Friday 3-28-03 Recaps

Friday 3/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Liza tells Tad that she quit her job and that she and Adam are divorcing. Tad isn’t convinced that Adam is giving Liza a divorce and custody so easily.Jamie tells Tad that Adam blames him for going after Laurie and driving JR out of town. Doug asks Liza for his job back. Liza tells him she will have to talk to Adam. Tad and Liza talk about the kiss and how it wouldn’t be right for them to jump into a relationship. Adam tells Laurie that JR left town to get away from him. He asks if she has heard from him, but she has not. Joni apologizes to Laurie for telling JR and asks if they can be friends. Laurie agrees. Laurie tells Jamie she is still in love with JR. Adam overhears this and apologizes to Jamie. Jamie gets mad and tells him to stay away. Adam tells him he better learn to shut his mouth before someone shuts it for him. Greenlee and Kendall have a discussion over whose mother is worse. Mary arrives back at Fusion. She tells Greenlee she wants to be a decent mother. Greenlee tells her mom she has taken care of herself and will be fine without her. Mary tells her that she is empty inside. Kendall tells her to call if she needs anything. Greenlee calls and leaves a message for Carlos apologizing an asking him to call her. Chris meets with his investigator to find out who Erica is sleeping with. He looks over the information, which all points to Michael. His investigator seems to think it may be Jack. Erica tells Jack she needs his help because Michael has gotten Chris in a jealous rage and is tearing up there engagement. Jack tells her he won’t do a thing to help her and Chris stay together. Chris convinced she is cheating, and Jack points out that she is, with him. She inadvertently admits she loves him. Jack tells her she just admitted she loves him. She tries to deny, but eventually gives in. Reggie runs into Luis. He asks Reggie if he is keeping up his end of the deal. Reggie tells him that he is. Joni comes along and Luis tells her to give him all her money. Chris walks in on Erica and Jack. Jack says its time they tell Chris the truth.

ATWT by Dione

Ali's all packed & the tears fly as her mother & sister say good bye. After much deliberation & by Emily's request, Aaron & Lucy come by the house to wish her well. Rose shows Dusty her future shop, but is upset that she doesn't have any financial backing. After the seller of the property comes in, Dusty does a little wheelin' & dealin' & pulls out his checkbook for Rose. Rosanna tells Craig that she has Barbara on contract as she plants flowers in the gazeebo for the wedding. Emma picks Carly up from the hospital & Jack arrives. Mike shows up as well, Carly tells him to back off. Carly informs Jack that his shoulder is the only one she needs to lean on. Craig rushes over to the hospital to give Carly the latest stress building news. Carly shows him her designs & he hates them. At the Lakeview, Molly is still half dressed after her and Dusty's romp & decides to invite Mike over. (The last 20 min. of the show were not aired in my area due to the President's speech, some storlines were intentionally left hanging.)

B&B by Matt

Deacon comes by Mass’ to make good on his promise to do whatever he wants in exchange for telling Ridge the truth about his affair with Brooke. Mass tells him that if he wants to be successful in life, he has to have some passion in his work. Mass gets a call that one of his ships is leaking oil. He talks to the captain who thinks a big blast is what caused all their problems. Another blast knocks Captain Payne and most of his crew out. Ridge and Brooke spent the night with each other and he confirms his commitment to her and Hope. Bridget is hurt to find out that Ridge and Brooke spent the night together.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Meghan

Maxie decided she couldn’t go through with sleeping with Kyle. She asked Lucas to leave with her, and he called her a lying slut. At home, Maxie told her sister that she hated her for telling Lucas she used him. Georgie left crying.

Carly got in the middle of Jason and Sonny’s fight, and asked Sonny to take her home. He agreed, but not before telling Jason that he meant nothing to him. After they left, Ric tried to kick Jason and Courtney out of the club, Jason told him he had no rights. At their penthouse, Sonny and Carly talked about his past breakdown, and that he might be headed for another. Alexis showed up, and asked Sonny for help with Kristina. He shot her down, and asked her to leave. Jason and Courtney talked about Sonny, and then they started dancing. Ned found out what the Q’s did to get the baby, and he told them to be sure they knew they were not going to get away with it.


GL by Barbra

OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan is scared to tell Antonio the truth while Luis tells her they should end it all. Theresa locks her and little Ethan in her room. Ethan sneaks in to see her but she kncoks him out thinking hes Julian. Gwen is furious Ethan is still coming to her rescue. T.C. confides in Liz that his marriage is on the rocks. Chad and Whitney make love at the studio. Simone goes to Tabithas from some comfort from Kay but finds the magic bowl and sees Whitney and Chad making love.

PC by Beth

Lucy reluctantly shares a drink with Kevin at the lighthouse while he talks about getting back together. Kevin tells her that just staying there isn't enough. She has to be his wife again, in every sense of the word, but he won't rush her. When he tries to give her a goodnight kiss, Victor knocks him out from behind. Joshua lectures Ricky about the importance of doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He's pleased to hear that Ricky is prepared to do just that. Ian informs Rafe that it's time to act. Alison is determined to find a way to help Ian. Joshua vows to bring Caleb and the slayers down. Victor ties Kevin to a chair before taking Christina someplace safe. Lucy leaves him tied up. Reese informs Joshua that she was unable to feed and the water isn't good enough. They enjoy a mutual feeding. Alison, Rafe, and Ian find Elizabeth lurking outside the door. Elizabeth admits that she told Joshua about their plans to throw the vamps into the healing pool. She explains that he wants to replace Caleb as head vampire. Rafe comes up with a plan to prevent Joshua from using the information, but Ian doesn't like it. Rafe wants him to feed on Joshua and then kill him, which will allow them to use the healing pool to cure Ian. Lucy tells Ian that he has to do it.

Y&R By Jodi

Michael is furious as he learns that Chris was sexually assaulted by Paul. She doesn't actually say it was rape but alludes that it was a horrible situation. Michael then realizes he has no right to judge Paul since he did the same thing to Chris. She says that she'll survive and she forgot how much she needs him. Paul shows up at Chris' looking for forgiveness. Colleen lets JT know that they can see each other now without having to sneak around. Lauren wonders why Anita looks so happy and why she's looking for JT. Jill meets her biological mother at Gina's. She seems very carefree and a brings her own alcohol with her to the restaurant. Jill gives her $100 for cab fare.

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