Monday 5-5-03 Recaps

Monday 5/5/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Carlos tells Greenlee that his friend Sydney had written the love e-mails to her. He says that the words were Sydney’s, but all the feelings were his. Greenlee feels betrayed and asks Carlos to leave, slamming the door behind him. Boyd and Tad inform Simone and Liza that the lady who sued Fusion has withdrawn her case. Simone proposes a new and daring promotion in order to rebuild Fusion’s reputation. With Liza’s permission, Simone and Tad sneak into WRCW and use their TV cameras to shoot a video promo. Simone gets Carlos to read the promotion, and without telling anyone, she flips the “ON AIR” switch. Tad is furious with Simone and knows they’re going to get in trouble. Meanwhile, Liza and Greenlee watch the show from the office, and Greenlee feels as if Carlos is talking to her. Erica tells Myrtle that she now knows she had been cheating life, and feels she belongs with Jackson. Bianca keeps Jackson company at the hospital. She confesses to him that she has a new woman in her life, and Jackson encourages her to listen to her heart. Later Erica tells Bianca that she has some bad news about Lena. Bianca doesn’t want to hear any of it, and says nothing can change her mind about Lena. She leaves with Lena and they go into her hotel room together. Erica asks Kendall to talk to Bianca. Kendall says she’s not sure Bianca will listen, but is willing to give it a try. Erica goes back to see Jackson. Jackson asks Erica if she is serious about her feelings for him, and Erica says she is. Jackson asks her to marry him again, and this time she says yes!

ATWT by Dione

Molly went to Mike's to hide out from the Feds that needed her help in getting information on Dusty. Molly and a 1/2 naked Mike almost kissed. At Rose's place, Dusty revealed that Barbara gave him the money for the shop since he was low on funds. Her and Dusty shared several passionate kisses just before Paul arrived. Paul vowed to get Dusty back for hurting Rose. At the station, Barbara wants justice on the people who had her kidnapped. Jack calls it revenge. She explained to Evelyn, the DA, that the ODPD withheld information regarding an eyewitness. Bob read where he overdosed his patient. The Stewart women discussed Dr. Decker moving in with Susan. Later, Dr. Decker arrived. He and Susan went outside and kissed.

B&B by Matthew

Brooke tells Mass that she is going through with the wedding. Bridget and Ridge discuss their feelings once more, and end up professing their love for one another. Brooke overhears. She sternly asks Bridget if she is really going to support her marriage to Ridge. Bridget pledges her support. Jackie is thrilled about Nick’s job offer and thinks his thoughts about Brooke are intriguing.

Days by Staci

Sami blast out at Eugenia, but she says if she keeps on being rude, she'll tell Brandon. Sami later calls Lucas, and causes him, and Denies to break up.

Cassie is upset about being booted off. Rex and Cassie grow closer. Vin and Chas drug Shawn's drink. Belle is about to drink it when Shawn realizes something's wrong. He knocks down the drink, and pins down Chas.

Abe yells at Bo for what he said to the press. When he and Hope go home, the press is at his house, and Bo tells them that he is still mad about Vin's bail. When they get in, Shawn calls, and tells Bo to get to the mansion immediately.

GH by Meghan

Carly held Sonny’s gun on Ric, and had her finger in the trigger when Sonny walked in, and talked her down, telling her she didn’t want to shoot Ric. She gave Sonny the gun, and they went home together, and Ric went to see Scott at the PCPD telling him that in exchange for information to bring down Sonny, Scott wouldn’t press charges on him for what he did to Courtney. Scott went to see Courtney and asked her to answer questions about what happened to her. She agreed and he told her to take off her clothes, and said he knew that Jason had beat her. A mad Courtney threatened to sue Scott and told him what really happened.

Emily broke it off with Zander telling him he wouldn’t help her recovery. She later called Gia to the hospital, and asked her to take care of Zander when she was away. Gia said she would take care of Zander while Emily was recovering. At Kelly’s, Maxie told her sister and her friends that she was probably going to Kyle’s party because he had apologized to her. Georgie and Dillion left and went to her house, where Georgie convinced him to help her learn how to kiss.

GL by Barbara

Alan hallucinates and spoils a romantic interlude for Gus and Harley. Harley and Gus get hot and heavy later. The stranger at the front desk of the goes to the bar to wait for his room. He later passes back through the lobby, but Cassie doesn't see him or the resemblance to Richard. Tammy sees Edmund and Cassie dancing and questions what is going on. Cassie thanks Edmund for covering what was happening. Edmund says it was just a dance, but Cassie says there was something happening and they both know it. Edmund later fantasizes about dancing with Cassie and kissing her. Marina models for Shayne. Alex and Edmund talk and she asks him to help her. Edmund says he will help for a price. Cassie talks to Rick about what happened with Edmund. She feels that she is betraying Richard's memory on the eve of this beautiful tribute to his life.

OLTL by Kym

Flash is in the hospital trying to leave for her gig at Capricorn, but she's stopped & sedated. Vicki finds the hidden staircase in the secret room & follows it to her old bedroom as a child. She flashes back to the abuse she suffered. Jessica tells Antonio to back off babysitting her. RJ gets upset because Flash isn't there yet & warns Max he'd better do something or find another partner. Cris picks a fight with Antonio for Rex's benefit. Rex sees this & offers Cristian the driver's job, for the job RJ's going to pull. Al is tempted by drugs again. RJ tells the band to play or else. Johnson, one of Mitch's followers takes Mitch to a hideout.

Marcie sees Al resist temptation & tells him she's proud of him. Al sets up his "Voice of the Night" gig in the storeroom at the club & broadcasts his show over the sound system. Lois quits her job at Llanfair & shows Vicki the book about the diamond that Mitch was obsessed about. Joey comforts Flash in the hospital, after finding out that she's not allowed to perform for awhile. After hearing "The Voice" talk about a similar situation that Marcie & Al just went through, Marcie tracks down Al in the storeroom. He kisses her & she holds his hand during the show. Al plays a track with just Flash singing & the band jams along with it. Jessica excuses herself to the ladies' & gets away from Antonio. Mitch tells Johnson to bring Jessica to him. Vicki explores the box in the secret room & finds papers that tell of a trust fund & says "I've got you now, Mitch!"

Passions by Ashley

Julian searches for his son he had with Eve while Fox searches for answers. Fox pays a visit to a troubled Whitney who is being begged by Chad to go with him to L.A. Eve talks to Sheridan and Luis and lets them know if they don't reduce her level of stress she and her baby will both die. Sheridan tells a protesting Luis that he should marry Beth. Tabitha watches as Kay tells Grace she's a hypocrite and tries to get Grace to feel bad for bullying David into signing the annulment papers. Tabitha helps play on Grace's emotions. Later Kay tells both David and Ivy that she should be doing more to help her break up her parents. David is appalled but Ivy thinks they need to take some action.

PC by Beth

Caleb takes Olivia home to his loft. She's still upset about her poisoned fangs. She thinks that they can never make love, but Caleb wants her to take the risk. He carries her to bed and talks her through the urge to bite him. Although her fangs do come out, with his help, she fights the need to feed on him. Caleb is confident that Joshua has an antidote to the poison, and he has a plan for how to get hold of it. At Elixir, Joshua gives Kevin a fresh supply of the drug that controls him. Elizabeth goes to the club, angry with Joshua for summoning her in the middle of the night. Informing her of his intention to make Alison his bride, Joshua asks Elizabeth to ease her daughter into her new life. Elizabeth refuses, offering herself instead, but Joshua convinces her that it's in her best interest to cooperate. While they talk, Kevin sketches Elizabeth. Alison and Rafe go to the airport and wait for Flight 1512. Rafe has a dream or vision of Alison as Joshua's vampire bride, and it scares him. Sensing Frank nearby, Rafe takes Alison to get in line to board the flight. By the time Frank finds them, they've pulled a switch. Ian and Lucy are disguised as their friends. Alison and Rafe arrive at Caleb's old hideout in the catacombs, where they plan to hide from Joshua and his goons.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick drops off report at Victor's office and they have it out about Nick talking to Jack about their personal problems and about Nick's disagreement over the Sateen purchase. Nick tells his dad that if Sharon comes back, he can have her. Nick has to break up a fight between Noah and Cassie over whether their mother is coming back. Sharon slips in the house while Nick is making phone calls and he doesn't see her. Lynne and Paul say goodbye and she informs him that Christine and Michael are eloping tonight. Paul decides to leave for LA tonight to find them a house while Isabella stays to wait for the movers. Michael's darkside tells him to keep quiet about him and Isabella and not to ruin everything. Christine reads her vows to Michael to give him some ideas on what to say and ends with how much she trusts him and that there's nothing he can't tell her.

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