Tuesday 3-18-03 Recaps

Tuesday 3/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee asks Carlos if he wrote the E-mails. He is reluctant to answer, and Greenlee continues to push for an answer. He finally tells her that he likes to see her happy because she is not such a raving bitch to work for. Simone and her attorney walk in. Carlos tells her he will ask for another assignment and leaves. Greenlee tells Simone she won’t get paid until her legal fees are covered, but Kenny says he is working pro bono. Simone tells her it is her own fault if she is alone because she pushes everyone away. Maureen and Joe meet for lunch and talk about Maureen going back to medical school. Edmund introduces Maureen to Mia. Maureen leaves and Mia and Edmund sit and talk. He asks her to go horseback riding with him, and she says she would love that. Reggie is very insistent about getting his $50,000 reward so he can help his sisters. Jack tells him that he will get the money when he is older and can handle it responsibly.Chris and Kendall argue over Erica and Michael. Chris tells her she is being naïve. She refuses to believe Michael is cheating on her with Erica until she sees it with her own eyes. Chris tells Kendall he will get to the truth. She offers to take him up to Michael’s room to show him he is wrong. Meanwhile in Michael’s room, Erica asks what business he would like to discuss. Michael suggests a joint venture, but Erica turns it down both in business and pleasure. Michael tells Erica that Kendall isn’t the one for him. He leans in to kiss her, and Kendall walks and accuses Erica of putting the moves on Michael. Erica storms and Chris follows her. Kendall asks what was going on. Michael insists it was just business. Kendall tells him that Erica is jealous of her. She makes him promise he will never lie to her. Kendall tells Michael she would kill Erica she ever touched him. Michael seems to like this idea. In the hotel lobby, Chris asks Erica to tell him the truth. He insists that she trust him and just tell him the truth. She tells him she is not sleeping with anyone else. Erica becomes very angry and tells Chris they are through. She takes off her engagement ring and throws it at him as Jack walks in.

ATWT by Dione

Bonnie tried to encourage Jess not to go ahead with the trial due to her and Marshall's past scandal. Due to Jess's past lie Bonnie didn't believe Jessica was raped. Isaac doubts the truth of the rape. He confronted Ben with the letter that Marshall wrote for Jess. Ben almost punched Isaac. While in the examining room, Marshall asked John for his advice. John suggested that he fight for the truth. Jack slipped & said, "Our baby" when he was warning Carly to take it easy. Jack urged Carly not to work due to the amount of stress it may produce. Carly called Craig & told him that she wanted to work on the fall line. Contrary to popular belief, Dusty doesn't have a dime to his name. So, he has made a deal with the She-Devil, Barbara to break up Paul & Rose. Babs will pay him double to get her into bed.

B&B by Matt

Thorne sees Macy and Lorenzo kissing, assumes the worst, and heads home to drown his sorrows in some liquor. Darla drops by with some champagne (non-alcoholic) for the lovebirds to celebrate with and is shocked when Thorne reveals what he saw. Thorne and Darla get drunk and wonder what Macy was thinking. Darla haphazardly gets Thorne to bed. Darla eyes Thorne and then leaves, but then comes back. She realizes she cannot drive and asks Thorne if she can stay on the couch. Thinking it was Macy, well I think, Thorne grabs Darla and two hop on the bed amid passionate kisses. Lorenzo bitterly packs his things to head back to Italy. He warns Macy that she will be hurt again. After Ridge corners Mass and warns him not to tell the truth to Eric or be cut off from his family forever, Mass announces to Eric that he should be grateful for his family and leaves. Eric and Stephanie’s vows are renewed. Afterwards, Stephanie thanks Ridge for convincing Mass to refrain from telling the truth. Bridget catches Stephanie’s bouquet and the happy couple heads to the airport for their honeymoon.

Days by Trisha

John comforts Belle and later Brady about their love lives. Chloe is depressed and neither Brady nor Craig can get to her, though when Nancy brings Joy she cracks a tiny smile. Bo and Abe are met by Hope and Lexie at the police station, and Bo is angry that a man who shot a teen is being set free. Lexie and Hope talk and are happy that they're friends again. Later, they all go to the Brady Pub for the St. Patricks Day celebration. Rex and MImi flirt as Cassie comes with Marlena. Cassie starts to dance, then gets on Belle's nerves, and later pulls some guy to dance with her (who actually has his eyes on Belle!) Rex doesn't want to show Mimi his true feelings (And tells Marlena that too!) and leaves leaving Mimi confused. Marlena and John also make up. Bo gets a phone call saying that the teen died, and Abe tells him that he is NOT on the case, but Bo leaves anyway.

GH by Meghan

Courtney told Jason that she thought it would be better if she didn't go to Benny's funeral. Reluctantly, Jason agreed. Sonny and Carly were ready to leave, when Michael came in and asked to go to "Uncle Benny's party". Sonny and Carly explained Benny died, and Michael asked if Jason had died too. Carly said no, but Michael wondered why Jason didn't come over any more. Carly promised Jason would visit soon. At the funeral, Sonny and Jason talked, and Jason promised to visit Michael. After the funeral, Jason went to see Courtney at Kelly's, where he ran into Ric. Jason told Ric that if he ever hurt Sonny, Carly, Michael, or Courtney than nobody would ever see him again.

Alexis told Cameron that she thought she could get the baby back in six weeks. He told her she would have to wait the entire six months. Jax came over, and Alexis asked him to arrange meetings with Ned at his house, and then Ned would bring Kristina with him. Alexis told Jax she would visit the baby at his house, and he and Ned could be there all the time. He told her that he couldn't do that. Alexis next went to Ned, who kicked her out, and told her she was hurting Kristina by coming there.

GL by Barbra

Tony poses for Marah as they discuss their distrust of Eden. Ben confronts Eden about the sex issue with Ramona. He doesn't want to be a gigolo. Eden says that if he doesn't want to work, just say so. Gus confronts Alex about what she is hiding after he tells her he talked to Roy. Alex claims that she was just trying to keep the "truth" from coming out and hurting him. The mole talks about the Garden of Eden on the radio as the residents of Springfield listen intently. Tony calls Eden and pretending to be a customer requests an escort to go with him to Vegas, including sexual favors. Sister Lucia comes to see Alex, dressed in street attire. Alex tells "Gina" that she has lousy timing. Gus comes back and Gina hides. After Gus leaves, Gina accuses Alex of lying to her. Gus comes home and he and Harley revisit the clues to the mystery. Both stop short when they realize that the "S" could stand not for Santos but for Spaulding. (Shock)

OLTL by Jessica

Natalie goes to court to lie about sleeping with Mitch. Jen shows up and asks Cristian where Sam was and Cris told her to talk to her mom. Roxy tells Rex that she is going to help Natalie testify against Mitch. Hank finds a typed confession that Todd supposedly wrote. Nora does not buy it and neither does Bo. Nora clearly makes her point that Todd is not guilty. Bo goes to Viki's house and talks to her and Blair about Todd. Viki and Blair both know that he didn't do it. Mitch pretends to comfort Lindsey but at the same time talks her out of confessing. He tells her that all the evidence points to Todd. Jen walks in and tells Mitch to leave. Lindsey tells Jen about Sam. Obviously jen is heartbroken and tells Lindsey that she needs to see him. Evangeline makes it hard for Natalie to tell her story. Roxy walks in the courtroom. Natalie ios proved to be lying. Renee finds out that Rae is divorcing Asa. Jen and Lindsey go to see Sam. Jen says her last goodbye to Sam. Natalie gets an annulment. Bo thinks that Blair might be hiding something. Blair tells Troy about the phone call from Mitch. Troy tries to get her to tell Bo. Mitch tries to get Jess to talk to him. Rex tries to get Roxy to talk to Asa. Nora goes to see Sam and says her goddbyes. Hank finds Blair's fingerprints on the gun.

Passions by Ashley

Liz and Eve confront each other about Liz's agenda to steal Eve's family from her. Liz tells her that it'll be easy. Then their fight becomes physically violent. Mrs. Wallace and Beth fight over her being left with Precious. Luis and Sheridan both try telling Antonio the truth again. While Julian gets rude with Theresa and demands her out Ethan defends her and Gwen gets both jealous and angry.

PC by Beth

Ricky informs Joshua that his membership in the band doesn't include becoming a vampire, and Joshua doesn't have a problem with that. When Casey and Ed pop into the studio, their presence is undetected by the others. Casey assumes that Ed is going to replace her, but he thinks that she's doing a good job. After Ed leaves, Casey literally drops in on a startled Ricky and informs him that she hasn't given up on him. Alison and Rafe decide to send Elizabeth out of town, but she dupes them and instead calls Joshua. Lucy finds a package containing a bag of human blood for Ian, compliments of her "loving husband." After informing Joshua of the hot spring's location, Elizabeth urges him to drink the special water since she won't allow him to feed on her anymore. She threatens to fill Caleb in on the situation if Joshua doesn't leave her alone. Alison calls off the search for her sister. Rafe tells Ian that the only way to be cured is to drink human blood before getting into the healing pool.

Y&R By Judy

Jack has words with Victor and tells him he should drop the deal with Satine as Jabot has much more experience at cosmetics and they now have Dru. But, Victor sees beyond Jack’s reason for the visit. Neil and Dru have words because she has been re-hired by Jack. Neil wants it to all stop and thinks she should re-consider because of Lily. Lauren and JT discuss Colleen and the fact they don‘t have sex. He gets an invite to a college party which seems to tempt his hormones. Colleen wants help from Bill in getting her driver’s license and whines about how Bill can do more than she can. He reminds her he is older and she has made bad choices plus her relationship with JT will come to and end when he gets bored of hand holding. When Colleen informs Bill that she wanted to go all the way and JT stopped her, Bill is not happy. Anita strolls into Jill’s office and they swap insults. Anita’s jealousy has her in a “tizzy” and Jill laughs at her and tells her she needs a “little good nooky” from a young hunk.! She ends up at The Boutique and eyes JT and then questions him about Brittany’s whereabouts. JT tries to reassure her and she gives him her cell phone number. She compliments JT on his attitude but it appears there is more on her mind.

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