Wednesday 4-9-03 Recaps

Wednesday 4/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Did not air due to war coverage

ATWT by Dione

Rose & Emily asked for Henry's help in carrying Babs away. Henry chloroformed Babs as she got into her car while on her way to Fairwinds with her sketches! At Fairwinds, Rosanna convinces Craig to visit Katie. Rosanna informs him that Babs will be over later with her sketches. Meanwhile, Mike is at Katie's fixing her leaking roof. Craig n' Rosanna ring her bell & she tells him to get lost. Rosanna walks around outside & sees Mike coming down from the ladder. She asks him to do something for her at the wedding. In the cottage, Katie jumps on Craig for not visiting her in the hospital. She tells him everything that Margo has done & requests that he be her big brother from now on! Ben stands by Jess' side during the press conference. She runs down her sexual encounters w/Marshall & says the photo on the newspaper cover came from a night of consent. After she steps from the podium, Marshall walks up in a zombie like mode to Jess saying how he cares for her & collapses at her feet. She immediately falls to his aid & asks if he's okay. Meanwhile his people are video taping the whole thing. Ben tells Jess later that she that she was set up. At Java, Bonnie & Isaac are watching the whole thing unfold. Isaac said that Jess made his brother look stupid. Bonnie got all mad & broke up with him in a huff!


B&B by Matt

Preempted due to war coverage.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Meghan

Ric and Faith set up Jax to make him look like he could be Faith's silent partner. Ric took pictures, and brought them to Sonny. Sonny ordered Jason to get rid of Jax, and Jason told him they should wait. Jason went to his penthouse to talk to Carly and Courtney, and they found out Sonny had left, and was in his limo with his gun.

Cameron went to the hospital to get medicine for Kristina, and when he was there Scott bugged him about where Alexis and the baby were. Later at Kelly's, Cameron met Emily who was with Zander. Scott and a cop came in and arrested Cameron for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Lucky and Nikolas were fighting about Summer, and Lucky punched Nik and knocked him out. At the hospital, Tony said Nik was pretty bad, and the damage could be anything from blindness to brain damage.

GL by Barbara

Danny and Michelle set out for some romance at their new home. Afterwards, they hear voices. Up pops Marina. The college kids work to fix up the museum. Bill discovers a secret passageway. They decide to go exploring. Suddenly, the flashlights go out. Trouble ahead. Frank informs Gus that an agent from internal affairs will be coming to question him. After the conversation, Gus is instructed to give his gun and badge to the agent. Bummer. Harley tells Phillip that Gus is his brother. Phillip tells Rick and starts to talk to Gus but gets interrupted. Phillip confronts Alex and tells her it is time to talk. Ben gives Marina jewelry as an I'm sorry for not spending time with her. Harley awakens and tells Frank that she saw their mom, Nadine. Gus comes to see Harley but refuses to tell her what happened with IA. He admits that he shot her.

OLTL by Jessica

Passions by Ashley

Chad begs Whitney to come with him to L.A. since he is going. T.C. attacks Julian when he finds Eve in his arms in the diner. Luis and Sheridan spend time together dealing with all that happens. They share a kiss under the covers and Antonio walks in on it all. Charlie believes Mrs. Wallace and starts to call the cops but Mrs. Wallace starts to tease Beth which works ineffectively on Charlie.

PC by Beth

According to the programming department at ABC 7 in Chicago, today's episode of Port Charles will be shown tomorrow.

Y&R By Jodi


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