Friday 4-11-03 Recaps

Friday 4/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

While doing some charity work, Joni sees Reggie wincing in pain and asks what happened. Reggie blurts out that he took a beating for her, but then covers it up by pretending to be hurt so he could get out of work. Meanwhile, Maggie, Henry, Maria and Aidan are all out together. Maria mentions that Henry is at top of the class. Henry doesn’t like the attention he’s getting, knowing that he cheated. Maggie tells Maria that Henry has a lot of talent, but his mother is pushing him to be a doctor. At Tempo, Edmund tells Brooke that he has been seeing Mia. Brooke is not happy with this news and tells Edmund his love life is no longer her business. Mia gets a phone message from Jake, merely telling her where she should send his mail. Mia is upset with this and tells Liza she’s over Jake. Liza hopes Mia is not using Edmund to get over Jake, and hopes Edmund is not also on the rebound. Later, Edmund comes over to Mia’s. They both decide not to scrutinize the relationship and kiss. Anna dresses up for dinner, hoping she and David will have a night off. David tells her he canceled the babysitter and would rather stay home. Anna is frustrated that David is pushing her away and giving all his attention to baby Leora. Myrtle tells Erica that she should realize Jackson will not always be her back-up guy. Erica realizes that if she allows Jackson into her life, she won’t need any other man. After Myrtle leaves, Erica tries on the ring Jackson gave her and wonders to do.

ATWT by Dione

Hal and Paul questioned Dusty about Babs' whereabouts after they found several checks written out to him for big money. Rose came to Dusty's room wanting her check for 25K. He doesn't have the money, but lied. Rose ended up lying to Paul about seeing Dusty the day before. Rose lied to Dusty about her knowing where Babs is. Her guilt forced her to tell Dusty that Babs is okay. Molly overheard Dusty's conversation with his "banker". He told Molly that he had an inside track on the market. Mol plans to give him 25k to invest. Craig burned Babs' designs & gave Carly some ideas from the designs. Carly was so happy that she gave him a kiss & slapped him on the butt! Rosanna invited Mike to her wedding. After a lot of persuasion, he accepted.

B&B by Matt

Days by Rebecca

Marlena reveals to Ops and John that she knows John is ISA. But when she asks if he's working to bring down Tony, John says yes. Belle, Mimi, and Cassie appear on the show and there's another Belle/Cassie catfight. Belle gets jealous when she sees Shawn with another girl, and Rex continues with his secret project. Lucas plays with Sami's emotions yet again, and makes her do whatever he says!

GH by Meghan

Emily realized how scared Ned was about baby Kristina, and she went to him and told him that she had seen Kristina. Ned asked her where the baby was, and all she told him was that the baby was happy, healthy, and would be home soon. Emily went to Alexis and told her that she told Ned that she has seen the baby, and that she was safe. Ned walked in. Alexis urged Cameron to go after Zander after he came and dropped things off to Alexis. Cameron went after Zander to talk to him about the 5 year anniversary of Peter's death.

Michael went to see Jason, but he wasn't home. He sat down and talked with Courtney about Sonny, thinking that Sonny was mad at him for Carly falling through the ice. She told him that nothing was his fault, and he went back home. Jason came in and Courtney told him they had to break up to help Sonny. Across the hall, Sonny freaked out thinking something was happening to Carly and Michael. Carly and Jason tried to calm him down. Jason tried to cover Michael from seeing what was going on, and Carly helped Sonny.

GL by Barbra

While Eden and Billy had a "moment", Morena dealt with the haunted house by bashing Frank over the head, then asking if she could live with Ben.

Eden mistook Billy's comment about going "pro" in basketball, so Billy had to reassure her.

Philip found out about Olivia stopping Holly's story about Alan's condition and confronted her about it.

OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Ashley

Tabitha and Kay talk while she makes some potions. Kay tells her she doesn't need magic to get Miguel. Simone stops by and needs comforting from Kay. Charity tries to attempt giving up on Miguel who will not give up and wants everything to work out. Julian and Liz talk and she realizes that he still loves Eve and she tries to use him in her plot to hurt Eve. But Julian tells her he will not try to win her back by sinking to her level. He tries to pay her off to leave town. Whitney gets a very romantic gift from Chad. But the Russell's show up at the studio to talk things out with Whitney. Eve apologizes to Whitney for not always being there for her and breaks down in the middle of it all.

PC by Beth

Ricky returns from New York with the big news that he landed a VH1 documentary for the band. Hearing about the latest events surrounding the band members, he immediately thinks in terms of the publicity that will ensure a platinum CD. He lets Jamal and Casey think that Jamal's attempt at reverse psychology worked, but he really intends to pursue fame now, no matter what it takes. Kevin has a disappointing encounter with Victor, who refuses to tell him where Christina is. Victor is angry with Frank for showing up late for work when he knew that his boss/stepfather had a meeting at the bank. Joshua's attempt to push Kevin around is halted by Frank, who's looking for a fight. Frank takes Joshua outside. Joshua has a proposal for Frank, who turns his potential benefactor down flat for not immediately stating the amount. Joshua prepares to bite Frank. Kevin continues working on the painting that Joshua found so fascinating. Livvie begs Rafe to kill her, but he stops himself from going through with it, not wanting her death to be based on a lie. He informs her that he didn't kill Caleb, and that Joshua was the one who blew up the hot spring. Livvie wants to help Rafe get Joshua, on the condition that she gets to tear the new vampire's throat out after Rafe gets the answers he needs.

Y&R By Jodi

John was informed about the arrangement between Colleen, Brad, and Ashley as Colleen spilled her plans for JT's birthday. John offered to have a party at his place when Brad refused to let Colleen see him.

JT and Anita Hodges had dinner, during which she first said she was leaving Fredrick, then saw Fredrick and Jill leaving together from the hotel room they had occupied. Having confirmation that he was cheating, she asked JT to walk her to her room, where they began kissing.

Chris had her ring delivered to Michael, who thought she was leaving him, but she wanted, and got, a new proposal. Meanwhile, at the same place, Andy told Paul he was seeing Diane again. Paul said he was leaving Chris behind by leaving Genoa City.

As Marisa and Lynne discussed Marisa becoming close with Isabella to discover what the case Michael won for Isabella was about, Lynne figured out the Michael/Isabella connection.

Marisa laid the groundwork with Isabella, and Colleen tried to contact JT about the party as he and Anita Hodges began kissing.


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