Wednesday 3-12-03 Recaps

Wednesday 3/12/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Tad stops by Lysistrata’s office to ask her out. She mistakes him for a patient. Tad finds out that Liza told Lysistrata about their kiss and tells her she kissed him a second time. She tells him he is looking for adventure. They go for a spin on her motorcycle. Adam finds out that J.R. hasn’t been in school all week. Neither Liza nor Adam knows where he is, and they argue about how to handle the situation. Adam interrogates Laurie when she calls looking for him. When Jamie stops by, Adam rakes him over the coals. He accuses Jamie of hiding J.R., and then he says Jamie stabbed J.R. in the back. Liza tells Adam she kissed Tad. Jackson tells Erica he told Chris he should call off the wedding if he doesn’t trust her. Erica is angry with Chris for talking to Jackson about their relationship. She tells him to come to her with problems. Chris tells Erica he wishes their relationship were as close as her and Jackson’s. He admits he thought she was cheating on him. She admits she has been working too much. They kiss and make up and Chris leaves. Erica gets angry with Jackson and asks him why he is trying to ruin things for her. He insinuates that Chris is not telling the truth about himself. Erica defends Chris. She tries to leave, but Jackson pins her against the door and kisses her. Mia arranges a meeting with Alison by pretending Jake has summoned her. Alison is surprised and gets up to leave. Mia stops her by threatening to go to the hospital board. Mia tells her Jake is gone, so she is the only one who can answer her questions. Alison tells her some of the explicit details of her encounters with Jake, and Mia calls her a whore. Joni decides to plaster the school with Fusion posters, even after Simone tells her not to. Simone tries to stop her, but a security guard catches them before they can take them down. Laurie turns down Adam’s offer to pay for Harvard. Her father overhears the conversation. They argue about college and why he should have to pay for it. He thinks she should stay in Pine Valley. Laurie doesn’t understand why he is holding her back.

ATWT by Dione

Aaron was a deputy in Alison's terrible dream that Hal was going to cut her legs with an axe. Hal gave her the option of choosing the right or left leg to go first. Katie is Alison's hosptial roomie. Alison told Katie that when Simon returns, he'll explain why he broke her heart. Jessica and Marshall got into a heated discussion about their night of "passion" at Al's. Marshall still doesn't think he raped her. He told her if she told everyone, it was his word against hers. Jessica finally told Margo that Marshall raped her after Margo insisted that she tell her what the deal was between her and Marshall. Jack offered Carly her key back to his house. Carly declined after Jack said she could live in the guest room. Later, Carly had a dizzy spell. Dusty and Rose came clean about the kiss. Paul was mad at them for not telling him sooner. Paul got on bended knee with a grape ring pop in hand and asked Rose for her hand in marriage. Rose accepted.

B&B by Matt

Amber and April stay up the whole night talking about their lives. Brooke is stunned to see two Ambers, but is happy she didn’t have to resign. Amber offers to let April stay at their house permanently, since she is thinking of moving to LA, but she decides to go apartment hunting. Amber joins her. Stephanie and Mass share some bitter words concerning Ridge and Eric. Ridge shows up with them and decides to tell Eric the truth. Eric and Bridget discuss Ridge’s recent change in behavior and it concerns Eric. Bridget is sure they’ll help Ridge through this. Ridge shows up at Bridget’s to talk to her about telling Eric truth and is unaware Eric is there. Eric overhears him mention that he needs to tell Eric the truth. Eric questions Ridge about this.

Days by Rebecca

Friends greet Chloe at the hospital with gifts, and later leave for the carnival. Brady stays with Chloe and brings the carnival to her! Cassie and Belle are at eachother's throats for the entire episode, and they all go to the carnival. Bo and Hope go to Tuscany, but later go to the carnival as well and play around. Mimi goes for the dunking booth (as the one who gets dunked!) and Rex is the one that hits the bullseye. Afterwards they share a kiss! Cassie works at the kissing booth and Belle goes back to the dorm and calls Shawn. Tony learns that Rolf has split and wants Bart to find him, and they also find a bug that brother John planted in the secret room. He tells Bart to create a SECRET secret room and to get a new and better security system. At the carnival, Bo pays off a fortune teller to give Hope a wonderful view of the future, and later vows to make it happen...

GH by Meghan

Sonny went to Faith’s hotel, and threatened her. Benny came in and told Sonny he was being careless. Sonny told him to go. Jason and Benny met at Kelly’s, and Benny told Jason the problems that Sonny was causing. At their penthouse, Sonny told Carly that he might give Ric a chance to prove himself. Courtney went to see Ric at the hospital, but Elizabeth sidetracked her, and started an argument. When Elizabeth walked away, Edward went to talk to Courtney about Jason. She told him that she was not interested in forcing Jason back into the Quartermaine’s. Back at their loft, Courtney told Jason about her meetings with both Edward and Elizabeth. Jason and Courntey talked about his families, and how the Q’s were a different kind of family than Sonny, Carly, and Michael. Ric left the hospital after realizing that nothing he did would ever be enough for Sonny. He got his gun, and went to see Faith. Ric told her that he had two choices. He could kill her, or be a partner with her.

Zander went to see Alexis and warned her she shouldn’t count on Cameron, because he bailed when there was a chance he wouldn’t win. Cameron came in, and Alexis thanked Zander for the advice, but told him that she trusted Cameron. Scott arrived and told Alexis he was sure she was faking, and would prove it. He told her that court would start tomorrow.

GL by Barbra

Marina sees Ben with Ramona at the country club. She calls him several times on his cell phone. Ramona asks Ben to take her to the Beacon and invites him into her room to get paid. Harley tells Eden that she isn't Gus's sister. Eden tells Gus she might know who might hold the key to the answers about his birth parents. Tony talks to Josh about the 5th street project. Josh is skepitcal. Gus talks to Danny about the possibility of their being brothers. Danny balks. Gus asks Danny if he will take a DNA test to find out if they are related. Danny agrees. Edmund tells Cassie about his new job as ambassador to San Cristobel. Cassie reacts negatively. He tells her that he wants to build a library in memory of Richard. Cassie says NO WAY!

OLTL by Jessica

Todd goes to meet Mitch at Victor's grave and gets knocked out by one of his followers. While he is unconscious, he talks to Victor about the curse of being a Lord. Jessica tries to comfort Antonio as he tells her that it is his fault that Keri, Liz, and the baby died. Nora confronts Lindsey about what she thinks of her. Troy turns Blair down for sex and he carries her up to her room. Lindsey goes over to Blair's house. Troy leaves and soon after Sam comes over and checks to see if Blair is okay. Thinking that Sam is Troy, Lindsey shoots him.

Passions by Ashley

Ivy and David have a talk about the truth of their plan. Sam walks in on it and they quickly cover it up. Once Sam is in with Ivy she hits on him without shame. Hell breaks lose at the Russel's house and Kay and Tabitha watch it all by means of witch craft. Chad and T.C. are at odds and begin to really fight. Once Chad is gone Eve and T.C. get in a fight because of the conflict of Whitney having a boyfriend. Luis, Antonio, and Sheridan still search for a nurse with squeaky shoes trying to kill Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Inspired by a magazine article about how to make a man happy, Tess has arranged a special meal for Caleb. He's touched by this but assures her that she doesn't have to do anything special for him. Angry with Caleb for changing the band's name and the type of music they'll be doing, Joshua throws a tantrum in Elizabeth's hotel room. Elizabeth turns on some mood music, and just as Joshua is about to sink his fangs into her neck, Alison lets herself into the room. Alison's shock causes her to drop the casserole she brought for her mother's dinner. Alison vows to send Rafe after Joshua if he ever touches her mother again, but Elizabeth tells her that she'll do nothing of the kind. They have a huge argument in which Alison accuses her mother of being a professional victim with no morals, decency, or scruples. After she storms out, Elizabeth wants to go after her, but Joshua talks her out of it. He reminds her of the need to stay focused on bringing down Caleb. Instead of honoring Jack's request to become a vampire, Reese tells him that she doesn't do mercy bites. She doesn't believe that Jack is truly ready to be a vampire. He tells her that he used to be nothing but trouble before hitting town. Reese tells him about her life back in England, with a drunk for a mother and a father she never knew. Caleb found her playing at a club in Bristol one night. As they talk, Alison storms up to them. She grabs Reese by the shoulder, turns her around, and punches her in the stomach. Jack holds Reese back, and he and Alison get into an argument about his behavior. Alison is furious with him for hanging around with a filthy vampire. When she leaves, Reese vows to get even for the sucker punch. Caleb cuts his finger, and when Tess tries to heal it, she finds that she can't. Upset at first, she realizes that her gift served its purpose when she brought Caleb back to life and showed him the goodness inside him. Now she doesn't need it anymore. She believes that they have discovered their purpose together because they're soul mates. Caleb mouths the words, "I love you," and they kiss.

Y&R By Jodi

Christine grills Michael on his relationship with Isabella. He denies it and makes her feel guilty for even asking. They hug. Paul asks for a second chance with Isabella and their marriage. Mary tells Lynn that she believes Isabella is evil incarnate as she touches her cross on the mantle. Dru and Lily discuss whether she is too old for modeling (of course, Dru doesn't think so). Jack calls her in to model for their new femme de couleur line. She will wait to hear their offer. Phyllis has to take Kyle in to work. As he is pulling out all of her files, Vikki and Neil come in with her termination papers.

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