Monday 4-28-03 Recaps

Monday 4/28/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Everyone seems to be at SOS tonight. Kendall and Greenlee are having a great time, drinking their sorrows away. Jackson is drinking alone and is approached by Anna. She encourages him not to give up on Erica. Flanders is quietly nursing a drink, keeping his eye on Jackson. Later, Jackson tells Kendall that Trey has been moved to a minimum security prison. He also tells Kendall that he and Erica are not engaged. David comes in and Anna is glad to see he finally agreed to a night out. Henry is asked by the MC to fill-in for a missing blues guitarist that was supposed to play with the band that night. Henry hesitates at first, but Maggie encourages him to take the opportunity and show his talent to the world. He finally gets up on stage and is amazing. Everyone there enjoys his music. Henry and Maggie celebrate his success by going back to Maggie’s place. After calling the babysitter, David finds out that Leora has a fever and rushes out with Anna. Erica sees Chris at the bar and says hello. She lets him know that she had a falling out with Jackson when she turned down his proposal. Although Chris is glad to hear it, he politely offers Erica his sympathy. They both agree that although they were very happy for a while, things are now over between them. Erica kisses Chris good-bye and goes back to Enchantment. Chris tries to call Flanders, hoping that he won’t make any stupid moves. At Enchantment, Boyd catches Lena working on Erica’s computer. Lena informs him that she was asked by Erica to find out who paid for Fusion’s lawsuit. Erica comes in and tells Lena she has full confidence that she will get to the bottom of things. She talks to Boyd alone, telling him that she’s a little suspicious of Lena. She says that if Lena ever hurts Bianca, she will kill her with her own hands. Meanwhile, Lena sneaks a CD into Erica’s computer and seems to be covering her tracks. She later tells Erica that she has tracked down the paper trail. She says she had recently fired an accountant named Barton Phillips. He didn’t take the firing too well, and it seems that he’s the one behind the whole conspiracy. Erica asks for her to print out the details so she can later show it to Jackson. Lena later goes to see Michael. She is seen going into Michael’s apartment by Kendall. Jackson is the last one to leave SOS. Just as he comes out, he gets shot and falls to the ground bleeding.

ATWT by Dione

Paul wonders about the validity of Rose's alibi, so he asks Molly if she saw Rose with Dusty. She replied no then checks her appt. book to confirm times. Paul goes to Dusty's room to get the story straight. Barbara told Dusty that if he can get Rose into bed, she'll still pay him. Otherwise, his well has run dry. He attempts to seduce Rose, but she says she's in love with Paul. Hal and Jack join forces to keep Em out of jail. Babs orders to have Jack taken off of the case, Hal orders him to stay on. Jess asks Ben to tell Bonnie to call Marshall to get the story together. Bonnie says she would rather go to jail than lie to the police. Later, Margo and Evelyn arrive at Java Underground.

B&B by Matthew

Bad news: Macy’s growth is cancerous and a hysterectomy was performed. Darla talks with an abortion counselor about why she has to have this abortion. Stephanie warns Mass not to say anything more. Mass plans to have an engagement party tonight at his penthouse and plans to reveal the truth to everyone. Brooke finds out Bridget knew about Ridge’s paternity for a long time and is glad he had somebody to talk to. She knows she will be a big part of their lives after the two of them are married.

Days by Staci

Chloe is worried because Brady hasn't called. She tries to leave, but a nurse stops her. She later unplugs her IV, and goes to look for him. She gets to tired, and Craig finds her, and takes her back to her room.

Nicole finds Victor unconscious. She finds a broken wine bottle, and is about to hurt him when Brady comes, and helps them out.

Belle, Mimi, Cassie, Shawn, and Rex all volunteer to help out at the hospital. Cassie sees a little girl crying, so she comforts her until her parents come. Mimi is thrilled when a girl notices her from "Love is Blind".

Abe and Roman are worried about Lexie and Kate. Lexie wakes up, and tries to get out, but she falls and becomes unconscious. Kate is trapped in a building, and Roman tries to help her out.

Tony comes to, and John is begging for his help. Tony refuses, and leaves John calling for help.

GH by Meghan

Liz went to see Carly and accused her of lying about Ric raping her, and that because of her lies, Ric would be killed. Jason came in, and demanded to know what Liz knew about Ric kidnapping Courtney. Ric knocked out Jason and when her came around, Sonny was there asking about Ric and Courtney, and Sonny remembered he had been to the house in the picture. Ric called Sonny and told him that if Sonny kills him, Courtney also dies. After talking about biological parents, Michael snuck away from a party, and went to see AJ. 

Emily cried in the hospital because she thought that the chemo wouldn't help her, and she would end like her biological mother, dead. Monica tried to assure her she would be fine. Emily snuck away to visit Zander, who still believed Emily had an overdose with drugs. The Quartermain's realized that Tracy had left Dillon with them. 

GL by Barbara

Alan, Harley and Gus are taking in Gus' announcement to Alan that he is a Spaulding. Alan laughs and says that he is lying. Frank questions Eden about her business card being on the body of Jed Simmons. She denies knowing anything. After Frank leaves, she calls her girl Shelley and tells her if anyone asks about Jed Simmons, she knows nothing. Ben and Ramona meet at the Beacon. Ramona kisses Ben under the watchful eye of Marah. Ben sees Marah and makes an excuse about his boss drinking. She tells him it looked like harassment to her. Shayne arrives at the museum looking for Marah and finds Marina. They play ball. Ben arrives at the museum and presents Marina with a new car as a way of making up for not spending time with her. Bill comes to see Michelle and talk about Eden. He offers to help her fix up their new place. They part friends.

OLTL by Kym

After seeing Blair with Dorian the other night, Antonio goes to Blair's house & starts harassing her about what part she's playing in this whole Mitch/Dorian plot. Blair swears she was just trying to talk some sense into her aunt. Troy shows up for the date in the middle of the interrogation & Antonio warns him that he thinks Blair's up to something with Dorian. After he's gone, Troy asks Blair about her involvement. After Vicki hears about Craig being "murdered" she swears she will get Jessica out of Mitch's house. All of a sudden Jessica shows up. Flash passes out after seeing Joey comforting Jenn at the community center.

Judge Grafton calls Vicki for a meeting about Victor Lord's will. She agrees to meet him at his chambers. She arrives with Cristian to find the judge has been murdered. Natalie & Jessica plot together to get Mitch. They go over to Llanfair to spy on him. Dorian hires a hooker to sleep with Mitch, but after sleeping with the woman, Mitch figures out it's not Dorian. He confronts her & wants to know what she's up to.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney is upset so Chad comforts her and tells her that she should go to L.A. with him. Eve and Julian share a moment together and Fox finds them. When T.C. finds them Julian hides and Fox covers for them. Antonio swears to protect his wife and child on the way. Luis hears that Beth is pregnant and she thinks this is the scheme that'll win

Luis. Hank tells Sheridan to put herself in front of anyone else and tell Antonio the truth.

PC by Beth

After assuring Joshua that everything is under control, Frank drives Victor to his new job as building commissioner. Determined to decode the list of potential vampire recruits, Rafe breaks into Joshua's secret room and logs into his computer. After spitting out the painkiller provided by Ian, Caleb tries desperately to persuade Alison to let him get to Olivia. Starving from blood hunger, Livvie hallucinates that Caleb comes to her. Alison finally asks Caleb whether he killed her father, and Caleb informs her that he didn't. He simply heard about Malcolm's disappearance and decided to use it to his advantage. Taken in by Joshua's charms, Mary and Karen decide to include the bar's new owner in their celebratory party. Caleb doesn't understand how Alison can keep him away from the woman he loves so deeply. Alison changes the dressing on Caleb's wound after his thrashing around causes a great deal of bleeding. Caleb accuses Alison of helping Joshua destroy him and Olivia. He urges her to listen to her heart and do what it tells her. Frank bites his shocked stepfather. When a startling personal message appears on the computer screen, Rafe flees the secret room just before it blows up.

Y&R By Jodi

Christine and Paul say goodbye in an awkward conversation that includes them thinking that they wish the other knew what they were really thinking. Ashley tells Dru that she is only working at Jabot on the condition that she stay out of her personal business. She says Dru has one more chance. Victor tells Jack and Brad that the payment on their loan is due and they need to pay up. They are losing money on the new cosmetics line and look worried when he leaves. John is at Gina's looking at old year book to look up an old girlfriend, the sister of Charlotte Ramsey, Jill's birth mother. Jill takes her mother to put her up at the Genoa City Hotel because she lives in a dump. John talks to Katherine about Charlotte Ramsey and asks about the baby she had. Katherine tells him there was no baby, she had an abortion.

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