Tuesday 3-11-03 Recaps

Tuesday 3/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee questions Sydney Bergeron about the E-mails. Sydney claims she did not send them. Someone must have hacked into her account. Greenlee leaves frustrated. Sydney calls someone and tells them Greenlee came by, but she didn’t tell her their identity. Simone asks him about his feelings and if he notices her. He says yes, but that there is someone else. They agree to still be friends. Back at Fusion, Greenlee tells her colleagues that Sydney was a girl and she got no information. Carlos overhears the conversation. Later, he asks Greenlee what she would do if she met her mystery man, and she says she would spit on him. Carlos seems disappointed and tells her she deserves better. Kendall arrives at Michael’s room to surprise him. Lena hides in the closet while Michael tells Kendall he has been putting off work to be with her. He tells her has a call to make but will meet her in the bar. Michael tells Lena that he’ll throw Kendall away after she’s served his purpose. While at the Valley Inn, Maureen finds out about Aidan’s undercover job for Jackson. She wants to know why Jackson wants him to get evidence on Chris and he tells her the history. Aidan tells Maureen he must go out of town to follow a lead on Chris. He hesitantly agrees she can come if she is careful. Boyd warns Erica about Lena, but Erica sticks up for her. Later, Lena tells Erica that Michael and Kendall are together again. Erica decides it is time for a more drastic plan. She asks Lena to lay the groundwork so that Michael will not succeed in a hostile takeover. Chris confronts Jackson about Erica. Chris thinks Erica is having an affair with Michael Cambias. Jackson disagrees. Chris wonders who it is then. Jackson tells Chris he should call off the wedding if he has doubts about Erica’s trust. Erica arrives at Jackson’s to find Chris there. Michael receives a phone call and it is Lena. She informs him of Erica’s plan, and Michael tells her he expected it. Lena tells him she will take care of things.

ATWT by Dione

Craig tries to convince Jack not to divorce Carly. Of course, Craig has his own agenda. Emma insits Rosanna to give Carly the money for her house. Cary has orders not to cry on Craig's shoulder if she wants the money. At Java, Paul is about to propose to Rose when Mitzi comes in like it's a fire. Rose tries to get her to leave & Mitzi tells Rose that she needs to tell Paul about Dusty making a pass at her.

B&B by Matt

Ridge and Brooke continue their dinner. Brooke assures him that she can keep Deacon under control and knows that in his own way, he would want to protect Hope. Deacon shows up at Café Russe and sings “You are so Beautiful to me” to Brooke while drunk. Ridge storms off and Brooke shoves a glass of wine in Deacon’s face before leaving. CJ promises to help Bridget work through her feelings for Ridge. Amber’s twin AKA April, claims responsibility for the erotic tape with Rudy. In actuality she didn’t do it, but the press doesn’t know that. Turns out, she and Amber are twins. Tawny gave them both up for adoption to different families, but Amber’s new family gave her back. April has been living with her new family in Reno, but Tawny never let either of them know they had a sister. Rick and Amber thank April for her generosity and offer to let her stay with them for a while. The two share a special reunion.

Days by Trisha

GH by Meghan

Sonny tried to convince Carly to go to the island, where he planned on sending Michael and Leticia. She refused unless Sonny went along too, he refused. Jason went to see Sonny to tell him that Faith was the one who had ordered Sam. Jason offered to “take care of her”. Sonny told him only if he said he wasn’t seeing Courtney. Sonny yelled for him to get out when Jason said that he was still with Courtney. He later went to see Faith, and told her that he knew she killed her grandmother and Sam. He ordered her to drink a glass of sherry. Jason told Courtney that he never loved anybody the way he loved her. He told her that Sonny had fired him, for choosing her.

&# 9;Cameron took Alexis out of the hospital to spend time with Kristina. Ned came home, and wondered what was going on. Back at the hospital, Elizabeth told Ric that he could make a free start Sonny, he said he couldn’t. Ric told Elizabeth that he had to prove himself to Sonny, and he did it by getting shot.

GL by Barbra

Marina tells Ben he has until lunchtime to spill the details about his second job.  Eden congratulates Ben on a job well done and tells him that Ramona wants to spend the day with him.  Eden is taken with the amount of money he made. Ben breaks a date with Marina.  Marina and Shayne run into Ben and Ramona at the Country Club.

 Cassie agrees to the deal that Danny proposes as long as he will make the time to try and win Michelle back. Danny tells Tony about his plans and Tony is pumped.  Reva tells Josh that Marah is with Tony in the pool house. He is not pleased. Eden calls Marah and asks her to meet her at the Beacon. Eden offers Marah a job designing her stationary for her business.  Reva reads Buzz’s mind.

OLTL by Jessica

Antonio yelled at RJ in disbelief about Keri, Liz, and the baby saying it wasn't true but RJ kept on telling him that it was his fault. Antonio went to Rodi's and stood there, had a Keri memory and then walked over to the juke box and pull the plug out of the wall while people just stared at him. Todd went to Blair's house and found her with Sam discussing custody and Todd told them that nothing would stop him from being with his kids and he threatened to go after Sam. He also told Sam about Blair and Troy. Sam warned Blair about Troy. After Sam left Blair called Troy and invited him over. Meanwhile, Lindsey was with Mitch and he was trying to talk her into killing Troy with Todd's gun. Jen walked in and found them. Mitch left and Jen saw the gun. She went to Sam and told her about Lindsey acting strange and about how she had a gun. Lindsey went over to Troy's house just as he was leaving and he told her that he wanted nothing to do with her. She told him not to say something he will regret. Troy goes to Blair's house and she comes down the stairs in a coat and then takes it off. Underneath is just lingerie so I gues you can imagine what will happen. Mitch calls Todd to set up an arrangement for them to meet at Victor's grave to make a compromise but Mitch is really just trying to leave Todd with no alibi for when Lindsey shoots Troy.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio chase after the "nurse" who is trying to kill Sheridan. But it's not a nurse but really Beth in disguise. At the Russell's house things heat up. T.C. and Chad begin fighting and it becomes physical. Eve tries to take control by calming T.C. down. Grace and John share a bond over his grades while Sam waits on Ivy. They both become furious with each other for letting their past loves take up their time they should be spending together.

PC by Beth

Ian gets an idea when Lucy uses romance, a bath, and soothing music to take his mind off his troubles. He thinks that if he listens to "Naked Eyes" while soaking in the hot spring, he will be healed. A hangover causes Jack to hallucinate that Livvie is taunting him about his latest failed attempt at "happily ever after." Caleb hands out some new music and informs Joshua that many changes are in store. From now on, the band will be known as The Experience, Featuring Caleb Morley. Joshua objects, but Caleb puts him in his place. Ricky is thrilled by Casey's return and her inadvertent confession that she's his guardian angel. When Casey explains that the band is made up of vampires, Ricky shocks her by saying that he's known that for a long time. He doesn't care, because being a rock star has always been his dream. Casey is prepared to leave so that she doesn't have to watch the man she loves destroy himself. Ricky points out that if he plays it safe, she'll have to go back, but as long as he keeps walking into trouble, she'll be there to watch his back. Casey realizes he's right, but she's not comfortable with it. A drunken Jack shows up at the studio to see Reese. After reading a note, Caleb goes home to Tess, who has prepared a romantic evening for the two of them. Jack tells Reese to bite him now, and she lowers her mouth onto his neck. Lucy and Ian try to return to the healing pool, but the entrance is gone.

Y&R By Judy

Paul continues to question his sexual night with Christine and tries to explain to Isabella what happened . Isabella wonders how he could have done such a thing and blames Chris for all of it. Michael asks Christine where she has been and admits he knows what happened between her and Paul because Isabella told him. Nick presses the doctor for more answers about Cassie. Victor asks the doctor what is stopping Cassie from speaking. Nick gets snippy and tells Victor to leave and Vicky stands up for her father. Nikki urges Victor to tell Nick the truth. Nick does not want to hear Vicky trashing Sharon and he thinks of happier days, but returns quickly to the reality of Victor and Sharon’s kiss. Olivia assumes that Wes is upset with her for speaking to Dru, but he kisses her and tells her he split with Dru. Then Dru does not to seem to be so thrilled when Neil gives her some smooching. Dru gets an attitude when he tells her about his cosmetics idea and then he tells her he wants her to come aboard rather than work for Jabot.

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