Wednesday 4-23-03 Recaps

Wednesday 4/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Liza accuses Erica of conspiring against Fusion, but Erica insists that she had nothing to do with it. Liza goes back to Fusion and tells the girls about what’s going on. Kendall and Greenlee decide to put away their differences for the sake of saving Fusion. Boyd goes to see Erica. She tells him about the accusation against Enchantment, and he admits that he had always been suspicious of Lena. Erica is surprised that he would suggest such a thing and wonders if Lena is capable of embezzlement. Boyd lets her know that Lena and Bianca really hit it off, and that Lena may be gay. Erica realizes that Bianca was upset in the morning because of Lena. Boyd also lets Erica know that Kendall tried to seduce him in order to get her hands on his anti-aging formula. He says that Michael put her up to it, and that he’s just using Kendall. Erica realizes that Michael is trying to make it look as if she is after Fusion. She tells Boyd to go ahead and write his formula down. She says she’s sure Michael will come after it, and they’ll be ready when he does. Meanwhile, Michael threatens to turn Lena in if she doesn’t continue with their plan. Lena refuses to exploit Bianca and tells Michael she’s not afraid of him. She leaves for the airport and buys a ticket back to Prague. Michael calls his assistant/hit-man and asks him to track down all of Lena’s relatives. Boyd goes over to see Michael. Myrtle comforts Bianca, and tells her that Lena may have been scared off after realizing she really does have feelings for Bianca. Erica’s secretary informs Bianca and Myrtle that Lena e-mailed her resignation and is leaving for Europe. After a few words of encouragement from Myrtle, Bianca goes after Lena. She catches up with Lena just when she is in line for boarding the plane. She begs Lena not to leave and to give their relationship a chance. Lena insists that her leaving is better for both of them. Just when Bianca thinks it’s over and turns to leave, Lena goes over and kisses her. While Erica is trying to figure out what her next step is, Jackson comes over. Erica is thankful that he came back to her, however Jackson is not smiling. He tells her that she has been accused of conspiring against Fusion, and that she won’t get away with it.

ATWT by Dione

Bonnie was advised by Marshall to lie to the police. Bonnie visited Jess & she told her that's Marshall's right. Jess suggested that Bonnie not talk to Margo until she got stronger. Marshall admitted to John that he realized that he raped Jess. John told Marshall to no longer hold vigil outside of her room & go home & rest. Babs told Rosanna that Craig would use her like he did Barbara. Barbara told Rosanna if she wanted proof that Craig kidnapped her to look around the house. Later, Rosanna found some information about the cabin. Jack showed Hal the evidence at the LV that Emily purchased the watch that Babs had on her. Ali hit a guard over the head with her bag in attempt to save the life of Carrado, the matron. Ali ran into her cell & told the matron that everything would be ok. Emily & Chris were just arriving to witness Ali's change of rooms.

B&B by Matt

Mass reveals to Brooke that he is Ridge’s father. Stephanie wants Ridge to be true to his feelings for Bridget. Brooke late chides Stephanie for being a complete hypocrite when it comes to honesty. Eric asks Bridget to reconsider being Brooke’s maid of honor. Ridge and Eric recall two intense moments in Brooke and Stephanie’s history.

Days by Staci

Chloe is nervously waiting with Brady for Craig to tell her if the transplant took or not. Craig comes in with Nancy, and he tells her it took and she can go home tomorrow. =)

They are all very happy. After Brady leaves to see Shemlan with Victor, Chloe tells Nancy how she is afraid that Victor will try to break them up. Nancy assures her everything will be fine. Guest arrive at Victor's house, where Nicole almost tells everyone how Victor treats her, but stops when a young women kisses him. Nicole says he's using the girl to break Brady and Chloe up, he doesn't deny it. When Brady gets there. Nicole tells him about the girl, and when Brady ask Victor about it, he says she's going to help him with his music. Bo and Hope are working out, when Hope decides to do more with her life, but she's not sure what yet. Then they go into a broken sauna and make love. Tony ask Cassie why she tried to set him and Gabby up. She says because she loves him, and wants to see him happy with a girlfriend, but rather it be with Marlena, but knows that's not possible. He tells her nothing is impossible. Later she tells him she'll help him try to get them together (Tony and Marlena) he tells her to stay out of it. Rex is watching his machine, when Mimi comes to talk to him. She tells him how they relate by both being loners. Rex tells her he doesn't like to be alone, but can't be with her now. Upset, she leaves. When they were talking, a man bumped the machine. When Rex sees this, he storms out. Later a man holds a gun to his head, and calls Tony and tells him if he wants his son, he must give him one million dollars.

GH by Kelly

Emily has breast cancer. She reveals to Monica that she is not going to get chemotherapy to cure it. She tells Monica to tell no one about it. Ric continually shoots a decoy that he thought was Faith. Carly finds out that Sonny is her baby's father. Carly tells Sonny about the paternity test and about Ric raping her. Sonny threatens to kill Ric but when he gets there Ric is gone. Ric gets shot by Sonny's bodyguard but escapes to Elizabeth's loft. Sonny tells Jason to kill Faith. Jax tells Tracy that he wants to help her blackmail Skye. However, he is secretly working with Skye to set Tracy up. Zander proposes to Emily.

GL by Richard

Tony and Marah came by Danny and Michelle's new house, and after Marah told them about the thug who threatened Marina, Tony pulled Danny aside and filled him in on the rest. After Tony told Danny about the thug's (Ernie's) message from Don Salerno, Danny made a private call to Rico in New York. Rico told Danny that Ernie's still working for his "family" and that a "transition period" is needed before things smooth over, but Danny warned Rico to end ALL his activities in Springfield by tomorrow, and to stay away from his family---saying it's non-negotiable. Later, after Michelle and Marah walked in on Tony and Danny, who were about to conduct a search of the tunnel at the museum, Danny and Tony eventually leveled with them about the entire situation. After Tony and Marah walked off, Michelle told Danny that she's not naive, that she knows a person can't just walk away from the mob without other people trying to drag them back in again. She also told Danny she knows he's placed guards outside their house (camouflaged as gardeners). She eventually told Danny that she understands that it might be scary while he's trying to break free from his old life, and makes Danny promise not to keep secrets---to keep her informed as things progress. In New York, Rico told his cohort, Roberto, about his call from Danny Santos and that he doesn't enjoy being given ultimatums from anybody. Rico hinted to Roberto that he's going to test Danny.

At the Spaulding mansion, after Alex convinced Frank that Alan may have drowned, he radioed headquarters and got a search party organized to drag the lake. A frantic Alex told Phillip about the latest, and when Phillip heard that Alex assumed that Alan met his end at the lake all because of a "vision" which Reva had, he thought it was ridiculous. Frank later popped in to tell them that searchers recovered Alan's raincoat at the lake. Alex and Phillip arrived at the docks, where Rick was also. When Alex overheard Rick tell Phillip that he's now the temporary Medical Examiner, Alex nearly fainted. Frank called Gus and told him what all was going on regarding the search and the raincoat. When Gus learned that Alex was at the docks and very upset, he rushed out, telling Harley it's the perfect time to get a confession out of Alexandra. Alan woke up as Gus was leaving and he gave Gus a Spaulding crest to hold onto for good luck. At the docks, Phillip told Rick about the guilt he feels and how he should've been more aware of Alan's condition. When Olivia showed up, she was unnerved at the possibility that Alan could be dead. After telling Phillip that her amniocentisis had been postponed, Phillip told her that when it's rescheduled, he wants a paternity test performed on the fetus. Gus showed up at the docks just as Alex clutched Alan's raincoat and was wailing about being "sorry". Gus kept cornering Alex and tried to instill even more guilt in her, all the while loosening her resolve. Later, when Gus told Alex that Alan must've been drugged, Alex faltered for a second and admitted she was guilty, then quickly recovered. Later, as Phillip and Olivia looked on in horror, Frank and Rick inspected a body that the search party brought to the docks. Phillip and Olivia were relieved that the body wasn't Alan's, but Frank and Rick were stunned when it turned out that the body was that of Jed Simmons, the former Medical Examiner (who'd been missing for a week)! Meanwhile, back at Harley's house, Alan was hungry so Harley served him breakfast. When she left the room, Alan held-off eating, figuring there was poison in the food. He grabbed a fireplace poker and stashed it under the sofa he'd been sleeping on. Later, Alan and Zach sat together and Alan told him how he knows that Gus and Harley hate him, yet they're keeping him there, thinking he's crazy. Harley was later stunned when Zach asked her if his grandfather was crazy. After Zach was put down for a nap, Harley went to make a phone call to Gus when Alan came up behind her, poised to strike her over the head with the fireplace poker...

OLTL by Jessica

Marcie locked Al in his room to get the drugs out of his system. He started flipping out on her and finally broke down crying in her arms. Flash played live at Capricorn and afterwards her and Joey kissed. (Finally!) Jessica went with Mitch to Capricorn and Viki saw her. Mitch caught Dorian under the stairs and she opened the box for him and put the diamond back so he would find it. One of his assistants saw it. Jen got put in jail for breaking in the hotel room. She had a dream that her mom was psychoanalyzing her. R.J. made a deal with Cole and Max saw it. Mitch felt that he could not trust his little assistant so he killed him while Dorian was there. As Dorian tells Mitch that she has nothing to do with the murder, Antonio and Jessica walk in.

Passions by Ashley

While Whitney is singing at the Blue Note Eve abruptly stops it when she publicly stops her singing. Julian is asked why the place means so much to him since it's a recreation of a dive from Boston. He quickly rambles off some reasons. Sheridan is attacked by Charlie and her letter opener. Luis intervenes and saves her while Charlie gets away. As she eaves Beth reprimands her for trying to kill Sheridan when she promised she wouldn't.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth's chance encounter in the park with Gail almost results in her being committed to the psych ward. Realizing this, Elizabeth says that her wild tale about vampires was for a movie she's writing. After Lucy's failure to defeat Joshua and Frank, Ian tries to reassure her that she's perfectly fine. They make love, and Lucy is glad that at least she still has the power to alleviate Ian's blood hunger. Ian admits that he's still hungry, but he believes that the day's events took a lot out of him, and he'll need to make love a few more times to be back to normal. He is shocked to see a clump of Lucy's hair come out in his hand. Joshua sits down to wait for the escapee. When Caleb learns that Rafe hid the key to Olivia's cell, he goes upstairs to find a way to free her. As Rafe tries to get Alison to safety, Livvie begs him to release her. Rafe and Alison disagree about what to do, but Rafe prevails, leaving Livvie alone in the dungeon. Caleb challenges Joshua to fight to the death. Caleb easily has the upper hand until Joshua slits his opponent's throat. When Alison and Rafe find Caleb bleeding to death, Joshua heads for the dungeon. Despite Rafe's insistence on getting Alison out of there, she refuses to leave Caleb there to die. Joshua taunts Livvie with the claim that Caleb abandoned her. When she doesn't believe this, he tells her that she will have starved to death by the time he returns for her.

Y&R By Jodi

Brittany and Anita have a mother-daughter talk about why she ran away. She claims it was because she knew her parents got married 6 months before she was born and that she's been in the way. Anita denies it. Mary is spitting mad when Isabella tells her that she and little Ricky and Paul are moving to California. Lynne and Marissa try to convince Paul that Isabella and Michael have a connection. Brock tells Billy he can't give him his blessing to marry Mac, but Katherine gives her blessing to Mac. Jill and John conspire on how to stop the wedding as Jill's birth mother comes in. Jill asks her to stop drinking and offers help, but Charlotte wants no part of that.

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