Friday 3-14-03 Recaps

Friday 3/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Anna takes Leora to Joe for a second opinion without telling David. Meanwhile, David becomes alarmed when he is unable to locate them. He finds them with Joe and is very angry that Anna went behind his back to get a second opinion about Leora having surgery to implant a pacemaker. After examining Leora, Joe agrees with David’s assessment of waiting until the baby is stronger. Aidan is undercover and waiting to meet a contact about Chris’s past. Maureen shows up in disguise. Aidan becomes upset and tells her she shouldn’t be there. Before she can leave, the contact arrives. Maureen easily covers for her presence. They talk with the contact, an FBI agent, and realize that Chris maybe guilty of withholding evidence in a case. Edmund visits Joni in jail and assures her she still has a job. She gets bailed out, leaving Simone behind. Tad arrives to bail Jamie out and wants to know what happened with Laurie’s father. He doesn’t believe his story. While at the park to watch Petey, Laurie opens up to Opal about her father. Opal tells Laurie about her ex-husband’s abusive treatment towards her. Opal tells Laurie she can talk to her anytime about the situation. Simone’s latest stunt results in great success for Fusion. The stores are selling out and the phone is ringing off the hook. Kendall and Mia try to get Greenlee to apologize to Simone. Greenlee threatens to fire Mia if she bails out Simone with Fusion money. They tell her she obviously still holds a grudge against Simone for sleeping with her father. Greenlee visits Simone in jail and they talk about her father. Simone tells Greenlee that her father loved her very much. They seem to better understand one another. Greenlee leaves Simone in jail. Edmund stops by Fusion to talk with Kendall about his Fusion article. Mia is the only one there, and he offers to take her to lunch so he can interview her about Fusion.

ATWT by Dione

Paul and Rose go to Lily and Holden's to announce their engagement. Dusty showed up unannounced to give Natalie a gift. After Paul proposed and Lily handed over the ring, Dusty sneaked out to make a secret phone announcing some bad news. Craig learned the news of Carly's baby trauma from a Monte Carlo employee. John confirmed his diagnosis of Carly's pre eclampsia. Molly came to give support & offered to help Carly with her living arangement. Rosanna wanted to see Carly & needed Craig for support. When Rosanna walked into her room, Carly's blood pressure rose dramatically. At Java, Bonnie read Marshall's letter to Isaac. He doesn't think Jessica is telling the truth due to the fact that she lied in the past. Back at Jess's house, she arrived with police, but didn't let them past her foyer to search the place. Marshall came up from behind and tried to convince her that he loves her, blah, blah, blah. Same story, different day. He refused to leave and Jessica pulled a gun on him. Ben came in when she had the gun pointed at his chest. The police arrested Marshall.

B&B by Matt

Thorne sends a dress to Macy and invites her to his parent’s renewal wedding ceremony. She accepts, but bumps into Lorenzo before she leaves. Eric makes sure the house is in tip top shape before the ceremony, as Stephanie gets dressed. Bridget and Stephanie discuss Mass’ reaction to the news that Ridge didn’t tell Eric the truth. Mass is saddened beyond belief when Ridge refuses to tell Eric the truth about his paternity. Later, Mass vows to stop Stephanie and Eric’s charade of a life.

Days by Rebecca

Rex confronts Tony about keeping secrets and Tony explains how they must have armor to have power. Marlena comes in (after an argument with John about his whereabouts the night before) and talks to Rex for a little while. She wonders aloud about John's whereabouts last night and Tony volunteers the information, that his brother broke into his mansion and planted a bug. Marlena gets angry and tells him she'll take care of it and later confronts John. He tries to cover but Marlena gets angry and storms out. Meanwhile, Roman tries to get some information on Kate but runs out short, and gets the scoop from John about the Dimeras. Belle stops by to see Brady and Belle and envies their solid relationship. Also, Joy Wesley's bone marrow operation is a complete success!

GH by Meghan

Carly admitted to Courtney about the night she spent with Ric, and that Ric was blackmailing her. They then went to the warehouse where Jason and Sonny were again fighting about loyalty and Courtney. Courtney told her brother Benny’s death wasn’t his fault. Sonny told her that she should realize that Benny’s death was actually her fault. Jason yelled at Sonny to not talk to her like that, and Sonny told Jason he didn’t know the meaning of the word “loyalty”

At her trial, Alexis was acting as Kristina, and lunged at Scott with a knife. She carried on the Kristina personality until Ned got a phone call about Kristin. When Alexis yelled about “her” baby, Scott was convinced she was faking. During her closing arguments, Dara told the judge that clearly Alexis was sick. Outside of Kelly’s , Luke and Lucky argued over Laura’s care. Lucky told Luke her agreed with Nikolas, who showed up right after Summer. The three argued about Summer, and she stormed off. Her and Nik met up where they decided the plan they had was working well.

GL by Barbra

Gus and Harley talk to a teacher who knew Lucia. Cassie gets lost in memories as she goes through her wardrobe. Alex keeps Phillip and Olivia out of the den where Alan is passed out. Edmunds talks to Cassie about the gala to raise money for the library to honor Richard. Cassie isn't happy. Edmund talks to Tammy. Cassie and Michelle share thoughts about their lost lovers. The teacher gives Gus an address where he can find Lucia. Phillip and Olivia dine at the Country Club. Alan loses his temper at the Club talking to Olivia and passes out. Cassie and Tammy talk about Edmund and Cassie warns Tammy that Edmund will manipulate her. Colonel Dax arrives and he and Edmund discuss the gala. Gus arrives a convent and asks about Lucia. The nun tells him that Lucia is dead. Gus realizes that someone is lying.

OLTL by Suzanne

Bo warns Antonio not to bring his personal problems into the job.  Blair wakes up to see dead Sam, finds the evidence, phones Todd and Troy, and hides bloody gloves.  Lindsay is shocked to see Troy alive.  She thinks he cares but he is just being nice and suggests she get professional help.  He goes to Blair's and finds dead Sam but no Blair.  She comes in all shaken up and acting weird.  Bo and Antonio question them both.  Blair was drunk so she can't remember anything.  Antonio suspects Todd is the murderer.  Lindsay shows up and is devastated to find that Sam is the one she shot.  Bo wonders why she's there.  Viki's family meets to talk about Mitch.  Natalie tells them her plan to get half of his money.  Jessica wants to cozy up to Mitch.  Viki nixes both plans.  Mitch tells Todd that he's going to disappear and everyone will think he killed Sam.  He ties Todd up and puts him in Victor's crypt.

Passions by Ashley

Julian and Rebecca fear their plan to get rid of Theresa may fail. Theresa gets new ideas to follow her plan when her and Ethan talk and she receives good news. She and him talk and she tells him her every emotion. Gwen and Fox also have a chat and she tells him he doesn't know the "real" Theresa. The fight at the Russell's continues when T.C. keeps pushing Whitney to play her tennis match. Eve forbids it and stands her ground. T.C. and Eve have it out and he tells her that everything that happend last night was her fault. Mrs. Wallace's new nurse arrives and she is stunned. Luis and Sheridan start to tell Antonio the complicated truth while a concerned Pilar stands by.

PC by Beth

Jack picks up a woman at the Recovery Room. Joshua gives Ricky an ultimatum, and the drummer chooses the band over his angelic girlfriend. Jamal and Casey try to talk some sense into Ricky, but it's no use. Ricky thinks it will be fine, since Casey will surely come to his rescue, but Casey informs him that he's on his own. Jamal tries to console the depressed angel. Reese becomes jealous when she sees Jack with the woman. Saying to keep the change, Joshua gives Frank $100 and pretends to believe it's only $10. Frank takes the money, fully aware of how large the bill really is. Joshua is pleased that Frank has passed his first test. Reese is gleefully trashing Jack's place when he comes home and catches her in the act. Caleb is prepared to get get rid of Alison and Lucy, but Tess talks him out of it, and he whisks her away to the villa. Lucy and Alison race to warn Ian and Rafe that Caleb could be on his way. Kevin steps out of the bushes as Lucy's car pulls out. Meanwhile, Elizabeth threatens to run straight to Joshua if Rafe and Ian won't tell her the truth. Instead of telling her, they tie her up and gag her. Alison and Lucy fill the men in on what happened. Kevin finds Elizabeth and unties her. Kevin hears Ian talk about being a vampire, and Ian picks a fight with him. When no one is looking, Elizabeth jumps into the water, her mind filling with memories as she floats to the surface with a peaceful expression on her face. Ian turns on the music and everything is immediately bathed in red light. Baring his fangs, Caleb tells Tess that he wants to set her free.

Y&R By Jodi

Larry goes to the hospital to try to get Jill's birtth certificate. He woos the candy striper, but her mean boss (Mrs. French)comes in before Larry can get away with it. Kay is pleading with Jill to give up the search for her biological parents. Mrs. French calls Jill and tells her that if she ever sends an employee to get that record again, she'll call the police. Just then Larry walks in Jill's office and she asks him how he couuld do something so stupid. Newman Enterprises wins the bidding war to get Sateen. Jabot will create their own line and Dru is ready to sign on as their model, but thry think she may have leaked info to Neil. Phyllis may get her job back if she will help them crush the Jabot line.

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