Monday 4-7-03 Recaps

Monday 4/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Jackson wakes on Erica’s couch, and she comes into the living room.  Jackson tells Erica he wants to know how she feels. Erica doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks if she can just have some time.  Erica tells Opal what happened with Chris and Jackson.  Opal tells her she is scared and shouldn’t let the chance with Jackson get away.  Erica leaves to speak with Chris.  Jack finds Aidan waiting for him at his office.  Aidan confronts him about his affair with Erica and his belief that Jackson is using the investigation to get to Erica.  Jackson tells Aidan that Erica has no idea about the investigation of Chris, and he just wants to keep her safe.  Michael asks Kendall what happened with Boyd.  She tells him what happened with Erica, Chris, and Jackson.  Kendall tells Michael that she didn’t make an offer to him because it wasn’t a good time to ask.  Greenlee and Carlos at Fusion when a process server arrives.  He tells her they are being sued.  Simone calls Kenny, and he tells them the suit could cost a lot of money.  At Carlos’ suggestion, they try to talk with the plaintiff in the suit.  She tells Simone she will see them in court.  Kenny tells them they need one knock out product.  Kendall calls Boyd and asks him to stop by.  He tells her to call Michael and hangs up.  Lena asks Bianca to a concert.  Bianca asks her if it will be a real date, and Lena says yes.  Boyd interrupts. Bianca tells him about the date.  Bianca leaves the table, and Boyd asks Lena what she is up to.  Lena tells him she likes men and women.  Michael calls Lena and tells her to come to his place.  Bianca tells Boyd that she and Lena are going on a date. He tells her Lena kissed him and that Lena likes men and women.  Boyd thinks she is playing one of them.  Lena and Michael the progress they are making. He tells Lena that Kendall has a conscience, which is making it harder.  However, Michael tells Lena he is done something to turn up the heat so that Kendall has no choice to help.  He tells her about the lawsuit.  Holly and Jamie are kissing and Jamie’s mom walks in. Holly leaves and Brooke wants to know what was going on?  Jamie tells her nothing happened.  Brooke calls Tad and leaves a message for him to come over.

ATWT by Dione

Emily persuaded Chris to visit Alison. While Ali was in the middle of an argument with her new "roomies", the guard informed her of her visitor. The guard advised Alison to tell Dr. Chris to stay away, to avoid envy. Ali begged Chris to tell Em that she's okay & to never come back. Carly ran into Mike at the hospital while she was on her way to her prenatal appt. Mike requested that they go into another room so that they could talk. Jack came into the room & witnessed Mike's hand on Carly's belly. Jack & Carly got into an argument at the farm & Jack to check Carly's pressure to make sure she was okay. Lucy & Aaron are trying to figure out a way for him to be a guest at her daddy's wedding. Rosanna is trying to convince Craig to put him on the list. Lucy suggested to Aaron that he just show up in a tux.

B&B by Matthew

Deacon and April tell Rick and Amber that they are a team now. Rick and Amber warn April, again, to be careful. Deacon and Amber leave for Miami. Stephanie dumps a bottle of champagne on Brooke and makes it clear she will never accept her. Bridget flies back to LA with Nick and tries to convince him that Mass isn’t a bad guy. He vows to settle the score with him. He visits Mass and tells him he is a coward for trying to force the blame on him. Mass apologizes. Bridget admits to Ridge that she felt something during their kiss. When Ridge doesn’t say anything, she realizes he felt something too.

Days by Rebecca

Jennifer trys to tail Maria but gets kidnapped! Jack calls her cell and worries when no one picks up. Bo attempts to make an illegal entry into Vin's empty house as Roman tries to stop him. They get out just in the knick of time and Abe calls them to wait for back-up. Bo and Roman case the place and Palmer lets Vin know that the guys are cops, so he plans an ambush. Cassie convinces Rex to move back into the Dimera Mansion. Also, Mimi and Rex are over before they began, and Shawn and Belle have broken up again. Both of them and Cassie decide to go on a new dating show!

GH by Meghan

~*~Sorry this took so long everybody!~*~

Nikolas gave Summer another chance to make things work with Luke. She ran into Lucky, and he apologized to her, but she didn’t want to stick around and talk. Nik and her had another argument on the docks, and Lucky listened in. After leaving Kelly’s, Emily went home and prepared a syringe. Zander came through her window, and told her he knew what she was going , and wasn’t going to let her.

Cameron helped Alexis by convincing Ned and Jax that she didn’t have the baby. When he went back to the cabin, he helped her calm the baby, who Alexis couldn’t get to stop crying. Jason told Courtney she couldn’t go to work, and had to stay in until “things were resolved”. She agreed. Carly and Sonny talked about their baby, and she tried to convince him that the baby was going to be fine. When she left, Ric arrived and told Sonny that he knew who Faith was working with, Jax.

GL by Barbra

Everyone was worried about Harley, who went into surgery. Michelle was worrying about not finding Danny, who was walking around the neighborhood targeted for renovation. Buzz took off to clear his head and ran into Danny. He admonished Danny to follow through on his plans. Then Phillip comforted Buzz. Alexandra convinced Olivia to get Phillip to run Spaulding because of Alan's condition. She also pointed out that Alan is too smart to leave an obvious trail. Olivia then headed off a story about Alan's condition through Holly. Danny found out about Harley from Michelle when they met up, and Edmund tried to make a move on Cassie.

OLTL by Jessica

Gabrielle went to Nora's house and stole the letter. Matthew caught her. Natalie turned her hair back to red. Jen tried to have sex with Joey but got turned down. Cassie came back and everyone attended Mitch's party. Dorian was the guest of honor and they announced that they were getting married.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. is upset about his wife and problems. Liz uses that against Eve in her quest to get T.C. He becomes very angry when she asks what's in the shed. Julian bears his heart to Eve and tells her he wants to make up for the past and be friends. Mrs. Wallace writes a SOS note and tosses it out the window so someone will stop Beth. Beth comes home with the drugs she stole from the hospital unaware that she's being followed. Luis and Sheridan talk while he tries to convince her to tell Antonio the truth as soon as possible.

PC by Beth

When Rafe tells Alison that being happy may be the reason he's lost his edge, she lays into him about his attitude. Elizabeth corners Caleb at the hospital and lets off some steam about the way he treated her. After Caleb manages to regain her trust with promises of a life together, he enlists her help sneaking him out of the hospital. Although Caleb promises to meet her in the parking lot, Elizabeth is stunned when he actually takes off in a medevac helicopter. Livvie stops Joshua from killing her father. Joshua maintains that Caleb is dead, now adding that his body has been cremated, but Livvie insists that she can still feel her lover's presence. After a lead from Alison about Columbus Manor, Rafe heads out to look for Joshua. When Joshua won't give up on trying to talk Livvie into going with him, Kevin invites him to stay at the lighthouse. After seeing Kevin's fascinating painting, Joshua takes him up on the offer. While Rafe breaks into Joshua's place, Alison shows up at Kevin's door.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick and Victor avoided a fireplace disaster with Noah when Cassie screamed no. Cassie teared up when Nick talked to her later about missing her. Dru dropped the "Victor in the R & D lab" bombshell during the Jabot meeting to point out that she wasn't the only security risk. Brad talked to Ashley about it later. Ashley's doctor said she was fine except for a slight elevated BP. Brock returned to talk to Jill about her birthmother and gave her advice about Billy. She showed up where Billy and Mac were after she agreed to marry Billy. Mac started off taken aback at first, but Billy won her over.

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