan gives Maria the engagement ring again and Maria wears it happily. Maddy gets scared and hides out in a closet. Maria assures her that the bad man is not coming after them. Meanwhile, Edmund and Derek wait for the murderer to strike at Wildwind. Edmund seems really agitated so Derek tells him to go out for a breather. While Edmund is out looking for Mia, Flanders finally comes in. He strikes Derek with his gun and Derek falls down hard. He hides Derek’s body in the dining room and looks around for Maddy. Just then he hears someone come in and hides behind the door. Mia walks in.

ATWT by Dione

After a long talk with Sierra, Rosanna packed her bags and left Fairwinds. Katie went to Mike's to inform him of seeing Molly come out of Dusty's suite. She suggested that he stop being everyone's doormat. Craig asked Katie to aid in keeping Barbara busy on the day of the fashion show. She adamantly refused. Jack asked Craig to come down to the station for questioning while they were at Monte Carlo. Craig refused & said that Jack didn't have any evidence on him. Paul packed his bags and left town, but not before telling his mother to go to hell. While in the pilot's seat, Paul imagined a conversation with James, his co-pilot. Rose told Dusty that she didn't want any part of the Roller Palace knowing that was the dream that broke up her and Paul. She informed Dusty of her plans to sell it and give him and Barbara the money.

B&B by Matt

Eric blasts Stephanie for her betrayal and says she can stay in this house of lies if she wants to, but he is out of there. Mass assures Brooke that Eric isn't man enough to stand by Stephanie. Jackie lets Nick know that she was thinking of transferring to the LA outlet of Fenmores. Nick bought the boat we've seen him on recently and has decided to accept Massimo's job offer.

Days by Rebecca

Belle and Mimi go to the Brady Pub and get attacked by reporters and men, much to Shawn's and Rex's dismay. Belle (with help from Hope later) convinces Shawn that her date will only last tonight, and it's nothing more. Shawn and Hope support Bo is quitting the force, and he promises himself to get Ramsel. Brady takes Chloe on a picnic.

GH by Meghan

Faith warned Elizabeth to stay away from Ric, but when he came home, she told him that she was in love with him. She tell Ric that she wants to marry him. Ric blackmailed Courtney into accepting his proposal. When she got home, Jason popped the question to her. (woo-hoo!).

Skye asked Jax to have a baby with her because she wanted to be a mother. When Reginald had to leave his butler job at the Q mansion, Alexis dressed as a man to take his place to be closer to Kristina. 

Emily went back home, but Skye tried to get her to go back to rehab because Emily was still keeping the secret about the cancer. Zander snuck into her room, and Emily thought he would find out about her cancer. 

GL by Barbara

Frank tells Marina and Ben they can't date and for Ben to stay away from her. Marina comes on to Ben and makes a veiled promise for the night of her 18th birthday. Ben and Ramona run into each other and Ben tries to break it off after having met her husband. Ramona becomes demanding and threatens to tell Marina everything. Reva visits Alex. Alex begins to move out of the mansion to the Beacon. Harley and Gus receive a visit from Alan. Frank arrives and overhears Alan talking about how Gus had kept him there at the house. Frank suspends Gus indefinitely. Alex meets the mayor and insists that Gus be reinstated immediately and that no one is to know he had anything to do with it. Ed and Ross discuss his plans to buy the Layne farm. Shayne tells his dad that he will be pitching tomorrow since the scout had a change of schedule.

OLTL by Kym

Big mother's day stuff. Most everybody's at the Country Club with their moms for breakfast. Keri thanks RJ for the flowers he sent. He asks about the baby. Will & Jenn go visit Lindsay at St. Anne's. Blair, Addie & the kids go out to eat. Al, Max, Gabs & Marcie are also there. Natalie gives Jessie an alibi for the accident. Vicki's there with Natalie, Jessie & Joey. They give her a charm bracelet. Vicki tells them that Mitch committed suicide. Flash finds her home's been condemned & she needs to move on. Riley shows her a contract from an interested producer. Bo wonders why Mitch would kill himself. He goes to Dorian's house to question her. After he's gone, Cassie accuses her of killing Mitch.

Joey & Flash show the contract to Nora. She offers Flash a place to stay at her house. Blair gets a mysterious gift at the Country Club. Al asks Marcie out on a date. Jenn goes to visit Matthew at Nora's & sees Flash there. Dorian, Blair & Jessie get their alibis straight together. Bo questions 2 witnesses who noticed there were a lot of cars at the theatre that night.

Passions by Ashley

Grace goes to Sam and asks him to come home. When she returns home David tries to convince her to take him back and be happy with him. Gwen tries to prove Beth is not pregnant and tells everyone she thinks so. Beth makes up a story to get sympathy and cover her tracks. Whitney walks into Eve talking to T.C. She tells him she once had a son. Both Whitney and T.C. try to help Eve out in her time of need. T.C. questions Liz about how she knew Eve's secret.

PC by Beth

Casey finds Jamal, who explains that he was going after Livvie when someone attacked him from behind. Jamal is angry with Casey for not doing more to help his friends. Alison worries about Rafe's prolonged absence, but Caleb points out that Joshua was probably still awake when Rafe arrived at the villa. When Alison asks Caleb how he relieves stress, he replies that sex is normally a good way. Joshua wakes up from the nightmare, trapping Rafe inside his mind. While Rafe screams, Joshua tries to understand why he has an excruciating headache. When an amused Ian finds Lucy searching the hospital room for her clothes, he admits to hiding them from her. Casey overhears them talking about Lucy's dream of visiting Morocco someday. When Ian takes Lucy to the roof for fresh air, they find a Moroccan paradise waiting for them. After Jamal douses the outside of Elixir with gasoline, Frank stops him from torching the club. Casey saves Jamal from Frank's wrath. Joshua's doctor, who is also a vampire, prescribes a good feeding to cure Joshua's headache. Rafe plays mind games on the fully conscious head vampire, whose hallucinations knock him off his feet. Afterward, Rafe lies unconscious outside the villa. Against Caleb's wishes, Alison tries to leave the catacombs. Caleb carries her back, kicking and screaming. Alison agrees to stay, but she leaves when Caleb's guard is down. Caleb thinks about letting her go, but changes his mind and runs after her.

Y&R By Judy

Christine finds Paul on the beach and let's him know she isn't married. She tells him what happened with Michael and Isabella. He is very upset and when Christine starts to leave he asks her to stay. Isabella is ready to make a phone call when Mary arrives all ready to give it to her. Isabella tells her that she wants her to move to California with them but Mary doesn't believe her. Isabella says her mistakes are in the past and on and on but then the doorbell rings and there is Lynne already to deliver them some news. Brittany questions JT about what he and Anita saw between Jill and Fred then Billy and Mac arrive. Mac's nice diamond and wedding plans don't get much of a reaction from Brittany. Raul tries to stand up for her and JT heads out the door. Ashley and Jack talk business and John, and Ashley doesn't like to see him wasting so much time on Jill. Catherine and John confront Charlotte at Gina's and the web continues to tangle. Charlotte denies knowing about the confusing Ramsey connection. Catherine says that Charlotte has not aged well. Jill tells Fred she looks forward to their time together and Fred says it may have to end in order not to hurt Brittany. He is afraid Anita will blab which ticks off Jill and she wants to tell Anita to keep her mouth shut. Fred stops her and they kiss just in time for Brittany to see them.

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