Wednesday 3-19-03 Recaps

Wednesday 3/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee meets with Lysistrata. She tells her what has been happening with her mystery E-mailer, Simone and Carlos. Lysistrata tells her she has hit rock bottom, and that she needs to start the process of moving on to be happy. Simone arrives back at Fusion. Shortly thereafter, Greenlee returns. Simone believes Greenlee is going to yell at her again, but she apologizes instead. They hug and make up. Greenlee calls and leaves a message for Carlos. Liza and Adam are still frantically searching for JR. Stuart tells them JR has left to work on a steamer ship headed for the Philippines, and he had promised not to tell them. Adam asks Liza if she is going to leave him too. Liza tells him not to take his frustrations out on her. Laurie’s dad drops the charges against Jamie. Tad talks with Doug and tells him about his own past and present concerns. He tells Doug he can call him anytime. Tad, Jamie and Laurie learn of JR’s departure. Doug apologizes to Laurie. Erica arrives back at Fusion. She informs Boyd that her engagement to Chris is off. He tells her that Bianca and Lena are out together. Bianca and Lena have dinner. Lena asks her about her about revealing her sexual orientation. Lena remains vague when Bianca asks questions about her. Chris asks Jack for the truth about whom Erica is sleeping with. He doesn’t get an answer and leaves. Jack asks Aidan what he saw. Chris returns and has a private conversation with Flanders. Aidan is secretly listening in. Opal stops by to talk with Erica. She has already heard what happened with Chris. Opal tells Erica not to send Jack mixed signals. Erica admits she still blames Jack for losing Bianca years before. She also wonders whether Bianca would be a lesbian if she had spent more time with her when she was a child. Adam punches Tad and blames him for ruining their lives.

ATWT by Dione

Show will not be aired until Monday due to the NCAA pre empt. Ben convinced Jess to go ahead with the rape charges. TMT's bail was set at 25K!! After court, TMT told Ben that Jessica "comforted him" the night of the rape after sent Ben home. Ben called Isaac & asked to see that letter. Rosanna offered Babs the fall line if Carly didn't get her designs out in time. Craig overheard the conversation & assured them that Carly will complete it. Mike tried to boss Craig by suggesting that he not to pressure Carly. In secret, Carly told Craig that she will be designing. Molly asked Mike to marry her after they had a nice visit with Carly. Rose asked Paul to invite Babs to their wedding. Paul extended the invite to his mother, who pretended to be happy. Paul assured his mother that Rose is the person with the big heart, not him!

B&B by Matt

Things are a little awkward the morning after the night of passion between Darla and Thorne. Thorne remembers very little of it and the two realize it was just comfort sex, though I can tell Darla is a little hurt and seems to have deeper feelings. Thomas notes to Ridge that he has noticed how mopey he has been acting since he and Brooke fought and suggests that if it makes him happy, he should get back together with her. He calls Brooke and invites her over to dinner with them. Bridget and Brooke share breakfast in her office and discuss why Ridge didn’t invite her to the wedding. Brooke is worried that Ridge will choose his children over her. When Brooke gets the call from Thomas, she is thrilled. Macy drops by Thorne’s and is astonished by his callous attitude toward her. He still believes that she spent the night with Lorenzo, but is horrified when he hears that Macy sent Lorenzo back to Italy. Darla reveals to Clarke that she slept with Thorne. Astonished, Clarke warns her to keep a level head on her shoulders. Thorne and Macy proceed to have sex on the same bed as he and Darla slept on. Eww!

Days by Rebecca

Marlena and Tony discuss the twins and later Bart comes with a message - they found Rolf - and they head for the Dimera Mansion. Belle realizes that Shawn was not cheating on her and they make-out. Sami angers Faye by talking bad about Nicole and of her affair with Abe and she leaves. Abe and Lexie are at the hospital for Lamaze Class and see Brandon. Brandon pushes Abe's buttons and later in Lamaze class, when Abe is called out, Brandon helps a single mother as her coach and she tells him that he'll make a wonderful father someday. He replies 'I'm looking forward to it' as he glares at Lexie...

GH by Meghan

Summer found Luke packing to go to England to see Laura. Lucky and Summer had a nice chat; he's unsure of her motives still. Nikolas told Lucky she's bad news. Two men grabbed Summer when she was standing on the docks and dragged her to Windemere, where Nikolas told her that Lucky was off limits, and she needed to remember that if she wanted to find her brother. She told him that Luke wasn't interested in her, but he insisted that she'd better change that. Scott brought Luke a restraining order (which Luke tore up) and said he'd better not call or visit Laura, or he'd go to jail. He showed it to Lucky, who was surprised that Nikolas didn't mention it, and to Dara. Dara said Luke has no legal standing but Luke suggested that Lucky does and asked him to challenge Nikolas. Mike went to see Courtney and warned her that her relationship with Jason would kill Sonny. She said she wouldn't give up Jason and Sonny risks his own life. Ric told Faith that Sonny would send him to the new meeting with the 5 families, but he would have to pretend to be on Sonny's side. Instead, Sonny insisted on going to the meeting and asked Ric to wait at his penthouse in case he needed bailing out of jail. Sonny went to the meeting and dragged Faith around by the hair, calling her slut and other names, then threw her out like trash. The families cowed to him and Tagliati told Faith later that she's done. After a talk with Courtney, Carly decided to tell Sonny the truth. Ric begged her to let him resign and leave town instead so that Sonny wouldn't kill him, so she agreed. Sonny returned and took out a gun, then told Ric that if he wanted to prove himself, he would kill Faith for him.

GL by Barbra

Marah and Tony visit 5th Street. Marah loves the museum and wants to buy it and make it her home. Tony says that it is being torn down. Josh tells them it is a landmark and can't come down, much to Marah's delight. Phil and Olivia talk over breakfast. He tells her he is willing to help her even if it means sending Alan to jail. Gus wonders about being a Spaulding. Gus puts 2 and 2 together and goes to confront Alex and Lucia who is there talking to Alex. Gus confronts Alex about being his mother. Alan meets Lucia and thinks they have met before (duh!!) Olivia shares her dream with Phil of having this baby and a good man to love. Wealth and power aren't everything. Alan interrupts and they argue. He leaves and drops his phone. Phil picks it up and they realize that it is Olivia's phone, or at least one that looks like hers and is programmed to act like hers. The smoking gun just showed up.

OLTL by Jessica

Bo questions Troy. Bo questions Blair and she tells him about the phone call from Mitch. Blair had confronted him earlier. Bo finds Blair's story hard to believe. Mitch goes in for questioning and of course covers himself. So far the suspects are Troy, Blair, Todd, and Mitch. Nora tells Lindsey that she will do her best to find Sam's killer. Bo calls Lindsey to ask her questions. Flash auditions for RJ's bar but gets interupted by Antonio attacking RJ for not telling him about the memorial service for Keri, Liz, and the baby. Later, RJ goes to Toronto and knocks on a door and Keri answers. Keri and the baby are alive but Liz is dead.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. and Sam talk about Chad and what happend. Whitney and Chad talk and they vow nothing will come between them. Eve and Liz talk and Liz tells her she knew about Chad and Whitney the whole time and Eve is shocked. While Ethan and Fox defend Theresa an enraged Julian throws her out. Luis and Sheridan get prepared to tell Antonio the truth while Beth waits by.

PC by Beth

Alison argues with Jack about the turn his life has taken. Jack fills Chris in on the situation with Tess and Caleb. Reese and Alison snipe at each other about Jack. Alison and Jack make up. Reese decides to turn Alison into a vampire. Caleb is displeased to find Tess looking at his family ring. Tess wants to throw it away, but he won't allow that. Instead, he places it on his finger. Rafe is convinced that the only difference between Ian and Elizabeth is that Ian never fed on anyone. Ian refuses to consider feeding. He would rather he dead than be like Caleb and the others. Caleb dreams that Livvie offers her neck to him, but when he tries to bite her, his fangs are gone. In the dream, Livvie blames Tess for this. Caleb is visibly shaken by the dream and has to get out of the villa. Rafe concedes that he may be missing something, but Ian doesn't think so. At Ian's insistence, Rafe agrees to kill him if there's no way out. Kevin catches Lucy stealing blood from the blood bank.

Y&R By Jodi

Mac and Colleen have a talk about her almost having sex with JT. Colleen is sure she is ready and thinks her family should give him a chance. Mac confesses that she's not having sex til she's married. JT tells Raul he can't believe how Colleen has changed him, he actually turned down a party with 2 girls. Colleen asks JT if he'll be happy if they wait to have sex. Anita and Fred Hodges have a fight about him flirting with Jill. He tells her she's just business acquaintance and that he's helping her find her biological parents. Noah starts feeding Cassie some of his yogurt and she starts eating! Doris admits to Nikki that she's heard from Sharon.

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