Monday 4-21-03 Recaps

Monday 4/21/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Being in the same restaurant with Edmund troubles Aidan. He tells Maureen that they should find a town where no one knows them. Just then Henry and Maggie invite them to Henry’s Chinese restaurant. Edmund seems to be glad that Aidan and Maria leave, and focuses all his attention on Mia. Mia makes it obvious that she would like to spend the night with him, even though she knows that Edmund’s heart will always belong to Maria. She says that she has no expectations of the future. They end up at her place and sleep together. Adam goes to see Stuart and confesses that he misses his family. After some hesitation, Start and Marion give Adam a letter they received from JR. In the letter, JR has written that he’s sailing around the world but misses his Dad. Carlos goes to see Stuart. Marian asks how they know each other. Carlos tells her that Stuart motivated him to finish high school. Stuart encourages Carlos to continue sculpting, and says he will display Carlos’ work in his upcoming art exhibit. Greenlee accuses Michael of manipulating Kendall into trying to sleep with Boyd. She doesn’t buy any of Michael’s lies. Kendall goes to Michael’s and finds Greenlee there. She tells Greenlee to leave and mind her own business. Greenlee is disgusted and leaves. Kendall tells Michael that she loves him and begs for forgiveness. Michael tells her that he needs some time to figure things out. After she leaves, Michael praises himself for being so manipulative and getting Kendall exactly where he wants her. Liza calls Tad and asks if he could help out with the Fusion lawsuit. He tells her that he’ll try to find some loop holes and get some dirt on the lady who filed the suit. Liza finds out that Tad went out with Lysistrata and seems a bit disappointed that Tad is dating. After talking to Liza, Greenlee realizes that she should have minded her own business when it came to Kendall. She decides to not meddle with anyone else’s life and work on making herself happy. She calls Carlos and leaves a message on his machine.

ATWT by Dione

Margo served Marshall order of protection papers while Jessica stood by. An enraged Bonnie tried to get a taped confession out of Marshall by pointing a gun at him. Jessica came in and the gun went off. Craig is so mad at Rosanna for allowing Lucy to see Aaron, he packs his bags. Barbara assures Paul that she heard two female voices when she was being abducted. Dusty gives Rose an alibi for the day of the kidnapping.

B&B by Matthew

Nick leads Ridge to believe that he and Bridget shacked up, but she eventually corrects him, tells Ridge to leave her alone, and begrudgingly leaves with him. Nick notices that Ridge is acting like the jealous boyfriend. Brooke pressures CJ for info. about who Bridget’s mystery man is, but he refuses to break her confidence. Eventually Ridge and Bridget show up. Brooke is relieved, but Bridget is shocked when she asks her to be her maid of honor. In a comedic collection of scenes, Deacon helps Amber prepare herself (vocally and cosmetically) for her stand in for April. Hilarious. When she’s about to go on stage though, she gets scared and runs away saying she cannot do this. Rick tries to make April feel better with some tea and while on the phone with someone else she calls him a dork and he overhears. It’s funny anyway.

Days by Staci

AT DOT.COM Belle, Cassie, and Mimi are getting prepared to do the show. Mimi is nervous. Shawn tells Belle that he doesn't like her doing the show. Then he tries to sweet-talk her into telling him the winner. She won't tell. Bo, Hope, Zack, and Lexie are eating when Abe calls Bo and tells him to get to the station right away. After he leaves, Lexie tells Hope how she and Brandon slept together, and even though he isn't the father, she fears he'll still ruin their marriage. They later watch "In the house" AT THE STATION First Abe tells Bo that Carson will be in jail and he can't get out on bail. Then Abe shows Bo the police file and tells him that they were about to go in without a warrant. Bo ask what's more important, playing by the rules, or getting the bad guys. Abe tells Bo the Vin is out on bail and that ticks Bo off.

Vin Ramsel is out on bail, which really ticks Bo off. AT SAMI'S APARTMENT Brandon and Sami are eating when Brandon ask Sami to go away with him on a romantic vacation. She tells Will, and he gets mad because they were supposed to spend time together. When they go to Lucas's house, there is this new girl , and she and Will click. When Sami tells Brandon about her, he realizes that they once were an item. When they hug, Sami gets jealous. JACK AND JEN'S HOUSE They get a new director, Bill. When the show starts, Jen nags Jack about his outfit. She later tells him he is getting a new look, and the viewers will chose between 3 outfits. Jen talks to the girls (Mimi, Belle, and Cassie) about the show. Shawn also speaks. Then Jack comes down in three outfits. One is a leather outfit, one is a real sophisticated look, and the last is a hippie look. Jen tells everyone to vote for the new Jack.

GH by Kelly

Carly gets a DNA test to find out who the father of her baby is. Is it Sonny or Ric? Lucky and Summer again break into the Cassadine mansion looking for information on Summer's brother. Skye may not be a Quartermaine and the newly returned Tracy has no trouble blackmailing her over it. Skye finds out that Jax and Tracy have a history.

Sonny decides to let Ric kill Faith instead of getting Jason to. Jax tells Alexis to realize how lucky she is to be able to see baby Kristina. Jason abducts Faith in front of Courtney. Faith makes Jason question his love for Courtney over his loyalty to Sonny.

GL by Robert

Hello Richard!! Richard visits Cassie in her dreams. He tells her he checked in on the children and how much they have grown. Richard tells Cassie it's time to let him go and move on with her life. Cassie and Richard talk about their life together. Richard leaves and Cassie tries to follow him, opening the door to find a stunned Edmund. Cassie tells Edmund about the dream and he asks if he can talk to her. Since she can't sleep, she tells him to come in. She leaves to get a robe. Edmund tells Cassie that the money he used for the memorial was given to him unwillingly and that the money really wasn't his. This angers Cassie and she calls him a jerk. Edmund makes Cassie laugh and leaves. Ross advises Phillip not to lose sight of himself and what he wants while trying to find Alan. Olivia and Phillip discuss the possibility of him returning to the company in a more permanent fashion. Olivia says that's fine, but they are together come what may. Harley discovers Alan in her living room. She and Gus discuss what is going on and Gus tells her he suspects that Alex has been given Alan drugs to make him look incompetent. Harley cautions him to be careful. In other words, a snake is a snake even when it is camouflaged.

OLTL by Kristin

*Mitch refuses to stay in the hospital and signs him out. While Jessica escorts him home because she still feels guilty about the whole incident.

*Jen got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time! She was in the process of robbing another guest at The Palace's hotel room, when Renee, Bo, and Antonio caught her red handed! HURRAY FOR THE NEW SECURITY SYSTEM!

*Bo and Gabby take Marcie and Al out to lunch because of their outstanding grades. The very lovely Gabby gave Marcie $100.00 and Al a very expensive watch! After Bo and Gabby left the restaurant, Al of course traded his watch for some "pills". Good thing Marcie caught him in the process!!

*Carlotta tells Vikki how she feels about Natalie and Christian getting married. Vickie stood up for Natalie and practically told her flat out that Natalie is a great girl!

*Jessica has an umm "INTERESTING" dream about Christian, but turns into a horrible nightmare about Mitch. Antonio and Jess act very strange around each other! Since, they almost kissed a couple of days ago!

Passions by Ashley

Gwen is enraged when Ethan goes against his promise to her to put Theresa and her child first. Whitney has a chat with Liz about Chad and her love of singing. Liz persuades her to go against Eve's wishes and follow a singing career anyways. Julian acts strangely at the Blue Note with Rebecca. She finds out her orders champagne and two glasses and sits alone every time he comes in. She knows he's waiting for his lost love. Chad meets with an unlikely source...Fox and they chat about life and love.

PC by Beth

Reese tries an unsuccessful solo act, unaware that Jack is seated at the bar. After barging into Kevin's art studio uninvited, Karen is shocked by what she sees on the canvas, which is Kevin's view of Port Charles. When she tries to drag him away for some fun, Kevin warns her that Port Charles is going to get much scarier. Obsessed with his painting, he tells her to go away and let him work. Elizabeth keeps up the pretense of believing that Joshua intends to propose. Joshua has no intention of saddling himself with such an annoying woman--until she reminds him of how good they are together. Joshua agrees to take her back if she will become a vampire again. Thinking that Jamal needs cheering up, Casey invites him to the Recovery Room for Pizza and beer. After a call from Jack, Ricky gathers the troops to help out a friend. Ian goads Frank into taking him to Joshua. While Elizabeth distracts Joshua, Lucy searches the closet for something to use as a weapon against the vampire. As Jack rounds up an audience, Ricky, Casey, Jamal, and Caz arrive at the bar. The band performs "Hey, Sister" for an appreciative crowd. Reese is thrilled by Jack's gesture. As Joshua prepares to bite Elizabeth, Lucy bursts out of the closet wielding a piece of a wooden hanger. Frank arrives with Ian and exposes Elizabeth's duplicity. Joshua challenges Lucy to fight him to the death.

Y&R By Jodi

Neil and Dru continue their fun evening into breakfast until interrupted by Olivia. Olivia urges Dru to quit Jabot so it doesn't ruin her relationship with Neil. Lily urges Wesley to get back with Dru so she and Neil will quit fighting. Olivia starts to leave but sees Wes at the door. Nikki consoles Victor after being told he no longer has a son. Nick tells Vikki he's moving on. Mac and Billy find out that Brittany's back. They tell her the good news about their engagement. Raul goes out to get pregnancy test and Brittany heads for the bathroom.

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