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Thursday 4/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Jack asked Erica to marry him and said she had to make a quick decision. She was put off by his attitude and they bickered. They were interrupted by an interview she had scheduled. They asked her about Jack's ring and whether Michael was going to take over the company. Edmund tells Mia that after the Tempo article comes out, she will be famous. She tells him about William while Maddie and Colby play dress up. Maddie pretends to be Maria. Edmund suggests they visit Maureen. Chris accidentally knocked Opal down while fighting with Michael. She met Michael but didn't like him. Opal and Chris talked about what Erica did. Opal and Myrtle gossiped about Erica and how Chris is mad enough to murder someone. Later, Chris stopped Flanders from leaving town and said he wants him to help settle a score with someone (meaning Jack). Aidan and Maria have a picnic in the boathouse with the English food he likes. He says he kind of hopes she remembers being Maria so that he will know for sure that she loves him and it's not just because she can't remember Edmund.

ATWT by Dione

Henry puts more chloroform in Barbara's face just as they arrive to her kidnapping destination. Craig has arranged for food to be left there for 2 days. There is a note saying that she will not be harmed. Katie & Craig find Barbara's designs at her suite & Craig likes them. Meanwhile, Paul and Rosanna are concerned of Babs' whereabouts. Rosanna thinks that Craig has something to do with it. At Java Underground, Paul informs Hal of Barbara's disappearance. Hal's going to file a missing person's report on her if she doesn't surface soon. Dusty and Molly share another passionate kiss. Rose sees Dusty outside of Barbara's suite and asks about the 25k she needs for her shop. He's more worried about why she's coming out of the suite if she isn't there. John makes a house call to Carly & requests that she and Molly make nice. John later shares the same info with Molly at the Lake View.

B&B by Matt

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Days by Rebecca

Jack threatens Palmer for Jennifer's where-abouts, but finds a voice mail from her telling him where she is. Rex is working on a secret experiment and Cassie tells Tony about the dating show. He absolutely forbids it, but she's going to do it anyway. Chaz is arrested but wont say anything to Abe or Roman. Jack, Jen, and Hope all fight off Maria and her "friend" and are arrested when Roman and company come to the rescue. Bo sees Hope, but runs off again to look for Vin, who is hiding out at Echealon. Abe looks around, but can't find anything, and Tony comes by also. Jack and Jennifer go to the crime scene, but decide to wait until the morning.

GH by Meghan

GL by Richard

Phillip gave Alex the good news about Harley's condition, but just as he was about to broach the subject of Gus, Olivia entered the room. Olivia and Alex filled Phillip in about Alan's guilt in regards to the stalking business, and that the charges against Olivia have been dropped. Alex told Phillip he needs to return to the helm at Spaulding now more than ever. After Alex left, Phillip told Olivia that the whole Alan/stalker scenario sounds fishy and that Alex must be up to something in order for her to change her tune about Olivia. Olivia leveled with Phillip about the deal she made with Alex, to try and coax Phillip back to the Spaulding fold. Phillip vehemently told her he'd never consider that. He then told her about the possibility of Gus being Alan's son. Phillip took delight in imagining what it would be like for Gus to be calling the shots at Spaulding and Alan and Alex jumping through hoops for him! After Marah, Shayne, Ben, Marina and Bill came through the secret entranceway into Danny and Michelle's new place, they were all shocked that the tunnel spanned the distance all the way from the museum on 5th St. The group wondered about the history of the tunnel. Marah refreshed Danny and Michelle about the story of the curse from the Egyptian exhibit in the 1930's. Feeling uncomfortable around Michelle and Danny, Bill quickly left. Michelle told Danny that she wouldn't ever want to lose Bill's friendship, but Danny told her that friendships sometimes suffer when intimate feelings have come into the picture. Marah pointed out to Michelle how the wooden molding in their house has the same sort of faces carved into it as the molding over at the museum. Danny told Marah, Shayne, Ben and Marina it was okay to investigate the rest of their house. Later that night, Michelle had a nightmare about the eyes lighting up in the carved face in the wooden molding, then seeing a cloaked figure. Danny held her after she woke up screaming.

Gus told Harley that the bullet which hit her came from a standard service revolver, but when he told Harley he shot her, she told him not to assume that until ballistic tests were completed. She then told Gus she loves him and that it doesn't matter if the bullet came from his gun or not. Alex's arrival angered Harley. Alex pointed out to Gus how becoming part of the Spaulding family wouldn't be in his best interests and offered him a cash settlement to leave town with Harley. Outside Cedars, Bill shot a few hoops of basketball when Eden came around. When Bill mentioned that Eden should go and be with her brother, Eden informed him that Gus isn't her brother. The two were in a glum mood, and instead of talking, Eden and Bill began kissing instead. They left to go somewhere private.

OLTL by Jessica

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Passions by Ashley

T.C. asks furiously why Eve was in Julian's arms. He makes up a lie to help Eve out. Liz fumes that the truth is not coming out. Beth gets a new partner. Charlie feels bad for Beth and how her mother treats her and decides to help her kill Sheridan. Antonio tries to protect Sheridan from an "intruder". He finds out that he may have shot his brother, Luis.

PC by Beth

After finding the disturbing photos in Joshua's hideout, Ian and Rafe arrange for a very frightened Alison to stay with Lucy. Alison shows Rafe the black rose, which was pink until she touched it, and Rafe assumes that it's a warning from Joshua. Lucy suspects that there's more to her weakened condition than merely stress. Livvie feels that something is happening, but she doesn't suspect that Joshua has trapped her lover at the villa. Joshua taunts Caleb with ideas of getting close to Olivia, but Caleb knows it's all talk. After trying several passwords, Ian finally breaks into Joshua's computer with the word "ring." Joshua moves Caleb to a cell, where he continues his tall tales of getting close to Olivia. He admits that she would look for him if she hadn't been assured of his death. Caleb expresses the opinion that if the slayers don't kill Joshua, Olivia will. After knocking out her father with a bookend, Livvie waits outside Rafe's apartment, where she presents the slayer with a hand-carved stake and asks him to kill her.

Y&R By Judy

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