Tuesday 4-1-03 Recaps

Tuesday 4/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Aidan tells Isabella he is not out ruin anyone’s family. Isabella tells Aidan that Maria will come back to the people who truly matter to her. After Isabella has left, Aidan packs a bag and leaves the hotel. Maria sings to Maddie as Edmund watches on. Edmund apologizes for what Isabella did. Maria isn’t upset and says she wants to stay. Maddie is spiking a fever. They give her ibuprofen to make her feel better. A while later, Maddie is sitting between her mom and dad. Her fever has gone done. They are sharing a special family moment when Aidan walks in. Erica blames Jack for what happened. She blames him for ruining her happiness with any of the men she has been with. Jack tells her she can’t blame him for her choices. He has never turned his back on her. Jack blames Erica’s father for abandoning her and for the way he makes her doubt herself. He tells her to love him and let him love her. She says she can’t, and leaves. Chris packs up his belongings from Erica’s. Bianca walks in. She asks what happened, and Chris tells her to ask her mother or her Uncle Jack. Erica arrives home and finds the broken picture of her and Chris. Bianca tells her Chris is gone. She asks her if she slept with Jack. Erica admits she slept with Jack once. Bianca asks her when is she going to grow up. Jack gets ready to leave for the day. When he opens the office door, Chris is standing there. Carlos gets Greenlee’s message while at work. Liza stops by. She breaks her heel, and Carlos fixes it for her. Liza stands to leave, but her leg hurts. Carlos massages her leg for her and they talk. She tells him Greenlee isn’t taken. Carlos says she is perfect, but not for me. Liza can tell he is crazy about Greenlee. Liza tells him that Greenlee has suffered a lot of loss and she is scared. Greenlee, Simone, Mia, and Kendall all show up at the gym. Mia tells them what happened with Edmund and Isabella. Kendall tells the girls that Michael checked out of the Valley Inn, and didn’t leave a forwarding address. She blames Erica for running him off. They talk about love and they all admit to wanting someone to share things with. Kendall decides to go look for Michael and the girls depart. Back at Fusion, Carlos is locking up for the night. He is waiting for the elevator when the doors open and Greenlee is standing there.

ATWT by Dione

Molly goes to Java U. dressed to find a new man. She tells Isaac about her sleeping with another guy & making sure that Mike found out, but didn't say that it was Dusty. Barbara gives Dusty a wad of money that he requested & orders him to continue to see Molly. Rose decides not to take Dusty's money. She breaks the news to Mitzi at the shop & to Paul at Java. Marshall wants to use the sex tape in court, but his lawyer says that it's inadmissable. Meanwhile, Jess & Ben are having wine & a good time. Jess tells Ben about Marshall confronting her in the elevator. Shortly there after, Marshall comes to the bar. Ben almost slugs him & says a few choice words. Ben & Jess try to have a nice evening at her place, but she begins to flashback on her rape.

B&B by Matt

Darla is crushed when she finds out Thorne and Macy are back together. She tries to hold her emotions in check but after joining everyone at the table, begins to cry. She eventually runs off. Thorne finds Darla outside the ladies room and figures out why she is so upset. He apologizes profusely for the misunderstanding, but makes sure she understands that they cannot tell Macy the truth. Darla doesn’t want to hurt Macy, but she can’t lie to her everyday. Macy finds them together and wonders what is going on. Mass vows to make Dominick Payne pay for his costly mistake on the barge. Bridget calls Mass and lets him know there are a lot of casualties and that Payne is in stable condition though his recovery isn’t certain. Later, Ridge admits he and Bridget kissed each other. Dominick’s mom, Jackie, stops by to see her son and spends an emotional moment with him. She discusses his love for the sea, just like his father. She says if he dies, he will die a Marone!

Days by Trisha

Shawn teases Belle and she takes it seriously. She also learns of a party Shawn didn't tell her about, and she kicks him out! Bo is still with Maria, trying to get the scoop on Palmer, and Jack and Jennifer are helping with the investigation. Cassie gets arrested for drinking and calls John. He bails her out and Tony comes in demanding to know what happened. He's gets mad at her and is ready to take her home when she asks John if she could go with him, and see her mother. John agrees, and Tony is left disappointed and angry.

GH by Meghan

While the Quartermaine's argued about whether or not Alexis took Kristina, Emily snucj through the front door. Monica walked by her room, and was surprised to see her. Emily told her mother that she dropped out of school,because it wasn't for her. When Emily was alone, she pulled out a syringe. Skye and AJ left where they went to Brenda's cottage, and Skye held baby Kristina.

Ned agreed not to press charges against Sonny, and Sonny was released and went to meet Jason on the docks. Jason held a gun on Sonny, while yelling at Faith to tell him who she was working with. She pulled a gun on Sonny, but Jason knocked it out of her hand, and from a hidden spot, Ric shot Faith. Jason went to see who shot, and stood near Ric unaware he was there. After leaving the PCPD Carly went to the lake where Michael was playing hockey with Leticia. Carly and Courtney were talking when Michael jumped around, yelling to Carly that he was a hockey player. The ice cracked where he was jumping, and Carly went to help him off the ice. When Carly got him safely handed to Courtney, she stepped forward, but the ice cracked beneath her, and she fell through

GL by Richard

Harley wasn't pleased when she discovered that Olivia was living with Phillip; he told her that he is no longer a Spaulding and that Olivia is pregnant. Edmund ran into Cassie at the gym and they shared an awkward moment. Later, he watched her through the gym window as she exercised. Beth saw him and wondered to herself why he was staring at Cassie. Alan had another hallucination, this time about Beth coming on to him. When she visited for real, he panicked and said he can't sleep with her, shocking Beth by his condition. Beth chatted with Alex about his condition and then phoned Phillip to let him know about Alan's condition. After hearing the call, Alex drugged Alan some more. After some debate with himself, Phillip decided to visit Alan, leaving Zack with Olivia & Harley. Harley gets a call about a suspect and rushes out. Lucia advised Gus not to tell Alan that he's his father. Harley phones Gus about the suspect, so he left. Eden blasted Lucia for abandoning her and Gus. Lucia suggested that they work together to help Gus. Phillip was alarmed at Alan's behavior. Alex said it started shortly after Phillip moved out and hinted that there is a situation that has to do with him and with Brandon's will. Harley arrived at the suspect's house and heard a woman's screams, so she rushed in, flashing her badge. She talked to the woman's son while her suspect came up behind with a knife and held her by the neck. He disarmed her as she tried reasoning with him to allow the woman and child to leave. He did, and the boy told Gus, who was outside, about the lady cop being held by his father. Gus called for backup and entered the building. The man pressed Harley against the wall and shouted threats at her as he raised the gun towards her face.

OLTL by Jessica

Natalie did not like the fact that Cris was dancing with Jess. At the end of the party Carlotta thanked Natalie for a "wonderful night". Natalie was happy. Asa and Roxy took Nigel to the hypnotist and even though he cured Nigel of smoking, he made him and Roxy fall in love. Troy and Blair started to figure out it was Lindsay. Blair knocked Mitch unconscious as he was about to kill Lindsay. When she dragged him in the house and sat him up she told him to tell her where Todd was or she'll kill him. Then Dorian walked in. Lindsay was ok after Jen called Troy over almost like nothing was wrong and left to go to Bo

Passions by Ashley

Beth plots to kill Sheridan and her baby and an angel statue in the chapel threatens her. Sheridan saves Theresa and Little Ethan by letting them stay at her cottage which is on the grounds of the Cranes. Antonio helps too by bringing Little Ethan's things to the cottage. Ethan still looks for ways to help Theresa contrary to what Gwen wants. T.C. and Whitney have words and she choses Chad over her family and T.C. storms out.

PC by Beth

Ian regains consciousness to find that Kevin is building a wall to seal him in. He realizes that he can't move, and Kevin informs him that it's because of the drug he injected. Kevin sharpens a stake in preparation for killing his wife's vampire lover. Ian's strength returns and he busts through the wall. He attacks Kevin but thinks better of biting him. Instead, he takes off to save Lucy.

Livvie tries to stop Caleb from leaving her, but he feels obligated to go to the hot spring when he senses a problem there. Before leaving, he gives Livvie his ring for protection. Jack is angry with Rafe and the others for killing Caz and Reese, but he soon learns that they've been cured, not killed. Caz takes the change very well, but Reese is furious. Joshua listens the happenings at the hot spring, disgusted by Caz's elation at being human again. Jamal and Casey help Caz back aboveground. Alison tries to help Reese and is rewarded with a slap in the face. Rafe insists that Alison leave before Caleb shows up. After promising Alison that she won't take her eyes off Rafe, Lucy decides to try to find Ian, but she's stopped by Caleb's arrival. Joining hands with Caz and Jamal, Casey leads a unique prayer for help for her friends still underground. Reese blames Jack for her inability to bite Alison. Alison is stunned by Jack's loyalty to Reese.


Rafe uses his slayer powers against Caleb, who gets the better of the slayer by rendering him immobile. Caleb then grabs Lucy, who turns on the music. Caleb's attempt to break her neck is stopped by Rafe, who manages to push the head vampire into the healing pool. Lucy falls in with him. As soon as they hit the water, the mysterious red light bathes the entire area. When Caleb emerges from the water as a human, he congratulates Rafe but vows that this isn't over. Livvie screams when she realizes what has happened to her lover. Joshua toasts his victory just before flipping the detonator switch. Still listening, he hears the blast from the explosion.

Y&R By Judy

Family business is going to get very stressful for the Abbot's and Winter's because of the differences between Jabot and Brash & Sassy. With everyone working opposite each other even Mamie can feel the upcoming storm and Lily already senses problems ahead. Everyone seems to be doubtful that Noah fed Cassie yogurt. And Nick continues to resist Victor and gives him a piece of his mind concerning Brash & Sassy. Diane and Andy get closer and she chooses spending time with him over work. They kiss (this writer thinks Andy is pretty desperate !). Ashely states her allegiance to Jabot against business rival Victor, even if he is Abby's biological dad. Jack has lots of new plans for the Jabot website and pleads with Phyllis to come back and work for them.


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