Monday 4-14-03 Recaps

Monday 4/14/03 Short Recaps


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AMC by Shahla

Maddy interrupts Edmund and Mia while they’re kissing. She tells Mia to leave and to not try and take her mommy’s place. Mia comforts Maddy and says she does not want to marry Edmund and is just his friend. Maddy seems to feel better and Edmund is grateful to Mia for being so understanding. Mia and Edmund agree that they both have been suckers for love, and decide to continue their relationship. Tad asks Lysistrata out again, but makes it clear that it’s going to be a “normal” date this time. Maureen has a nightmare in which Maria tells Maureen than she’s not real. Maureen wakes up scared and questions her existence. She goes to Joe for help, who tells her that she seems to be too scared to allow her memory to return. She is worried that she may lose Aidan as soon as she gets her memory back. Maureen decides that in order to gain control of her life, she has to get help from David. Brooke tells Jackson that Erica will never be able to settle and wonders why he’s pursuing her. Jackson tells her he knows what he’s doing and can’t help but love Erica. Chris’ private investigator tells him that he should get rid of Jackson once and forever. The PI says his brother was put away by Jackson, and that’s why he would love to see Jackson go down. Chris goes to see Jackson and tells him to give up the idea of marrying Erica. He says that if Jackson knows what’s good for him, he’ll take this opportunity and walk away. Jackson asks Chris if he’s threatening him. They start pushing and shoving, but Aidan quickly intervenes. After Chris leaves, Aidan tells Jackson that he listened in on Chris’ conversation with his PI. He tells Jackson that his life may be in danger.

ATWT by Dione

Babs pushed a fireplace tool out the doggie door & Emily grabbed it. They got into a tug of war. In the end, Barbara snatched off Emily's watch. Rosanna received a fax from "Barbara" saying that she was in Milan. She immediately asked Aaron to send the fax to Paul & Hal. Holden expressed to Rosanna that he didn't want Aaron to get hurt as a result of Craig forbidding Aaron to see Lucy. Holden advised Rosanna that she shouldn't begin her marriage on a lie. At the station, Hal and Paul are suspicious about "Barbara's" letter. Hal found out that Babs' passport hadn't been used & Paul found out that she hadn't been to Milan. At the Lake View, Hal tells Emily that he's worried that there hasn't been a ransom note. Emily told Hal that Craig never thinks that he'll get caught after informed her that kidnapping is a federal offense . With that news, Hal says that Craig is his #1 suspect! At the farm, Craig gave an immediate deadline for the sketches. Emma became suspicious of the visit & called Jack. Bob advised Chris not to perform medical care outside of Memorial or it will go on his permanent record. Alison's roomies were discussing how they were going to hurt someone as Alison walked in. Alison started having another panic attack. Chris got the news and is contemplating going to see her.

B&B by Matthew

Ridge calls Bridget and lets her know he is planning on proposing to Brooke. Of course, Bridget says she is okay with it, but we know it pains her. Brooke later stops by her place and complains that she might have some competition with Ridge. Bridget tells her not to worry about anything. Ridge sits down with the kids and asks them what they think about him marrying Brooke. Unsure, they stop by Bridget’s place to ask for her opinion. Brooke goes by Ridge’s and lets her know that he asked the kids what they thought about marriage. She wonders how to win them over for good. Deacon and April share some intense moments while partying after her show in Miami. Cruz Nunez tells her she has a prospective record deal on the horizon. Amber later warns her to not give in to Deacon’s advances.

Days by Rebecca

Jack and Jennifer are about to begin their new talk show, and want to make local crime a major topic. Lexie, Hope, and Kate all dine at Tuscany. Tony and a "friend" also go there. They all watch the news conference and Tony recognizes Vin, and tells someone to tell Hope, who gives the information to Bo. Lexie leaves and goes to Jennifer, to do her a favor...

GH by Meghan

Emily and Zander offered to take Kristina back to the Q mansion when Ned said he was going to take the baby, and call the police about Cameron and Alexis. Cameron told Zander that he really had not killed Pete….he had killed himself.


Luke and Summer both went to see Nikolas. He told Summer that he had no information about her brother; he had been lying the whole time. Nik agreed to sign the papers that would give Luke guardianship to Laura if he went to visit her first, and Luke agreed. Jason agreed to take over for Sonny’s business until Sonny was well again. Ric came to the penthouse, and when he was gone again Sonny told Jason that Ric was Faith’s silent partner. Courtney told Jason they needed to break up until Sonny was better. Jason told her that he appreciated what she was doing, and agreed to stay away from her.

GL by Robert

Michelle delivers the gala invitation to Danny. Danny thinks that Michelle is checking up on him and keeping tabs on his activates. Danny gets support from the mayor. Harley tells the IA officer that she has no recollection of the shooting. Alex and the DA talk at the mansion. Alan arrives in the den announcing that he is feeling great. Alex keeps him from seeing the DA. Alan has a drink and as soon as he sits it down, Alex slips in a Mickey. Edmund is practicing a speech for the gala, formerly used by Richard. Cassie overhears Edmund and reacts by slapping him. Cassie is shocked that he would use Richard's words at the fundraiser. Edmund snaps and grabs Cassie. Edmund tells Cassie she doesn't want Edmund to become a better person. Edmund admits that he couldn't find words to do justice to his brother, that he deserves better and he decided to use Richard's own words to pay tribute to him. He admits that Richard is teaching him even now and that he intends to live by Richard's words. Cassie tells Edmund that he needs to learn how to love people. That will make him a better person. She leaves. Edmund reflects on Richard and the love he shared with Cassie. Edmund looks at Cassie in amazement. Michelle visits Harley and they discuss Harley's experience with Nadine. Buzz talks to Gus and tells him to get his act together. He tells him that he doesn't need the Spaulding name to make him act like a jerk.

Harley couldn't "remember" her shooting.  Gus considered Spaulding as an option, and Buzz tried to relate to Gus while playing basketball.
Danny met with the Mayor and was congratulated for his efforts to clean up Fifth Street.  He also got Ed to agree to a plan for a mobile clinic.
Alan's mind cleared until Alexandra drugged his drink.  Edward continued his campaign to change, and Cassie is beginning to believe he is trying.  The show ended with Gus face-to-face with Alan.

OLTL by Jessica

Natalie wants to work for Roxy. Joey brings Flash to the hospital. Dorian finds Mitch's place under the stairs. Asa caught Roxy and Nigel embraced. Natalie got upset when she saw Cris's drawings of Jessica. Viki told her not to worry. Flash left the hospital and when Joey put her on the phone with Troy, she lied about what he said. Dorian gave Blair a key to Llanfair so she could investigate while Dorian took Mitch to the hospital for his hand. The hospital visit was short and they came home while Blair was still there.

Passions by Ashley

The Russell's find out that Chad is moving to L.A. and that Whitney is thinking of going too. Liz is upset when Julain tells her she has secrets of her own. Rebecca is intrigued by her knowledge that Julain has a past great love. Tabitha starts to spread heartache with her special potions. Kay shows up at theater and puts potion in Miguel's popcorn but Reese eats it instead.

PC by Beth

When Lucy has another dizzy spell, Alison's suggestion to call a doctor sets her on edge. Elizabeth stops by the lighthouse to look for Alison, then announces that she's lonely for female friends. Taking the opportunity for some girl talk, she describes her sex life with Caleb, which appalls her daughter. Livvie lies down on Rafe's bed after a weak spell. Caleb vows to get to Olivia, but his efforts are in vain. Ian decodes the first item on Joshua's list, which turns out to be Frank's name. A confused Frank doesn't believe Joshua's claim that they are both vampires until Joshua reveals his fangs. Alison and Lucy are furious with Elizabeth for being taken in by Caleb's charms again and helping him escape. At Rafe's request, Ian delivers some blood to Livvie, who realizes that he is also a vampire. Joshua is prepared to get Frank out of debt in return for doing his bidding. He gives Frank his first assignment. At the villa, Livvie uses her new powers to summon Joshua. Caleb hears her voice and assumes that Joshua is playing a trick on him. Ian asks Victor to have Frank call him as soon as possible. Frank goes to the lighthouse.

Y&R By Jodi

Michael is thinking of names for the new Mrs. Baldwin and likes Christine Blair Baldwin. He makes sure she really wants to marry him and she says she now trusts him. Paul and Isabella decide to move to California. Lynne and Marissa vow to not give up until they find out what the connection between Michael and Isabella is. JT is buttoning his shirt and looking guilty as he leaves Anita's bed. Colleen and Raul find out about Billy and Mac's engagement and they all agree to go to JT's surprise birthday party. Jill encourages Fred to mend things with his wife and Fred encourages her to talk Billy out of marriage. Jill goes to talk to Billy and calls his father when she doesn't get anywhere. She doesn't get anywhere with John either who is busy helping Colleen with JT's birthday plans.

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