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Tuesday 4/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Opal tells Jack that he needs to go after Erica, not back off.  Kendall tells Michael that Fusion is being sued, so Michael convinces her that she needs Boyd for her company more than ever and that she should go after him.  Boyd tries out his new products on Bianca.  Lena eavesdrops on them.  Boyd goes to see Kendall so she asks him to work for the company, but he turns her down.  Erica visits Chris to apologize for everything that happened.  He is not very kind but mostly blames Jack.  Tad arrives at Brooke's to find out that Jamie had a prostitute over.  He compares himself to J.R. and Tad knows that he is feeling the competition because of Laurie.  Michael taunts Chris in the bar about Erica, so Chris punches him.  Erica is shocked when Jack comes into her office and puts a big ring on her desk.

ATWT by Dione

Craig proposed an idea to Rose & Em to have Babsy kidnapped. They refused until they paid a visit to Carly where Babs happened to be badgering Carly about her life & not having talent to design anymore. After Babs left, Carly expressed ill feelings for Babs thus changing Rose n' Carly's minds about the kidnapping! Rose is going to get the rope & Em's getting whatever else is needed! Jess wants to retaliate againt TMT for their pic being on the cover of the Intruder! Lucinda, Kim, & Evelyn tried to convince Jess not to go through with it. Ben's so distraught over the whole mess, he called another Dr. to cover surgery for him! Ali found a shank under her bed planted by her two roomies. They told her that the last person that was caught with a shank got 5 EXTRA years added on to her sentence. Pam, the gurad/warden came in & Ali made up some lie about what they were really arguing about!

B&B by Matt

Bridget is upset when she hears Ridge admit he felt something during their kiss. They both decide the kiss was wrong and they cannot continue on this path. Bridget suggests they protect their families without losing their friendship. Mass warns Nick that he is walking on thin ice and suggests he be a little more respectful. Nick admits he is glad he isn’t like Mass and points out that he has lost his feeling to sail and is a mere suit now. Mass explains in great detail all he has been doing since the ship ran aground and points out he is emotional too. Nick recognizes Mass’ pinky ring and says he has one exactly like that. Amber is distracted at work because she and Rick were not invited to Miami with April though she understands why. She and Eric consider that she might be jealous of April’s success, but tries to play off that she is satisfied with her life. Deacon and April fly to Miami and a fan approaches her and recognizes her from the “Late Late Show.” Thrilled, April gives him an autograph and smooches Deacon.

Days by Trisha

Hope and Jack, with assistance from Abe, try desperately to find Jennifer. She manages to get out of the trunk and calls Hope - who is on the way. Victor meets Tony at Echealon and they discuss business and family. Brady comes in to accept Victor's offer to work at Titan, and then he goes back to Chloe. Bo and Roman get out of the car and try to stop Vin and Ramsey, and it turns into a shoot-out. Vin is arrested and Bo goes off to get Ramsey by himself...

GH by Meghan

Ric told Sonny that Jax was Faith's silent partner. Sonny barged into Jason and Courtney's penthouse, where they were kissing on the couch. Jason questioned whether Ric was really Faith's partner; Sonny yelled at Jason for questioning him, and sent Jason after Jax. At the hospital, Carly and Faith ended up in the elevator together, and Faith threatened Carly and the baby. Carly held the tip of an umbrella to Faith's throat, and told her sge would see Faith dead, before she ever hurt one of her kids. Bobbi called Sonny and told him she was worried about Carly. Sonny grabbed a gun, and yelled at Courtney that she was going to see what Jason's life was all about, and waited in the door for Faith. Carly walked in, and Sonny pointed his gun at her.

Lucky told Luke that he thought Nikolas was blackmailing Summer. Summer came to Kelly's where her and Luke planned to meet to leave for a vacation. Summer admitted to Luke and Lucky that Nikolas was blackmailing her. Zander went to see Emily, and she told him to leave, but stopped him with a kiss. They slept together, and then Emily told Zander it was a mistake, and kicked him out.

GL by Richard

In the Spaulding parlor, Alan told Alex about some vivid nightmares he'd had overnight. When he looked back at Alex( who was standing with Lloyd), he envisioned them as monsters!......Olivia met with Ross, telling him that Alex is going to present evidence to Doris Wolfe (the D.A.) which incriminates Alan, in exchange for a "favor" Olivia's supposed to do for Alex. Ross told her to be wary of any promises the Spauldings make......Later, in Doris Wolfe's office, Doris wasn't swayed when Ross & Alex told her about the duplicate cell-phone, saying it's not concrete proof tying Alan into the crime. Alexandra then brought in a young man, Leonard, who works in a technology division at Spaulding, who swore to Doris that Alan ordered him to devise the coycat cell-phone. Leonard then showed the D.A. a voice scrambler, which he said Alan ALSO ordered him to devise. Alan's voice could be heard on the apparatus.......Later, Ross, Olivia, and Doris descended on the Spaulding mansion, where Alan sounded & acted sane. Before Doris was about to walk out, Alan experienced hallucinations again. Doris announced that Olivia is off the hook and that Alan will be the one to face stalking charges---but first, a court-appointed psychiatrist will have to study Alan. Alex was thunderstruck to hear this, then later, reminded Olivia about their "deal". Olivia promised that she'd persuade Phillip to return to the Spaulding fold tomorrow.....

Rick informed Gus & Phillip that the bullet was removed from Harley during surgery, but that her liver was lacerated more severely than originally thought.....Nadine's spirit told Harley she'll help guide her to "the other side". The thought of relinquishing her excruciating pain & labored health sounded appealing to Harley, but she insisted on saying goodbye to her loved ones first. Looking in on Gus & Phillip, Harley thought that Gus was about to tell Phillip that they're brothers, but instead, Gus told Phillip he feels responsible for Harley's shooting. Phillip told Gus not to blame himself......Harley told Nadine's spirit that she doesn't feel like leaving her loved ones yet, that she's not ready, but at the same time that Harley's physical situation worsened and her blood pressure was dropping, Harley told "Nadine" that she felt like she was slipping away.......Gus told Marina to go and get pictures of Harley's children......Father Ray & Lucia met at "Company" and talked about her absence from the convent. Lucia began to confide in Ray about her connection to Gus.......Later, after they arrived at Cedars, an anguished Frank asked Father Ray to say a prayer for Harley......Marina brought Gus the photos he requested and he sat beside a motionless Harley, reminding her about her children and how she'd risen above hard times in the past. After begging Harley not to leave them all behind, Harley began to regain consciousness......Out in the corridor, friends and family were relieved to hear that Harley was on the mend. Phillip sensed a familiarity towards Lucia, but she didn't reveal her connection to him.......Before leaving, Nadine's spirit looked on lovingly at Buzz and then Frank. After saying her unheard goodbyes, Nadine's spirit evaporated......Alone with Phillip, Harley asked him how the boys were doing, and Phillip assured her they're okay. Beginning to drift off to sleep, Harley asked Phillip to be there for his "brother Gus"..........

OLTL by Jessica

Viki slapped Dorian. Rex broke into Jen's hotel room and they almost had sex but didn't and then Jen said she wanted to be his partner. Antonio was reunited with a man named Cole who got out of Statesville. Roxy and Nigel got snapped back, and then out, and then back into love. Dorian and Mitch got married but everyone left before that except for Blair and Evangeline. Afterwards Dorian told Blair that she had a plan against Mitch. Gabrielle gave Bo the letter and told him that he was Matthew's father. Mitch dug something up underneath the stairs.

Passions by Ashley

Luis is upset over his situation. Sheridan feels awful about anything and Theresa tries helping them both. Beth gets put on the spot when Charlie follows her home and asks her why she took drugs from the hospital. Mrs. Wallace starts to rat her in. Whitney and Chad talk and he tries to coax her to leave with him.

PC by Beth

Ian joins Rafe at Ian's hideout, where they realize that Joshua has been planning his rise to power for quite some time. With newfound confidence, Rafe discovers a secret room. After making sure that Livvie is out of sight, Kevin invites Alison into the lighthouse, where she urges him to let her know Livvie's whereabouts. Kevin claims not to know anything, and when Alison informs him that she's probably a vampire, he accuses her of wanting to slay his daughter. Meanwhile, Livvie is listening nearby and wants to kill Alison for Caleb's alleged murder. Kevin ushers Alison out of the house to keep Livvie from revealing herself. When Caleb returns to the villa, Livvie is nowhere to be found, but her discarnate voice speaks to him. While Ian tries to crack Joshua's computer password, Rafe finds a book of satanic rituals, in which photos of various buildings have been tucked away. When they notice a painting of the same buildings hanging on the wall, they speculate about what Joshua might be up to. Kevin promises to be always be there for Livvie, who reminds him that she's the only one of them who will live forever. Rafe is displeased to learn that Alison went out looking for Livvie. After he hangs up on her somewhat abruptly, Alison finds a single pink rose on the bed, but when she touches it, it turns black. Rafe makes a disturbing discovery on the back of the painting, which is covered with photos of Livvie and Alison. Kevin sees a newspaper headline indicating that Caleb is alive, but decides against showing it to Livvie. When wind blows through the villa, Caleb finds himself tangled up in silk and lifted off the floor just before Joshua reveals his presence.

Y&R By Judy

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