Wednesday 5-7-03 Recaps

Wednesday 5/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Aidan tells Maria that they’re moving out of the flea-bag motel. He says she deserves the best, and that’s why he’s booked a room for them at the Valley Inn hotel. After making love, Aidan asks Maria to marry him. Bianca wakes up in Lena’s hotel room. She tells Lena she had an amazing night, and Lena kisses her. While Bianca is showering, Michael shows up. He threatens to kill Lena’s mother if she doesn’t get the Enchantment safe combination from Bianca. Lena reluctantly agrees. After Michael leaves, Lena goes through Bianca’s things and finds the combination. Kendall calls Bianca and asks her to meet at the hospital. Bianca hesitates, but finally agrees. At the hospital, Kendall tries to convince Bianca that Lena is working with Michael. When she says that Lena is sleeping with Michael, Bianca slaps her. Meanwhile, Lena sneaks into Erica’s office and opens the safe. Chris and Flanders meet in the woods. They exchange a few words and end up wrestling on the ground. Chris loses his gun and Flanders picks up the one he had hidden. He points the gun at Chris. Mia, Edmund and Maddy are at the park having a picnic. Maddy is finally warming up to Mia. While they’re playing, Maddy runs deeper into the woods. She stops when she sees Flanders shoot Chris. Flanders sees Maddy and points the gun on her. A wounded Chris grabs Maddy and takes another bullet in his back. He falls. Flanders goes back to aiming at Maddy. After hearing the gunshots, Mia and Edmund run frantically through the woods looking for Maddy.

ATWT by Dione

Dusty decides to be a silent partner in Rose's shop. They share a few kisses and Dusty tells Rose that HE is the man she's been waiting for all of her life. Dusty calls Barbara and tells her that Rose and Paul are over & to get his money ready. Later, Paul goes to Jack to find dirt on Dusty. With encouragement from Chris, Alison decides to get a job at the hospital. Susan initially doesn't like the idea, but after a talk with Dr. Decker, she changes her mind. Carly takes lunch to Jack at the station where she asks Jack not to arrest Craig until after the fashion show. When Craig calls her, she informs Jack that Craig will be home after the show. At Fairwinds, Craig "apologizes" for leaving Rosanna on her wedding night. Rosanna gets mad at him for turning the tables and asks him to leave. Craig tells her that he hadn't looked at another woman since he left town when Sierra walks in the room. Lucy and Aaron decided not to hide from Craig this time. After she is ordered to pay $3,000 in fines and do community service, Bonnie apologizes to Margo for lying to her about the night Jessica got shot.

B&B by Matt

The wedding ceremony continues, but comes to a head when Brooke says “No” when asked if you will take Ridge. Sally finds out Ridge and Bridget have feelings and feels that the wedding is a mistake.

Days by Staci

Sami tells Belle how Brandon almost purposed to her, and he's going to soon. Later, they are at a candle lit restaurant and he proposes.

Shawn talks to his friend about Shannon (his girlfriend) and how they have purity rings. Then Belle come with those rings, and they put them on.

Jack and Jen are doing In the House, and it's about weddings, and romance. Roman comes on and tells Kate he loves her. Kate leaves the air port and kisses Roman.

Eugenia is about to give Brandon the real paternity test, when Lexie sees her, and they talk. Eugenia leaves. Brandon tells Lex he is going to purpose to Sami.

GH by Meghan

Zander was beat up by a drug dealer, and Gia finds him. When the cops come, drugs fall out of Zander's pockets. Nikolas went to the jail after Luke, Summer, and Lucky were arrested for Matthew being murdered. Summer told them that he wasn't her brother, and that they used to be con artists together, and he had stolen her part of the money. Luke figures out that Nikolas was using her to get to the missing Cassadine money.

Courtney went to the hospital after being hit by Faith's car. She told Ric that she knew him and Faith were going to frame Jason for Fowler's murder. She thinks that Ric is Jason when she says she knows what is going on. Emily got out of her surgery okay, but Monica told her that he cancer had spread. Alan found out about Emily.

GL by Richard

No recap today

OLTL by Kym

Roxy teases Natalie about what Cris is up to being out all night. Meanwhile, Cris, Cole & Rex plan the job. Someone calls Mitch & warns him not to go back to the Lake House. Jen goes to visit Lindsay, who's doing better after being put on meds. Mitch calls to tell her that Dorian's dead & she's next. Nora & Vicki find Dorian shot on the floor. Joey & Flash toast her musical success at the hospital. Natalie finds the fliers announcing the grand opening. They were never distributed. Renee throws Rex & Cole out of her bar. Antonio has some guys stake out the Lake House. Afraid for her daughter, Lindsay screams at Jenn to get out. Dorian is taken to the ER, where they find she was only scratched by the bullet. She thanks Vicki for saving her life. If she hadn't rang the doorbell, Dorian wouldn't have turned away from the path of the bullet. Vicki asks Dorian to testify against Mitch, but Dorian sidesteps the issue.

Natalie questions Cris about his supposed errand for Asa. Roxy's Hair Haven has it's grand opening, but nobody shows up. Hank & Evangeline agree to a plea of insanity for Lindsay. Rae meets with Hank at the Palace bar. Joey takes Flash home with him to the rectory & lets her sleep in his room. Dorian bribes an orderly to help her disguise herself & sneak out of the hospital, before she can be questioned. Jen's at the bar about to buy a drink, when Rae & Hank stop her. Roxy's discouraged because nobody shows up, but Natalie encourages her not to give up. Dorian goes to Lindsay disguised as a doctor to tell her she needs her help to finish off Mitch. Nora & Vicki go back to Llanfair to check out the sound equipment that Dorian & Blair used to torment Mitch. Jenn goes to Joey's room & finds Flash in Joey's bed. She kicks her out. Jessica tells Antonio she messed up by telling Mitch about what Dorian did to him. Nora finds Lindsay's message to Dorian on the answering machine. Mitch finds out Dorian's alive & tells his guys to make sure she's dead. Dorian sneaks Lindsay out of St. Anne's.

Passions by Ashley

Eve and T.C. talk and he finds the baby booties she has. They are blue for the baby boy she lost all those years ago. She had them out when she had talked to Julian about finding their baby. Julian and Chad find out the similarities they have to one another and are amazed that they could be so alike. Sheridan tells Edna Wallace (her Mother) the plans that her and Charlie have for Sheridan in the future. Edna criticizes her for her plot and tells her how perfect Sheridan is.

PC by Beth

Rafe uses magic, imagination, and love to help Alison cope with being in the catacombs. Joshua prepares the villa for the arrival of his bride-to-be, Alison. He's quite impressed with Kevin's new painting, which depicts the happy couple on their wedding day. Although Caleb wishes he could think of another way to get the antidote, he and Olivia agree to put his plan into action. Mary admits that life after the Recovery Room isn't as she had hoped, but she's glad that Victor is happy with his new job. After making love, Rafe goes outside to check on things and comes face to face with Caleb. Alison opens her eyes to see Olivia looking at her. Lucy goes to the church to pray for her loved ones and for the town she calls "home." Excited about his first official act as building commissioner, Victor shocks Ian and Lucy with his plans for the church. Olivia barges into the villa to show Joshua a horrifying photo of Alison, whom she claims to have bitten and killed with her poisoned fangs.

Y&R By Rosey

Nick confronts Sharon about what she's done to the kids. He refuses to let her visit with Cassie. Sharon sneaks into the kitchen as Cassie arrives home. She overhears Cassie tell Nick that she hates her and never wants to see her again.

Paul arrives in Los Angeles with Ricky. Isabella tells Diane of her plans, and says goodbye. Wes visits Neil and says that Lily needs stability in her life. He suggests that Neil marry Drucilla. At the coffeehouse, Lily is upset that her life is a mess. She says it would be better if her mom would marry Wes. Christine walks out on Michael after finding out what he and Isabella did.

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