Tuesday 4-22-03 Recaps

Tuesday 4/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee and Kendall get into a catfight. Kendall accuses Greenlee for ruining things for her and Michael. Greenlee tries to convince Kendall that Michael is just using her, and really has his eyes on Fusion and Boyd’s formula. Palmer comes in and breaks up their fight. Kendall threatens to leave Fusion, and Greenlee says nothing will make her happier. After Greenlee leaves, Palmer tells Kendall that he’ll only continue the upkeep of the building if she stays. Kendall realizes that she really does care for Fusion and the girls, and can’t leave. Lena tells Bianca she can’t see her anymore. Bianca is hurt and disappointed. She goes to see her mother. She finds out that Erica didn’t accept Jackson’s proposal, and takes out her frustrations on her. Erica is confused about her daughter’s outburst, but then realizes that there’s something bothering Bianca. Before she can ask, Bianca runs out. Liza comes to see Erica. Liza and Tad had been busy trying to get to the bottom of the Fusion lawsuit. Liza had discovered that the lady who sued Fusion had received a nice sum of money from Erica. Liza confronts Erica, but Erica has no idea what is going on. Earlier, Adam had walked in just as Liza had given Tad a peck on the cheek. After Liza left, Adam had Tad’s office cleaned out and told Tad to get out. Adam had also gone to see Michael, who was expecting him. Adam had told Michael that Chandler Enterprises would help Cambios Industries anyway it could – especially since Adam and Michael’s father had been business partners in the past. Michael accuses Adam for looking out for himself, and asks what the catch is. He then makes some personal attacks on Adam – asking him why his wife left him. Adam keeps his cool and counterattacks. He implies that if Michael’s father had been around, he would not have messed up the deal with Enchantment. After Adam leaves, Michael talks to someone on the phone. He says that he doesn’t think Palmer suspects anything, and that they have Palmer just where they want him. Lena comes in to tell him that she will no longer be seeing Bianca. Michael threatens her and tells her that she needs to pursue Erica and get Boyd’s formula. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Jackson tries to continue with his daily routine. After breaking up an argument between Joni and Reggie, he tells Joni to cut Reggie some slack.

ATWT by Dione

As Bonnie, Marshall, and Jessica struggle for the gun in Marshall's suite, Jessica gets shot in the chest by Bonnie. At the hospital, Marshall tells Isaac that Bonnie should say that the gun just went off. As Margo questioned Marshall, he protected Bonnie after Margo overheard her say she shot her mother. As Ben is being released from lock up, Marshall gives him the news. Henry went to Emily and Hal's to inform Emily that he was told by the police not to leave town after being seen at the cabin. Henry told her that he was going to take her and Rose down with him. Carly was in the kitchen and overheard the kidnapping news. Jack went to Barbara's suite to question her as to why Dusty called her several times about 25K. Dusty was there and said that he is Barbara's financial analyst. Chris informed Hal about Alison's cell mate's plans to kill the matron. Hal told Chris that Alison having the shank was just another one of her lies.

B&B by Matt

Bridget refuses to be Brooke’s maid of honor, but won’t say way. Ridge persuades Brooke to leave Bridget alone about this. Later, Brooke and Ridge walk in on a surprise engagement party thrown for them by Eric. Everyone is happy for the couple except Stephanie. Amber refuses to go on stage, but Deacon calms her fears and she does wonderfully. She calls Rick to tell him how great it was. Rick and April discuss each other’s interest in the opposite sex and seem to grow a little closer…as in-laws. Massimo is furious when he finds out from Bridget that Ridge and Brooke are getting married. He goes over to Brooke’s office and blows her away by revealing that Ridge is his son, not Eric’s.

Days by Rebecca

Tony tries to once again take Marlena from John, but when she hears about Tony owning the Echealon, she explodes and leaves with her husband. Vin and Chaz talk with Cassie, and Vin wants revenge on Bo - and he's going to use Shawn-D to do it. Belle and Chloe talk about their love lives, and Brady and Chloe await the results of Chloe's latest blood test.

GH by Kelly

Faith challenges Jason's honor as he continues to hold her captive. Emily tries to convince Zander that she is okay without painkillers. Jason and Sonny set up Ric, so he'll be forced to come forward and kill Faith. Carly tries to break through her doubts about the paternity of her unborn child. Ric is worried about his life and tells Elizabeth he might be killed.

Emily passes out and is rushed to General Hospital. Zander tells Monica that Emily is on drugs. It is revealed that Emily has cancer. Ric takes several shots at Faith. Sonny approaches Ric to tell him that he knows he's the silent partner.

GL by Richard

Danny and Michelle met up with Tony and Marah at the Beacon, where Tony & Marah gladly accepted when they were asked to be Danny & Michelle's Best Man and Maid Of Honor at their wedding. As Marah and Michelle sat discussing wedding details, Tony & Danny went outside and discussed Danny's recent trip to New York. Tony was angry, at first, when he found out that Danny went behind his back to do this, but Danny explained that it's in everyone's best interests that he gave Salerno control of Carmen's "businesses" in exchange for Salerno leaving them all alone. After they rejoined Marah & Michelle, Marah was persuaded to design Michelle's wedding dress. Blake ran into Buzz at "Olivia's", and asked for his opinion on the way she was dressed. She told Buzz that she was having a job interview there, soon, and that she needed a challenge in her life right now. She also told him that she hadn't told Ross about any of this. After Blake left their table, Ross appeared and joined Buzz, asking Buzz for his opinion on Ross' new idea: that he & Blake buy the Jessop farm and raise their kids there. Buzz was caught in the middle, feeling uncomfortable.

Marina saw Ben, briefly, at the museum just before he was all set to go to "work". When she attempted to tell him something important, he asked if it could wait until after he was through with work. After Ben left, Marina got nervous thinking about the thug who confronted her. She was about to search the old tunnel when Shayne arrived, scaring her out of her wits. Marina told him all about the thug and how the thug wanted his "stuff". Shayne went upstairs to look through a storage room for whatever the "stuff" might be, but downstairs, Marina was again accosted by the thug! After Marina asked the thug exactly what he was looking for, he told her not to play stupid. Shayne came up behind the thug and clobbered him over the head with a baseball bat, just as Tony & Marah returned home. After filling Tony & Marah in on the thug's request, Tony & Shayne convinced Marah & Marina not to call the police (for fear that Josh won't allow them to live there). Tony remarked that he knew the thug as "Ernie", and as Ernie began regaining consciousness, Tony hauled him into another room and told him to leave town, warning him not to ever set foot on the property again. Just as Ernie shuffled off, he smiled back at Tony and told him: "Don Salerno sends his regards". Ben met up with Ramona in her suite at the Beacon and the two engaged in sex once again. Afterwards, Ramona told Ben that he needs to learn a few things about sex, that he shouldn't be so "hurried", and after promising him that she'll be his tutor, the two had sex once more. Later, after guessing that Ben felt guilty about Marina, Ramona told him that he'll be better able to "please" Marina after his association with her. Ramona then told Ben that he needs to drive a better car and gave him a business card for one of the car dealerships her husband owns, promising to put a good word in for him.

Josh expressed concern for his family's safety while Alan is still on the loose. Frank dropped in at the Lewis home and told Josh and Reva that Alan still hasn't been found. Reva told them she doesn't believe Alan's a threat. After Frank & Josh stepped outside to talk, Reva ducked out. She went to the Spaulding mansion and had a conversation with Alexandra. Reva told Alex she's not convinced that she's concerned for her brother's (Alan's) welfare. Later, Reva lifted up a glass ornament and after it sat in the palm of her hand, Reva received a "vision" of waves slapping against rocks or wood. Alexandra sensed Reva had a feeling about something, and when Reva filled her in about the "vision", a fearful Alexandra rushed off. Later, once Reva returned home, Josh wasn't too pleased, especially after she told him she'd been at the Spauldings. After telling Josh about her "vision", Frank called. He was at the Spauldings, and had just learned what Reva had told Alex. Frank told Josh that the police would be looking around the lake for any clues, and told Josh to try to keep Reva out of this. After the phone call, Reva told Josh that whatever's happened to Alan---Alexandra is definitely involved!

OLTL by Jessica

No recap today.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney and Liz arrive at the Blue Note. Once there Whitney runs into Chad and Liz into Julian. Julian tells Liz he won't let her ruin Eve's life. Chad talks Whitney into singing on stage she does and her Mother shows up and is horrified. Sheridan snaps due to the pressure of her situation and her dreams so she goes for a walk to clear her head. Charlie also goes for a walk and is ready to get rid of Sheridan once and for all.

PC by Beth

The band members celebrate the success of their first gig without Stephen Clay. Ricky appoints himself leader, and Jack's ideas on how to promote the band land him the position of manager. Ricky witnesses a kiss between Jamal and a stunned Casey. Joshua turns down Elizabeth's offer to become a vampire again in exchange for Alison's safe return. When Joshua orders Frank to kill Elizabeth, Ian opens the way to the secret room, and she ducks inside. Rafe tells Caleb about Joshua's collage of photos. Unwilling to let his Olivia suffer again, Caleb reveals a way for Rafe to leave the cell. Following Caleb's directions, Rafe locates the keys to the two cells, only to be interrupted by Bruno. Recognizing him as the vampire who imprisoned Alison, Rafe attacks. When Frank doesn't heed Ian's warning to back off, Ian jabs a long, sharp crystal into his chest. Caleb makes a friendly gesture to a cold Alison by letting her wear his coat. Joshua prevails against Lucy, who has no power against the vampire. Sensing something wrong at the villa, Joshua leaves a confused Lucy alive. Rafe frees Alison and Caleb, but Caleb knocks him out and takes the keys to Olivia's cell.

Y&R By Judy

Raul is bummed by the negative pregnancy test but Brittany seems elated about it.

Fred and Anita go at it about Jill and he tells her he did not have sex with her no matter what her dirty mind thought. To their surprise Brittany comes and and catches their argument. Her mom gets all snooty about her being pregnant

but she stops her mom short when she tells her she's not preggers. Dru (with her 1920's hair-do ?) cops an attitude with Wes about Olivia and then Olivia takes off in a jealous huff. Olivia runs into Ashley and she admits she is stressed which Olivia then blames on Dru. Later, Wes shows up at Olivia's and she admits she embarrased herself by walking out earlier. Neil and Lily chit chat but then she lays it on the line about her parent's business conflict and the constant bickering even though Neil tries to say that he and Dru are all lovely.

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