Thursday 5-1-03 Recaps

Thursday 5/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

The doctors can’t find a pulse on Jackson. Erica screams for them to do something and begs Jackson wake up. They finally find a pulse, but Jackson isn’t out of danger. Joe succeeds in removing the bullet, but warns there may be long term damage. Opal tells Erica and Bianca that she suspects Chris may have had something to do with Jackson’s condition. The girls don’t believe it, but Opal insists. Later on, Erica thanks Kendall for being there for her. She then goes back and sits beside an unconscious Jackson, pleading him to come back to her. Chris watches from outside the room. Kendall feels happy to have finally been recognized by her mother. Aidan tells her that he’s glad to see that sometimes people can change over night. Of course, he is concerned that Maureen may change over night as well. Edmund and Mia prepare to spend the night together. Maria and Maddy walk in just in time to catch them. Maddy has trouble seeing her dad kissing another woman, and screams at Mia. Mia realizes that she had told Maddy that she and Edmund were just friends. Maria accuses Mia of confusing Maddy by saying one thing but doing another. Mia counter-accuses Maria of doing the same exact thing. Later Mia tells Edmund that she is troubled by Maria. Michael discovers that Lena had been lying about her mother’s death, and was just trying to protect her mother from him. He warns Lena that he will kill her mother if she doesn’t do as she is told. Lena realizes she has no choice and goes back to the hospital to find Bianca. Michael finds Kendall at the hospital. He asks her what she was doing with Erica.

ATWT by Dione

Bob invited Dr. Decker to join Memorial in the field of geriatrics. Susan invited Dr. Decker to live with her and he accepted. Emily thought Susan was too concerned about the good Dr. and not Ali. Alison got another threatening letter in jail. Her and Chris discussed their relationship/friendship. Ben proposed to Jessica after giving a long winded speech about how wonderful she is. Molly asked Carly for help with the thugs that are chasing down her and Dusty. Rosanna put on a sexy number for Mike, but couldn't take it any further. She got a call from Craig who became upset and hung up after hearing Mike's voice in the background.

B&B by Matt

Mass tells Brooke that what she thinks is true: Bridget and Ridge have feelings for each other. He tells her that she can use his driver and car and go home. Ridge is suspicious when Brooke is cold to him as she leaves, claiming she has some contagious stomach problem. Stephanie is also suspicious of Mass when he toasts to Ridge’s future. April and Deacon discuss her upcoming record deal, and much to his chagrin, Brooke’s nuptials. Later, Brooke kicks out April after she sees her wedding dress. Brooke sobs at the end of the show.

Days by Rebecca

Marlena confronts Tony about trying to kill John but he covers. John asks the twins if they would like their tattoos removed and they agree. They are being removed as Tony and Marlena walk in. Chaz and Vin plan on getting Shawn-D at the party that night, and Shawn and Belle go to Echelon to help investigate. Chloe is released from the hospital and Brady has a surprise!

GH by Meghan

Sonny stopped Jason from killing Ric, and told him the story of them being brothers. Jason and Sonny filled Courtney and Carly  about the situation.  Carly picked up Sonny's gun knowing he couldn't kill Ric.  He woke up and called for her, so Carly laid down with him.    When Ric got back home, Elizabeth was already at his place, and she slapped him, and then let into him for lying about his involvement with Sonny.  She opened the door to leave, when Ric told her that he loved her, with Faith standing outside the doorway.

Luke and Lucky grew suspicious of both Summer and Sonia after they found the coin in Sonia's purse.  Summer admitted that she knew more about Matt than she was letting on. 

GL by Richard

Reva went to the Spaulding mansion and told Alexandra that her "feelings" are telling her that Alan is not her stalker. Alan was outside the window, smiling, as he listened. Alex said that all the evidence points to Alan as being the stalker. When Reva came into contact with Alex, she flinched, then told Alex that she's in serious danger. Reva then told a shaken Alex that she senses that the stalker is somebody Alan knows, that Alan knows this and is plotting revenge. After her little act, Reva left. Alan arrived at Harley's and, in a pleasant mood, as he was beginning to tell her and Gus about a plan he's hatched to get revenge on Alex, Reva arrived. Reva told Alan that by the time she left the mansion, Alexandra was left shaking in her boots. Alan and Reva laughed about their plan as Gus and Harley listened. When Gus suggested Alan let Alex squirm and suffer before reeling her in, Alan told Gus he likes the way he thinks---and called him "son". Harley took Reva aside as a down-to-earth Alan told Gus that everything Regina said was the complete truth, that the news had thrown him for a loop and now he truly believes that Gus is his son. After Gus went off with Reva to prepare Alan some breakfast, Harley told Alan that yesterday he ran both Regina and Gus through the wringer, but now that he needs Gus' help, he's being too nice and welcoming to Gus, warning Alan that if he's jerking Gus around to do his bidding, he'll be sorry. She also warned Alan about trying to get Gus into the backstabbing Spaulding ways. Later, as Harley was filling Reva in about the connection between Alan and Gus, Gus told Alan that Alexandra should be made to suffer. Alan slowly turned to Gus and told him that he spoke "like a true Spaulding".

A pro baseball scout went to "Company" and told Marina he's been keeping an eye on Shayne's remarkable talent and Marina sat with him and wholeheartedly endorsed Shayne. Later, Josh and Shayne entered and sat with the scout to discuss Shayne's talent, but Josh was a little too enthusiastic and over-bearing. Later, the scout spoke to Marina about Shayne's father's attitude and asked her to speak to Josh. As Josh was leaving, Marina relayed what the scout had said to her, that sometimes the fathers of promising, up and coming athletes are too overbearing and overzealous and try to monopolize their sons' budding careers, but Josh laughed and told Marina that she must have misunderstood the scout. He told Marina to mind her own business and that Shayne's future is HIS concern. Later, Buzz took Josh aside and told him that he overheard the scout talking to Marina and that Marina didn't misunderstand at all. Josh told Buzz that when he was Shayne's age, he had a chance to become a pro-baseball player, but that he blew his chance and doesn't want Shayne to make the same mistakes HE made. Outside, Shayne was overcome with excitement at the prospect that the scout is interested in him and will be watching when the next game is played.

When Lizzie noticed a stack of mail for Phillip, Nolan informed her that Phillip's moved out and is living at a loft somewhere. Lizzie ordered Nolan to send the driver around to take her to Phillip's. Just as Phillip was telling Olivia how he's dreading to tell Lizzie about all the changes that have occurred since she was last in town, Lizzie arrived at the loft. Lizzie was irritated to learn that Olivia was living with Phillip, then Lizzie noticed that Olivia is pregnant. Keeping her true feelings under wraps, she asked her father if he was happy, and when Phillip said he was, Lizzie told him that's all that mattered. After Phillip left the room to get Lizzie some money, Olivia told Lizzie she's glad she's back, then said she wants Lizzie to be a part of the baby's life. Lizzie snidely told Olivia she doesn't know if the baby will be her brother or sister OR her uncle or aunt, and told Olivia she's obviously found a way to make a permanent foothold in the Spaulding family. Later, Lizzie met up with Tammy and the two went to "Company". Lizzie was floored when she found out that Tammy already knew that Olivia was pregnant and living with Phillip. Lizzie then overheard part of a radio show where Alan's sanity was being discussed. After Tammy turned the radio down, Lizzie fumed that everyone seems bent on keeping secrets from her. Back at the loft, both Olivia and Phillip agreed that Lizzie seemed to handle the news TOO calmly. A frantic Alexandra arrived, telling them that Alan's stalking her. After telling them about the phone call, Olivia and Phillip were skeptical. Alexandra told Phillip that his father's crazy as a loon and is coming after them and that they have to go on the offense. Before leaving, she looked pointedly at Phillip and cryptically told him that she's not the only one with a vested interest in this.....

OLTL by Kym

Blair tells the bartender at Roadies that she stole the Badhra diamond, but then says she was making it up. Marcie writes about Al in her diary & he sees it later. Flash & Riley talk and work on songs together. Jessica tells an inmate about a dream she had about making love with Antonio. Dorian sits in front of her vanity & gloats about what she's going to do to Mitch. Andrew warns Joey to play it cool with Jenn, by reminding him of the problems he had with Marty.

Dorian visits Lindsay at St. Anne's to ask her if she's willing to do whatever it takes to get Mitch. Lindsay says yes. After being tipped off by Max, Antonio files a report on RJ, Cole & Rex warning the cops about their plans to commit a crime. Even though Jessica promises Antonio she'll stay away from Llanfair, she plots to get Mitch as well. Marcie talks to Al's parents about his drug problem, but warns them not to confront him. Joey tells Jenn he can't see her anymore. Mitch leaves Llanfair.

Passions by Ashley

Kay is infuriated when Kay and Miguel happily tell Grace their a happy couple again. Precious has a special delivery and Beth makes a fake pregnant tummy out of sugar. Charlie bursts in and demands answers. Pilar and Luis talk about what has happened with Beth. Sheridan also tells Gwen what has happened and Gwen tells her she is very suspicious of her and her motives.

PC by Beth

Joshua rotates the top of his ring, activating a vampire mark on the hand of each of his recruits. Lucy is devastated to see the mark on Victor's hand. Joshua informs Lucy that she's outnumbered. Lucy takes Victor outside to try to reason with him, but Victor sees no reason for concern. He doesn't intend to become a monster. He wants to use his new power to do good things for Port Charles, and he believes that people will actually listen to him for once. Reese believes that everyone will have to choose a side. Jack tells Reese that he intends to play both sides, and he's going to show her how to do the same. Ricky plans to be on whichever side is the winning side. Despite Jamal's efforts to get her to leave, Casey is convinced that she's supposed to figure something out. When Ian turns down Joshua's offer to join his new family, Joshua advises him to reconsider for the sake of his loved ones. Realizing that Frank is a vampire, Karen wants nothing more to do with him. Jack stuns and delights Reese by presenting her with Joshua's wallet. Joshua unveils the new sign at the former Recovery Room, which is now known as Elixir. The unusual "x" is the vampire mark on the recruits' hands. Olivia regretfully explains why she no longer has Caleb's protective ring. Caleb intends to get it back once she turns him back into a vampire, but Rafe warns that the best way to get to Joshua is to remain human. After taking Alison home, Rafe tries to reassure her that everything will be fine, but she has no doubt that she is Joshua's intended bride and queen. After Caleb rips the dressing from his neck, Olivia informs him that she can't turn him into a vampire.

Y&R By Judy

Jill does not want Fred to tell Brittany about their relationship for fear she will tell Billy and she wants Fred to set Anita straight about keeping her mouth shut. Brittany shows up to see her dad and wants to know what is going on between her mother and dad and he confesses the split. Jill runs into Anita but Anita wants nothing to do with her and has figured out what she wants. Vicky tells Nikki how good Nick looks but that Cassie is having nightmares about her absent mother, they are in agreement about worthless Sharon. Nikki leaves and after Vicky comforts Cassie she gets a huge shock when opening the door to find Sharon standing there. Victor does not want Jack to bring Nick into their business conversation and gets his dander up when he finds out Jack knows all about the "kiss" with Sharon. He thinks Jack is using the information to blackmail him. Nick gives Cody his version of what happened between Victor and Sharon and thinks that all of his dad's decisions are driven by Victor's need to be in control of everything. Colleen is all kissy huggy with JT but he seems nervous and jerky and even defensive of Anita.


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