Wednesday 4-30-03 Recaps

Wednesday 4/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee has an emotional breakthrough while taking a yoga class lead by Lysistrata. She realizes her feelings for Carlos are pretty strong and agrees to go to dinner with him. Kendall goes to see Erica. She tells her she was right about Michael, and that Enchantment is in trouble. She says she’s convinced Michael that she’s on his side, and consequently has learned a great deal. Erica at first doesn’t want to hear any of it, but finally decides to give Kendall a chance. Kendall tells her that Lena has been spying on Enchantment, and is sleeping with Michael. She says there’s no such person as Barton Philips. Erica is speechless and worries about Bianca. While she’s trying to call Bianca, she gets a call from the hospital. Joe tells her that Jackson has been shot and is in the ER. Erica is overwhelmed by everything that’s happening and rushes to the hospital. The cops interrogate Reggie about Jackson’s shooting. Joni tells them that Reggie was the one who helped Jackson, and that he wasn’t involved with the shooting. She wants to tell them about Luis, but Reggie had warned her that Luis would kill them both. Anna believes Reggie’s story and asks the cops to leave him alone. Joni takes Reggie to the prayer room and encourages him to pray for Jackson’s recovery. Anna tells David that she will have him arrested if he doesn’t allow Leora’s surgery. She knows about the drugs he was working on for Maria, and that Edmund was paying him. David realizes he doesn’t have a choice, and he won’t be any good to Leora behind bars. He tells Anna he hopes she doesn’t regret her decision. Chris is still out looking for Jackson. He fears the worst since Opal had a premonition about someone dying. While he’s trying to call Flanders, he hears the news and discovers Jackson is in the hospital. He wonders what Flanders did. Meanwhile Erica rushes into Jackson’s hospital room. She begs him to not leave her.

ATWT by Dione

Emma persuaded Rosanna to get out of the dumps and see if Carly had spoken to Craig. At Monte Carlo, Craig called Carly to discuss business. Jack stood nearby as she talked and took to the phone to question him. Craig abruptly hung up. Carly and Jack shared some quality time kissing and talking about their future. Later, Craig called Carly again while Rosanna overheard their conversation. Rosanna snatched the phone, Craig hung up, she became furious and began to push Carly. Molly told Barbara in front of Dusty about his business dealings. Barbara gave Dusty money and he promised to get Rose into bed. Later, Rose and Dusty kissed. Jack allowed Paul to listen to messages Dusty left for Barbara while she was missing. Holden prompted Aaron to pay a home alone Lucy a visit.

B&B by Matt

Brooke overhears Bridget and Ridge discuss their relationship and their kiss. She freaks! Thorne attempts to convince Darla to keep her baby and give it to Thorne and Macy since she can no longer have children. Darla is hurt first, but then considers the idea. Sally tries to comfort a pitiful Macy in the hospital.

Days by Staci

The medicine helps Lexie's contraction stop. Brandon says if the baby was his, he'd give it the life he never had. Sami talks Eugenia out of telling Brandon the truth. Marlena talks about how she loves John, but has a need to help Tony. After leaving the gym, John finds out were Tony was and confronts him about how he tried to kill him.

GH by Meghan

Jason saved Courtney, and after bringing her to the hospital, he showed up at Ric's house. He told Sonny to shoot, and Sonny told him that he couldn't shoot Ric, he might be his brother. Jason announced that Ric wasn't his brother, and a shot was heard from outside the house. At the Q mansion, AJ and Carly argued about Michael, when he grabbed her arm, but prevented her from falling and Edward asked if he was planning to push her down the stairs again. Carly thanked Skye for her help with Michael.

Ned offered Skye a job at ELQ but took back the offer when she started having an attitude. She thanked Jax for going to Ned on her behalf. Lucky looked through Sonia's purse and found a coin like Summer had. Sonia called Nik and told him that Summer and the guys were asking questions about Matthew. Cameron tells Alexis that she should stay out of Nikolas's business so she doesn't have court problems with Kristina. 

GL by Richard

After Beth assisted Alex in faxing information regarding Alan's disappearance to out-out-state police departments, Alex let into Olivia, taunting her about the baby's paternity, but Phillip walked in and put a stop to it. Olivia was still feeling crampy from the amnio, so Phillip took her back to the loft. Meanwhile, Alan stood outside the Spaulding living room window, listening in. Later, Beth thought she heard a noise outside and when she checked, nobody was there. A storm began to brew. When Beth and Alex heard another noise outside the window later on, they found Lizzie standing there. A shaken Lizzie told Beth and Alex that there was a fire at her boarding school and that she was scared and just wanted to come home again. When Lizzie asked where her father and grandfather were, Alex lied and said they were both out of town working. After Lizzie went to have a bath, Beth was angry at Alex for lying to Lizzie. Beth called Phillip and told him about Lizzie being back, but told him to wait until morning to see Lizzie because Lizzie needs her rest and will have enough to deal with tomorrow when she learns about Phillip's living situation and about Alan being missing. Later, Beth told Lizzie that her father will come to see her in the morning. After Lizzie was alone, she called Tammy. When Tammy commented that Lizzie is out of school early, Lizzie confidently remarked that she "arranged" it that way. Without really divulging anything, Tammy sort of let it slip that something was wrong with Lizzie's grandfather. After hanging up, Lizzie angrily condemned all those who are lying to her. Over at Phillip's loft, Olivia tried to get frisky with Phillip, but he backed off. At first Olivia thought he reacted that way because she's pregnant, but later she correctly assumed it was because of the trust factor, that Phillip has misgivings because she slept with Alan after she and Phillip started to become intimate. Phillip received a phone call from the lab technician he secretly hired to perform the paternity test on Olivia's unborn child. The technician told Phillip the test is a go, and that it will take a while to get the results.

At the Beacon, Cassie, Edmund and Tammy smoothed out details regarding the gala fundraiser for Richard's library when Reva walked in. She was shocked at how well Cassie was getting along with Edmund. Over drinks, Reva warned Cassie of how unscrupulous Edmund can be and that it's doubtful Edmund can change. Cassie insisted that Edmund seems to be a better person lately, and she also told Reva about the "dream" she had of Richard and that Richard told Cassie to move on with her life. Reva told Cassie about how vigilant Josh is being towards Shayne and his baseball and that she and Josh had a spat over it. Meanwhile, Tammy told Edmund she senses that Edmund likes Cassie more than just as a friend, then told him to stay away from her mother. When Reva returned home, she got a call from the police, who told her a neighbor had called to report a trespasser on Reva's property. Reva was stunned when she suddenly noticed Alan in her living room. He told her not to worry, that he's not her stalker, and she told him she already knew that. Alan told Reva that Alexandra set them both up, and promised Reva a big "scoop" for her talk show. After telling Reva that if he's incapacitated in any way and if he hasn't already lined up a successor, Alex would inherit Spaulding Enterprises by default. Alan told her he has plans to smoke-out Alex, and asked for Reva's help---but told Reva that she can't tell a soul about it, not even Josh. Later, Josh returned home and it was obvious there's still a wall between them. Josh told Reva that his interest in their son's future is a healthy one and that there's nothing to talk about.

Alan used an outdoor pay-phone to call the Spaulding mansion. Alex, alone in the living room, lifted the phone's receiver, and when all she heard was silence, she asked aloud if Alan was on the other end. Alan began to chuckle, and after he heard a frightened gasp from Alexandra, he continued to chuckle more and more into the telephone.

OLTL by Kym

Blair arrives at Llanfair & announces to Mitch that Lindsay has killed herself, but before she did she confessed everything to Addie, that he made her do. Max talks to Andrew & Renee about backing RJ's new club, "Ultra Violet". They agree to put in the money. Troy checks out Flash & tells her she has pneumonia & she should stop singing for awhile. She lies to everyone & tells them she only has bronchitis & she's fine.

Evangeline returns to Capricorn & gives RJ her phone number. Antonio makes a deal to let Jessica go if she stays away from Mitch. She refuses. Flash & her band rehearse, while Jenn & Joe dance together. RJ, Cole & Rex plan to pull a job together, while Max eavesdrops on them. Dorian & Blair are still tormenting Mitch. Lindsay shows up & begins reading out loud a passage from the bible. Mitch begins to freak out.

Passions by Ashley

Julian and Eve talk about what the future may hold if Whitney has a music career. She worries her daughter will chose the path she did. Whitney and Chad talk further about going to L.A. and Fox and Theresa stop at the studio when Fox tricks her to see Whitney. Beth thinks her fake pregnancy will be what gets Luis to be hers. Sheridan becomes very sick when she hears about Beth being pregnant and Luis is very upset while Antonio congratulates him.

PC by Beth

Lucy promises to go to the hospital for more tests after the party for Victor. Frank assures a confused Victor that he's been given an amazing gift. After Livvie drinks up, Joshua whispers something into her ear, and the shock of what she hears causes her to drop the glass. Livvie tries to kill Joshua, but the ring protects him from her.

At the party, Victor's energy really surprises Mary. After learning that Ricky plans to go ahead with the VH1 special, Casey and Jamal warn the musician not to anger Joshua. When Karen suggests that she and Frank buy a house together, Frank is agreeable until he learns that it's on the riverside. While Victor juggles three oranges, Chris and Elizabeth dance. Casey rejects Ricky when he puts the moves on her. Jamal advises an insecure Casey to trust her instincts. Seeing Frank, Lucy and Ian start to leave but stop when Joshua walks in. Ian and Lucy are stunned when Mary introduces Joshua as the pub's new owner.

Alison refuses to let Caleb return to the villa alone. Caleb warns that if faced with a choice, he will save Olivia's life over hers. Alison insists on going with him anyway. At the villa, Rafe startles Caleb by pointing a stake at him. Alison puts a halt to the ensuing argument between the two men. Inside the villa, Caleb and Olivia reunite. Everyone is horrified by Kevin's latest painting, which depicts a twisted, prophetic version of Port Charles. In the painting, corpses are being carried out of the hospital, and the police department is now the Office of Enforcement. Everyone has red eyes except the people by the river, which means that the riverside is a feeding pen for the town's vampires. A bride and groom stand at the entrance to the church, on which a strange symbol has been painted. Joshua is presumably the groom, and Alison fears that she is the intended bride. Caleb realizes that Joshua intends to turn Port Charles into his own personal vampire nation.

After his speech, Joshua uses the ring to activate a symbol on the back of each vampire's hand--the same symbol from the church in the painting.

Y&R By Jodi

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