Wednesday 4-2-03 Recaps

Wednesday 4/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

ATWT by Dione

Jack & Carly share nice "family time" moments with one another. Carly decides to confess that she's been drawing sketches, but Jack says that he already knew. Jess has intimacy issues with Ben & he leaves upset. Marshall sends Ben a photo to Ben of him & Jessica's night of passion. Barbara insists that Dusty continue to date Molly. Rose accepts Lucinda's offer to take her money. Molly went to Mike's to apologize. Mike decides to leave Oakdale if Carly's baby belongs to Jack. While Molly sleeps, Mike pours his heart out to her.

B&B by Matt

After talking with Amber, Rick guesses she is jealous of her sister, April’s success from the “Late Late Show.” Amber denies she is jealous and explains she just wants April to keep a level head. Deacon meets April at The Lair and notices her uncanny similarity to Amber. April explains that she is Amber’s twin. Deacon advises April to ask for more money for her singing at “Club S.” He talks to some people at the club and gets her a much better deal. She kisses him when he tells her the good news. Thorne tries to cover for Darla’s crying by explaining that she was just caught off guard by he and Macy’s wedding announcement. Darla tells Macy that she wishes she could find someone to love like she has and leaves the restaurant crying. After the gang leaves, Thorne and Macy share a romantic dinner, but talk about Darla. Macy thinks Darla is jealous of their love and believes she deserves a special relationship like they have. Clarke checks up on Darla at her apartment and attempts to comfort her. Darla laments that she thought that she had found her special man, but now she feels completely loss. Later she listens to Thorne’s second message on the answering machine and cries.

Days by Rebecca

Brady tries to put on a brave face for Chloe since it's the day of her transplant. Nancy, Craig, and even Victor are there for support. Bo, Hope, Jack, and Jennifer all begin to talk about Carson Palmer but Jack and Jen are called away. They find out that Bill's gift to them was their very own talk show! Nicole trys to talk to Bo about his father's illegal dealings but Victor stops her. Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate all end up at the station and Abe argues with Bo about pursuing the case. Eventually, Roman and Bo are assigned as Hope and Kate watch on. Hope tells Kate to tell Roman how she feels about him.

GH by Meghan

~*~Double GH Episodes Today~*~

Nikolas fired Summer from her job after he decided she wasn’t keeping Luke as occupied with her as he wanted her to. She asked about her brother, and he hung up on her. Lucky told Summer that that she deserved better than his dad, but he wouldn’t be the one.


Sonny told Monica to give Carly the drug that would save her but kill the baby. Carly before up before the drug was given, and asked about the baby and Michael. When she found out that both were okay, her blood pressure went down. She soon started having cramps, but told Sonny she wouldn’t let anything happen to the baby. Emily went to Kelly’s and met up with Zander and Elizabeth. Her and Zander shared a hug, and a talk about their past and the present. Her and Liz talked about the men in their lives. Liz bugged Emily about the truth of why she was home, but Em refused to spill the beans. Skye and AJ had Kristina at Brenda’s cottage. Jax visited Skye, and heard a noise which he reported to Cameron and Alexis he thought was the baby. AJ tipped Skye off that the three would be at the cottage to check things out about the baby. Skye was gone when they got there, and back with the baby when they were gone. Later she discovered Kristina was kidnapped from them. Alexis had the baby at the Q mansion and told her daughter that she would see her in 6 months.




GL by Richard

Phillip informed Olivia about Alan's drastic change in behavior, saying that Alan definitely seems delusional. He also told Olivia that Alexandra wants him back at Spaulding again in case Alan's not able to do his duties. Olivia, obviously unenthused over their living situation at the loft, told Phillip that it may not be a bad idea, adding that the two of them could work side-by-side, but Phillip told her he wants no part of the Spaulding money or power, saying that it's destructive and ever-consuming. At "Company", Eden met with Ben, who was fretting over the expenses involved in living at the old museum. Eden pressed Ben, reminding him of the money to be made by "entertaining" women like Ramona. Ben left to go see Ramona at her suite at "The Beacon".....Buzz left Marina in charge of "Company" after he got a call from Frank about Harley's perilous situation. Eden, who was worried about Gus, insisted on tagging along with Buzz.....Rick dropped in and ordered coffees from Marina, who told him about Harley being held at gunpoint. Rick immediately left.....Later, Shayne showed up at "Company" to give Marina a hand with customers.....Marina wasn't pleased when Ben came back and told her he had to go off to "work".

Frank, Gus and a SWAT team set-up a command post at the museum, which was across the street from the building where Harley was being held. Gus tried negotiating with Steve Gidric (the perpetrator) over the phone, but his efforts failed. Gidric, who resented women, was livid at his girlfriend, Marie, for withholding the fact that he had a son. Later, Harley calmly reasoned with Gidric, persuading him to give himself up. Gidric allowed Harley to call Gus to notify him that the three of them were going to leave the apartment. Gidric held Marie in front of him, to act as his shield, as they began leaving the apartment, but Marie broke loose and took off. Gidric fired a shot after her.....Across the street, after hearing the shot, Gus insisted on going in, but Frank ordered him to stay put. After Frank turned his back, Gus pulled out his gun and headed off.....Gus climbed the fire escape outside Marie's apartment. Frank radioed Gus and ordered him to hold his fire and let Harley do her job.......Inside, Gidric raged, telling Harley how all women were liars and was about to shoot her when Harley tried to grab the gun away from him. As the two struggled for the gun, Gus smashed-in the living room window with his elbow, aimed his gun, and shot. Harley reeled around and fell, Gidric falling on top of her.......

OLTL by Jessica

Gabrielle was about to tell Bo about the letter but then they got interuppted by Nora. Later, Gabrielle burned it. Nigel and Roxy got snapped out of their love. Lindsay went to Bo and Nora and confessed but was acting crazy and she didn't know who Troy was. She got taken to Saint Ann's to do a psychological evaluation. Nora didn't buy the whole crazy thing. Dorian tried to stop Blair from shooting Mitch and when Blair wasn't paying attention, Dorian cut him free. Later on Dorian met Mitch at Llanfair. Gabrielle was about to tell Bo about the letter but then they got interuppted by Nora. Later, Gabrielle burned it. Nigel and Roxy got snapped out of their love. Lindsay went to Bo and Nora and confessed but was acting crazy and she didn't know who Troy was. She got taken to Saint Ann's to do a psychological evaluation. Nora didn't buy the whole crazy thing. Dorian tried to stop Blair from shooting Mitch and when Blair wasn't paying attention, Dorian cut him free. Later on Dorian met Mitch at Llanfair.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Sheridan talk about all thats happend and what will be in the future. Sheridan gets a call from Luis who has a feeling something bad will happen to a loved one. Sheridan, Theresa, and Antonio celebrate. Beth gets drugs from the hospital to kill Sheridan and her baby. Whitney and Chad talk and she is devastated over all thats happend and her choice of Chad over her family. T.C. tells a devastated Eve that its all her fault. While Ethan works hard on Theresa's custody case Gwen tells him if he doesn't put their baby and her first as of now instead of putting Theresa and her child first.

PC by Beth

Joshua's toasts his apparent victory and rise to power. Ian goes underground to find Lucy. When Alison insists on finding Rafe, Jamal and Jack go in her place. Livvie leaps from the terrace at the villa to find out what happened to Caleb. Joshua takes steps to get Caleb's money, but a bank employee gives him a hard time. Joshua is stunned by the arrival of a very angry vampire in the form of Livvie. Joshua tries to convince Livvie that Caleb is dead, and that they are the only two of their kind left in existence. Caleb's ring protects Livvie from Joshua, who merely attempts to touch it. Caz steps in several times to break up the ongoing catfight between Alison and Reese. Ian enlists help from Casey and Jamal. Casey has a disturbing vision of Lucy in a casket. Refusing to help Rafe rescue Caleb, Jack tries to talk the slayer into letting the former vampire die. Rafe reluctantly leaves Jack with Caleb while helping the others get Lucy out of the cave. While the police are occupied with taking Reese's statement, Alison slips inside to look for Rafe. Alison is shocked to find Jack holding a knife to Caleb's neck. Rafe stops Jack, who accidentally knocks Alison down in the struggle. Livvie cries on Joshua's shoulder. Casey is stunned when Lucy regains consciousness. Alison strongly advises Jack to ditch his new girlfriend. Ian tells Lucy that Joshua rigged the explosion in an attempt to kill them all. Caleb is anxious to get back to Olivia, which leads Rafe to the conclusion that she is now a vampire and that Caleb wants to return to that life. Rafe helps Caleb to his feet.

Y&R By Jodi

Jack encourages Nick to forgive Victor and allow him to support him and Cassie. Ashley and Victor hug and agree to still be friends even though their companies are competing against each other. Dru tells Ashley she won't spill the beans about Abby because Jabot has helped jump start her career. Phyllis tells Neil about Jack's job offer a Jabot that she turned down. Jack and Victor talk about the problems with Nick and Jack says he'll pray for them. Phyllis tells Jack she's been thinking a lot about his job offer.

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