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Thursday 4/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

At the airport, Bianca begs Lena not to run away from her fears. At first Lena hesitates, but eventually decide to stay. They happily check into a hotel and welcome whatever the future may bring. Meanwhile, Boyd goes to see Michael. He tells Michael that Enchantment has applied to patent his formula, and that the game is over. Michael arrogantly exclaims that the game isn’t over till he says it is. Michael offers to buy the formula, but Boyd tells him it’s not for sale and leaves. Boyd bumps into Kendall. She apologizes for the way she acted. Boyd tells her to wake up and realize she is just being used. At first Kendall defends Michael, but after Boyd lays out all the facts for her, she starts to wonder. Boyd tells her that he would never lie and has always looked out for her. Kendall tells him that she’ll get to the bottom of things, and rushes off. As Kendall approaches Michael’s apartment, she hears him screaming at someone on the phone. Michael happens to be on the phone with Lena, threatening her to continue with the plan. Lena tells him she’s no longer interested and hangs up. Kendall then realizes that Michael is not who she though he was. Jackson warns Erica that the charges against her are very serious. At first Erica tries her usual charms, thinking that Jackson is on her side. She soon realizes that Jackson has come to her as the DA, not as her friend. She tells him that she suspects Michael, and gives him all the facts. Jackson gives her the benefit of the doubt and tells her to gather more evidence to clear her name. Erica begs him to not throw away their friendship. Jackson insists that she was the one who decided she didn’t want him in her life. After Jackson leaves, Erica goes to find Lena. She tracks down the hotel and barges into the room. Erica is shocked to find Bianca with Lena, and wonders what is going on. Chris finds the transmitter that Aidan planted on his jacket. He cuts his meeting with Flanders short and rushes to Aidan. After a bit of a hustle, Aidan admits that he had been listening in on Chris’ conversations with Flanders. Chris realizes that Jackson put Aidan up to it. Aidan warns him that Flanders is up to no good and will take Chris down with him. Chris leaves just as Jackson arrives. Chris goes to tell Flanders that Jackson has recorded every word they have said to each other. While Chris’ back is turned, Flanders pulls out a gun and tells Chris he will go take care of things. Chris runs after him.

ATWT by Dione

Jack shows Hal a receipt from the watch that Emily replaced. Emily asks Hal if he's going to arrest her when he confronts her. Alison saves the life of the jail matron. As a result, she gets cut. She later kisses Chris. Susan is a new woman due to her new beau she met in Florida, while attending a conference. Bob is distraught after losing a young male patient. Dusty leaves his room to get his 25K that Barbara had wired. Molly gets roughed up by Dusty's bookies just after he leaves. Dusty busts into the room & urges them to get out. At Fairwinds, Carly tries to explain to Rosanna that Craig is really after money and not her. Rosanna has information that the police are looking for in the kidnapping and Carly encourages Rosanna to keep it from the police.

B&B by Matt

Macy is covering for Darla at Spectra because she hasn’t been feeling well and Macy knows something is up with her, but is waiting for her to come forward and talk. Concerned, Thorne heads to Darla’s place. She blows him away by revealing she is pregnant. The two discuss abortion and Darla thinks she can do it by herself, though she sobs at the thought. Ridge is seriously pissed when Mass reveals that he told Brooke that he is Ridge’s father, and intended to tell her about Bridget. Ridge almost hits Mass and yells for him to stay out of his life. Brooke tells Stephanie she is a hypocrite and revels in the fact that she can tell everyone her dirty little secret. Stephanie warns her that her revenge will cause more pain than she can imagine even to herself (Brooke). Brooke doesn’t appear to heed her warning.

Days by Rebecca

The earthquake hits Salem, as the kidnapper still holds Rex for ransom. Tony leaves to give the kidnapper the money as does John! Cassie goes to Rex and they realize that have an even deeper connection. Roman has a daydream of proposing to Kate (no time soon though!!) and a very pregnant Lexie falls into a pit on the Dimera grounds.

GH by Kelly

Emily declines Zander's marriage proposal. Jason tells Faith she can live if she tells him where Ric is going to hide. Elizabeth tells Ric that she loves him and later agrees to help him with his escape plan. Alan, Edward, and A.J tell Skye to stay away from Emily. They blame Skye for Emily bring addicted to painkillers. Rae returns at Skye's request to discuss Skye's real father. Rae reveals to Tracy and Skye the truth- Skye's father is not Alan Quartermaine. Carly talks to Courtney about being raped. Sonny tells Jason that Carly was raped. Jason tells Elizabeth that Ric is a rapist but she doesn't believe him. Jason finds a picture of Lily in Ric's apartment.

GL by Richard

At the docks, Rick expressed his anxiety to Frank that his very first job as Medical Examiner is to do an autopsy on the body of the man who previously filled the position. Frank told Phillip and Olivia that the police will still continue in their search for Alan. Phillip approached Alexandra and Gus, just as Alex was about to spill the beans about drugging Alan. Phillip took Alex back to the mansion. At Harley's, she saw Alan wielding the fireplace poker in a mirror's reflection and quickly put a halt to it, subduing him in time. Afterwards, Alan told Harley he was scared to eat the food she'd given him. Harley eased Alan's mind by eating some of the food, then telling him that she and Gus are the "good guys". When Gus returned home, Harley told him about Alan's attempt to kill her and said she's nervous with Alan under the same roof as Zach. Gus told Harley that before Alan goes anywhere, he wants to get to the bottom of why Alex wanted Alan drugged. Alan, who overheard, uttered the words, "the will". When Gus asked Alan what he meant by that, Alan said he didn't remember. Alone with Harley, Gus surmised that if something happened to Alan, then succession of control at Spaulding would move on to the next person in line, and that Alexandra hates Gus' guts. Harley told him not to try to figure any of this out and told Gus to kick Alan out and hand this matter over to the cops---reminding Gus that she's on medical-leave and that he is suspended. As Alan listened nearby, Harley told Gus that the real Alan Spaulding is a snake and that it's only a matter of time until he becomes that man again, telling Gus she doesn't want him to get hurt. Just as they were arguing over Alan, Frank stopped by.

Overhearing Edmund ordering flowers for a lady, Cassie mistakenly assumed the flowers were for her. Edmund told Cassie that the flowers were for Beth and that he wanted to mend fences with some people he'd hurt over time. Cassie advised Edmund ditch the idea of flowers and tell Beth face-to-face how he feels. When Edmund saw Beth, he awkwardly asked if she could forgive him and somehow get their friendship back. She told him it might be a tough task to be friends and that she'd think about it---then told Edmund that she's noticed he's become smitten with Cassie. Edmund was shocked at this, and denied it. Later, when Cassie noticed a preoccupied Edmund, she asked how the talk with Beth went, and he told her it wasn't so bad. Cassie told him there's hope: that time heals all wounds. Edmund thought about those words, then overheard when Cassie got a message to meet Danny at a construction site. Later, after Cassie arrived at the construction site, it seemed quiet and deserted, so Cassie called out Danny's name. Suddenly, Ernie appeared, and with a mean look, slowly approached Cassie. When she turned to leave the area, another man stepped out of the shadows, blocking her way. Cassie was trapped---not to mention frightened.

At the Spaulding mansion, as Olivia was about to leave for her amnio with Dr. Sedgwick at Cedars, Phillip asked her to get a paternity test done, but Olivia told him that with all that's going on, now's not the right time. When Phillip saw Alexandra, he asked her why she was huddled with Gus earlier, but Alex only said that Gus saw she was greatly upset and wanted to help her out. When Phillip asked Alex, point-blank, whether or not Gus is Alan's son, and that Harley told him that, Alex got indignant. Not satisfied, Phillip told her that his main focus right now is on finding Alan---and told Alex to stay out of the situation. Alex reminded Phillip that Olivia is carrying a Spaulding baby, which is "power", and that Olivia will use the baby like a pawn in a chess game. She then pressed Phillip to find out the paternity of the baby. After Phillip left, Beth came by and asked Alex if there was anything she could do to help the family right now. Seeing how anguished and alone Alexandra was, Beth offered to move back into the Spaulding mansion with James for a while. Tearfully, Alexandra accepted. At Cedars, Phillip arrived just after the amniocentesis was completed and Olivia and Dr. Sedgwick were looking at the monitor where the baby's ultrasound image played out. After Dr. Sedgwick told Olivia that she has to send the amniotic fluid to the lab for tests, Phillip left Olivia behind and followed the doctor out. When Phillip asked Dr. Sedgwick whether the amniotic fluid would also signify the paternity of the baby, Dr. Sedgwick said it would, but was very firm with Phillip, telling him that it's Olivia's call to have that test done. Phillip stared off......

OLTL by Jessica

Asa had Cris wait for him while he gambled. Natalie came to visit him and she had insecurities about Jessica and Cristian's past but he reassured her. Dorian hid the body on the terrace as Antonio and Jessica came in. Antonio became suspicious and when he went out there the body was gone. Later, he found blood on the ground. Jessica also found blood on Mitch's sleeve and then found a knife in his cane. Matthew called Bo for reassurance that his "dad" was happy in heaven. Later, Bo got a call from the assistant that Mitch stabbed.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen and Ethan share a bond when their baby kicks. Pilar and Theresa watch little Ethan and are worried about his well being. Whitney tells Eve she's independent and they start to fight. Fox tries to comfort her while Liz calls T.C. Hank finds out that the woman who tried to kill Sheridan is the one who was smashing the Blondie dolls.

PC by Beth

Frank vows to make Ian pay for stabbing him in the chest. After stopping himself from getting into a fight with Kevin, Frank tells Karen that he's given up gambling. Frank informs Victor that he's found a buyer who is willing to pay five times what they thought the Recovery Room was worth. Victor announces that he has received an offer to become the town's building commissioner. Alison refuses to leave Caleb to die, despite Rafe's best efforts to get her out of the villa. Caleb begs Alison and Rafe to forget about him and help Olivia. Taunting Livvie with lies about Caleb's intentions, Joshua plants suspicions about her lover's feelings for Alison. Kevin is suspicious of Victor's sudden good fortune. Karen is puzzled by Frank's wound, which shows only a bruise instead of a source for all the blood on his shirt. Rafe and Alison take Caleb to their place, where Rafe handcuffs him to the bed. Alison tries to comfort Caleb. Lucy is dumbfounded to see both Alison and Ian trying to help Caleb. Rafe refuses to allow Caleb to be moved to the hospital. Lucy informs Rafe that she seems to be losing her slayer powers. After Caleb tries to tempt Ian into biting him, Rafe angers the doctor by pulling him away from the bleeding man. When Livvie steadfastly refuses to hand over the ring despite her agony, Joshua decides to find another way to make her change her mind. Livvie has a vision of Caleb. Joshua approaches Kevin outside the Recovery Room.

Y&R By Judy

Charlotte makes excuses for her drunken state but Jill does not buy it. A very upset Katherine rants to Larry about Jill's horrible attitude about Mac. Mac is making wedding plans even though the adults in Y&R land don't seem to be supporting them much. Billy jokes about going to Vegas ! The big news is Paul and Isabella's move to LA. Mary confronts Paul about the move and he blows up and she leaves in tears. Lynn races to tell Christine the news. Chris stands up for Michael and Lynn (who doesn't seem to have a life of her own), once again offers her opinion. Even Jack tells Nick to give Victor some slack.



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