Friday 5-2-03 Recaps

Friday 5/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Aidan accuses Chris for Jackson’s condition. Chris defends himself and says Flanders acted alone. He does admit, however, that he wanted Jackson out of the way so he could get back with Erica. Unfortunately, Erica comes out of the hospital room just in time to hear Chris say that. She grabs him and Aidan pulls her away. She screams that she never wants to see him again. After Chris leaves, Aidan comforts Erica. He tells her that Chris is not responsible, but he will find out who is. Erica goes back to Jackson and tells him she loves him. She says she accepts his proposal, and wants to be with him for the rest of her life. Jackson wakes up. He tells her he heard her and that she can’t take it back. Erica kisses him happily. After a lot of questioning from Michael, Kendall manages to convince him that she’s still on his side. She is concerned that Bianca will get her heart broken and later, she tries to comfort her. Bianca is confused about Kendall’s sudden concern. Kendall asks her to go somewhere more private so she can tell her what she knows. Greenlee has prepared a candlelight dinner at home for her and Carlos. They’re both quite nervous, but are glad that they finally got together. They start kissing and undressing each other. Carlos stops her. Greenlee assures him that she wants him and is ready to move on with her life. Carlos confesses that he didn’t write the e-mails. Greenlee is speechless. Henry’s mother says that she doesn’t care much for his music. Henry accuses her for never cutting him a break, and for not allowing him to live his life. She slaps him when he questions her love. After his mother leaves, Henry thanks Maggie for being there for him. They both say “I love you” to each other and leave to go back to her place.

ATWT by Dione

Alison was released from jail. She arrived home to her mother's new boyfriend, Dr. Rick Decker. Ben proposed to Jess and she accepted. Later, Marshall came by with some flowers. Jess told him to take them with him. A patient died of cardiac arrest at Memorial. John accused Bob of overdosing the man on his meds. John ordered an autopsy. Paul questioned Barbara and Dusty about the voice mail messages. Dusty lied and said the money was for Rose. An FBI agent asked Molly to help him in getting Dusty. She refused. After the man left, she immediately called Mike.

B&B by Matt

Brooke is adamant with Stephanie that the wedding will go on as scheduled. Bridget decides to be Brooke’s maid of honor and Thomas is Ridge’s best man. Mass offers Nick a job to head up the Pacific fleet, but other plans for him that revolve around Brooke.

Days by Staci

There is a party at the Dimera mansion for the first "Love is Blind" . Cassie is the first to get voted off. Rex continues to shut Mimi out.

John and Tony apologize to Marlena. Later Marlena goes to Echelon to talk to Tony.

Roman is the guinea pig for a new procedure on get information on suspects.He imagines being on "Love is Blind" and chooses Kate over Marlena.

Bo talks to the press how he is mad about Vin's bail, and he won't let him get away with what he did.

GH by Meghan

Carly took Sonny's gone when Sonny wasn't around to stop her. She tied him up, and said she would kill him. Elizabeth told Ric she wouldn't forgive him because he lied to her over and over about Sonny. Scott and Ric made a deal about Sonny. He would help Scott destroy Sonny, and then Scott wouldn't arrest him for anything he did that had been illegal. Coleman kept helping Courtney find out information about Ric. He told her that he had proof that Ric and Carly never slept together. She later told Sonny that Coleman had gotten that proof for her.

At Kelly's, Kyle and his friends showed up and continued their comments about Maxie. Kyle made a bet that he could get Maxie to sleep with him. Dillion was also there and he kicked Kyle out.

GL by Barbra

Edmund goes to see Reva bearing gifts of chocolate truffles. Edmund apologizes for his past history. Edmund admits to Reva that he admires her sister. He asks Reva to attend the gala. She says she will if he will deliver Alex to her on a silver platter. He refuses and leaves. Reva is impressed that he did the right thing and calls Cassie to tell her about the visit. She says she will be at the gala. Cassie and Danny discuss the crime rate in the city. Cassie wants to tell the paper about her attack. Danny says NO. Frank comes to see Tony and Marah and questions them about the drug dealers that went down in the alley. They play dumb. Alex comes to see Harley and almost sees Alan. Back at the mansion, Alex receives a letter and is stunned. Cassie and Edmund are sitting in the lobby of the Beacon discussing the champagne and menu for the gala. They sample the champagne and end up discussing Richard and the first time Edmund saw them waltz. He thought that Richard was a lucky man. A stranger with a familiar face enters the Beacon and wants a room. Enter Jeffrey O'Neill. Have a great weekend.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn accuses Joey of liking Flash. Gabs, Max & Al get together to talk about his drug problem. Rex tells RJ that Cole was arrested in NJ. Cris & Antonio talk about Natalie & Jessica's involvement in bringing down Mitch. Blair checks the hospital to see if Mitch is there. She runs into Troy & he says that Dorian's probably responsible for his disappearance. Vicki confronts Dorian about her involvement with Mitch.

Blair & Troy argue over her helping Dorian and he pressures her to go to the police. Blair agrees. Vicki calls Antonio & tells him Mitch has disappeared. Jessica tells Dorian she knows what her & Blair were doing to Mitch, but Dorian denies it. Jenn confronts Flash about her feelings for Joey. Max tells Al about his problems with his gambling, while Marcy observes from a distance. Dorian fears that Mitch might have figured out what they were doing to him. Blair tells Troy that she's going to GA to see her kids & that she wants them to stop seeing each other for awhile. Later, Dorian begs Blair not to go. Blair says she'll be back.

Marcie tells Al that she told his parents about his problem & Al forgives her. Flash has another coughing spell & passes out before her gig. Dr. Troy takes her to the ER. Jessica tells Vicki about Dorian's scheme against Mitch. Jessica promises her mother she'll stay away from Llanfair from now on. Antonio calls & invites Jessie to Capricorn for the show.

Vicki goes over to Llanfair to see if Dorian will let her help with Mitch. She goes into the secret room & sees the box down there & wonders what her father was involved in. Antonio tells Jessica that a warrant has been issued for Mitch.

Passions by Ashley

Sam tells Ivy to get out of his house and Grace tells David she wants the annulment. Kay and Tabitha talk about Sam and grace splitting up. Beth is attacked by Charlie when her mother tells her her plans to marry Luis. Luis is pushed away but a very upset Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Frank tries to explain things to Karen, who doesn't understand him at all. She's afraid that he wants to turn her into a vampire, but Frank promises not to do that unless she wants him to. Karen is saddened to think that she isn't enough for the man who used to be her hero. Jack uses his thievery to persuade Joshua to hire him as the manager of Elixir. Casey worries about not getting any help from above. She's not even sure whether she's supposed to be guarding Lucy or Ricky. Casey rejects Jamal's idea that she's supposed to save the entire town. She misinterprets a compliment from Jamal as a come-on. Sitting down with a glass of champagne, Joshua drinks to Alison, his future bride. Fearing that Joshua intends to make Alison his bride, Rafe comes up with a plan to keep her safe. Although Alison resists, Rafe insists that they are getting out of town. Frank watches them leave the apartment and then reports back to Joshua. Olivia tells Caleb that Joshua added something to the blood she drank. It poisoned her fangs, and anyone she bites will die. Caleb is willing to take that chance, but Olivia can't go through with it. Caleb grabs one of Joshua's goons and allows Olivia to bite the man's neck. Olivia is devastated when the man dies, because it means that she is poison to Caleb.

Y&R By Jodi

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