Tuesday 3-25-03 Recaps

Tuesday 3/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Kendall has a nightmare about finding Erica in bed with Michael. She wakes and finds herself in Michael’s hotel room. When she tells him about her dream, he teases her a bit. She goes into shower. Michael calls to have roses delivered to Erica. He later receives a box of dead flowers. Aidan and Jack talk about Chris. Aidan is still concerned of Jack’s motivations, and he is still unsure about Chris’ guilt. After hearing Chris’ conversation with Flanders, Jack is sure Chris is up to something. He is worried he will put Erica in danger. At Enchantment, Chris stops by Erica’s office to say goodbye. They talk about what went wrong. Erica tells him she expected him to leave her and she was doing things to see how long it would take. They reconcile and Chris puts the ring back on her finger. Jack stops by at that moment. Erica asks him to be a friend and accept her decision. Though Erica lies about the sender of her flowers, Chris discovers they are from Michael. Maureen and Maddie go horseback riding. Back at the stable, Maddie says they should go with he dad the next time. Mia enters with Edmund. Maddie is rude to Mia, and still doesn’t understand why her family can’t be together. Mia and Edmund decide it’s time to get over their past loves. David remains overly protective of Leora. Anna and David run into Maggie, and Anna is worried about the estrangement between David and Maggie. She learns about David’s attitude towards Henry, and is further upset by his actions and attitude. Later, Anna turns to Jack for comfort. Maggie and Henry meet to study and leave BJ’s for somewhere quieter.


ATWT by Dione

sorry no recap

B&B by Matt

No B&B for me today. Rumsfeld talked, Meyers talked, reporters talked, and then Dan Rather talked. If you live in the East/Central it may be shown at 1:37 tomorrow morning, or today’s episode will be seen tomorrow, or we may just miss the episode entirely.

Days by Trisha

GH by Meghan

Carly went to visit Courtney, and saw Sonny at the loft with Jason and Courtney. Sonny told her that it wasn’t safe to be there, and she couldn’t go back. She agreed to stay away from Jason and Courtney to calm down Sonny. When they were home, they talked about the new baby. They hoped that both of them, and Leticia were ready for a new baby in their lives. Carly was coming down the stairs, and Sonny yelled for her not to move after he had a dream about her falling down the stairs. At the loft, Faith called Jason who was standing talking with Courtney. She told him that it was his chance to take over Sonny’s organization, and it was his only chance to go in with her. Faith told Jason she could destroy his life, and to prove it, she told him that there was a sniper with a gun pointed at Courtney. He pulled Courtney to the ground as a bullet was fired.

Zander ran after Ned into the burning gatehouse. He pulled the burning ceiling beam from Ned, and dragged him him out of the house. While being treated by the paramedics, Alexis came to the house, and demanded to see Kristina. Gia told her the baby was fine at the main house, and Alexis ran to see her; Zander tried to stop her. Scott went to the Q mansion and threatened to arrest Alexis who was holding baby Kristina. When she was scared into leaving, Edward handed Scott a check for his help and his “re-election” campaign. Alexis went to see Ned, and told him that he should be responsible for the baby, and he almost got Kristina killed.




GL by Carrie

Ben and Marina go to Ben and the gang's new place. Marina wishes that she could live there too and says that she does not like the idea Ben living with one girl (Marah). Shayne and Marah come and join in. Marina and Shayne start flirting as Ben jealously watches. Marina and Shayne turn the radio onto "Sandy and the mole". They are talking about Eden's escort service today on their show. Eden comes and hounds Marah about doing her designs. Tony believes that Eden is trying to come between him and Marah. Tony and Marah are cuddling. Bill and Eden meet at the bar.... hmmm.... maybe a new couple? Maybe not. She gives Bill her business card....he asks if she is a florist (Eden's Garden). Michelle and Danny are on and Michelle is yelling. Danny tells her that he loves her. She says that she would love to move into the house that they are at but she is sick of living for Danny... then she finally gives in and she and Danny go inside and they eventually make love. (One of the best NSA and PAS scenes to date!!!)

Regina tells Gus and Harley that she will be staying at the boarding house for a while and wants to get to know them both. Gus wants to know who his real father is and demands the truth from Regina. Regina lets the cat out of the bag and tells the truth.... that Alan is Gus' father! And she tells him the story about Brandon not liking her but Alan loving her and how she was fired by Brandon and Alex knew of Regina's pregnancy so she helped her leave without Alan ever knowing about Gus. Michelle proposes to Danny and he says YES!!! All in All... it was a great show.... especially Manny!

OLTL by Jessica

Sam's funeral ceremony took place. Will came back and spoke at it and so did Nora. The whole time Lindsay was hallucinating Sam. She finally got up to speak. Mitch led Blair to Victor Lord's tomb. Roxy talked Cris and Natalie into going to her salon and finding a place to have Cris paint a mural. Jessica went to go visit Megan's grave and Will joined her.

Passions by Ashley

Eve has a fantasy about divorce court and what the future may hold. While Theresa is sick with disgust Ethan calls to find out if Julian's stories hold true. Beth is happy Sheridan's pregnant and hopes it is Anotnio's baby so she can snag Luis. Meanwhile Luis wonders whos baby it really is.

PC by Beth

Kevin uses blackmail to try to force Lucy to go back to him. He's prepared to make her lose custody of Christina over her belief in vampires. Christina tugs at Lucy's heartstrings. Rafe tells Alison of his reluctant promise to kill the last remaining vampire, which will likely be Ian. After going off alone to drink the blood that Lucy brought him, Ian returns to the healing pool. The first five notes of "Naked Eyes" begin to play as he submerges himself in the water. Rafe runs from the Recovery Room when he senses that something is wrong. Alison tries to follow, but a fanged Reese stops her. Caleb tells Tess that he was wrong to separate her from Livvie. He would do anything to have his Olivia back as a whole person. Tess and Livvie merge into one person. Livvie tells Caleb that all he had to do was want all of her instead of only part of her. Caleb believes that nothing can stop them now.

Y&R By Judy

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