Monday 3-31-03 Recaps

Monday 3/31/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Chris confronts Erica and Jack. He can’t believe that Jack was the one Erica slept with rather than Michael Cambias. Erica tries to make excuses, but Jack says it is time to tell the truth. Once alone, Erica tries to explain that it only happened once and why. Chris doesn’t fall for it and tells her they are through. He leaves and Jack comes back to the office. He asks Erica if it is over, and she nods. At the park, Reggie is able to get Luis to back off. At Wildwind, Mia shows up for a date with Edmund. He tells her Maddie is ill. Maddie and Joni get home, and Maddie tells Edmund they were mugged. Joni explains what happened and apologizes. As Joni is leaving, Isabella arrives. Isabella is not happy to see Mia, and tells her she will take care of Maddie. Edmund tells Mia he will call her. Isabella wants to know what Edmund is doing with another woman, and he tells her Maria has moved on and so is he. She won’t accept it, and leaves. At the motel, Aidan and Maria try to have a quiet evening alone. Anna stops by. She apologizes for not being there for Aidan when he needed her. He tells her there is nothing to apologize for. Anna tells them Leora is doing well. Anna leaves, and they are interrupted by Isabella. She tells Maria that Maddie is ill. After some lecturing from Isabella, Maria leaves for Wildwind. Isabella stays behind to talk to Aidan. She blames Aidan for taking advantage of Maria. Maddie is very happy to see Maria, and accidentally calls her mommy. Maria tells her it is ok to call her mommy. Maddie asks her to stay the night. David is working at the clinic when a little boy is brought in with heart problems. He’s had a pacemaker since he was four. Later, Janelle asks David why he is waiting to let Leora have the surgery. He tells her he thinks Leora needs to be stronger. Janelle tells him her heart will get weaker. Anna arrives and David tells her about the boy with the pacemaker. David has a lot on his mind, and they go home to Leora.

ATWT by Dione

no recap

B&B by Matthew

Bridget heads to Mexico with other doctors to treat the injured from the tanker explosion. She sees Payne and we notice that he has the same ring as Mass and Ridge. He is unconscious. Mass vows to make Payne suffer for what he did to the men on his ship. Thorne and Macy plan to meet CJ and Sally at Café Russe to celebrate their reunion. Thorne calls Darla and has her meet him there 30 minutes early so he can basically put her down gently. Unfortunately, Darla is late and is stunned when Macy hugs Thorne and tells her that they are back together.

Days by Rebecca

John, Jack, Lucas, Bo, and Tony all end up at Echealon, the new gentlemen's club. Tony is the new owner, and John comes in to question him. Bo and Jack are still trying to get the goods on Carson Palmer's "friend" Maria. Lucas saves the damsel in distress and then they go to the private room! Chloe bonds with her sister. Cassie gets kicked out of the dorm and calls JOHN for help. Belle and Shawn begin to make love...

GH by Meghan

Sonny asked Ric to get information on Faith's silent partner. He agreed. Sonny left, and met Ned on the docks. When Ned called Sonny helpless, Sonny beat him up, and was then arrested for assault. Carly went and told Jason and Courtney she had a plan to help Sonny. The agreed after not being able to talk Carly out of it. Jason and Courtney staged a break up at Kelly's in front of Ric, Elizabeth, and Faith. Faith went to see Jason and talked him into bringing down Sonny. At Kelly's, Georgie layed into Kyle about spreading rumors about Maxie. Maxie got mad at Georgie, and stormed out. Gia tried to convince Taggert to get her an internship with Scott. He refused knowing Scott would see through her plan to get information on him. Alexis asked Monica about Kristina's schedule. She later went to the Q mansion planning on kidnapping the baby. When she got in Kristina's room, Cameron showed up at the mansion door. Edward, Alice, and Cameron heard Alexis scream from in the baby's room.

GL by Barbra

Tony asks Ray to perform an exorcism at the museum. Ray offers a blessing instead.  Danny and Michelle arrive and she is  sporting a ring. They announce that they are getting married again. Everyone celebrates.  Gus tells Eden about Alan being his daddy.  Alan pulls a letter opener on Edmund thinking he is a thief.  Edmund questions Alex about the drug she is using on Alan. Alex gives Edmund a donation for the library.  Josh warns Cassie about working with Edmund and that she shouldn't trust him.  Edmund and Cassie meet to discuss the plans for the gala.  Edmund talks about inscribing part of Richard's inaugural speech in the entrance to the library and that he wants to erect a statue of Richard. Cassie says they can't afford a 125,000 dollar statue. Edmund says that he will donate it himself. Cassie wonders how he will pay for it.  Cassie says that Richard's inauguration day was the happiest day of his life.  Edmund reaches out and touches Cassie as he tells her no, the happiest day of Richard's life was the day  he married Cassie. Cassie reacts with shock wanting to know what the caress was about. Edmund says he doesn't know, but she looked so sad.  He prepares to leave, but steals another glance at Cassie before exiting.  Alan is resting and begins to hallucinate, hearing Beth talking to him and about how they should be together. (It's really Alex)

OLTL by Jessica

Antonio started to violently question Troy and Bo walked in and took Antonio's badge. Antonio went to Natalie and Cris's party. At first it seemed like Carlotta only wanted to talk to Jessica. After seeing the gun, Jen went to Lindsay and she admitted to killing Sam. Jen left and when Lindsay was about to leave to go to the police, Mitch showed up and she told him that she told Jen. When she went to get in her car, Mitch chlorophormed her. Gabrielle found a letter to Bo that said he was Matthew's father. Max convinced her not to tell him.



Passions by Ashley

Sam and Grace talk about all the problems in Harmony including the Russell's marriage. T.C. and Liz walk in on Whitney and Chad making love and she tells her Dad that she loves Chad no matter what he says. T.C. attacks him once more. Tabitha, Hank, Kay, and Simone show up and see the disaster. Eve is working at the hospital in the meantime. Julian and Bruce are attacked by Miguel, Antonio, and Luis. Gwen urges Ethan to stop helping his ex.

PC by Beth

Kevin is freed by Karen, who drops by the lighthouse. Rafe and Lucy try to persuade Ian to save himself by killing Joshua, but he refuses to even consider it. Alison provokes Reese into chasing her to the healing pool, and Casey lures Caz there on the pretense of going to a party. After breaking into the studio, Ian learns that Joshua is planning to blow up the hot spring. Jamal helps Rafe and Lucy at the healing pool. As Ian prepares to grab Joshua, Kevin injects something into his neck. Caz willingly jumps into the healing pool. Jack attempts to rescue Reese, who tries again to bite Alison but can't. Kevin begins to build a thick wall to seal Ian inside. Rafe throws Reese into the water. Caleb senses that something is wrong with his "family."

Y&R By Jodi

Ashley is upset that Jack hired Dru, but Jack plans on feeding her false information that will get back to Newman Enterprises. Andy cheers Diane up with a kiss after a run-in with Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Michael goes looking for Paul but finds Isabella alone. He warns her to keep him out of his way. Isabella finds out that Kelly Simmons was Christine. Isabella is determined to save her marriage. Paul and Christine agree to just remember their good times together and say goodbye.


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