Thursday 3-13-03 Recaps

Thursday 3/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Jamie comes to Laurie’s aid to help with her unconscious dad. She tells him she can’t call an ambulance because Social Services will separate them. Jamie calls Janelle for help. When Janelle arrives, she attends to Doug, and then asks Laurie if he hit her. Jamie takes blame for punching Doug. When Doug comes to, he plays along with the story and insists Jamie be arrested. Jamie is taken to the police station. Meanwhile, Joni and Simone are at the police station. Greenlee, Mia, and Kendall show up and Greenlee is really mad at Simone. She reads her the riot act and tells her she is fired. Joni’s mom blames Simone for being a bad influence on Joni. Greenlee steps in and tells her she is lucky Joni has a good role model like Simone. Joni’s mom decides she needs to stay the night in jail to learn a lesson. Simone decides to stay with Joni. Fed up with Greenlee’s attitude, Simone quits her job at Fusion. Adam can’t believe that Liza kissed Tad. He asks he if she slept with him, and she tells him no. He thinks that she wants to sleep with Tad. Adam accuses Liza of wanting out of their marriage. Liza confesses to Adam that she no longer feels passion for him. At the Pine Valley Inn, Chris confronts Michael. He wants to know what is going on with him and Erica. Michael uses a lot of double talk to taunt Chris. Chris tells Michael he will be watching him. Michael recalls the charges Chris brought against his father some years earlier, and calls his father about evening an old score. Jack kisses Erica. She pulls back, but then kisses him. As he is carrying her towards the bedroom, Reggie walks in. Erica leaves, and Reggie promises to keep Jack’s secret. A few minutes later, Opal shows up. She warns Jack about Erica and tells him Erica will never love him the way he loves her. He tells her Erica has his heart. Opal tells him to fight for Erica.

ATWT by Dione

Rose and Paul make love for the first time since she's been home in the backseat of his car. Paul told Rose that he doesn't like the fact that her ring finger is bare. Rose ate the ring pop that he put on her finger when he proposed!

Margo convinced Jessica to press charges against Marshall. Marshall was at Java trying to urge Bonnie that Jessica was confused about their "relationship". He had a letter in hand for Jessica that he wanted Bonnie to deliver. Bonnie went down to the station and Jessica told her that Marshall raped her. Later, Bonnie read the letter. Isaac and Ben went to OPD after Isaac suspected something was wrong. By snooping through Margo's papers on her desk, the brothers found out that Jessica had been raped. Jack rushed Carly to the hospital. She was diagnosed with preclampsia. She might have to have a ceserean. Mike told Jack that it was all is fault because he filed for a divorce. Jack told Mike that it was his fault because he had sex with her.

B&B by Matt

After a heart and tear filled speech from Eric, Ridge refrains from telling him the truth about his paternity. Eric mentions that the charade of Stephanie living in the guest house has gone on long enough and plans to renew his vows with her tomorrow. Of course Stephanie knows nothing about this. After Eric leaves, Ridge asks Bridget’s advice on how to handle this. She advises him to cherish his moments with his family and make the best of the situation. Mass attempts to comfort Stephanie and believes this is what is best for everyone. Stephanie disagrees and thinks her family as she knows it is over. She storms home. Eric also storms into the guest house making Stephanie believe he knows about Ridge’s paternity. Eric finally reveals he wants to renew the vows with her tomorrow. Stephanie cries a sigh of relief and calls Ridge to thank him. Macy admits to Sally that she has left Lorenzo for Thorne. Mass drops by and celebrates with Sally about his impending fatherhood.

Days by Trisha

GH by Meghan

Benny told Sonny that the five families had called a meeting. Sonny sent Benny to the meeting. Ric was at the penthouse, and offered to go along. Sonny told him no. Carly went to see Jason, and she told him that Sonny sent Benny. Jason called Sonny to offer his help, but Sonny told Jason he couldn’t work for him. Jason got a call, and he rushed to the warehouse that the meeting was being held in. When he got there, he found Benny on the ground, having a heart attack. Benny stopped breathing, and Sonny came and asked Jason what happened.

Alexis’s trial began, and Dara and Scott brought their witnesses to the stand. Dara brought Ned, Scott, and then Alexis. Alexis turned to Kristina while being questioned by Dara. Scott began his cross-examination. Ned left the baby with a new nanny. When Ned left, the nanny called Edward, and told him “everything was set”. Edward was with Scott.

GL by Barbra

Ramona kisses Ben in her hotel room. Ben is taken aback thinking that sex isn't part of the package. He tells Ramona this and she tells him that Eden pays him to be an escort and if he delivers good full service, she will also pay him. Wednesdays are good for her, about him. He says that he will think about it. Alan and Alex spar. Olivia kisses Phillip and they talk about Alan setting her up. Alan is eavesdropping at the door and hears their conversation. He takes some of his pills and Alex finds him later passed out on the couch. Phillip takes Olivia out to dinner after having an argument with Alan. Gus and Eden talk about family. She gives him a name and address that may help.

OLTL by Jessica

Natalie tells Nora that she slept with Mitch in order to get a divorce settlement. She also tells Cristian. After Lindsey shoots Sam she leaves and Mitch walks in seeing that Troy was not the one shot. He then plants evidence that Todd shot Sam. Meanwhile Jen is trying to get ahold of Sam because she is worried about Lindsey. She goes to Lindsey's house as Mitch is telling her what to tell the cops. Jen then leaves and tells Troy to go see Lindsey because she thinks that she might kill herself. Troy goes over to Lindsey's house and she looks at him in shock. Mitch goes to see Todd as he is still handcuffed at Victor's grave.

Passions by Ashley

Ethan busts into the Crane mansion with bad news for Theresa. He tells her that her job at Crane Industries has been terminated. She immediately rushes to confront Julian about it and they talk with Alistar on speaker phone. Julian claims he and Theresa were never legally married and soon he'll be able to prove it. Alistar tells her he better be able to prove it or hes out. Meanwhile Ethan consoles Theresa and Gwen lets him have it for always being there for her. Sheridan has a bad dream about Anotonio and hurting him with the truth. Then her and Luis actually start to tell him the truth. Eve and T.C. have a big disagreement. Whitney is still shaken from last night's fight with Chad and Eve and T.C. have a fight over Whitney's tennis career. Eve confronts him with his selfishness and tells him she is too sick and she forbids it.

PC by Beth

Joshua urges Elizabeth to make up with Alison so that she can continue spying on her. From studying the plans to Caleb's loft, Ian thinks he's found the other entrance to the hot spring. Rafe enlists Casey's help to keep Caleb away from home, while Lucy and Alison lure Tess away from the loft. Elizabeth shows up at the warehouse, but Alison isn't there. She gets a look at the plans before anyone can stop her. She follows Rafe and Ian, who leave for Caleb's place as soon as Lucy calls to report that the coast is clear. Casey tries to keep a suspicious Caleb at the studio. When he tries to leave, she conjures up more wind to blow through the studio. This gets his attention. He's surprised to learn that she is Marissa's sister. He's also surprised that the other side actually sent such an inexperienced angel to take him on. After officially kicking her out of the band, he vanishes. Tess realizes that Lucy and Alison tricked her again. She demands that Lucy turn the car around and take her back home. When Lucy refuses, Tess grabs the wheel, and the car goes out of control. When it stops, Tess flees the car, but the others chase her down. Caleb comes to her rescue. Ian and Rafe break into Caleb's place using an electronic lock pick provided by Victor. They find a large supply of the special water inside the closet. By moving the boxes of water out of the way, they locate the entrance to the spring. Ian is determined to follow through with his plan to soak in the spring while listening to those five crucial notes. Elizabeth follows them. She is terrified when Ian grabs her and Rafe holds a stake to her heart.

Y&R By Judy

Vicky wants to beat Jabot in buying out the cosmetics company and Victor questions her motive. She thinks he is trying to control her personally but she shifts the conversation back to business and tells him she has booted Phyllis. Phyllis tells Jack that Vicky fired her. Jack thinks it is a good change and that she should come to Jabot. Phyllis goes to Victor and pleads her case, he says he will consider the situation. Neil wants Dru to be part of the new ad campaign, but she thinks Neil is "throwing her a bone" and wants a big part in the new business. Neil downplays her idea. Lily and Wes discuss Dru but he stops short of telling Lily he has split with Dru. Dru sees Wes and tells him about her two job offers. Anita and Fred show agitation for each other and then Anita sees a note labeled Jill on Fred's desk. Larry's not happy that Jill wants Fred to help her in her search. Jill shows up at Fred's and his look of encouragement seems more than friendship, while Larry has his own plan up his security guard uniform sleeve.

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