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Thursday 3/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Erica tells Michael the lying has to stop. He questions her method of doing business. She slaps him. She tells him she thinks he is trying to come after her business. He denies it. She tells him it is war. She tells him she has taken steps to make Enchantment worthless if he should happen to acquire it. She questions is chance meeting with Kendall in Aspen. Erica shows up at Fusion. Kendall tells her to leave, but Erica says it is important they talk. Erica questions Kendall about Michael and their chance meeting. She thinks Kendall and Michael are trying to destroy Fusion. Erica tries to convince Kendall that Michael is using her as part of his plan. Lena arrives at Michael’s hotel room. She tells him about Enchantment stock and how Enchantment has never been more vulnerable. Michael says Erica has no idea that they are after Boyd’s formula. Lena tells him that Boyd is definitely in love with Kendall. She wonders if he has fallen for Kendall, and he tells her no. He has Kendall right where he wants her. He wonders what Kendall will do for him if he asks. Greenlee tries to apologize to Carlos for what she said. She tells him he is the first person she has been attracted to. Carlos tells her she makes things so complicated. Greenlee’s mother interrupts them, and Carlos leaves them alone. Greenlee isn’t too happy she hasn’t been around. Her mother apologizes for leaving so soon. Greenlee had believed her when she said she wanted a relationship. Her mom tells her she has found a man for Greenlee. Greenlee tells her she has met someone. Carlos returns and overhears them talking. He listens as Greenlee tells her mother the person his him. Her mother doesn’t seem to think that Carlos is good enough for Greenlee. Carlos gets angry and interrupts them, and then storms off. Greenlee tells her mother to leave. Liza tells Mia that her and Adam are getting divorced. She asks Mia if they can stay with her. Adam stops by to talk with Colby about the divorce. Adam tells Colby she will be staying with Mia and her mom, but she can come by the house anytime she wants. Henry and Maggie finish up their exam. Henry tells her it isn’t the first time he has frozen on a test. He questions what kind of doctor he will be if he can’t take the pressure. She tries to calm him down, but he takes off. A while later, she sees him with another girl and wonders what is going on between them.


ATWT by Dione

sorry, no recap

B&B by Matt

Brooke questions Ridge on whether or not he has been seeing someone else. Ridge denies it and Brooke decides not to worry about it. She and Ridge head to the hot tub and continue to discuss his “mystery woman.” After they get past it, Ridge confides in Brooke how he really doesn’t know who he is anymore. To comfort him, Brooke kisses Ridge passionately and get into some sexual positions, though Ridge looks distracted. CJ suggests Bridget figure out what she is going to do about this mess with Ridge. Bridget thinks it is wrong to compete with her mom for a man and vows to withhold the truth from Ridge. She asks CJ for advice and he suggests she remember what life was like before she got caught up in all this mess. He says they could be happy again and kisses her. She kisses back, though she looks distracted. April and Rick show up at the “Late Late Show.” Things are really rushed and she is on in 10 minutes. Amber joins them and isn’t sure television is ready for April, but seems really excited about her sister’s opportunity. Later, and from the audience, they watch a nervous April walk out on stage. Craig Kilborn arrives and introduces April. Her start is a little shaky, but April gets into it and is a smash hit, well for all intensive purposes she is.

Days by Trisha

sorry, no recap

GH by Suzanne

Sonny stalked out of the penthouse without Carly. Carly told Jason that she's worried that Sonny is having a breakdown again. Jason said he thought it would be okay this time because he has Carly and the baby on the way. Sonny yelled at Courtney at Kelly's until she threatened to call the police. He went to Carly's club and was drinking. Jax came in so he and Sonny got into their usual verbal fight, but because Sonny is losing it, things escalated and Sonny ended up breaking a bottle and threatening Jax with the jagged end. Someone phoned Jason and Carly, so they arrived and tried to stop Sonny. Sonny did not take it well and accused Jason of wanting to take him on, so he wanted to fight Jason. Carly tried to get in the middle of it, saying they were family. Monica and Skye told the Q men that they are not going to let them steal Ned's baby. Monica said she would bargain but she can't trust them to stick to their bargain, so she calls the judge. Jax arrived and told them all that they aren't going to get away with stealing the baby. Monica ordered him out. The Q men arranged for Monica to be left alone with the baby to bond with it. When the judge arrived, she told Monica that it's a good thing she has a home there rather than put in a foster home. Ned arrived and saw the Q men lurking outside, watching the scene, and called them baby stealers. Ric told Liz it is fine for people to know now that they are dating. Georgie kept trying to get Maxie to not go to the party so she could sleep with Kyle. Lucas and Maxie went to the party. Maxie went to dance with Kyle, ignoring Lucas. Georgie arrived and tried to talk sense to Maxie but that didn't work. Lucas took Georgie home and she told him what Maxie was up to because she doesn't like how Maxie is using him. He wondered if that's the reason or if it's because she wants him to like her. Meanwhile, Kyle and Maxie started to have sex. Maxie looked unsure and scared. Lucas went back to the party to look for Maxie as Georgie phoned her sister. Faith got in Courtney's face at Kelly's. Courtney told her off but Faith just threatened her and called her names. Elizabeth went to phone the police so that Sonny and Jason wouldn't get into a fight but Courtney stopped her. Cameron told Alexis that she'd better start taking therapy seriously or else find a new therapist, which would delay her getting her daughter back. She seemed only interested in getting Kristina away from the Quartermaines and went to find Ned for help.

GL by Richard

At the old museum, Marah, Tony, Shayne, Ben, Marina & Remy were all busy cleaning-up and arguing as to where things would go, when Reva, Holly, Cassie & Felicia all showed up and surprised them. Felicia asked Reva if she gave anymore thought to going to Europe and consulting the doctors who dealt with parapsychology, but Reva explained that this would involve her leaving her family for a while, and she's already done that to Josh & the kids enough times. After Josh overheard part of this, he & Reva discussed the situation and how the doctors in Europe would help Reva learn to keep her psychic abilities under control and, in the end, he gave Reva his blessing. Marah was in a snit about her mom being there but Tony reminded her that she used to think her mother was dead, so she changed her tune. In the Spaulding mansion, Lloyd informed Alexandra that Alan never did quite finish his cup of drugged tea. When Alex entered the living room, she was stunned to find Alan standing there with Lucia, who was dressed in a nun's habit. Alan was obviously under the influence of the drug, and with slurred speech, he told Alex they had a visitor. Lucia told her that she left her son in the hands of caring parents years ago, that they died, and that Gus was left to fend for himself. In the end, Alex convinced Lucia to let Gus handle Alan on his own terms, saying that Gus should be the one to tell Alan if he so chooses.

Phillip settled in at Olivia's suite at "The Beacon". After he told Olivia that he's happy to be there, Olivia asked if that's only because of the baby, but Phillip assured her it's not the only reason, and they made love. Later, Phillip assured Olivia that she won't be jailed for the stalker business, then told her he wants to burn every suit he has, sell his car and get a truck, adding that he wants to find a new place to live. Harley & Gus met outside of "Company", and rehashed the fact that Gus is a Spaulding by blood. Gus spoke with a police informant on his phone and arranged to meet with him at "Olivia's". After meeting up with Buzz and Frank inside "Company", Harley told them that Gus is Alan's son and that she feels guilty for secretly hoping that Gus never tells Alan the truth, saying she's in fear of Gus being "sucked into the Spaulding vortex". Alan got up and went to the door, at first couldn't open it, then he thought he saw prison bars there. Then he had a hallucinations of Olivia and Phillip right after they had sex, while they laughed at him. Alex and Lloyd drugged some more tea but found Alan's room empty. Gus missed meeting his informant, then ran into Phillip, who was surprisingly nice to him. Gus told Phillip that he found out he was adopted; Phillip knows how that feels and shared that he's leaving his Spaulding heritage behind. Alan, still drugged, ran in and shouted to them that he wanted to talk to his son.

OLTL by Jessica

Blair's bail was set at $100,000. Lindsay left a note at Bo's house saying that Blair was innocent. Joey told Flash he would help her and she stole his wallet. At the court hearing, Mitch was given everything. We are getting more clues on who Mitch is talking to on the phone. Roxy tried to hypnotize Nigel to quit smoking. Bo and Nora are starting to figure out if Lindsay is the killer.

Passions by Ashley

Eve has to rush to the hospital when it becomes overloaded due to an explosion. But eve insist that she stay home and work out all her problems. But the hospital keeps calling for her help. Luis and Sheridan try to tell Antonio the truth. Then her and Antonio discuss baby names. Julian throws out Theresa and tells her she can't take little Ethan and produces a paper stating he has temporary custody.

PC by Beth

Ian and Lucy make love for what they both believe is the last time, but for different reasons. Ian hasn't told Lucy that Rafe agreed to slay him, and Lucy hasn't told Ian that she agreed to live at the lighthouse with Kevin and Christina. Lucy tells Kevin that she's on her way, but lies to Ian about where she's going. Rafe wants to know why he passed up an opportunity to stake a vampire--especially one that was about to bite Alison. Alison thinks it's possible that Jack has been a good influence on the vamp, who was unable to actually bite her. Rafe is worried about a shift in the balance of good and evil. At Livvie's request, Caleb gives her the gift of eternal life. Rafe suspects that Caleb has brought Livvie back. Livvie is awed by her new life and all the heightened sensations that come with it. She asks Caleb to teach her to be just like him. A bright white light shines on Rafe and Alison as they lie down on the bed. Livvie happily displays a huge set of fangs.

Y&R By Judy

Jill is not happy that the "old crone" Katherine shows up at Gina's. She gets Larry to get "the troll" out of there. A woman appears and it seems she is the one Jill is waiting for. Both Fred and Anita are distracted by their adulterous kissing habits. They discuss Brittany. JT seems wierded out by Anita's lip-lock and Lauren wants the scoop. Chris gets a visit from Michael (he brings along flowers and Chinese food) but insists on talking about Paul. Paul is playing daddy while Isabella approves. She wants to drop the past but Paul tells Isabella he has to see Christine again for "closure.

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