Thursday 4-17-03 Recaps

Thursday 4/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica goes to see Jackson. She tells him that she wants him in her life as a friend. Jackson says she’s a coward for not allowing him to love her. He says he wants nothing more than for them to have a life together. However, if Erica cannot allow that, he’s going to have to walk away. He leaves the apartment. Erica chases after him down the street in the rain. She begs him not to go. Jackson says that if she loves him at all, she’ll set him free. Meanwhile, Kendall is trying to seduce Boyd into trusting her so that she can get her hands on his formula. Boyd sees right through her and knows that she’s just playing a game. Boyd takes her up on her offer and tries to lead her up the stairs. He says he wants to make love to her. Kendall hesitates and says she’s not ready. Boyd asks her whether Michael sent her to him. Kendall slips and says that Michael had nothing to do with it, and that she just wants to save Fusion. Boyd tells her that she’s sunk lower than he ever thought she would and asks her to leave. Myrtle, Bianca and Lena come home from their girl’s night out just as Kendall is leaving. While Boyd and Myrtle are upstairs, Bianca asks Lena to stay. Lena seems to be softening up on Bianca and is actually enjoying their time together. She tells Bianca that she really does like her and she would like to go out with her again. Bianca says that she would love that. After Lena leaves, Bianca asks Boyd what happened with Kendall. He tells her that Michael had sent Kendall to seduce him into giving the formula. At Fusion, Greenlee tells Carlos that he reminds her of Leo. She says she wants to move on with her life, but doesn’t know if Carlos is the one. After they kiss, Greenlee rushes out. She goes to the gym where she bumps into Michael. Michael tells her that Cambios Industries would be willing to help Fusion out. Greenlee is suspicious of Michael’s intentions and turns his offer down. Michael gets a call from Lena. She tells him that Kendall has failed. Michael tells her to continue to work on Bianca. Lena doesn’t seem so sure about what she’s doing. Michael tells her to not go soft on him now and to get him what he wants.

ATWT by Dione

At Jessica's trial, Ben yelled out that Marshall is guilty and needs to pay. As a result, the judge declared a mistrial & had Ben arrested. At the cabin, Barbara discovered that her fire extinguished itself and she became hysterical. As a fisherman approached the cottage door, he heard her screaming. At the station, Emily overheard another officer get a report that there were screams coming from a cabin. She immediately called Rose and Craig. Chris visited Alison in jail. He informed her that he wasn't going to visit her anymore or he would loose his job. She showed him the shank under her mattress that her cell mate plans on using on the warden. At the wedding, Lucy took steps towards the altar. Craig and Rosanna exchanged vows. Dusty informed Molly that he wasn't going to be used to make her ex-beau jealous. Paul tried to find clues of his mother in the tunnels of Fairwinds. Later, Barbara showed up with Jack!

B&B by Matt

Trying to distance herself from her despair, Bridget goes for a drive, but gets a flat tire. She goes into a bar nearby where Nick happens to be. He entices her to stay and he, she, and all his friends get really smashed. Bridget passes out in Nick’s lap so he takes her back to his friend’s boat. Bridget seductively tells him he can have whatever he wants as she passes out again. Nick, also drunk, looks at Bridget suggestively. Massimo accuses Jackie of claiming Nick is his son just like many other horrible women. He writes her a check to get rid of her. Insulted and hurt, Jackie tears the check up and retorts that Nick isn’t his son. She would pretend he was Nick’s father when she told Nick about him because she was so fond of their time together. Mass apologizes, but Jackie doesn’t want to hear it. Ridge heads home to find Brooke asleep outside near the hot tub. She prepared a wonderful and enticing dinner getup, but the two just make out and do the foreplay thing.

Days by Justin

Brady and Chloe discuss their future in her hospital room. A nurse comes in to take a blood sample and she thinks something is wrong. After the nurse takes the sample, Brady and Chloe express their love. After the second taping of Love Is Blind, Belle and Shawn make up. Cassie introduces Gabby to Rex and she is infatuated with him, suggesting he do a show with them sometime. Later, Mimi goes upstairs and heads into Rex's room, but he slams the door in her face. Ops and John have a meeting while Marlena asks Roman for a bug sweeping device. Later, Tony invites Kate to dinner. When Marlena arrives at John's office, he invites her to dinner too. Later, Marlena and John are at Tuscany and they spot Tony and Kate having dinner. Roman arrives, not pleased, and hands Marlena the device. Tony and Kate dance and after the dance, she tells him that this can't happen again as she is in love with someone else. Kate goes outside and finds a ticket on her car. Roman arrives and decides to pay for it. Later, Marlena and John return home and she drops the bug sweeping device. He asks what it is.

GH by Meghan

Tracy showed up at the Quartermaine mansion, announcing that she and her son, Dillon, were not leaving until she got the help she needed.   Edward walked in on Emily and Zander who were laying in bed.  He told Alan and Monica that they should be arrested right along with Zander. 

Courtney got a warning from Coleman to leave town before Faith had her killed.  Courtney decided to go to Faith's hotel room, and while she was looking around in there, Jason grabbed her and asked her what she was doing.  Faith walked in, and Jason and Courtney hid in the closet.  When Faith heard a noise in there, she fired a few shots.   Maxie and Lucas decided they were having a party, and set it up at Maxie and Georgie's.  Georgie came home, and Maxie told her she wasn't welcome at the party, and needed to find somewhere else to stay.

GL by Richard

In Harley's hospital room, Eden told her that one of Eden's "girls" (Ginger) was beaten-up by a client and that she needs Gus' help. Knowing Gus is already dealing with enough, Harley told Eden not involve him in this. Eden explained that Ginger is a married woman, which is why Ginger doesn't want to lodge an official police complaint. After lecturing Eden about her line of business, Harley eventually agreed to look into the matter in an unofficial capacity once she's released from hospital. Later, Rick told Harley that she can be released from hospital. He also told her that he was the doctor who treated the "acquaintance" of Eden's (Ginger) who'd been roughed-up pretty bad. Harley told Rick she has something to "take care of", but he advised her ONLY to take care of herself.

Danny told Michelle he's leaving town to attend a business meeting. After she asked to join him, he turned her down. She expressed fear of staying alone in their new house---secret tunnel and all---so Danny suggested she rent a room at the Beacon and invite Marah to join her, which she agreed to do. Later, Marah joined Michelle at the Beacon to have a "girl's night". They both happened to catch sight of Bill and Eden smooching in the lobby. Also at the Beacon, Cassie gave Edmund a checque from Danny towards the memorial exhibit for Richard, then the two sat and talked about their feelings towards one another: Cassie told Edmund that whenever she sees him, she's painfully reminded of her grief over Richard's death. Edmund offered to hold the memorial's fundraiser in Washington instead of in Springfield, but Cassie told him it wasn't necessary. Edmund got Cassie to admit that she wished it had been HE who died instead of Richard, but he also suggested that Cassie feels guilty that she's flourishing without Richard.

At the courthouse, people were both alarmed and worried over Alan's no-show at his competency hearing. While Frank put out an A.P.B. on Alan, Beth, Olivia and Phillip each tried to figure out where Alan might be. The press arrived, and after they all clamored for a statement on the rumors of Alan's diminished mental capacity, Phillip faced the reporters and told them that Alan is simply just fatigued and taking a temporary absence from the company. Phillip then stunned Alexandra when he announced to the press that he's stepping in as temporary CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Later, he made it clear to Alex that it's only a temporary situation and that he's NOT going to be sucked back into the Spaulding quagmire. Meanwhile, Gus arrived at the docks just as a delusional Alan was about to jump into the icy depths. Alan had no idea who Gus was. At one point, Alan jumped off the dock, but Gus grabbed hold of him in the nick of time. An anguished, depressed Alan wailed that he's lost everyone he's ever cared about. Gus promised to take Alan someplace where it's safe. Later, a dressed and ready-to-leave Harley phoned Gus from Cedars. She declined his offer to pick her up from hospital, lying, saying that the paperwork regarding her release could take hours (instead, intending to check into the situation with Ginger). Gus, who was talking to Harley from their house, told her he had something to tell her once she got home. After hanging up the phone, Gus turned around and faced their new houseguest: ALAN!

After flying to New York City, Danny traveled to Queens and met with an organized crime figure, Rico. Danny told Rico he wants him to take over control of the gambling, drugs and money-laundering operations which the Santos family controlled, but Danny added that he's going to keep the sanitation and construction operations and that they'll be run as legitimate businesses. Danny also told Rico to stay away from any of his (Danny's) partners.

OLTL by Jessica

Will be late

Passions by Ashley

Theresa has a nightmare in which she cannot find little Ethan. She views a show called the Boozebournes and sees what little Ethan could live like if Julian gets custody of him. Luis gets attention from Precious. But prior to that Mrs. Wallace tries tom convince Luis about Beth's hatred for Sheridan and her plot to kill her. Charlie goes crazy and destroys dolls while venting. Hank stops her and gives her a warning. Sheridan has another nightmare but this time both her and Antonio are under attack.

PC by Beth

As Lucy prepares to leave the hospital, Ian informs her that he will deal with Frank himself. Hearing Frank's voice nearby, Lucy confronts the new vampire, drawing onlookers. After making excuses for her and sending her on her way, Ian invites Frank out for a drink. After fretting about her incompetence as a guardian angel, Casey gives a stranger some advice about how to find her missing daughter, unaware that her new acquaintance is Alison's mother. Alison is disgusted by Joshua's plan to get to know her better. To prevent Livvie from killing him, Rafe grabs her leg and pulls her down. Rafe assumes that slayer powers will get him out of the cell, but Caleb informs him that the cells were built with slayers in mind. At Casey's advice, Elizabeth asks Lucy to try psychometry with Alison's necklace, but Lucy's efforts turn up nothing. Lucy and Elizabeth head for Joshua's place to look for clues. As Caleb and Rafe have a shouting match, Livvie weakens and collapses from blood hunger. After Rafe manages to rouse her, Caleb informs the slayer that Livvie will die unless she feeds soon. Alison's uncooperative behavior prompts Joshua to hand her over to his vampire thug, Bruno, who is ready for dinner.

Y&R By Judy

The newly engaged Billy and Mac are dismayed at the way the family is reacting to their upcoming nuptials. Mac is wondering if maybe the family is right, and the two are making a mistake. Raul is supportive of them and then expresses his distress over Brittany. Neil and Jack think that planning a couple's dinner would be nice but Phyllis and Dru truly do have "their panties in a bunch". They are forced to sit together but the two ladies can barely stand to look at each other. They seem to have some kind of strange competition going on. Nick converses with Cassie about her memory and indicates her accident was more than that but she denies it and asks Nick if Sharon will be coming back.


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