Thursday 4-3-03 Recaps

Thursday 4/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee apologizes to Carlos. She says she can’t deal with being left alone again, especially after Leo. He still seems a bit apprehensive, and she apologizes for the things she said again. Carlos accepts her apology. She agrees to give things a try. He puts on some Latin music so they can dance. She is a little unsure, and he tells her to lose control. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about him, while he seems to know so much about her. Greenlee and Carlos dance and she seems to enjoy it. Mia arrives to salvage her date with Edmund. Maria decides that that Mia and Edmund should go out and finish their date. Maddie sees Aidan and Maria are sitting on the couch kissing. Meanwhile, Edmund and Mia are boxing at the gym. Mia accidentally hits Edmund in the face and he pretends to be knocked out. When she kneels down to check on him, he kisses her. As they are kissing, his phone rings. It is Maddie. A while later, Edmund and Mia arrive back at Wildwind. Maria is surprised to see them, but Edmund tells her Maddie called. Maddie comes down and tells them she called because she saw Aidan and mommy kissing. Mia and Aidan see it is time to leave. Maria and Edmund talk to Maddie and comfort her. Chris asks Jack to explain why he slept with his fiancé. Jack tells him of his daughter’s illness, and how he needed comfort. He is not sorry for what happened, but he is sorry for hurting Chris. Chris yells at him and insinuates that Jack planned the whole affair to break them up. Jack tells Chris that he wants to be with Erica and he isn’t letting go. Chris punches him and Reggie runs in and breaks them up. Bianca asks Erica if she is ever going to grow up. Erica is dismayed that Bianca is not more understanding. Erica blames Jack for destroying her relationship with Chris. Bianca tells her it isn’t all Jack’s fault, and that she is not a victim. Bianca asks her when she is going to realize that Jack makes her happy. A while later, Erica is home alone when the doorbell rings. She hopes it is Chris, but is Jack instead. She tells him she doesn’t want to see him, but he comes in and tells her he is spending the night. Simone meets Boyd at the bar. Kendall walks in and is very upset. She asks to speak with Boyd alone. Simone isn’t thrilled with this idea. Kendall tells him that Michael left without leaving a forwarding address. At that moment, Michael appears from out of nowhere and gives her a piece of paper. It has his new address, a condo located across from hers. Michael tells Kendall how her mother told her to leave town. Kendall is very angered by this. She tells Michael that Boyd could be very useful in getting back at Erica. Boyd and Simone seem to be having a good time. However, Boyd seems upset about Michael. Simone notices and she tells Boyd to call her when he stops obsessing over Kendall.

ATWT by Dione

Carly took a trip out to Fairwinds to inform Rosanna that she wouldn't be able to make her deadline. Rosanna told her that she was going to have Babs take her place. Carly became infuriated with the news & cut up all of the flowers that Rosanna planted for her wedding. In addition to that, Rosanna made Carly slice her hand while fighting over a garden tool! Jack gave Craig Carly's sketch pad & pencils & told him that she wouldn't be needing them. Ben confronted Marshall with the intimate picture of Marshall and Jess. Marshall told Ben that the picture is evidence of two consenting adults making love. Molly went to the Lake View and had another session of hot sex with Dusty. She literally jumped his bones when he opened the door.

B&B by Matt

Brooke drops by Ridge’s office and tries to distract him from his stressful work. Ridge handles his environmental team and Brooke is impressed. She worries that Bridget is running away from a man she loves. She wishes Bridget could have what she has. Ridge looks away. Mass speaks to the Admiral en route to Mexico and speaks highly of Ridge. Admiral isn’t sure he is right for this business since he wasn’t born into. Mass points out that Dominick (Nick) was born to sail the seas and look what happened to him. Jackie removes his pinky ring that links him the Marone family and finds out about Nick’s prognosis. Nick wakes up to Bridget and finds out he lost 8 crew members. Mass arrives in Mexico and blasts Nick for his incompetence. Rick warns April to stay away from Deacon. April calls Deacon and asks him to be her agent/manager. He agrees to help her.

Days by Rebecca

John has a meeting with Ops about Tony's new security system. He also runs into Shawn and gets the update on his relationship with his daughter. Cassie and Belle get into a catfight. Cassie then finally goes to the mansion with daddy Tony, and John and Marlena are concerned about Belle strange behavior. Rex finds Mimi in Belle's room and implores her to be Cassie's friend. Things get hot and heavy until Shawn interrupts. After a run-in with Lexie (and an argument with Brandon) Brandon comes home to find his things in fron of the door...

GH by Meghan

Sonny and Carly found out that their baby was okay. Carly told Sonny she thought they were having a boy, and that she wanted to name the baby Morgan after Jason. At the hospital, Emily went to see Jason, and they talked about Courtney and Zander. Emily left to go to Kelly’s because she wanted to meet Courtney. Gia told Zander that she got the job as Scott’s intern. Ric called Faith, and told her that to bring down Sonny, that needed to get to Jason. Elizabeth overheard him.

The police kept their search going for Kristina. Alexis took the baby to Windermere, and asked Nikolas to help her get out of the country with Kristina. He agreed to help, but Luke showed up and said he would blow Nikolas and Alexis in if Nikolas didn’t give him the rights to Laura.


GL by Richard

Alan blamed Alexandra for all the losses he's suffered ever since she came back to town: his company, his house, Olivia & Phillip. He then told her he suspects she's plotting something else, but Alex called him paranoid. Alan requested another cup of tea, and when Alex headed out to prepare it, Alan ducked out of the mansion.......Olivia was all frustrated at the loft, trying to clean and think of a fancy meal to prepare for she & Phillip, but at wit's end, she finally called a service to employ to do the work......Alan dropped in, bringing her a string of pearls she'd left at the mansion. Totally oblivious to Olivia's distant attitude, Alan began kissing her hand passionately. Alan seemed to be in a time-warp, believing he & Olivia were still happily married. Olivia, stunned and also concerned, took Alan back to the mansion, where Alexandra was. After Alan left the room, Olivia expressed concern to Alex over Alan's delusional state, and when she found out Alan hadn't seen a doctor yet, she told Alex to make an appointment---or she WOULD. Alex then called Mel. She panicked when Mel advised that Alan should have blood tests.....Later, a nurse came by to take blood tests---but Alex arranged for Lloyd to give blood instead of Alan!

After pulling Steve Gidric off of Harley, Gus realized Harley had been shot and severely wounded. Frank and paramedics rushed in. Buzz and Rick, who were at the command post, also rushed in and Rick tended to Harley before she was transfered to Cedars.....As Marah & Eden bonded, Gus called Eden and told her Harley had been shot. Marina was shaken by the news and Shayne tried to comfort her.....Ben arrived at Ramona's suite at the "Beacon". She had wine all ready and was in a seductive mood. Before too long, she and Ben had sex. Afterwards, she told Ben she'd like it to be a weekly occurrence. Ben seemed to go along with it.....Later, Ben returned to "Company" and didn't like it when he saw Marina & Shayne sharing a close moment. Marina told him about Harley's shooting......Eden & Marah arrived at Cedars, and as Eden fussed worriedly over Gus, Marah received a call from Reva, who was in Vienna. Before Marah had a chance to tell Reva the news, Reva told her she "feels" that Harley's in some type of danger.....Frank raged at Gus, blaming him for Harley's plight. Gus was distraught as Mel and Rick worked over Harley. Rick notified Harley's concerned friends & family that they were finally able to stop Harley's bleeding and that surgery would have to wait until Harley was in the clear......While on the phone with Marah, Reva expressed a sudden, intense fear for Harley just as Harley went into cardiac arrest. The crash cart was hurriedly brought into the treatment room where Harley was, and defribillator paddles were used to try to get Harley's heart beating again, but the flat-line on the monitor persisted......As bright light enveloped Harley, she "woke up", hearing a woman's voice calling her. Sitting up, she stared straight ahead, and Nadine materialized. With a loving smile on her face, she approached Harley.

OLTL by Jessica

Lindsay went for a psychiatric evaluation but Nora wants another one done because he thought it might have been temporary insanity. It is hard to tell which side Dorian is on because she is plotting against Blair with Mitch but plotting against Mitch with Blair. Natalie had a dream about Viki and decided to go see her. Jess went to Cris and Natalie's house to see Natalie but when Natalie wasn't there she asked Cris where Antonio was. Jen spent the night at Asa's house because she did not want to be alone. Mitch is searching for something in the house to finish the "last piece of the puzzle". He goes in a secret entrance to underneath the stairs and looks around down there.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. and Eve continue to fight and he blames her for all the problems with Whitney. Whitney meets Chad's agent and she reccomends that he take the job in L.A. Chad is hesitant to leave. Sam and Grace talk about their future and their relationship. John talks to his father about a story he wrote and it makes up David's mind to tell the truth. He goes to Ivy and tells her the whole charade is over and hes leaving town.

PC by Beth

Casey is still visibly shaken by her vision of Lucy lying in a casket. Mary drops off a change of clothes for Lucy, along with what turns out to be Ian's goodbye letter. Lucy is furious with both Ian and Rafe for their betrayal. Alison thanks Casey for her help. Rafe announces that Livvie is now a vampire who will turn Caleb if she gets a chance. After taking Livvie to his place, Joshua learns that Caleb survived the explosion, but he tells Livvie that Caleb's death has been confirmed. He drugs Livvie and vows that both she and the ring will be his. Chris and Colleen care for Caleb, who hates his new situation and tries to leave the hospital. Chris injects him with a sedative as two security guards hold him down. Lucy vows to protect Joshua and Livvie in order to save Ian's life. Drugged, Livvie dreams of a reunion with Caleb, who has a similar experience. Caleb tries again to leave his bed. Rafe decides to guard Caleb's room himself instead of relying on security personnel to do the job. Livvie wakes up and goes to look for her lover. Caleb is displeased when Joshua shows up in his room.

Y&R By Judy

Phyllis thinks that Jack’s attention is only a way to manipulate her to come and work for Jabot. He is begging her to return but she says no. Cassie comes home and the rest of the family continues to be at odds concerning Sharon and Victor. Noah speaks to Cassie and tries to give her ice cream and she responds by licking her lips. Victor wonders if he should leave because of Nick’s feelings but Nikki tells him not to go. Then Victor heads over to see Nick. Billy questions Jill about her adoptive mother while Catherine makes comments. Jill is sad about how it turned out and how Charlotte got drunk, but made excuses for her. Jill still does not want Bill to be with Mac but Bill tells her he is staying with Mac. Dru flaps her big mouth to Olivia, gossiping about Ashley and Victor and business affairs. Olivia tries to downplay her sister’s comments warning to keep her nose out of it. Ashley and Brad discuss Dru and question if her hiring was so smart.


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