Monday 3-17-03 Recaps

Monday 3/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee confronts Carlos and attempts to take her scarf from him. They get into a tugging match, and Greenlee falls on her butt. He gives her an excuse as to why he was holdng it. Greenlee gets angry and calls to speak with Carlos’ boss. She learns that the building manager is Sydney Bergeron. She hangs up and asks Carlos if he is the one who has been E-mailing her. Kendall stops by Michael’s hotel room. He has a table set up for a romantic meal. Michael gives Kendall a blank check so that she can bail Simone out of jail. Donald Steele tries to stir up trouble regarding Erica and Enchantment. Michael tells Kendall that Erica must have planted a lie in the press. Kendall leaves, and he calls Erica. Bianca and Lena help Boyd move into Myrtle’s boarding house. While moving a box they share an awkward moment. Later on, Boyd tries to kiss Lena. She backs off, and he asks her if she likes men or women. She plays coy. Lena tells Boyd she is friendly and kisses him. Jack discusses the investigation of Chris with Aidan. Chris didn’t perform his duties and a criminal got off. Jack tells Aidan that Chris used his badge to settle a score. Aidan wonders if Jack is doing the same thing. Later, while Reggie is working for Jack he comes across a reward offer and tells Jack to pay up. Mia and Edmund talk over lunch at the Valley Inn. Chris interrupts and interrogates Mia about Kendall and Michael. His phone rings and she returns to Edmund. They talk about Simone and Fusion, and bond over shared experiences. They notice Aidan and Alison and they decide to leave. Maggie tries to apologize to Henry for David’s behavior. She meets Henry’s mother, who is very strict. His mother tells Maggie that Henry will be a doctor and there is no room in his life for her. Later, Henry tells her he wants to be with her no matter what his mother thinks. She tells him he should do what he loves, not be a doctor just because it is what his mother wants. At the Valley Inn, Chris runs into Kendall at the bar, and he wants to know what’s going with Michael. Kendall figures that Erica is paying enough attention to Chris, and now he assumes she must be sleeping with Michael. Up at Michael’s room, Erica arrives to find out what Michael’s next move will be.

ATWT by Dione

During Rose & Paul's engagement party, Paul appointed Dusty as his best man. At first, he declined. Rose assigend Lily with the job of Matron of Honor. Dusty had a meeting with Babs regarding the engagement. Alison charged gifts for Katie to Susan's credit at the hospital. Susan was so mad, she checked Ali out of the hospital. Chris said a few words of comfort to Katie in regards to Simon leaving her. Since Carly has no place to go, Jack asked Emma if she could stay with her. This made Rosanna upset, but she pretened it was a good idea for Emma's sake. Rosanna told Craig that he needs to hire another designer for the fall line. Later, Craig asked Carly if she could do some sketches from her bed. Aaron encouraged Lucy to walk with a cd that he made for her along with pizza.

B&B by Matt

Macy breaks it to Lorenzo that she is going back to Thorne. Thorne overhears them and believes that Macy is actually going back to Lorenzo. Stephanie expresses her concern about Mass’ interference when she sees how angry he is over her impending renewal wedding with Eric. Ridge doesn’t think its worth worrying over. The ceremony begins, but comes to a screeching halt when Massimo shows up and demands to say something. All the people who know the truth (Stephanie, Ridge, and Bridget) look like a deer caught up a pair of headlights.

Days by Rebecca

Jack is convinced that Palmer is up to something, and Jennifer calls her father and tells him about her upcoming wedding. Bo is angry about a gang member, and later has a big argument with Palmer. A worried Brady and an unhappy Nicole chat, and he senses something wrong but she denies it and walks off with Victor.

GH by Megsaqt

The judge found Alexis not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. She ordered that Alexis get therapy, and her law license be suspended. She also gave sole custody of Kristina to Ned, and gave Alexis no visitation until they met again in six months. Ned brought the baby in so Alexis could say good bye. He took her home. Later at Kelly’s, Faith congratulated Ned about the baby, but he told her to leave.

Elizabeth and Ric slept together, but afterwards he said they shouldn’t have. Elizabeth got upset, and tried to leave but Ric pulled her back and kissed her, apologizing. Sonny told Jason that he wasn’t loyal, but Jason yelled back saying he never quit, Sonny fired him. Carly and Courtney tried to stop the arguing, and then took their men home. Courtney tried to tell Jason they should break up, but then realized she didn’t want to give him up for anybody. Carly told Sonny that he and Jason needed to work things out, or the four of them would be destroyed.

GL by Barbra

Reva and Holly talk about the upcoming show. Blake is upset. Edmund tries to get Alex to rethink what she is doing to Alan. Cassie books the entire hotel. Gus talks to Sister Lucia. They talk about his parents. Ed and Michelle talk about Danny. Michelle questions her decision to leave Danny and admits that her feelings for him are strong. Sister Lucia gets nervous when Gus talks about Miquel Santos and Carmen. Gus assures her that Carmen is in prison. Danny encourages Cassie to go the gala. Edmund arrives at the Beacon to meet with Cassie and tells her the gala is coming to her. Cassie tells Edmund that she doesn't trust him. He apologizes and says that he wants to make up for the things he did. Edmund admits that he misses Richard. Michelle calls Danny and leaves him a thank you message and asks him to call. He is listening. Blake is summoned to the mansion and Alex grills her about he vote for CEO.

OLTL by Jessica

Bo, finishing at the crime scene went outside and found Lindsey. She was hysterical about Sam. Antonio took her to her house. Troy and Blair talked and Blair knows deep down that Todd didn't do it. Bo finds more evidence pointing to Todd but he doesn't really buy into it. Jen works at the community center and instead of the kitchen duty, Joey has her work with Rae to counsel people. Marcie continues to try and get through to Al. Lindsey was about to call the police and confess but Mitch walked in.

Passions by Ashley

Eve and T.C. fight over the past and how much time Eve has spent with Whitney. They continue to fight over their differences of opinion and Liz stands by watching. Liz comforts Whitney in her time of need. Antonio doesn't understand what Luis and Sheridan are trying to tell him. Beth keeps up her plot to kill Sheridan, while Mrs. Wallace taunts her. While Theresa announces her charity plans on television Julian interrupts with an astonishing announcement which shocks everyone.

PC by Beth

Bathed in the mysterious red light, Kevin and Ian try to revive the unconscious Elizabeth, but it's too late. Elizabeth dies, and the red light goes away. While Alison grieves the loss of her mother, Kevin starts an argument with Lucy and Ian, which prompts Rafe to intervene. They are all stunned when Elizabeth suddenly asks them what's going on. Ian checks her over, and Elizabeth reports that this is the best she's felt in ages. She's shocked to learn that she was dead, but she realizes what it means. As a test, Ian tries to goad her into feeding on him, but the thought of that disgusts her. Hearing the good news, Ian is ready to take the plunge, but Kevin and Rafe agree that it's too soon to know whether this is permanent or possibly harmful. After catching Reese vandalizing his home, Jack decides to get in on the act. When they're finished, he insists that she stay and help clean up. He throws away his wedding photo. Caleb unintentionally frightens Tess by baring his fangs. Tess won't let him feed on her, and she's convinced that their time together will eventually eliminate his urge to feed. Caleb thinks back to when Olivia freely offered her neck to him, unlike Tess. Elizabeth worries about how Joshua will react to the news. Rafe regrets leaving Ian at the spring. Ian startles Lucy by jumping into the water, but he doesn't think to play the music. When he finally emerges, he sadly informs her that it didn't work.

Y&R By Jodi

Vikki and Neil rehire Phyllis after lecturing her that it will get nasty and finding out if she can handle it since she's sleeping with the enemy. Jack and Ashley grill Dru about leaking Jabot secrets to Neil. She pleads innocent and Jack tells Ash confidentially that they need her. He calls Dru later and offers her the job and she accepts. Jack knows that Victor took away their chance at Sateen as part of their ongoing feud. He shows up at Victor's office. Jill reads Larry the riot act for trying to help her find her birth parents. Larry is moving his stuff out of Jill's room when Jill shows up and they make up. No change in Cassie's condition.

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