Monday 3-24-03 Recaps

Monday 3/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Adam tells Tad he can’t get away with kissing his wife. Tad tells Adam not to blame Liza, and leaves. Adam declares that it is the final chapter of their marriage. Adam tells her he won’t fight her for custody. Adam thinks he has driven away all of his children. They all leave him. She tells him he still has Colby. Tad talks with Joe and Ruth at their house. He tells them what happened before Jake left town. Mia stops by and finds out Tad told them what happened. They tell her Jake went back to work with Doctors without Borders. Mia tells Ruth she wants to know what she did wrong. Ruth tells he Jake isn’t blameless. Later, Mia insinuates to Tad there may be new man in the picture. Carlos tells Greenlee he is happy she called. He wonders if he is still fired. She tells him she didn’t really fire him. He goes to fix the problem. While he is working, she soaks them both trying to prove a point. She gets him a shirt to wear. He realizes its Leo’s and says he can’t take it. She insists he take it. She opens up to him. He recites part of one of the E-mails and then leaves. Greenlee turns around and says wait, but he is already gone. She realizes Carlos is the one she was looking for. Simone and Kendall run into Boyd at BJ’s. He asks Kendall to a concert, and he is surprised when she says she is with Michael. He tells her Erica called off her engagement to Chris. He insinuates there is something going on between Erica and Michael. Kendall doesn’t believe him. Simone tells Boyd to wake up and realize that Kendall does want him, but other women do. Michael shows up and he and Kendall leave. Boyd tells Mia she is right and he asks her to dinner. Joni and Arthur meet with Jack about her arrest. Jack says he can keep it out of the paper, and Joni admits she should be punished. She finds Trey in the hallway eavesdropping. They argue. She doesn’t understand what his problem is with her. He backs her against the door, and Jack interrupts them. Joni and Arthur leave, and Jackson wants to know what was going on with Joni.

ATWT by Dione

B&B by Matt

Brooke tells Deacon to get lost from LA and informs him that she and Ridge are getting back together. Ridge thinks Bridget’s feelings for him aren’t real, and to prove his point he kisses her. The two stare at each other after the kiss. Amber warns April not to get her hopes up about making it big in LA so soon. While Amber is gone, a producer for “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” stops by. April takes the opportunity to ask for an appearance of the show.

Days by Rebecca

Jack, Jennifer, Roman, and Kate are at a restaurant having a romantic evening, but DA Carson Palmer is also there with a nice looking date. Jack and Jen try and get some info, and wonder why he is with some cheap floozy and if he's in any criminal activities. Roman is also distracted by Carson. Nicole hears of some illegal activities with Victor and tries to take the upper hand. Victor laughs it off and Nicole is determined not to be a prisoner. Tony, Marlena, and John interrogate Rolf about the twins and they learn that the twins were taking months after Marlena gave birth. Rolf stops talking (his loyalty to Stefano) until John threatens him. The show ends with Rolf saying "All right, all right. I will tell you. I will tell you everything you want to know..."

GH by Megsaqt

Ric told Sonny that he wouldn’t kill Faith. Sonny told him that’s why he could never replace Jason; he couldn’t do difficult tasks. Sonny agreed to put Ric on retainer. Ric told Carly, and asked her not to tell Sonny about them. Sonny went to see Courtney and asked her to break up with Jason to protect Carly and the baby.

AJ started a fire at Ned’s house. Edward had Kristina at the mansion, and Alan welcomed the baby “home”. When Ned got to the house, he ran in thinking that the baby was still inside. A ceiling piece fell, and knocked him unconscious in the burning house. Luke kicked Lucky out of the club after he told Luke that he signed all his rights to Laura over to Nikolas.


GL by Barbra

sorry no recap

OLTL by Jessica

Lindsay started to break down when she was talking to Bo at the bar. After, she went to Mitch's house and he made sure that Lindsay said what she was supposed to. Jen told Bo that Lindsay had a gun. Flash was about to prostitute herself but decided not to. Then she called Joey. Asa decided to be a partner with Roxy.

Passions by Ashley

Liz and Eve talk and Liz gloats to Eve and tells her why Whitney and Simone don't confide in her. T.C. and Sam talk and he tells Sam how he'll kill Chad if he ever sees him again. Meanwhile Chad sneaks into Whitney's room and is almost caught. A upset Simone tells Kay what happened and Kay gives her advice to get back Chad. Alistair comes to straighten out the mess at the mansion. He gets the truth out of Bruce when he starts to tell him the story and its shocking. Things between Antonio, Sheridan, and Luis take a twist.

PC by Beth

Joshua scares the daylights out of Elizabeth when he shows up in her bed, ready for a feeding. He forces her to admit that she's human again. Afraid for her life, Elizabeth tells him that the slayers plan to throw all the vampires into the healing pool. Joshua gives her a ticket to Capri and orders her to stay there. Ian writes a goodbye letter to Lucy. After Kevin catches Lucy stealing blood from the blood bank, he adds several more units to her shopping bag and promises to keep her secret. Lucy persuades Ian to drink the blood she brought home, and he goes off to do it alone. Kevin tells Christina that they're going to surprise her mommy. Caleb is frustrated by his inability to play the first part of "Naked Eyes" correctly. He has a vision of Tess and Livvie, who are both ready to help in their own way, but nothing seems right to him. As with the song, something is missing. Eventually, he tries the music again, and this time Livvie and Tess touch fingertips. This is the answer he's been looking for. An unsuspecting Tess accompanies Caleb back to the place where he separated her from Livvie. Caleb is ready to correct his mistake.

Y&R Y&R By Jodi

JT tells Colleen he's changed and he won't get sex somewhere else. Anita Hodges talks to Lauren about her troubled marriage. JT shows up and says that Brittany may be with Riana. Anita calls and asks her mother to call her if she hears from her. Jill is afraid she may be rejected by her birth mother as Fred gets closer to finding out who she is. Nikki tells Doris that it was Sharon who started the kiss with Victor. Dr. Reese doesn't find any change in Cassie even after she moved her lips. Nick is devastated that he's trying to take their hope away. Nikki runs in and says she needs to talk to Nick, that he must know the truth.

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