Tuesday 4-29-03 Recaps

Tuesday 4/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall goes to see Michael. She declares she’s figured everything out and knows all about his plans. She says that if he partners with her, they’ll get twice as done. Michael asks what she’s after. Kendall says that she wants Erica’s throne after Boyd’s formula has been stolen and Enchantment has been taken over. Michael agrees to let Kendall in on the plan. He warns her that if she turns out to be untrustworthy, she’ll regret it. They shake hands and kiss. Anna and David rush Leora to the hospital. Joe tends to Leora and then lets Anna and David know that she is all right. Anna asks Joe if they should reconsider the pacemaker. Joe tells her that it would be dangerous to wait any longer. David will hear none of it and insists that Leora will not be able to handle the pacemaker. Behind David’s back, Anna signs the surgery consent papers. David threatens to take her to court if she insists on surgery. Anna tells him he’ll never make it to court because she’ll have him locked away in prison. Erica rushes around looking for Jackson. She suspects something terrible has happened and goes running to Chris. Chris hopes Flanders hasn’t done anything stupid. He tells Erica that everything will be all right and that he will find Jackson. Meanwhile, Jackson lies wounded and unconscious in an alley. Luis threatens Reggie that if he’s been talking to the DA, he’ll kill both of them. Joni overhears their conversation, and after Luis leaves, she begs Reggie to tell the police. Reggie says he’ll take care of things on his own. Later on, he finds Luis standing over Jackson. He rushes to get help for Jackson, but Luis pins him down. Joni watches quietly from behind and rushes to call the cops. Luis tells Reggie that he found Jackson this way, but Reggie doesn’t believe him. As the police arrive, Luis runs off. Reggie tends to Jackson and begs him to wake up.

ATWT by Dione

Molly told Dusty that if she didn't get her 25K back from him that she would tell everyone he knows what kind of person he really is. Bonnie lied to Evelyn and Margo after getting the final approval to do so from her mother. Rose admitted to Paul that she had something to do with Barbara's kidnapping. She said she wasn't sorry for doing it since Barbara had her kidnapped for months. Susan introduces her new beau, Rick to Nancy, Kim, Emily, and Hal. They all have dinner and discuss the possibility of Rick getting a position in geriatrics at Memorial.

B&B by Matt

Macy cries about her hysterectomy. Thorne runs to the abortion clinic and tries to stop Darla from having her baby terminated. Ridge warns Mass to refrain from messing with his relationship with Brooke. During the party, Mass tells Brooke she will encounter a great surprise tonight.

Days by Rebecca

Lexie (with help from Ops) gets out of the pit and goes into labor with Abe, Brandon, and Sami all there. Sami warns Eugenia not to tell Brandon about him being the baby's father. John is in the sauna but escapes, and tells Ops that big brother Tony tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Tony and Marlena are trapped in the hospital elevator and he tells her that John tried to kill HIM! Brady and Nicole bring Victor in the hospital, and Victor thanks Nicole for helping save his life. Brady then visits Chloe.

GH by Meghan & Staci

Luke, Lucky and Summer search for Summer's brother, Matt. Michael tells A.J that he is scared of him. A.J tells Michael that he is his father. Skye tries to explain the truth to Michael. Jason and Carly find out where Ric is hiding Courtney; in a mine that he owns and named Della. Courtney tries to climb out of the mine, but falls and hits her head. Later on Jason finds Courtney but then the mine collapses. Ric puts a gun to Sonny's head but then Sonny knocks it out of his hand. Sonny tells Ric that he is going to shoot him but stops when he finds out that Ric is his half-brother. Monica tries to persuade Emily into telling Zander about the breast cancer but Emily still refuses. Emily tells Monica that she is going to break up with him for his own good. Jax asks Ned to give Skye a job at ELQ. At first Ned is reluctant but then he agrees. When Carly goes to get Michael from the Quartermain's, she starts to fall down the stairs. 

Sonny went to the house on Martha's Vineyard, where he remembered the night he and his mother spent there with her old boss, Trevor Lansing. Ric held a gun on him and forced him to remember that he was arguing with his mom at the top of the stairs when she fell.  Ric said he pushed her because he didn't like the time she was spending with Trevor instead of him.  Sonny knocked Ric to the ground and held his gun to him. Ric told him to go ahead and shoot, but he would be shooting his BROTHER!!! Jason kicked Liz out of Carly's when she said she knew nothing about Courtney. Jason and Carly looked through papers and found documents that showed Ric's ownership of several mines, one named after Sonny's mother. He left and found Courtney, who was in danger. Michael went to the Quartermaine's;  Skye and he talked, and she offered to show him Kristina after he told Skye that Carly was having a baby. Skye called Carly and told her Michael was there. When she arrived, she and AJ started having an argument on the stairs.  When he grabbed her arm, Carly tried to pull away.

While searching for Matthew, a woman looked at Luke's picture of him and then hid in the restroom. Luke was waiting for her but then Lucky and Summer show up. When they did, Lucky wanted to talk with her, but Summer thought up a new plan for them. Later, when she was alone at the bar, Summer and the woman, Sonia, talked about how long it had been since they had seen each other (there were lesbian overtones). Emily bolted out of Zander's room after they slept together. Monica showed up and asked Zander if Emily had been there. He said yes, and then told her that he was worried about Emily. Monica told him not to give up on Emily, because she would need him.

GL by Richard

Josh berated Shayne for missing a weight-training session for the baseball team. After telling his parents that he's been spending a lot of time at the museum lately, Shayne then asked if it was okay if he moved in there, but Josh nixed that idea, telling Shayne that his priorities should be school and baseball. After Shayne went to take Marah a textbook, Reva told Josh that maybe Shayne wants to move out to get away from Josh's pressure. Josh got angry, telling Reva that he's being tough on Shayne because he thinks Shayne has it in him to become a great baseball player.....An out-of-sorts Shayne arrived at the museum to give Marah her book and complained about how rough it is living at home right now. He then revealed how upstaged he felt when Ben gave Marina a brand new car. Marah had no idea about that, nor how her brother really felt towards Marina, and told him not to count himself out just yet....

Gus tracked down Lucia at the boarding house, where she was all set to leave town, telling Gus how she feels left-out of his life. Gus told her about having Alan stashed away at Harley's house and that he believes Alexandra had been drugging Alan. He then told Lucia that he'd told Alan about being his (Gus') father and that Alan accused him of lying or being a gold-digger. Gus convinced a leery Lucia to come to Harley's to help him convince Alan of the truth. Later, Alan remembered Lucia, but was less than cordial after going down memory lane with her. He told her she was lying, that he'd never slept with her and accused she and Gus of concocting this story in order to get money out of him. After Gus & Harley walked Lucia out, Alan looked into a mirror and murmured, "It's true. All of it is true." Later, Gus & Harley realized that Alan was missing. At the Spaulding's, Lloyd warned Alexandra of the wrath she'll be facing from Alan when the drugs wear-off and he realizes he'd been drugged. When Alex saw Phillip, she told him how happy she is that he's back at Spaulding, and hopes he'll stay there. She then asked if he had the paternity test conducted, but Phillip was tight-lipped. Later, Phillip ducked out to "Company" to meet with a lab technician who works at Cedars, who assured Phillip that the paternity test will be conducted as requested.....Back at the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra got off the phone after getting a status-report on the search for Alan. As she walked away, Alan could be seen lurking outside the living room window!

OLTL by Kym

Together Dorian & Blair start pulling pranks on Mitch, to make him start to think he's hearing things like the phone ringing, people at the door, etc. Judge Grafton shows up at Llanview PD with a gunshot wound & tells them that Mitch had been blackmailing him to rule in his favor on Victor's will. After apologizing to Vicki for doing this, he dies. Jessica & Natalie find the secret room, the box, & a hidden staircase behind the picture of Victor & Vicki.

Dorian figures out the code word to Mitch's safe & takes the diamond. Renee tries to warn Asa that Roxie & Nigel are having an affair, but he laughs it off. Blair goes to St. Anne's to ask Lindsay if she'll help bring Mitch down & Lindsay agrees. Antonio locks up Jessica for her own protection. Mitch finds the diamond gone & grabs Dorian. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't tell him where it is.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa tells Fox he's acting like a man in love he denies it but tells her what happened at the Blue Note. She rushes to talk to Whitney. Whitney and Eve butt heads and she turns to Chad. Liz warns her to be careful because she could lose her daughter to Chad permanently. Julian demands to know what happened to his and Eve's child. Alistair ignores him and Veen tells Fox to sell the Blue Note and he catches on to the truth. Beth tells both Antonio and Sheridan that she is "pregnant" and tries to act upset that the situation turned out this way.

PC by Beth

Desperate to find out what is poisoning Lucy, Ian asks Chris to run the lab tests a third time. Lucy forces Ian to admit that making love with her no longer helps curb his appetite for blood. Ian then informs her that some type of toxin is depleting her red blood cells. He promises to figure it out. A personal message to Rafe on Joshua's computer screen prompts the slayer to flee the secret room just as it blows up. Joshua has Livvie taken to the patio, where he again tries to persuade her to give him the ring. Livvie falls into her father's arms for protection, but Kevin is even less himself than ever. A trail of blood leads out the door where Rafe apparently dragged himself out of Joshua's hideout. Just as Caleb finally persuades Alison to let him go, Elizabeth shows up at the apartment. Elizabeth sees Caleb's predicament and tells him off for mistreating her at the hospital. In turn, Caleb tells Elizabeth what he thinks of her incessant whining about herself after everything Alison has been through. He and Alison are stunned to hear about the discovery of wedding bands in Joshua's hideout. Alison pushes her mother out the door and sets Caleb free. Under Joshua's influence, Kevin tricks Livvie and breaks the chain that hangs around her neck. Kevin gives Joshua the ring and then returns to his painting. The ring on his finger, Joshua offers Livvie a glass of red liquid so that she doesn't have to starve.

Y&R By Judy

Jack and Brad hash over Victor's visit and Jack does not seemed too worried about Victor's threat. Vicky tells Victor to slow down and enjoy life and later she runs into Brad and in a flirty sort of way rags on him about Jabot's finances. Brittany wonders why JT is concerned about Anita. Katherine confirms to John that Charlotte did have an abortion many years ago. Liz is now feeling like 2nd fiddle to Charlotte while Jill continues to make excuses for Charlotte's alcoholism. John shows up and talks to Liz, she can tell that John is worried that Jill is heading for a fall. Raul envies the upcoming marriage of Billy and Mac and now wonders how Brit feels about him. Brad and Jack chew over Victor's visit but Jack seems confident that they can beat him. Victor then tells Vicky about his visit at Jabot and she lectures daddy about his motives and tells him to slow down and enjoy life. She then meets up with Brad and razzes him about business. JT tells Brittany that he is sorry about her parents split and she is confused about his support of Anita. Raul admires Billy's upcoming marriage and is now questioning how Brit feels about him. John gets the info that Charlotte told Katherine she had an abortion many years ago. Liz is now feeling 2nd fiddle to Charlotte but Jill continues to excuse her alcoholic state. John and Liz are concerned Jill is in for a fall.

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