Friday 4-4-03 Recaps

Friday 4/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Michael tells Kendall he wants Fusion to go to the top, even if that means her working with Boyd. Michael gets a phone call. He tells the caller that they are making excellent progress. Kendall apologizes to Boyd for leaving him the second Michael showed up. She tells him that they are good friends. Chris interrupts and tells her he was wrong about Michael. He tells her that it was Jackson that had the affair with Erica. She apologizes to him and understands what its like to be hurt by Erica. Boyd tells Kendall he is going to keep his distance as long as she is involved with Michael. Jackson refuses to leave Erica alone because he is afraid of what Chris might be capable of. Erica doesn’t believe Chris would ever do anything to her. Erica tells him she treats everyone that loves her badly. Jackson asks what she wants. She tells him she wants to be happy. She asks Chris to get her a glass of water, and slips out the door when he is in the kitchen. Erica takes flowers to Mona’s grave. She pours her heart out and tells her how she messed things up with Chris. She tells her about blaming everything on Jackson, and how she knows it was her own fault. Jackson arrives and takes her home. After they leave, Chris emerges from behind a bush. Maggie tells Henry they aced the exam. He asks her what kind of doctor he will make if he can’t take the pressure of being a medical student. She tells him things are going to fine. He feels guilty for cheating and tells her he will makes things right. Maggie tells him that the professor will fail him, and he shouldn’t tell. He plays guitar for her, and then they kiss. As they are about to make love, Alma calls and interrupts. Henry tells Maggie he needs time to think. Jamie kisses Laurie, but she pulls away. She tells him that she loves JR. Jamie thinks he is a jerk for what he did. Laurie tells him she wants to be friends, but he tells her he has enough friends. A few minutes after their argument, a young prostitute named Holly approaches Jamie and sits down. She tells him she saw him at the Fusion party. She plays on his vulnerabilities and they head back to his mother’s house. Update will be up Saturday, April 5, 2003. Please check back then!

ATWT by Dione

Mike sliced off 1/2 of his pinky while working. He asked Katie, who is now a nurse's asst. for help, but she fainted in his arms!! Ben tries to get Jess to drop the rape charges to prevent her name from being dragged through the mud. Marshall's going to use a still from the sex tape for a newspaper front cover. Alison has met some of her inmates, who have nicknamed her, "Malibu Barbie". After Craig sends Jack on a bogus call, he goes to the farm to confront Carly. They discuss Monte Carlo & she becomes enraged & throws her sketch pad & pencils at him. Later, Jack comes by & finds Carly lying on the floor. Carly tells Craig that she's not going to design anymore!

B&B by Matt

Mass blasts Nick for his carelessness causing him to jump out of bed and attack Mass. The fight is broken up and Mass is escorted out. Bridget tries to comfort Nick and finds out an earthquake caused the jolt that sent Nick’s ship into the air. He cries in Bridget’s arms. Stephanie is irate with Ridge about forgiving Brooke. She tells him to find someone who is worthy of his love and his children’s love. Brooke isn’t pleased by her words. Deacon introduces April to Cruz Nunez a Spanish singer. He wants her for a charity concert in Miami. April and Deacon get much closer after he leaves. Mass bumps into Jackie, but doesn’t recognize her.

Days by Rebecca

Victor offers Brady a job at Titan, and he tells him that he'll think about it. Nicole starts a big argument with Brady and they trade insults. Sami and Brandon get back together, and we find out that Brandon has some kind of connection to Lexie's baby. After hearing that, Sami is more determined to make sure that Brandon never finds out that he is the baby's father. Kate worries about Roman as he goes to get some proof of a drug dealer's (Vin) dealings. Kate and Hope go to her house and speak to them on the police band radio, and Kate tells Roman that she loves him. He finds out people are listening and yells at her, then he and Bo have to run to get Vin before Roman could call to apologize. Kate runs away, thinking that Roman doesn't return her feelings at all...

GH by Meghan

Sonny agreed to let Jason work for him, and see Courtney. Carly asked Courtney to be the baby’s godmother because she had saved her life, and the baby’s. After Sonny noticed Faith peeking into Carly’s room, he went to Faith’s room. Sonny asked her about the silent partner, and told her that no matter when she told him, she was a dead woman.

Alexis decided to return Kristina to the Quartermaine’s. Cameron took her to return, but ended up letting Alexis spend some more time with the baby at the cabin. Skye and Jax teamed up to look for Kristina. Emily had a box full of syringes delivered to Kelly’s, and told Lucky that the box was a present for Lila. Also at Kelly’s, Lucas got Kyle to admit that he had never touched Maxie, by lying and saying she was pregnant.


GL by Barbra

Rick and the ER staff work on Harley. Harley has an out of body experience seeing her mom Nadine. Gus crys and begs Harley to stay with him. Phillip and Olivia discuss Alan's condition, as Alex arrives at the loft. She tells Phillip that Alan needs him to come back to the family. Phillip says he wants no part of the family or the company. Alex makes an offer to help Olivia get her freedom. Olivia wants to know if she is serious or was it a ploy to get Phillip to come back? Alex says that anything can be bought for the right price. Alex offers to serve Alan on a platter if Olivia will convince Phillip to come back to the company. Ben comforts Marina. Ben tells Eden he can't work for her any longer. Frank makes a call reporting a breech in protocol that led to Harley's accidental shooting and the office in question is Gus.

OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Ashley

Sam and Grace fight about her and David's annulment. He says they need to separate if they don't get rid of the threats on their relationship. John gets upset when he hears that his Dad is planning on leaving Harmony. David thinks about telling John the truth. Meanwhile, Ivy tells him that their close to getting what they want so don't give up just yet. Whitney and Chad debate on whether or not they should both go to L.A. for his dream job. T.C. is still in the shed and Liz tries to find out what it is he hides in there. In the meantime Eve gets into a car accident!

PC by Beth

After coming home from the hospital, Lucy continues to vent her anger about Ian's deadly plan. Casey's concern for Lucy arouses Alison's suspicions that the angel has inside information. Karen confronts Frank about his gambling problem after hearing him promise to come up with the money. Frank explains that he's trying to help his mother keep the restaurant afloat, and he turns down Karen's offer to help. After making love to Lucy, Ian promises to fight for his life. Alison is somewhat embarrassed but unapologetic when confronted by her mother, who spent a very long time locked in the bathroom before removing the doorknob to escape. Alison fills Elizabeth in on Caleb's newfound humanity and Joshua's treachery. Elizabeth believes that Caleb needs her now that he's human again, but she doesn't believe that Joshua poses any threat to her. Rafe stops Joshua from making another murder attempt on Caleb. When three young hospital volunteers come to Caleb's room for an autograph, Joshua takes one of the girls hostage, releasing her only to give himself the chance to flee. Caleb has the other girls release him from his restraints. After making a show of being unable to defend himself should Joshua return, Caleb slips out of the restraints and sneaks out of his room. Unaware that Caleb is lurking nearby, Alison informs Rafe that her mother is still obsessed with Caleb. Kevin is overjoyed by Livvie's return, but he's stunned to learn that she willingly became a vampire. He promises to help his daughter, who is devastated by her loss and terrified for her safety. Joshua goes to the lighthouse and orders Kevin to let him see Livvie.

Y&R By Jodi

Billy is fighting with Jill about whether Mac is right for him - again. Raul tells Mac he wishes that he and Brittany had waited to have sex like she and Brittany did so they wouldn't be in this much trouble. Billy asks Mac to marry him! Brad grills Jack for hiring Dru without running it past him first since he is the head of the new line. Dru starts her pitch for a new idea for hair products. She tells them that they don't need to worry about her and Neil, but they should worry about Ashley and Victor. Nikki doesn't want Sharon to come back. As Victor and Nick are fighting outside, Noah is trying to start a fire to warm up Cassie. We suddenly hear her scream.  

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