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Friday 5/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Professor Stevens warns Maggie that she may be expelled for cheating off of Henry. Maggie later pleads with Henry to confess to the dean. Henry feels bad for Maggie, but refuses to throw his medical career away. Reggie reminds Joni not to say anything about Luis when they go to see Jackson. Joni tells him that in times like these, it is best to turn to God and prayer. Reggie doesn’t buy it, and says that God has given his family more challenges than anyone. He tells her that his brother was also shot, but unlike Jackson, he didn’t survive. Later, Janelle tells Jackson about Reggie’s brother and wonders if Reggie is hiding something. A disguised Flanders tries to suffocate Maddy with a pillow. When Maddy screams for her mother, Flanders runs out. Edmund alerts the police to look out for a man in hospital scrubs. He and Maria agree that it may not be safe to go back to Wildwind, and so they decide that Maria and Maddy should hideout somewhere. Edmund asks Aidan to come to his house with him, hoping to catch the murderer. Kendall apologizes to Boyd for her behavior and tells him all about Michael’s plans. Boyd accepts her apology and says he will help her get Michael. Michael secretly watches Kendall leaving Boyd’s apartment. A very upset Bianca confronts Lena about having an affair with Michael. Lena tells Bianca that she was just pretending to be involved with Michael in order to get information out of him. Bianca doesn’t buy the story. Lena pleads with Bianca to believe her – she says she’s never felt like this about anyone. After a lot of talking, Bianca finally gives Lena the benefit of the doubt and they embrace.

ATWT by Dione

Paul walked in on Rose and Dusty kissing. After an argument, they broke up. At the station, Jack gave Paul information showing that Barbara had been paying Dusty's way even before he came into town. Rose arrived to the opening of The Roller Palace late and shared a few kisses with Dusty. Paul came in with the information that proved she had been set up by Paul and Barbara. Carly heard thumps in the house while preparing dinner for Jack. He suggested that she leave the house. When they returned home, Henry Coleman was in the house hiding out because he didn't have the funds to leave town. After Sierra told Craig that she was taking Lucy and Aaron to Montega, he decided to bend and let the young couple see each other in Oakdale. This infuriated Rosanna so badly, she packed her bags.

B&B by Matt

Days by Danielle

Shawn tries to warn Cassie about going out with Chaz but Cassie tells Shawn he's just jealous. Rex asks Mimi to donate blood to help him have a comparative subject for his research. The second episode of Love is Blind airs and the guy says he is ready to announce his decision.

Kate is upset that Philip is being shipped overseas and didn't stop to say goodbye to his family. Bo quits the police force because he feels he can't be bound by the red tape to do what he has to do to protect his family.

GH by Meghan

Maxie and Kyle slept together at his party, and it was caught on tape. Lucas walked in to the party as they were going upstairs together. He left, and told Georgie and Dillon who were at Kelly's. Lucas stormed out, with Georgie behind him. They ended up kissing, with Dillon looking out the window.

Alexis asked for a meeting with the judge to review her case. Judge Farmer refued to change her original court orders, and told Alexis her therapy would continue. When all of them left, Cameron went to his office, and Alexis soon followed. After they had a little disagreement, she tried to leave, but they were locked in the office.

Before Courtney left the hospital, Ric went to make sure she would keep her mouth shut about his and Faith's plan to frame Jason. Sonny showed up, and told Ric he was nothing to him, and more important, he was nothing to Courtney. They left together, and went to Jason and Courtney's loft where they had dinner with Carly. Jason and Sonny talked about Ric, while Carly and Courtney talked about wedding plans, and Carly was again told to back off. Ric went to see Elizabeth where he was told to stay away from her, because she wanted nothing to do with him. On the docks, Faith suggested her and Ric move to Florida, but he said no because he had a secret weapon in PC...Courtney.

GL by Barbara

Lizzie sees Phillip and Olivia kissing and is not a happy camper. She is going to set out to break them apart. Olivia and Lizzie spar after Phillip leaves the room. Frank comes to the mansion and places Alan under house arrest. Edmund is introduced to Jeffrey O'Neill and is in a state of disbelief. He shakes Jeff's hand a little too long for Jeff's liking and he tell him that he prefers women and asked Edmund if he is still in the closet? Jeff leaves. Cassie comes in missing him again. The mayor comes in and asks Cassie if she met Jeff. Edmund is still stunned. The mayor tells Cassie that he doesn't see it but a lot of people think he looks like Richard. Cassie and Edmund share a moment that freaks Cassie out. She runs away passing Jeff yet again. Gus tells Alex he has the goods on her. Marina and Ben meet Mr. Hendon. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Joey comes back to his room & finds Flash there. She shows him the bra she found, but he tells her it's not what she thinks. Jenn goes to the gallery & runs into Antonio. He's there looking for Jessica. He finds the cloth with the chloroform on it that was used to kidnap her. As Lindsay is calling Mitch, Jessie screams in the background. He says he's on his way. Dorian gives Lindsay a gun, but she freaks out & runs off. Roxy catches Nigel & Roxy making out. They claim to be in love with each other. Joey tries to explain what happened with Jenn, but Flash doesn't want to hear it & leaves. Antonio tries to figure out what happened to Jessica. When Lindsay shows up there, he tries to question her about what's going on, but she's incoherent again. Renee & Roxy have a catfight over Nigel.

Dorian tries to convince Jessie to help out with the scheme, but she tells Dorian to leave it to the cops. Dorian says the cops have had no luck so far.

Mitch arrives at the theatre & calls out, but nobody answers. Antonio takes Lindsay back to St. Anne's. Flash confronts Jenn about her intentions with Joey. Blair shows up at the theatre & knocks out Mitch's henchman. She starts taunting Mitch who corners her with his knife & tells her to take him to Jessica. She leads him upstairs to where Dorian's waiting. Mysterio breaks the spell off Roxy & tells her they need to go fix Renee & Nigel next, but Roxy tells him to wait. She then asks Asa if he wants to spend some time together. Joey goes to the gallery to talk to Jenn & she cries on his shoulder. The women distract Mitch, put a sheet over his head & knock him out as he drops his knife below. Antonio goes looking everywhere for Jessica. Mitch comes to as he's told he's tied to a railing 100 ft over a river. They tell him to confess or Jessica will die.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen and Sheridan become upset when they think they have had a glimpse into their futures. Gwen is terrified that she'll lose Ethan to Theresa while Sheridan only wants Luis to be happy. She tells Gwen he should be happy with Beth and their baby on the way. Gwen however thinks that Sheridan is way too trusting and she questions Beth's pregnancy. Theresa and Fox talk and she urges him to tell her who he's in love with while he denies he's even in love. Chad tries to talk to Julian about little Ethan and letting Theresa have him. But Theresa lashes out at Julian and says he's trying to steal her baby away from her. Eve tells T.C. finally that she once had a son but lost him and he sticks by her. Liz knows that this will not last long when he finds out the baby's father is Julian.

PC by Beth

Ian takes Lucy to the hospital, where Chris gives her a blood transfusion. Jack and Jamal argue about Jack's association with the vampires. Elizabeth wanders into the club after looking everywhere for Alison. Showing Jack and Jamal the photo, she informs them that her little girl is dead. Casey knows the truth but can't let anyone know. Alison and Olivia talk about life, love, and Livvie's reasons for taking everything out on Alison. Caleb makes it clear to Rafe that he will lose unless he hates Joshua with every fiber of his being. Lucy feels better after the transfusion, which Ian hopes will give him time to identify the toxin that is killing her. Jamal takes Alison's death out on Jack and Casey. Jack and Elizabeth share a bottle of vodka. Rafe goes to the villa to play mind games on Joshua. Caleb assures Alison and Olivia that everything will be all right. Alison takes Caleb's hand, which he offers for comfort.

Y&R By Rosey

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