Friday 4-25-03 Recaps

Friday 4/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Joni and Reggie interrogate Jamie on his “sleepover” with Holly (the prostitute). Jamie insists that nothing happened between them. Laurie asks to speak to Jamie alone. He tells her that he could not sleep with someone he doesn’t have feelings for. Knowing what he’s implying, Laurie tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt him and leaves.

Carlos comes into Fusion, but acts very aloof when he sees Greenlee. Greenlee tells him that she needs him and is willing to let him into her life. Carlos says that they had their chance, and perhaps should stop trying. He asks Greenlee why she isn’t going to Simone’s court hearing. Greenlee uncaringly says that Simone can take care of her own mess. Carlos tells her that she is being selfish and leaves in anger. He goes to Simone’s hearing. After lots of convincing, the judge lets Simone go free. Simone thanks Carlos for coming and goes off to celebrate with him. Meanwhile, Erica finds Lena and Bianca in a hotel room. She tells them that Enchantment is in trouble and that she has been suspected of bribing someone to sue Fusion. Lena assures Erica that she will get to the bottom of things, and that Enchantment is a real priority for her. Lena goes on to say that Bianca is also a top priority for her. Erica asks the girls whether she should assume that they are a couple. Bianca tells her that they are still trying to figure things out. After Erica leaves, Bianca and Lena decide that the timing is not right, but they will certainly pursue a relationship. Bianca leaves and joins her mother in the lobby. She asks her mother to not interfere in her life, and to allow her to make her own decisions. Erica says she is willing to do that if it will make Bianca happy. Meanwhile, Kendall barges into Michael’s apartment and asks who he has been cheating with on the side. Michael feeds her the same lies and assures her that he has been faithful. Kendall is convinced that Michael has been lying to her. She tells him that she was so worried about not being good enough for him, when all the while he wasn’t good enough for her. After Kendall leaves, Michael calls Lena. He tells her to continue with the plan. Lena tells him that she no longer will take any orders from him. Michael warns her that double-crossing him would be a mistake. Lena says that if she goes down, she will certainly take Michael down with her. Kendall sells the necklace Michael had given her for $15,000! She goes back to Fusion and tells Greenlee that she was right and that Michael had been cheating all along. She gives Greenlee the money and says it will help Fusion’s future. Greenlee is speechless and is thankful that Kendall still believes in her.

ATWT by Dione

Emily told Hal that it was Craig's idea to kidnap Barbara. Carly asked Jack to tell Hal to rip up the jewlery store receipt. Mike confronted Dusty about the guys roughing up Molly. Mike said that if they touched her again, he would come after Dusty. After a bribe, Henry informed Barbara that he, Rose, and Emily kidnapped her. Paul told Barbara that he was sure that Rose didn't have anything to do with it.

B&B by Matt

Ridge convinces Brooke to keep the secret. She warns Stephanie not to judge her in the future. Macy finds out that she has a growth that might be cancerous in her uterus. Thorne comforts her, while Darla fantasizes about Thorne being a father to her baby.

Days by Rebecca

Abe is helping a hurt Celeste into the hospital. She insist she's fine, but Abe wants to make sure she's really o.k. They both are worried because they can't get a hold of Lexie. As we see her passed out in a ditch.

Sami comes out, and her and Brandon kiss. Then when they begin to talk, Abe calls and ask if Brandon has herd from Lexie, and he says he hasn't. When he gets off, Sami thinks he's going to leave, but he assures her that he's not. When he's just about to ask Sami to marry him, he gets a call from the hospital and leaves.

Belle, Shawn, and Mimi visit Marlena, and they can tell she's upset about something, and she tells them that Rex has been kidnapped. They are all happy when Rex calls and says he's fine. Cassie and Rex go to Marlena's house and they eat, when another earth quake starts.

Cassie frees Rex, and they go down to where the laser is, and Rex moves it, and heads to Marlena's.

Tony and John both have men looking for the kidnaper. When the guy walks over to the money, Tony yells, and he runs. Ops gets him, and handcuffs him to a pole. John says Tony pied someone to kidnap Rex, just so he could impress Marlena then they punch each other. When the next quake happens, John gets locked in the sauna.

GH by Kelly

Carly and Sonny tell Michael that he is going to be a big brother. Skye tells the Quartermaines that they are not her family. Alan and Lila both tell her that she will always be a part of the family. Ric kidnaps Courtney. When Jason comes to rescue her, Ric holds a gun to his head. Lila kicks Tracy out of the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy tells Dillon that he is staying though. Dillon helps Georgie skip out of school but Mac finds them. Skye tells Jax she needs a shoulder to lean on. Michael questions Carly about who his real father is. Faith tells Sonny that Ric may be hiding at his family's house in Martha's Vineyard.

GL by Barbra

Cassie is cornered in the alley by 2 attackers who have a message for Danny. Cassie uses her Tae Kwan Do and beats the thugs to the ground. Danny and Tony arrive and marvel at what Cassie did. Danny calls Salerno and asks him what the deal is? Michelle shows her daddy the house and they have dinner. Frank talks with Gus and Harley as they hide Alan inside the house. Harley talks about Frank's new job. Rick calls Frank and tells him he has the preliminary results of the autopsy. Looks like murder made to look like an accident. Rick gives Frank a business card found on the body. Frank takes it to be tested. Marina talks to Buzz about her upcoming birthday. Ben arrives and apologizes for not spending time with her, but that he has been working overtime for birthday money. He wants to declare May as Marina month. Eden and Bill are at the Beacon when Cassie and the Santos boys arrive. They start to kiss and Cassie tells them to get a room, and that she can make them a good deal. Cassie is leaving to go to the gym and Edmund startles her. She throws him to the couch. Needless to say Edmund is shocked. She later apologizes and tells him what happened. Frank arrives at the Beacon to talk to Eden. The business card found on the body, Jed Simmons was one of her business cards. Does she know this man? Gus admits to Alan that he is his son. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Ashley

Gwen sees Ethan and Theresa spending time together and she becomes angry. They explain things and Theresa pleads with him to help her with Little Ethan. He agrees and Gwen becomes furious. T.C. fights with Chad at the Blue Note and Fox defends him. Both Eve and Julian slip outside and she inquires why he made a replica of the old Blue Note in Harmony. He tells her it's to reminds him of her and their time together. Eve tells Julian she did love him. Beth is caught at the wharf but makes an excuse but Mrs. Wallace drops him some hints. Sheridan's life becomes in danger when shes alone with Charlie and Beth.

PC by Beth

A jealous Ricky confronts Jamal about his intentions toward Casey. Ian takes a blood sample from Lucy as she sleeps. After Casey has a vision that Lucy's death makes the headlines, she rushes to check on her friend. Casey almost blows it, but she manages to assure Lucy that angels don't have inside information. Casey transfers some of her energy to Lucy in an attempt to help her fight whatever is wrong. After Lucy asks the angel to stay in her guesthouse, she agrees to ask her boss. Kevin informs Joshua that he knows the reason for Frank's recent behavioral changes. He also knows that Joshua is the one who made the offer on the Recovery Room. After looking at Kevin's most recent painting, Joshua injects him with something to make him follow orders. Joshua informs Kevin that he has plans for Port Charles, and Kevin is to bring them to life on canvas. Ian takes the blood sample to Chris, who knows without being told that it was taken from Lucy. A VH1 representative arrives to talk to the band, but threatens to leave when she learns that Stephen Clay himself won't be back. Jack talks her into using the vampire rumors as a hook. Joshua arrives and informs everyone that he is the one in charge. Realizing that Jamal knows too much about her concern for Lucy, Casey uses her magic on him. Finding an empty bag of blood in the trash, Lucy realizes that Ian lied about her ability to help him. Chris and Ian are stunned when the lab results indicate that Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick tries to convince Jack to give him a job at Jabot and Jack makes him think on it. Ash and Brad like Dru's ideas for an ad campaign. Jabot has made the first strike and Victor is ready to go to war on the cosmetics issue. Jill blames Katherine for shooing off Charlotte. John suggests she look into whether they knew each other from high school and whether there are more Ramseys in the area. Katherine vows that she and Jill will never be friends even if they are related when Mac and Billy get married. Mary asks Christine to help keep Paul in Genoa City, she refuses. Lynne confronts Michael and Isabella with her plan to find evidence of their scheme. After she leaves, Michael tells Isabella to go pack for California.

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