Friday 4-18-03 Recaps

Friday 4/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

David unwillingly tells Edmund that Maria doesn’t want to get her memory back. Edmund responds that he’s fine with that and he’s going to have to accept it. David is a bit taken aback by Edmund’s indifference, but when Mia walks over, he realizes that Edmund has a new love in his life. Maria, Aidan, Maggie and Henry are all out together. Maggie surprises Henry by having his music tape played in the restaurant. Everyone at the restaurant listens closely and enjoys his music. Henry is pleasantly surprised to see that his music was appreciated. He gets up the nerve to talk to the DJ at the restaurant and asks if he could play there live next week. Maria tells Aidan that she went to see David. She tells him that whatever comes their way, they’ll face it together.

Boyd tells Bianca that he can’t blame Kendall and that he’s convinced that Michael is after his formula. Bianca insists that nobody held a gun to Kendall’s head, and that she came with her own agenda. After Bianca leaves, Simone comes down and sees Boyd in the lobby. She asks about Kendall and Boyd tells her that Kendall is not coming back. They kiss and make out a bit. Simone stops and tells him she doesn’t want to be his rebound girl and will wait for him to get over Kendall. While trying to convince Lena to continue pursuing Bianca, Michael realizes that Lena has fallen in love. Lena tells him that she will continue as planned, but she doesn’t seem very happy about it. Bianca calls Lena later at night to set up another date. Lena says she would love that and tells Bianca that she really is very special. At Fusion, Kendall tells Greenlee the whole story – from Boyd’s secret formula to Michael’s dying father. Greenlee puts two and two together and tells Kendall that Michael set her up. Kendall says that Michael loves her, but Greenlee insists that Michael is up to something. Later, Greenlee goes over to Michael’s and demands to know what he’s plotting. Kendall calls Michael but he doesn’t pick up on purpose. She leaves a tearful message on his machine.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Matt

April gets sick, so Amber decides to cover for her at a concert today at Club S. Bridget is hung-over, but during a chat with Nick, decides to go with the flow in life instead of taking the hard road. After a call from CJ, Ridge goes looking for Bridget and finds her on the boat with Nick, much to his chagrin. Brooke presses CJ for information on who Bridget’s new beau is and why she is always running away from him.

Days by Justin

Belle and Shawn continue to forgive each other. Later, they start a food fight and others join in. John and Marlena argue about the bug sweeping device. John accuses Marlena of ruining Roman for any other woman. Finally, they make up. Roman and Kate go to his place, where they argue about Tuscany and her announcing her love for him over the police radio. Later, after they make love, Kate tells him about her days as a hooker. When she looks over, Roman is asleep. Upset, she leaves. Rex is working on his project, until Rolf calls and asks to meet him at the mansion. When Rolf arrives, he begins questioning Rex about his and his sister's interests and projects. Rex figures out that Rolf is not Professor Putnam, but somebody else, so he asks Rolf why he is so interested in him and Cassie, Rolf reveals himself and takes off the wig and says that he delivered them at birth. Rolf leaves. Later, Rex talks about how his new invention will rock Salem

GH by Meghan

Zander went through Emily's window while she had a syringe in her hand. He took all her drugs and her box of syringes and through them out. Emily yelled at him to leave, and Monica came in to kick Zander out. Georgie kissed Dillon at Kelly's when Maxie and Lucas walked in. Dillon told Georgie they should crash the party that Maxie and Lucas were having. They went to the party, which Mac ended up crashing.

At Faith's hotel room, Jason held a gun to her, and she said Jason wouldn't kill anybody in front of Courtney. He got the gun ready to shoot, when security interrupted and Courtney talked him away. Tracy told Skye that she was not really a Quartermaine, and that Skye would pay her 5 million dollars to keep the truth from Alan. Ric met Coleman on the docks, and they talked about their deal.

GL by Barbra

Harley helps Eden. Alan is with Gus at Harley's house. Gus is taking care of Alan and offers him some tea. Alan tells Gus that the evil queen gives him tea. Alan freaks. Zach comes home and visits with Grandpa. Gus decides to tell Alan he is his son. Danny is in New York meeting with Salerno. Business finished, Danny is ready to leave. Salerno tells Danny that he needs a refresher in mutual respect. Salerno plans a surprise. Cassie visits Richard's grave. Edmund arrives and Cassie asks him to leave. Cassie is beating herself up with guilt over all that has happened since Richard dies. Edmund tries to comfort Cassie and even brushes her cheek. They talk about Richard and how Edmund can become a better person. Michelle and Ed talk about Danny.

OLTL by Kristin

As you know, Jessica pushed Mitch against a shelf, which had a bottle of "acid" lying on it. That acid spilled on Mitch's eyes, causing him to be in intensive care. It could lead to even permanent blindness. Jessica feelssorry for her actions and believes that it is up to her to be at Mitch's bedside. Joey gets furious with Mitch and warns Jessica to stay away from him. Joey's not the only person that warns her to stay away from someone. Antonio warns her to stay away from Cole, who they later encounter in Angel Square. Cole and Antonia get in a fight, and Jess is there to tend to Antonio's needs.

With the other sister, Natalie tries to get Carlotta's approval of her STILL, but is denied. (Sheesh....thats just rude, but anyways....) Christian starts to plan for the wedding, which makes his "Mami" even more mad. Now we all know that Rex was the thief at the hotel. Well, Renee catches him pocketing Asa's billfold and fires him on the spot! This causes Asa to totally deny Rex's application to be his chauffeur and he hires Christian instead! WOW! okay...Renee sees Roxy and Nigel kissing, then he proposes to her!!!!

Passions by Ashley

Miguel and Charity have a sweet night alone and Kay becomes furious. Sheridan has a horrible nightmare and Antonio comforts her. Theresa is frantic because Little Ethan is missing. Gwen and Ethan have time together but it's cut short when they help Theresa. Luis and Hank both feel bad for Beth when her mother tells them her plan.

PC by Beth

Lucy takes offense at Elizabeth's sincere compliment that they are very much alike. While trying to gain Frank's trust over a beer, Ian sets a trap to force the new vampire to reveal his true nature. Smelling the blood in Ian's bag, Frank follows him to the alley, where he "catches" Ian preparing to drink the blood. Surprised to learn that Ian is also a vampire, Frank strongly advises the doctor to accept it. Joshua calls with a new assignment for Frank. Ian provokes Frank into an attack and gains the upper hand. Livvie's blood hunger leaves her in agony. Alison is forced to share Caleb's cell. Joshua amuses himself with the current living arrangements in the dungeon. Livvie vows not to give Joshua the ring. Joshua informs her that sex with a slayer will relieve the pain. Elizabeth finds a set of vampire wedding rings belonging to Joshua. Lucy hides when Joshua shows up, but Elizabeth pretends to believe the ring is for her, and to Joshua's disbelief, she accepts the proposal he had no intention of making. Although Livvie and Rafe vow to never sleep together, the pain is too much for the hungry vamp. His lip quivering, Caleb forces himself to allow her to do whatever it takes. When Rafe continues to refuse, Caleb manages to get his arm within range of Livvie's mouth, and she feeds on him.

Y&R By Jodi


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