Tuesday 5-6-03 Recaps

Tuesday 5/6/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

The phones are ringing off the hook at Fusion. Simone is excited to see that people are going crazy for their products. Carlos is disappointed that Greenlee hasn’t called, and worries he has lost her trust. Liza fears Fusion will get into a lot of trouble for going on air without permission. She also fears that her station WRCW will lose its broadcasting license. She blames Tad, but he says he had no idea Simone was going to flip the ON-AIR switch. He says things seem to be working out well for the company, and tells Liza she’s overreacting. Just then, some cops show up and take Simone and Carlos away. Liza and Tad go over to the jail with Kenny. In an effort to clear Simone, Carlos tries to take all the blame. Simone stops him from being the knight in shining armor. Liza and Tad talk with the cops, but Tad’s arguing lands him in jail as well. Kenny tells Liza it doesn’t look so good and that they may be facing felony charges. Liza is very disappointed and thanks Simone and Tad for ruining Fusion. Mia plans a picnic for Edmund and Maddy in the park. Maddy isn’t very happy to see Mia, and Mia worries if she’ll ever be accepted. Jackson fears Erica’s life may be in danger, and that Chris may have been the one to shoot him. Erica tells him that Chris wasn’t the shooter, and that even Aidan is sure of that. Jackson tells Derek anyways, just to be on the safe side. Chris comes to see Erica at the hospital. He tells her he’s leaving, and that he’ll always love her. He just wanted to make sure that she knew he was innocent. Erica tearfully says goodbye. Opal has another premonition in Jackson’s hospital room. She says she’s sure Jackson is still in trouble. Flanders waits for Chris in the woods. He is expecting Chris to bring him plane tickets so he can get out of Pine Valley. Just to be safe, Flanders hides his gun under some leaves. Chris is also carrying a loaded gun.

ATWT by Dione

Carly tries to convince Rosanna to help her with the fashion show. Carly shows her phone records from Monte Carlo proving that she hadn't called Craig. Carly tells Rosanna that she would burn Craig's clothes if he had put her in the same position. Later, while Rosanna's trying to strike a match to a pile of Craig's suits and ties, he offers her a light. John shows Bob evidence that it was not his fault that the patient died. Bob still doesn't understand how he overdosed the man. Evelyn told Jack that if he didn't bring in Henry for questioning, he would be off of the case. Jack informed Katie to warn Henry to get out of town. After Rose told Mitzi that she didn't want the shop, Dusty called to have her come to the shop to discuss business. Rose was reluctant to show up, but when she did, she fell in love with the place.

B&B by Matt

Brooke has some stern words for Bridget…again. Bridget again promises to fully support her marriage to Ridge. All the wedding guests arrive at various times amid mindless prattle from family members. Brooke asks Ridge (through the door) if this marriage is what he really wants. He assures her this is what he wants…again. Mass and Stephanie are still not pleased about the wedding, but are forced to accept it will happen. The wedding ceremony gets started and Brooke begins her march down the aisle, vowing to only focus on Ridge and her.

Days by Rebecca

Roman realizes that he loves Kate just as she's leaving the country. Lucas bumps into Tony, and later Sami brings him in her apartment to investigate a sound she heard. They both get trapped on the fire escape and have a heated argument. Tony, Marlena, Bo, and Hope go to the Dimera Mansion after Shawn's call. They find out that Chaz drugged the drink Belle was about to have and it makes Bo even more furious to do something about the drugs in the city...

GH by Meghan

After shooting down Carly’s idea of proposing to Jason, Courtney left the hospital. She overheard Ric and Faith talking about their fabricated evidence against Jason. Faith saw her walking off the docks, and followed her in the car. As Courtney was crossing the street to talk to Jason and Carly, Fait hit her with her car. The police went to the penthouse and Sonny told them he had nothing to hide, and let them search the house and then went to the PCPD. Jason was also brought to the police dept. for destroying evidence in the warehouse. They were let go when Taggert said they had nothing to hold either Jason or Sonny with.

Emily went to see Zander and then Gia showed up. Emily left, and Zander told Gia that he though there was something going on with Emily besides the drugs, and he thought she was scared to tell him what it was. Luke, in disguise, bid on the coin, and then Matthew put a knife to his back, telling him he had to pay in cash. Luke told Matthew that he was a friend of his sisters, and Matthew told Luke that Summer wasn’t his sister, or related to him at all. Luke asked more questions and Matthew told him that he and Summer had teamed up a few times. Before Luke could answer anymore questions, someone got Matthew in the back with a knife.

GL by Suzanne

Olivia, tearful because of her hormones, wonders why Phillip never says "I love you" and if it's because of the uncertainty of the baby's paternity.  Phillip phones a lab to see if the DNA tests are done yet.  Lizzie's school tells Beth that Lizzie started the fire.  Lizzie denies it and Beth believes her, but Lillian is skeptical.  She puts blame on Beth for not always being there when Lizzie was growing up.  Phillip and Beth comfort each other with a long hug.  Olivia has her personal shopper help Lizzie pick out a dress for the gala, but Lizzie secretly hates Olivia.  Ray wants answers from Danny about the mob violence and wants to know why he hasn't been going to church.  Danny tells Ray and Tony that the violence is over and he goes to a local church (both probably lies).  Beth and Eden exchange biting comments about Bill.  Eden is impressed by Marah's handmade purses and tells Tony that she wants to help market them.  Tony is skeptical.  Eden, Bill and Michelle hear two radio DJ's saying that Danny is a mobster.  Bill and Michelle argue about Danny and Eden.

OLTL by Kym

Cristian works on Roxy's portrait at the hair salon. Roxie's packing a suitcase & humming to herself. Asa rags on Nigel about his bizarre behavior. He tells Nigel to get Jessica over to Lindsay's gallery to accept a delivery of some art he's sending for her show. Jessie walks in on Vicki in the secret room. Antonio works on tracking down Mitch. Johnson finds the recorder that Dorian used to torment Mitch, hidden in the closet. He shows it to Mitch, who says Dorian's going to pay. Vicki shows the papers she found to Jessica. They turn out to be the papers that Mitch used to blackmail Judge Grafton. She also has the note that Victor wrote to him, saying he would inherit all his wealth. Dorian runs into Vicki & accuses her of trespassing. She tells her to get out & give her the papers back or she'll call the cops. Antonio tells Nora about the burglary RJ's planning. Rex tells Cris that they're planning on hitting Lindsay's gallery. Johnson goes looking for Jessica, but she surprises him with a gun.

Asa catches Nigel back at the salon & says he's pulling out his financial backing for the place. He also tells Nigel to go pack, because they're going to Japan, no matter what. Jessica asks Johnson to take her to Mitch. Dorian accuses Vicki of taking the bag with the tape recorder in it. Vicki warns Dorian to get out before she gets hurt. Roxanne finds out about Asa's decision to pull out & panics. Natalie says she'll talk to him about reconsidering. Dorian throws Vicki out. Vicki says this will be her last warning, before she goes after Mitch. After losing contact with Jessica, Antonio goes to find her.

Mitch talks to Jessica about his father & what happened to him. He says his father was on his prized boat, when it blew up. Jessica tells Mitch she cares about him. Vicki gives the papers she found to Nora, who says it will be enough to get the new will overturned. Jessica tells Mitch what Dorian had been doing to him. He returns to Llanfair to get his revenge on her. Nigel tells Roxie they'll get married tomorrow, after the opening of her salon. Cris goes to a meeting to plan the job with RJ, Cole & Rex, but lies to Natalie about where he's going. Antonio tracks Mitch down to his family home, but finds him gone when he busts in. Back at Llanfair, Johnson shoots Dorian.

Passions by Ashley

Eve and Julian talk about the son they had and the possibilities that he may be alive still. Liz sees the two talking and does all she can to see that T.C. comes home and sees them too. Theresa finds a note about Julian's son and thinks it's about little Ethan mistakenly. Fox does the best to get distance between Whitney and Chad. Meanwhile, Chad thinks about buying Whitney an engagement ring. When Grace tells David he cannot sign the annulment papers Sam becomes hurt and leaves. Kay feels very guilty about causing them problems in their marriage. But T.C. talks Sam into giving things one more try.

PC by Beth

Lucy is excited about having pulled off the switch at the airport, but Ian doesn't see her excitement as a reason to avoid having the necessary tests run tonight. Lucy blames the "Alison" wig when she finds a clump of her hair inside, but Ian finally admits that she's losing her hair. Lucy is in denial until she finds another large clump of her hair in her brush. At Elixir, Joshua passes his hand over an orb, causing it to light up. Jack reports to work and is soon confronted by Jamal, who is angry with his friend for working for Joshua. Kevin surprises the head vampire with the news that his latest masterpiece is finished. When Frank admits to letting Alison get away, Joshua yells at him and throws him out. Elizabeth and Kevin strike up a rapport. Elizabeth is impressed by Kevin's charms, as well as by his sketch of her. When Frank approaches Karen for support, she assumes that he regrets his decision to embrace his new life as a vampire. After setting her straight, Frank becomes angry with her for putting him down all the time. Frank has a chance encounter with a young woman who is looking for Elixir. Caleb and Joshua strike a deal in which Joshua will hand over the antidote for Olivia as soon as Caleb delivers Alison. The catch is that Alison must be willing and able to be Joshua's bride.

Y&R By Judy

Sharon appears at Nick's but he is not happy to see her. They end up talking and Nick tells her point blank how he feels about the way she left and then wants her to leave (even though she compliments his looks). She begs him to let her see Cassie. Nikki informs Victor that Sharon has returned. Nikki continues to run Sharon in the ground but Victor stands up for Sharon and tells headstrong Nikki to calm down and to stay away from Sharon. Nikki leaves in a huff. Neil playfully hassles Dru but after telling him to promptly put lipstick "where it doesn't shine" she informs him that Lily is failing in school and is cutting class. Neil blames their bickering for Lily's problems. Lily observes a date between Olivia and Wes. Olivia tells Wes she wants to slow things down. Paul says adios to boo hoo Mary. Chris shares her wedding vows about trust with the not so honest Michael. And Michael seems to be out of balance as he holds a lengthy conversation with himself. He then confesses his dirty dealings with Isabella. Colleen questions Lily about her online chatting and tries to be her friend but Lily does not want to share. Then when Wes tries to talk with her, she tells him she doesn't want to listen to what he has to say.

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