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Monday 5/12/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Michael tells Kendall he saw her kiss Boyd, and warns her that double-crossing him will be costly. Kendall maintains her composure and says she was trying to get Boyd to trust her again. Michael falls for it and tells Kendall about his new plans. He wants her to drive Erica to humiliating herself in public, after which he will convince the Enchantment board that Erica is unfit to manage the company. They go to the Valley Inn where Erica and Jackson are having breakfast. June the reporter is there as well, and in anticipation of a conflict, she calls for a cameraman. Kendall gets into a fight with Erica, and in all the commotion, Jackson becomes dizzy with pain. Erica picks up a knife and points it at Kendall. Kendall calls her certifiably crazy while June catches everything on camera. Michael is pleased with the outburst and feels closer to getting Enchantment. However, he doesn’t know that Erica, Kendall and Jackson had planned the whole act. Meanwhile, Lena and Bianca are at Erica’s apartment, preparing to welcome Jackson home from the hospital. While Bianca is out of the apartment, Lena goes through Bianca’s pocketbook, gets the combination of the safe and then takes out a disc from the safe. Bianca watches what Lena is doing from the security room and realizes her mom was right. Later she tells Erica she was right about Lena, and Erica tells her that they will get Michael and Lena back. Lena takes the disc back to Michael and tells him she is done working for him. Aidan hides Maria and Maddy in a laundry cart, and safely takes them on to a yacht. Meanwhile, Edmund goes home carrying a dummy Maddy and waits for the murderer to come and get him. Flanders quietly watches from the bushes.

ATWT by Dione

In Dusty's suite, Molly tried to find info on him for the Feds while looking through his briefcase. The agent came from behind and covered Molly's mouth. Molly said she'll aid in the investigation. Meanwhile, Dusty was at the grand opening party for the Roller Palace admitting to setting up Rose. Barbara tried to lie and she was only trying to help Dusty through his financial problems. Paul dumps Rose. Later, as Molly and Dusty prepare to hit the sheets, Molly excuses herself to the bathroom. Dusty notices papers hanging out of his briefcase. He checks Molly's purse and finds a card from Brackett, the agent. Henry is hiding out in Jack's place because he has no money & no place to go. At Monte Carlo, Carly informs Jack that Henry bribed her 50,000 to keep quiet about the pregnancy test. She also told Jack that she got the money from Mike.

B&B by Matthew

Stephanie finally reveals the truth to Eric about Ridge. He goes ballistic and throws a vase at the mirror above the fireplace! Bridget wants to makeup with Brooke, but Ridge tells her not to run away from her feelings. He later finds Massimo downstairs and admits he plans to tell Eric the truth. Massimo informs him that ol' Steffers is doin' it now.

Days by Danielle

Jennifer asks Hope to be her matron of honor. Roman tries to persuade Bo to change his mind about quitting the force. An attempt to make a hit on Tony and blame it on Victor goes wrong when Lucas pushes Sami out of the way and tries to unarm the gunman. The gunman holds Sami hostage until Tony persuades 
him to let her go.

Belle is picked by the mystery guy on Love Is Blind. She and Mimi become instant celebrities with guys following them around. Mimi goes to Belle's dorm room to hide out and finds Rex waiting for her.

GH by Meghan

Jason and Courtney were at the park with Michael when he started asking them about their wedding. Confused, they asked what he was talking about, and Michael told them Carly said they would be getting married. They explained they weren’t getting married right now. Jason left, and then Ric showed up trying to talk to Michael. Sonny came and told Ric to stay away from his son. Courtney left with Michael, but later came back when her brother was gone. Ric told Courtney that if she wanted to protect the people she loved, she would marry him. At Ric’s house, Faith and Liz were talking and Faith found the receipt from Courtney’s ring, but assumed it was a ring for Elizabeth. Faith told her that she wouldn’t be marrying Ric, and if she accepted she would be going down the aisle in a casket, not a dress.

Maxie, Georgie, Dillon, Lucas, and Mac all found out about the “Maximum Maxie” website. Maxie hurried to find Kyle to tell him about their sleeping together being all over the web. He pretended to be surprised and then left her at Kelly’s after Lucas went after him. Mac came and Maxie wouldn’t tell him who the guy was.

Alexis and Cameron were finally let out of the office, and she went to visit Kristina. When she got there, Skye told her that she was late for her visit, and would not be seeing the baby. Alexis left, and then Skye and baby Kristina cuddled together, while Skye talked to her.

GL by Barbara

Jeff asks to speak to Mrs. Winslow. Edmund intervenes and offers to take a message for her. Jeff tells Edmund he knows that he favors his brother Richard. Edmund pumps Jeff for personal information. Alex goes to visit Phillip. Phillip goes to the mansion where Alan has called a meeting. Cassie and Reva have lunch and talk about Edmund. Reva makes Cassie explore the feelings she is having for Edmund. Edmund invites Cassie to go to San Cristobel. Dax and Edmund talk at the Beacon and Edmund asks Dax to investigate Jeff. Edmund conveniently forgets to give Cassie the message from Jeff.

OLTL by Kym

Nat & Cris finish working on the customers at Roxy's. An angry Rex calls Cris to come to a meeting or else. Antonio's at Blair's house trying to figure out what happened & who tore it up. Mitch doesn't believe that Dorian will hurt Jessie & doesn't cooperate until Jessica begs him to. Roxy comes back to the salon & Nat chews her out for taking off, until Roxy tells her thanks for helping out. Cris meets with Cole & Rex again. Gabs & Max are at the bar discussing the upcoming job RJ is going to do & how Gabs is missing Bo. Vicki, Joey & Antonio guess that Dorian took Jessica to the old theatre & take off to check it out. Mitch is convinced to start confessing as it's being recorded.

Asa shows up & Roxy starts teasing him about still being in love with Renee. Nat shows up at Capricorn & sees Cris, Rex & Cole plotting together. After he confesses, Mitch demands that Jessica be let go. The women laugh & tell him that she was never in danger. He doesn't believe them, struggles to free himself in a panic & falls thru the railing into the river below. Later, Natalie confronts Cris about Rex being involved in the crime. He tells her he's trying to help him, but she says she'll talk to him. Cris says Rex won't listen to her. Jessica's hysterical & wants to go look for Mitch, but Dorian & Blair tell her that it's a waste of time, he's probably dead. They convince her to leave. Antonio, Vicki & Joey bust in & find Johnson knocked out. Vicki & Joey find Mitch's cane & the confession upstairs where he fell. They think the confession was made because he committed suicide by jumping. Antonio finds a button from Jess' coat. Dorian & the 2 women return to her house & find it ransacked. They're mystified as to why. They make a pact to keep everything secret. One of Mitch's followers fish him out of the river.

Passions by Ashley

Ivy tells David that Sam moving out gives him the perfect opportunity to get Grace. She tells him she believes Grace loves him and then John tells him he believes the same thing. Theresa, Fox, Whitney, and Chad talk about his parents and how he could be related to anyone. Eve becomes upset and sees Julian who comforts her about her life falling apart. T.C. becomes furious when he sees the two together. Sheridan becomes upset when she sees pictures of clowns. Gwen becomes even more suspicious of Beth and her motives.

PC by Beth

Restless with hunger, Olivia leaves the safety of the catacombs to look for blood. Caleb's negative attitude gets to Alison, who tells him off and then orders him not to say another word to her. Rafe gives Joshua a nightmare in which Olivia sinks her poisoned fangs into his neck. When Kevin goes to Elixir to look for his daughter, Jamal confronts him about her murderous act. In Joshua's nightmare, Rafe watches while Joshua locates and takes the antidote. As Jamal tries to wring Olivia's neck, Kevin knocks him out from behind. Kevin persuades his daughter to go to the lighthouse. Alison accuses Caleb of not being a real musician. Puzzled and offended, Caleb writes a song to impress her.

Y&R By Jodi

Fred lets Anita know that he told Brittany about their separation. JT tells Brittany that he was with Anita when they saw her dad with Jill. Katherine will pay for Billy and Mac's wedding. Billy gives Mac the ring her Grandfather Reynolds gave to Katherine. John Abbott arranges to have Katherine and Charlotte Ramsey meet at lunch, while Katherine tells Liz that if John brings up Charlotte, it will be a short lunch. Jill gets Charlotte to agree to try and stop drinking. Diane tells Isabella to brace for a change in her life now that Christine knows the truth about her and Michael. As Paul is at the beach in California, ripping up pictures of him and Christine, he hears her voice calling to him.

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