Monday 3-10-03 Recaps

Monday 3/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Aidan and Maureen surprise Anna and David when they arrive home with Leora. David is overprotective of Leora, not wanting anyone to hold her. Anna apologizes for David’s strange behavior. After Aidan and Maureen leave, Anna tells David he seems really worried about Leora. He says she is fine. Greenlee gets a new E-mail and decides to go meet her mystery man in person. When she arrives at the apartment door she paces for a while before knocking. A woman answers and says she is Sydney Bergeron. Michael stops by Fusion with a gift for Kendall, who is out. He writes her a note and leaves the gift. Mia and Simone wonder if Greenlee is with her mystery man, and Carlos overhears. He excuses himself. Kendall argues with Reggie about what he did. She finds out Jack is his new foster parent and they are living in Trey’s place. Erica arrives and argues with Kendall. Reggie runs into Luis on his way to school. Carlos comes upon them, and sends Luis packing. Carlos asks him what’s going on and follows Reggie to school in case Luis returns. Lena calls the press and spins a tale regarding Michael Cambias and his unsuccessful attempt to get a foothold in the American market. Bianca is very impressed with Lena’s performance, but Boyd thinks it was a little too good. Later, Boyd tells Bianca to be careful and that they are both to good for Lena. Chris stops by to meet Erica for lunch, but she isn’t there. As he is waiting in he office, his P.I. stops by. He tells Chris he is being two-timed and gives him a folder. Back at the apartment, Chris and Kendall share unpleasantries as she is leaving. Chris tells Jack he can stop protecting Erica because he knows what’s going on. He wants to hear the truth from Jack. Kendall calls Michael and thanks him for his gift. When he answers he is laying in bed. He tells her how wonderful she is. Meanwhile, Lena has come to his room and she slips under the covers next to him.

ATWT by Dione

Chris went along with Alison's lie about her having a panic attack. He suggested that she stay in the hospital for 48 hours. Tom came into Ali's hospital room with papers stating that she will be put on house arrest. Her main concern is not being able to hang out with Aaron and Lucy. Molly and Carly are making their way back to friendship. Molly told Carly that her and Jack didn't sleep together because he turned her down. As Molly was leaving the cottage, Mike walked up and asked her out to lunch, she accepted. Henry, Margo, and John forced Katie to go to the hospital upon discovering that she was dehydrated. Margo learned that Simon boarded a flight to Chicago, with a connecting to L.A., then Thailand. Simon withdrew ALL money from their checking and savings account. Katie is sure that Simon doesn't love her anymore.

B&B by Matt

Brooke dines alone at Café Russe but is spotted by Ridge who joins her. They talk about their future and what has been happening with them lately. Brooke admits she would like for them to get back on the road to marriage, but wants what is best for Ridge. She knows in her heart that she is a good person and vows to never keep a secret again. Ridge says very little during the dinner. Bridget confesses her feelings about Ridge to a horrified CJ. She then reveals how Ridge is Mass’ child and the whole story behind it. He feels that the relationship is still inappropriate, but agrees to keep everything a secret and attempts to comfort an upset Bridget. She isn’t sure how much longer she can watch Ridge warm back up to Brooke. At her press conference, Amber bids a tearful goodbye to the reporters and to Forrester Creations. She doesn’t say much about the video, but becomes angry when asked if she made the video for profits. Suddenly, an Amber look alike (a la trashy version of Amber) shows up and claims she was the one on the video, not Amber. Everyone is shocked speechless as “Amber’s twin” smirks on.

Days by Rebecca

An australian animal (forgot the name) arrives for Abby, and grandpa Bill promises to keep the suprises coming! Faye and Brandon talk about his relationship with Sami, and afterwards Faye tells him that she will keep an open mind. Lexie worries that Tony will take the law into his own hands when it comes to Larry Welch, and Victor and Nicole arrive at his sentencing as well as Shawn and Belle. Alice and Hope make statements. Later, Tony whispers in Larry's ear that after the judge sentences him, he's a dead man. Larry then changes his plea to not guilty as the credits roll...

GH by Megsaqt

Sam fired several shots at Carly’s club. Ric jumped in front of the bullet, protecting Carly and Sonny. He was shot, and taken to the hospital. Carly said she was dizzy when her and Sonny were being questioned by Taggert. Sonny took Carly to the hospital, and the doctor said that everything was fine with Carly and the baby. Jason got a call from Benny about the shooting. Him and Courtney rushed to the hospital, where they found out that Ric was shot, and both Carly and Sonny were fine. Elizabeth told Jason that he should have been the one shot, before she went to sit with Ric. Jason took Courtney to the Grille, and told her to wait there until she heard from him. Sam and Faith showed up, and Faith gave Sam the receipt from the rest of the million dollars. Faith offered to buy Sam a drink. Faith left before finishing hers, and Sam drank her entire drink before getting up. On her way out, Sam collapsed onto the floor. Jason came and went through her purse, and found a gun. He told Courtney that she was probably the shooter. After the shooting, Ned told Faith she was on her own, he wasn’t being a part of violence. He wished her luck on her own.

Summer went to see Jax, and while they decided what to do for the night, Ned called. He told Jax about the shooting, and told him to cut off all plans. Summer waited downstairs for Jax, and Scott showed up offering to buy her a drink. She refused, and when Jax came down to the bar, they pretended not to know each other. Later at Kelly’s, a runner for Bree delivered money from Jax to Summer.

GL by Barbra

Harley and Gus are in Germany at the hospital, waiting to see Roy. Gus manages to get Harley out of the room. He tries to get Roy to talk but he stays silent. Finally he dangles him over the balcony. Roy shouts. He tells Gus that Miguel Santos is his father. Gus thinks he is lying. He and Harley head back to Springfield. Philip goes to the hospital and gets advice from Rick regarding the lipstick he found. Alex and Olivia arrive at the mansion. Olivia looks for her lipstick. Enter Alan, who loses his cool with Olivia and starts spouting off about the baby being his. Olivia shocks him by telling him that she slept with Phillip right after he switched her pills. Enter Philip. Phillip confronts Olivia about the lipstick and she tells him where he can go. He apologizes and tells her he believes her and will take care of everything. Ben tells Marina about his 2nd job, and then heads of to learn who he will be escorting, Ramona Hendon.

OLTL by Jessica

Nora found RJ crying and he told her about the plane crash with Liz, Keri and the baby. Nora told Hank. Antonio went to the police station yelling about Liz. RJ stormed in and told Antonio about the crash and told him it was his fault. Cris and Natalie moved into Antonio's house. Jess came over and got Natalie to go to Victor's burial. Todd, Joey and Viki were all there and Mitch showed up but left before Natalie and Jess got there. Afterwards they went to go to a family meeting but Natalie doesn't know if she wants to go. Jen asked Lindsey to get her out of community service but Lindsey said no. Blair and Troy see each other at the bar and sit together. Todd shows up and starts yelling but soon leaves. The whole time Mitch is lurking in the backround. Lindsey shows up and sees them dancing and smashes a wine glass in her hand. Mitch takes her back to her house and wraps her hand while trying to manipulate her.

Passions by Ashley

Luis and Sheridan spend some time together in the hospital. They fall asleep and Sheridan has a bad dream and she goes to the chapel to pray. Luis and Anotnio go to find her because there afraid the person who tried to kill her is after her still. The truth is the person who burned her house down is trying to kill her and is following her and it's Beth! Whintey and her father talk about her future and how she wants to Chad to be in it. He and Chad start to fight and Liz and Eve have words. Theresa and Fox stay up talking while Rebecca and Julian come down to gloat about whatever it is they have on Theresa. Fox warns her that shes in trouble and she thinks he might be right.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth goes to deliver her news to Caleb, but she is stunned to discover her husband in bed with Tess. When she returns to her room, she and is annoyed to find Joshua waiting at her. He reminds her that they had a deal, and she resolves to help him destroy the "bloodsucking bat." She fills him in on what happened when she listened to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." Joshua believes that Rafe wanted confirmation of what he already knew. Elizabeth admits that she's prepared to keep spying on her daughter if it will lead to pain and suffering for Caleb. Rafe and Alison join the others at the healing pool. Kevin finally manages to convince them that his own connection to the spring makes him valuable to them. Ian believes that the screams are coming from the ghosts of the wounded. Rafe stops Alison from touching the water, pointing out that they don't really know what it is. He believes they should get out of there before Elizabeth leads Caleb right to them. At Lucy's suggestion, Ian dips a bottle into the spring so that he can study the water, and they all head to his loft. Tess is happy that she just made love to a man, not a vampire. It's been a very long time since Caleb has thought of himself as a normal man. Later, Caleb tells Tess that he wants all of her. He prepares to bite her neck, but the feeling subsides, and he kisses her lips. Back at his loft, Ian mixes the water sample with the formula that Chris came up with during his experiment. The result is the special water contained in the blue bottles. They speculate about what would happen if a vampire were to drink the spring water straight, without the special ingredient. They wonder whether it could completely cure a vampire. After waking up with a jolt, Caleb quietly gets out of bed and goes to the healing pool.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick tells his mom to quit trashing Sharon and that he wishes she were there for their daughter. He mentions that Sharon took money out of their account before she left. Dr. Reese runs some tests to see why Cassie is non responsive. Victor confesses to Victoria that Sharon was the one who started the kiss. Dr. Walker calls the family into a private room for a report on Cassie. Dru and Wes say tthat their one night stands with Neil and Olivia were mistakes, but he realizes that she's making a home with Neil. Isabella asks Paul where she stands with him. She also asks if hr raped Chris. Michael yells at Kelly and Lynne and tells them to stay away from his client. As she is taking off her disguise, she asks Michael if he has something to hide.

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