Thursday 5-8-03 Recaps

Thursday 5/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Edmund catches up to Maddy in the park. He is thankful she’s ok and asks her what happened. She says something about a shooter and someone being hurt, but doesn’t want to talk more about it. Mia comforts her and calls the police. Derek questions Maddy, but sees that she’s in shock. They take her to the hospital. After some hesitation, Maria finally says yes to Aidan’s proposal. Just as they’re about to go celebrate, Edmund calls Maria. He tells her about Maddy, and Maria and Aidan rush out for the hospital immediately. Kendall tries to convince Bianca that Lena is working with Michael. Bianca doesn’t believe her and accuses her of being selfish. Erica defends Kendall and tells Bianca they’re just trying to look out for her. Bianca doesn’t understand her mother’s new found compassion for Kendall and walks off. After showing Erica the wedding bands, Jackson says he’s willing to wait till she resolves the Michael and Lena situation. Michael is in Lena’s room, instructing her on their new plan. He wants Lena to get access to Erica’s apartment. Bianca catches Michael coming out of Lena’s hotel room. Maggie’s o-chem professor accuses her of cheating off of Henry. She says their answers were identical. Maria comforts Maddy. Maddy tells her she saw the shooter, and he pointed the gun at her. Maria rushes out to tell Edmund that Maddy is witness to the shooting at the park. They fear for her safety. While they’re busy talking, a disguised Flanders enters Maddy’s room.

ATWT by Dione

Rose tells Lily that when she's with Dusty she can't fight the feelings. Meanwhile, Paul's at the station trying to get info on Dusty. Rose calls Paul to say that she needs to talk to him. When he arrives, she's in the middle of a lip lock with Dusty Donovan while she's barely dressed. After talking about the patient that Bob lost, Chris tells Bob that he needs to see a doctor about his forgetfulness. Later, Katie sees Bob in the hallway & questions why he isn't in the staff meeting. Bob is clueless about the meeting taking place. Katie baked Mike some lasagna and told him to freeze it so Molly won't eat it. Rosanna feels betrayed because Craig brought Sierra home from Montega. Craig wants Lucy to go to Montega to get her away from Aaron. In a last ditch effort, Rosanna tells Craig to either walk away from Monte Carlo or they're through!! At Al's, Sierra tells Lucy and Aaron that she's going to deal with Craig. She thanks Aaron for helping Lucy walk again.

B&B by Betty

Before the ceremony, Brooke overhears Ridge and Bridget talking, saying that they will always love each other. Brooke begins her walk down the aisle to marry Ridge but keeps thinking about the conversation she heard. When it comes time for she and Ridge to take their vows, Brooke runs out on the wedding. Massimo is very pleased when the wedding stops, and Eric is very confused by all of this. Stephanie gets Eric to take the kids for a ride, and Kristen informs the guests that there will be no wedding; she sends the minister and guests home. Ridge follows Brooke and breaks down the door, demanding answers, and is stunned when she tells him she knows about him and her daughter. Brooke doesn't believe Ridge when he tries to explain why he kissed Bridget. Just then, Bridget comes in and tells Brooke not to blame him for something that's Bridget's fault. Nick is at the office when Deacon comes looking for Massimo. They both realize that Massimo is at the wedding. They agree that Ridge is not the man for Brooke.

Days by Rebecca

Sami is filled with joy about her and Brandon's engagement, and she rubs it in to newly-dumped Lucas. Will is happy about it, but Lucas doubts it'll ever happen. The girls give Lexie a baby shower which Sami crashes, thinking Eugenia is going to "spill the beans." And tells her mother and everyone about her engagement, which Lexie already knew about! Lexie lets it be known that Brandon wouldn't marry Sami in this lifetime. Mickey instructs Shawn to talk to a waitress at Tuscany, who's reluctant to give a deposition for the Ben Wells case, and he does so much to Belle's amazement. Roman and Kate go to the pub and are very happy, but Kate gets concerned about keeping her past from her love...

GH by Meghan

Ric and Faith slept together, after Elizabeth walked out on Ric for what she said was the last time. Ric told Courtney that if she didn't want to see Jason end up in jail, than she would cooperate with him and keep her mouth shut. Scott told Sonny he ordered the PCPD off the case of Courtney because there was no way to prove a hit and run.

Alan told Emily that he knew she had cancer and wondered why she wouldn't tell anybody else. She told him that she didn't want people to be scared for her. Zander was going to get arrested for possession but Gia told Taggert the drugs were hers. He knew she was covering, but let it go.

Courtney told Jason that Carly had given her a "crazy" idea and Jason knew she was talking about getting married, but he wondered why she thought it was crazy. Courtney told Jason that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jason.

GL by Barbara

Gus and Harley check out the mansion. They open the safe and find the bracelet that was in Roy's safe deposit box. Gus wants revenge against Alex. Alan watches Alex at the party. Alex calls Harley and hears voices. She sends Lloyd over to check the mansion for Alan. Lloyd finds Harley holding a bag of goodies. He pulls a gun on Harley. Gus enters and runs Lloyd out. The cops are waiting for him.

Edmund gives a great speech and in the excitement, kisses Cassie. Realizing what he did he offers an apology. The bearded man walks down the stairs, but no one notices. The mayor congratulates Cassie on the party and says he wants to introduce her to the new DA. They will meet in the bar later. He asks her to join them. Edmund goes to the bar to find the mayor. He is not there but is directed to another man who is waiting for the mayor. He approaches the man and taps him on the shoulder. The bearded man turns around and much to Edmund's surprise, the man looks like Richard. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn jumps into bed with Joey while he's asleep. Flash goes back home & tells the guys in the band about her illness & how she won't be able to sing for awhile. Cris gets his show ready at the gallery. Dorian brings Lindsay to the theatre where Mitch had Blair. Natalie passes out fliers to the teens. Roxy's about to run off with Nigel, until Rex "snaps" her out of it. Nigel calls Roxy to run away with him, but she tells him to get lost. Asa & Renee go to Atlantic City to stop them from getting married. Antonio finds out Lindsay's missing from St. Anne's. Blair tracks Dorian to the theatre. After finding out that Mitch shot Dorian, she refuses to help anymore. The teens pour into Roxy's place. Asa, Nigel & Renee go to see Mysterio's act. Nigel tells Asa he's in love with Roxy. Nigel & Renee are hypnotized to fall for each other. Natalie sees Cris get a mysterious phone call & confronts him about it. Joey wakes up & pushes her off him.

Dorian & Lindsay kidnap Jessica at the gallery. Roxy does makeovers on the girls there, when suddenly someone mentions the magic word & she's off to go find Nigel. Renee & Nigel kiss passionately. Flash' band refuses to get another singer. They say they'll wait for her recovery. Jenn tries to seduce Joe again, but he leaves the room. She leaves her bra under his pillow. He goes to the chapel to pray for forgiveness. Dorian uses Jessica as bait to lure Mitch to the theatre. She tries to get Jessica to help her willingly. Flash goes back to Joey's room & finds the bra in his bed. Roxy catches Nigel & Renee together. Lindsay calls Mitch to inform him she has Jessica.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan and Luis spend time together. They talk about the future and the baby that could be theirs together. His goal is accomplished when he eases Sheridan's nerves for awhile. Fox and Theresa spend time together and she is impressed with his concerns for Whitney and Chad about knowing the truth. She surprises him when she tells him that she still believes she can have Ethan. Gwen is shocked and happy when she finds out that Ethan has a surprise for her and what it really is. Julian, Whitney, and Chad spend time together and talk about Chad's parents and he tells them not to give up searching for them. Liz tries to provoke T.C. to tell her about her son but T.C. misconstrues things and feels bad that Eve is sad she couldn't give him a son.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth flirts with Kevin as he paints her portrait. Kevin is surprised to hear her describe him as being rather balanced. Glad to hear that Kevin has moved on from Lucy, Elizabeth offers to give him the choice of whether to paint her dressed or in the nude. Victor continues to defend his loyalty to Joshua. A police officer tries to arrest Lucy, but Ian's intervention allows her to break loose and handcuff herself to part of the church. Joshua is furious with Olivia, who has convinced him that she killed Alison with her poisoned fangs. Olivia is determined to take down every vampire that Joshua sends after her, to ensure that the self-proclaimed king has no kingdom. After provoking him into an attack, she sets off a smoke bomb and flees the villa. Despite his feelings on the matter, Rafe promises to help cure Olivia and allow Caleb to get his fangs back. Caleb admits to going along with this in order to save Alison from Joshua. Olivia returns to the catacombs with the news that Joshua believed her. Rafe plans to get inside Joshua's mind. Lucy collapses, and when the officer refuses to unlock the handcuffs, Ian vamps out, breaks her loose, and carries her out of the church. Caleb apologizes to Alison for killing her in the nightmare Rafe induced several months ago. Rafe plans to make Joshua think that Olivia bit him with her poisoned fangs, and then steal the antidote once he learns where it is. An angry Joshua informs Kevin and Elizabeth that Livvie killed Alison. Accusing him of lying, Elizabeth rushes out to find her daughter. Kevin reveals that he hasn't taken his latest dose of medication yet. Joshua orders Kevin to make Livvie pay for killing his bride-to-be.

Y&R By Judy

Christine shows up at Paul and Isabella's but does not know Paul is already in California. Isabella avoids telling her and Christine is hunting for answers with a vengeance. Michael really seems to be losing it as he continues to hold full length conversations with that devilish image of himself. Diane shows up but when he tells her the dirty details of his and Isabella's plan, she doesn't seem to take the whole thing seriously. Wes and Ashley talk about the Dru, Neil and Olivia topic and she tries to encourage him to win Olivia over. Neil wants to marry Dru but she is not convinced it will work the 2nd time around since the 1st time was a bust. Jill and Catherine haggle over why Jill won't bring Charlotte home and where Elizabeth fits into the picture now. But Jill tells her that her life is her business. John meets up with Charlotte and talks about the past, but Charlotte denies any connections. All set up for romance at Brad and Ashley's, Wes tries too impress Olivia, but she feels strange at Brad's. Wes hopes this will help her face her issues.

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