Wednesday 3-26-03 Recaps

Wednesday 3/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Michael returns the dead flowers he received to Erica. She denies having sent the flowers. He shows her the note that is an obvious response to his own message. He insinuates that it was Chris, and not Erica that sent them. Michael tells Erica about Chris cornering him in the bar with questions and threats. Erica later accuses Chris of sending the dead flowers to Michael. Chris turns the tables on her by saying she is the one lying. He tells her that Michael is trouble. He doesn’t understand why she is taking Michael’s word over his own. Jack comforts an upset Anna. She feels like she is being obsessive and hysterical. Jack asks why she isn’t going to David for comfort. Anna tells Jack that David is doing his best. Jack doesn’t seem to thrilled about David, but respects what he and Anna have. Jack talks with Janelle about Leora’s condition and David’s decision to wait on the surgery. He wants her opinion. She is uncomfortable second-guessing someone like David, but she admits she thinks he is wrong. Maureen decides to take the Chemistry mid-term. Aidan gives her encouragement as well as a new pencil for the test. Aidan is waiting for her after the test. She thinks she did well.

Greenlee gets another E-mail. As she is reading it out loud, Carlos enters and quotes the last part. Carlos thinks Greenlee is unhappy because the E-mails could be from him. He thinks she has a problem with him being a handy man. He reveals that he is a writer. Kendall, Mia and Greenlee interrupt. They offer to leave, but Carlos leaves instead. They girls try to get Greenlee to spill the beans. She tells them nothing happened. They talk about their respective dates with Edmund and Boyd. Greenlee tells Kendall that getting involved with someone like Carlos is out of the question. Carlos overhears. Greenlee follows after him to apologize, but Carlos is gone. Anna finds David in the park with Leora. He decided to stay out with her a little longer so she could get some fresh air. They apologize to each other about their argument. Maggie and Henry study in the room. They have been up all night, and Maggie is thankful for his help. They kiss. Henry breaks off the kiss and tells Maggie they should focus on the test. Henry starts to get really stressed out about the test. During the test, Henry appears really stressed and has very little completed. His mind seems to have blanked. Maggie allows Henry to copy off of her exam. Erica tells Michael she is on to him, and warns him that he will be sorry if he doesn’t leave Pine Valley.


ATWT by Dione

Jack gave Carly a beeper so that she could get in touch with him ANYTIME she needed to. She beeped him, he came closer & they shared a kiss. Hal sternly reminded Emily all of the trouble Ali's caused & that she should HAPPILY take her 6 month deal that Tom made. At JU, Rosanna & Barbara agree on her designing for Monte Carlo if Carly doesn't make her deadline. Molly tells Rosanna that Carly doesn't need to get everything she wants anymore. Craig and Rosanna agrue over Carly and Monte Carlo, again. Paul insists that Rose should ask Dusty to look at her business proposal after she gets denied money that she needs from the bank. Barbara hopes that Dusty can get Rose into bed during the course of them "working" together.

B&B by Matt

After their kiss, Bridget and Ridge agree that there wasn’t anything romantic in it, but it’s painfully obvious that they are both lying. Brooke, Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe get started on some appetizers before dinner. The kids don’t know where Ridge is. Ridge comes home to find the gang eating dinner. April informs Rick and Amber of her run in with the producer from “The Late Late Show.” Both Rick and Amber warn her not to get her hopes up and that it looks like the producer blew her off. April negatively reacts and says that just because Amber had problems finding success in LA, it doesn’t mean the same will be true for her. April is thrilled when the producer from the show calls her to offer her a slot on tonight’s show. CJ finds out from a distracted Bridget about the kissing experiment and she admits that she had some major fireworks with Ridge. CJ tells her to either get past her feelings or do something about this. Ridge is distracted during dinner, but admits he stopped by Bridget’s before dinner. Later, the kids are shoved to bed so Brooke and Ridge can have some alone time. Ridge calls Bridget while Brooke puts Hope to sleep, to make sure she is okay after he left so abruptly. Brooke overhears Ridge tell Bridget the kiss caught him off guard. Brooke demands to know who he was talking to. Hee.

Days by Rebecca

Cassie is in hangover-mode as Mimi and Belle try to tell her about the bad affects of alcohol. Later, Chaz invites her to another party and tempts her with more alcohol. Isabella is there for Brady AND Victor when they visit Chloe. Nico tells Victor that Tony wants to meet with him immediately. Bo is working hard at work (Who knew?) and tells Hope to leave. Shawn and Rex talk and Shawn gets the feeling that Tony is rubbing off on him. Hope stops by with Zack to visit Shawn. The show ends with Bo on the phone saying "How big? Well, yeah, I want you to come down here. Now. Right now!"

GH by Meghan

Faith’s sniper took his shot at Courtney. Jason decided to keep her safe she would have to go out of town. Courtney refused, so Jason decided to move her into his penthouse. Sonny stormed in yelling at Jason for disrespecting him; Jason explained what happened with Faith. Sonny told Jason that he was putting Courtney in danger. Carly and Courtney talked about Jason and Sonny. Carly told Courtney she shouldn’t run her relationship with Jason in Sonny’s face.

Zander and Gia looked around the gatehouse until the fire investigator kicked them off the property. Zander told the guy that he suspected arson. Zander and Gia told Cameron about their suspicions, and they decided that Gia should try and get Scott to trust her, so she could get into his office. Edward called the judge in Kristina’s custody case, and she went to the hospital and awarded custody to Edward for six months. Skye found out what was going on, and asked AJ to let her in. He refused, and she threatened to go to the police. When Edward, AJ, and Alan were talking about their success, Monica came in and “congratulated” them on their triumph.


GL by Barbra

sorry no recap

OLTL by Jessica

Lindsay made her speech at the funeral saying that Troy was the one that should've died. Blair got Bo, Hank, and Troy to go to find Todd in the grave but he wasn't there when they looked. Lindsay is making herself look more obvious to Jen. Jen made a fat comment to Marcie and Joey went to comfort her. Marcie kissed him and he had to let her down easy. Natalie planned a dinner for Carlotta, Jess, Cris, and Antonio. Mitch blackmailed the judge to win the case against Viki. Blair got arrested for the murder of Sam.


Passions by Ashley

The Russell family has a fight over the physical fight between Chad and T.C. Liz makes things worse by taunting Eve and Simone swears to hate Whitney forever. Antonio talks happily about the baby on the way. Meanwhile Sheridan and Luis talk about who is the father and Luis says he'll stay with her regardless. Julian and Alistair both turn their backs onTheresa since she is not a Crane and tell her to start packing.

PC by Beth

Alison gets away from Reese, who catches up with her at the apartment. Ian informs Rafe that the healing pool failed him again. Rafe believes that they have to proceed with the plan now, because Caleb's power is becoming stronger. Lucy threatens Kevin with a knife, but he talks her into putting it down. She agrees to pack, explain things to Ian, and return the next day. Despite his assurances that he loves Lucy, Kevin is fascinated with the knife and the idea of "till death do us part." Reese tries to bite Alison but can't. Alison stops Rafe from staking Reese. Ian gives Lucy the bad news, but Lucy doesn't tell him what happened with Kevin. After Caleb and Livvie repeat their wedding vows, he takes her to the villa. When she urges him to bite her, Caleb prepares to honor her request.

Y&R By Jodi

Nikki, Nick, Victor, Vikki and Doris are out in the waiting are of the hospital arguing about who is to blame for Sharon running away. Victor is going to give Sharon's letter to Paul and see if he can find her. Nick doesn't care whose fault it is, he just wants her there for the kids. Noah feeds Cassie again and she licks her lips. Noah tells his sister he loves her. Brad and Ashley agree to let Colleen see JT. Anita thanks JT for the idea of calling Rianna (even though it didn't pan out) by buying him lunch and kissing him! JT rushes off wiping his lips. Jill runs off to meet her birth mother at Gina's. She gives Fred a kiss as thanks for his help. Jill stops off at home and sees her "adopted" mother who just got out of the hospital. Can't talk to her now cause she's got to go meet her real mother.

As Jill sits down at Gina's, she's furious to see Katherine show up and tells her she doesn't have time for her now.


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