Wednesday 4-16-03 Recaps

Wednesday 4/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee is overwhelmed when she finds a necklace Leo gave her. She declines Carlos’ dinner invitation and runs to David for help. David tells her that Leo will always be in her heart, but she needs to move on with her life. Greenlee feels a lot better after her chat with David. She goes back to the Fusion office and finds Carlos there. Anna is upset that David has been neglecting her and hasn’t been allowing her to be a good mother. After a talk with Jackson, she realizes that David is very vulnerable and that she loves him too much to leave him. When she goes back home, David apologizes for the way he’s been acting and promises to be more attentive. They hug and make up. Jackson tells Erica on the phone that she needs to give an answer to his proposal. Erica tells him she needs more time and gets off the phone when Boyd comes into the office. Boyd shows Erica his new cream. Erica is ecstatic and tells Boyd to watch out for the competition. She says that Fusion is especially desperate because of the lawsuit, and that Kendall will try to get her hands on Boyd and the new cream. Erica goes on to say that she knows Boyd has feelings for Kendall, but if Kendall were to come to him, it would be for all the wrong reasons. Boyd says that he would give Kendall the benefit of the doubt. He says that you have to take risks in love; otherwise you’ll always wonder what could have been. After Boyd leaves, Erica realizes that she too should take some risks in love. She goes over to Jackson’s and says she has an answer for him. Michael convinces Kendall that the only way for them to secure their future is to get Boyd’s formula. Michael implies that Kendall should use her charms to get the job done. Kendall realizes that if she doesn’t do something soon, Michael is going to leave. She gets dressed up and goes to see Boyd.  

ATWT by Dione

Craig pretended that Carly's deadline was up when she showed Rosanna her designs. Rosanna loved them and gave her the advance. Carly asked Rosanna again to part of her daughter's life. She agreed, then they hugged. Aaron showed Lucy his tie for the wedding and they shared a kiss in the gazebo. He dropped his tie before Craig showed up. Jessica and Marshall simulated a court trial where Jessica put Marshall on the witness stand. During the "hearing", Marshall admitted to raping Jessica. Molly asked Dusty to escort her to the wedding. Barbara found an accelerant at lit a fire in hopes that someone would find her in the cabin.

B&B by Matt

Mass and Nick deduce that he lost the ring when he was in Seattle years ago and Jackie bought it at a pawn shop. When Nick refuses to sell the ring back to Massimo, he gets angry, prompting Nick to throw the ring down in disgust. He also tells Mass to shove his next assignment and storms out. Jackie overhears the confrontation and after Nick leaves, she and Mass reintroduce. Apparently they had a fling years ago (well obviously) and she held onto the ring and gave it to Nick. Mass, seemingly tense, sternly asks what the hell she wants from him. When Ridge drops by Bridget’s, she becomes hostile and demands that he leave. He has made his decision and now she wants nothing to do with him. Stephanie drops by Taylor’s grave to figure out what to do. For a second she considers Bridget being with Ridge as a viable alternative to Brooke and Ridge, but nixes the idea to herself. She then heads to Ridge’s house and is none too pleased to find Brooke there, alone, with the kids. Brooke gloats that she and Ridge are getting married and there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it. Oh yeah?

Days by Rebecca

Roman does not admit to Kate that he loves her and she leaves. Belle and Shawn kiss, but Belle isn't ready to get back together. Palmer is sent off to jail, and Vin promises that the Brady Brothers will pay. Tony has a meeting with some business associates, and later talks to Cassie and finally accepts what she is doing. Rex continues to work on his experiment.

GH by Meghan

Courtney and Carly were in Kelly's when Courntney punched Faith after getting into an argument about whether or not Jason killed Fowler. Faith kissed Courtney on the mouth. Zander wanted to call an ambulance, and she said no. While Emily and Zander were together, she got dizzy and went to the bathroom, pulling out a needle. Jason was ready to shoot Ric when the police showed up at the penthouse thinking that Jason killed Fowler.

At the PCPD, Cameron told Scott and Edward that he had evidence about what really happened the night Ned's house was burned down. Scott let Alexis go, and dropped all charges, but the Q's still had rights to the baby. Luke went to see first Laura and then Nik. He blew in Nik for not telling him about Laura's condition. Luke turned on the lights, and then unplugged Nik's nurse button, and left the collapsed Nik by himslef.

GL by Barbara

OLTL by Jessica

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Passions by Ashley

Charity and Miguel spend time together and are more than happy to be together. Kay runs back to Tabitha begging her to help her to fix the mistake she made with the potions. She tells her either she helps or she'll blow her cover. In the meantime Hank has a word with the two. Mrs. Wallace talks to Luis and tries to tell him Beth's plan to kill Sheridan but Luis is hesitant to believe it. But when he starts to believe it Beth starts talking her way out of it. Sheridan has a horrible nightmare about clowns but Theresa talks her through it and reassures her that everything will turn out just fine.

PC by Beth

Stunned to learn that Caleb is alive, Livvie vows to take revenge on both Joshua and Rafe for lying to her about his fate. Ashamed of his new life as a mortal, Caleb asks Livvie to turn him back into a vampire. Before Livvie can feed on him through the bars, Joshua's thug pulls her away. Lucy fills Ian in on what happened to Alison. She doesn't understand why she was unable to protect her friend against new vampire Frank. Ian insists on taking Lucy in for some tests. Still worried about her vision of a dead Lucy, Casey goes to the hospital to look for her. Jamal and Casey learn that Lucy hasn't been admitted, but their relief is short-lived when they see Ian help Lucy off the hospital elevator. As Frank awaits Joshua's order to bite Alison, Joshua warns Rafe to put the stake down. Lucy worries about Ian's ability to cope with taking a blood sample. Lucy's test results show nothing more than a slight anemia. Rafe's attempt to protect Alison backfires when Joshua jabs him in the neck with a needle. Joshua assures Alison that he won't hurt her. At Jamal's suggestion, Casey prays for answers, but they realize that she has to figure this out on her own. When Joshua tries to persuade Alison to sit down to tea with him, she accuses him of turning on his sleazy charm again. Joshua informs her that Rafe's fate depends on her cooperation, and he's confident that the two of them will have become much closer by the end of the night. Rafe opens his eyes to discover that he and an angry Livvie share the cell next to Caleb's.

Y&R By Gerri

JT wasn't in a festive mood when he walked in the surprise birthday party Colleen threw for him at her Grandfather's house. Uninvited Anita and Frederick were truly a surprise for JT. Jill's tirade about Billy and Mac's engagement was paused while Anita confronted her about seeing her leave the Lodge with her husband.

Dru and Jack were working on plans for launching their new products to African-Americans. Phyllis called to invite Jack to have dinner with her, saying they really needed to talk about the problems in their marriage but he turned down. Dur called Neil to invite him to dinner and he turned her down. Later, at Gina's, Jack ran into Neil. Their conversation lead to plans for a double-date. Jack called Phyllis and asked her to dinner after apologizing to her. Neil called Dru and did the same.

Britney called Raul and he was bombarded by her parents to talk to her. She talked very briefly to her mother and asked to speak to her father. Raul was finally given back the phone and failed in his attempt to get Britney to tell him where she was or for her to come home.

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