Friday 3-7-03 Recaps

Friday 3/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

At the hospital David and Anna try to decide what is best for Leora. David wants to take her home and Anna thinks she should have the surgery. David talks the situation over with Janelle, who tells him not to make the decision alone. Aidan tries to comfort Anna. He tells her he thinks David is looking out for the baby’s best interest. David tells Anna he wants to take Leora home and get her stronger. Kendall tells Boyd what happened with Fusion and Palmer. He offers to work with her, but she turns him down. He tells her to trust him and then takes off. At Enchantment, Chris stops by to see Erica. He comments about Trey’s arrest, and Erica tells him that Jack had already called her. Chris gets upset that Erica will take Jack’s call, but not his. Boyd interrupts them and Chris leaves in disgust. Erica believes that Boyd has decided to stay with Enchantment. He gives Erica an ultimatum-he will come back if she calls Palmer and convinces him to give Fusion the building back. Erica argues but finally gives in and agrees. At BJ’s, Greenlee doesn’t know what to do about the information she has on her secret admirer. Simone urges her to call him, and Greenlee does. A woman answers the phone. She soon gets another phone call to which she says, “I’ll be right there.” Kendall, who is at her apartment with Carlos, gets a call also. She excitedly tells him they have to leave. Soon, the girls of Fusion are walking back into their offices. Trey tries to get through to Reggie. He tells him that he needs to do more then just get by in life. Reggie apologizes to Trey, but admits it was either Trey or Janelle. Reggie he is free to go in exchange for his testimony against Trey. Trey tells Jack the only way he will give his confession is if Jack will take Reggie in. Jack agrees to the arrangement.

ATWT by Dione

Jessica packs Marshall's things & she took them down to the station. His lawyer came & he's being released. Evelyn, the DA is not going to let Ali get out b/c she's a flight risk. Tom told tell Alison that she would get released only if a medical condition should occur. Later, she stuffed the food down her face that her mother & sister brought her from Mable's. Rosanna saw Aaron & Lucy outside of Al's conversating & Ro laid a big wet one on Craig to change the subject! Then, Craig went outside & Lucy staged the old, "I told you that I didn't want to see you anymore, Aaron!" act. Aaron played along & Craig fell for it. Later, Ro tells Craig that if Carly wants some cash, she better grovel to get it! Carly sees Molly turning into a slut when she walks into her suite & sees a 1/2 naked looking hot Dusty! She then offers her some advice: go back to Mike! After Carly leaves, she turns on the tears!

B&B by Matt

Amber admits to the entire family about her sex tape she made with Rudy back in Furnace Creek. The family is none too pleased, but everyone realizes that Amber was just a kid when it was made. Everyone goes into damage control mode. Eric suggests dumping the line and the collection. Insisting the collection is excellent Amber insists they dump her name, but keep the collection. Amber wants to leave the company and suggests a press conference to let everyone know about it. Darla assures Macy that Thorne is head over heels in love with her and that Tricia has moved back to New York. Thorne calls Macy and asks her to come over to his house tonight. She can’t, but she reveals she just needs a little bit for time because she is “almost there.” CJ wonders why Bridget stuck around in LA, though she reveals nothing. Bridget recalls moments she spoke to Ridge about their relationship. Ridge drops by and asks for her advice about forgiving Brooke about her mess with Deacon. Bridget says it is up to Ridge to decide if he can live with knowing what happened. Bridget does mention that she doesn’t believe Brooke has a malicious bone in her body, though she makes poor decisions. Ridge appreciates her opinion and leaves. CJ observes Ridge and Bridget’s close goodbye. He calls Bridget on it after Ridge leaves. He demands to know what is going on between the two of them.

Days by Rebecca

Nancy finally gives birth to a baby girl which Chloe names Joy. Odell P. Smith (Ops) brings John some gadgets to spy on Tony with, in hopes of bring down the house of Dimera. Sami and Brandon have a romantic dinner and leave Will with Lucas - and his "friend" Deb much to Sami's dismay and they argue. Victor continues to make Nicole miserable, and also fires her from Titan! She runs into Brandon and asks for money, makes an excuse, and leaves. Afterwards, Sami and Brandon meet again and start with the lovin'!

GH by Meghan

Lucky told Luke that he didn’t need him to pay dates for him. Luke told Lucky that if Summer went to see him, she did it because she wanted to. Meanwhile, Summer met with an old friend, Bree, who she used to work for. Summer refused to return to her old work, but later changed her mind. Bree set her up with Jax. Luke went to see Nikolas, and again demanded he sign power of attorney over to him. Nik refused.

Ric told Carly he was surprised she was pregnant. She warned him that she would kill him if he hinted to anybody that he thought the baby could be his. Sonny fired Jason after Jason said that he loved Courtney, and couldn’t stop. Jason told him he was in danger, and needed his protection. Sonny told Jason to get out. He did, and went to Courtney’s. Jason told Courtney that he wanted to be with her, because he couldn’t stop loving her. Sonny went to the memorial party that Carly was having in honor of Catherine. She first made AJ leave, and then tried to get Faith to leave, but Ned convinced Carly to let Faith stay. When Sonny and Carly were dancing together, Sam pulled out her gun, and fired several shots. One hitting some liquor bottles. Everybody got down on the floor, Sonny protecting Carly, and Ric and Benny going towards Sonny.

GL by Barbra

Reva and Cassie talk about Olivia. Olivia admits to Phillip that she faked her pains (suggested by Alex) to get out of jail. Phillip is upset. Alex asks Alan if he has thought about the fact that the baby might not be his. Danny thinks about taking a new project to Cassie. He shares his idea with her, at least part of it. Michelle gets a special delivery from Danny. Cassie tells Danny that if she is going to do all the work then she wants all of the glory. Alex tells Alan his lunch with India has been cancelled. He calls India to find out why she cancelled, and she says that he cancelled it. He doesn't remember doing that. Ross and Olivia meet regarding her case. She makes bail. Reva comes to see Olivia and realizes that she is pregnant. Ross talks about the evidence against Olivia including the lipstick on the wall. Secret Scarlet 103. Phillip goes to the mansion to get some things for Olivia and finds the same lipstick in her things. He hides it. Phillip worries that someone is setting her up. He accuses Alan. Mel tells her mom about her offer to head the trauma unit. Felicia says to tell Rick. She won't. Rick questions her about the job. She says that she turned it down because she is going back to school to study law. Reva talks to Felicia about being able to read minds. She read Olivia's. Eden tries to solicit Danny as a business partner for her Garden of Eden escort service. He bolts. Eden talks to Ben about working for her.

OLTL by Suzanne

Troy and Blair drink together at his place while Starr sleeps.  She tells him about the losers club that she and Todd joked about being in.  Lindsay rushes in, thinking he's with Nora again, and is shocked to find Blair.  Lindsay throws herself at Troy, undressing in front of him.  Troy tells Lindsay that he's never going to sleep with her again.  He suggests that she get help and says he feels sorry for her.  Todd holds a gun on Mitch and threatens to kill him, saying he has nothing left to lose.  Jessica comes in and puts herself in front of Mitch, saying that she doesn't want to lose Todd, so Todd decides not to shoot.  Blair and Starr are at the diner, but Starr is not in a good mood because she misses Todd.  Blair gets her to share ice cream.  Todd sees them through a window. Later, Todd is sitting in an alley near Troy's house, looking at the gun.  Lindsay comes by, upset, and Todd leaves the gun in a trash gun.  She sees it and goes over to it (not sure if she picks it up).  Keri prepares to fly away.  Liz arrives and tells Keri and R.J. that Antonio has put a restraining order out on her so she can't leave with the baby.  R.J. suggests they just leave anyway, so they do.  Later R.J. gets a phone call from his friend who runs the charter service that their plane crashed and there were no survivors.  Jessica and Antonio have another heart-to-heart talk, as do Nora and Antonio.  Carlotta and Natalie have a straight talk in front of Cris.  Carlotta admits that she doesn't want Cris and Natalie together.  Cris tells her that he and Natalie are moving out to their own place because his mom never gave Natalie a chance.  Jessica tells Mitch that if he really loves her, he should give her family back all their possessions.

Passions by Ashley

Beth plans to kill Sheridan but yet again her plans are ruined. She becomes so angry and goes after her mother. A new baby arrives at Tabitha's house and Kay finally finds out Tabitha is going to have a baby. Whitney is scared about what her Dad will say about her and Chad and is scared Simone will never forgive her because they are still fighting and she still won't listen. Eve and T.C. talk about Whitney's future and Liz continues to plot to get T.C.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth is convinced that Alison and Rafe are up to something, and she wants to be included. She insists that Caleb no longer has any power over her, but they don't believe that's possible. Rafe asks her to listen to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" and tell them what happens. As she listens, a change comes over her face, but she removes the headphones and claims to have felt nothing. She rushes out on the pretense of having a previous engagement, unaware that Alison and Rafe are following her. Alison realizes that her mother still loves the vampire who sired her. Caleb sleeps on the couch while Tess lies awake in his bed. After a nightmare about the night he became a vampire, he wakes up with a jolt and sees Tess looking at him with concern. Tess believes that Caleb longs to be the man he used to be, before he was turned into a vampire against his will. Now believing that they were meant to be together, she asks him to make love to her. Elizabeth lets herself into Caleb's loft and is stunned to see her husband making love to Tess. Meanwhile, Lucy blames Kevin for making her claustophobia worse. Kevin demands to know where they are and what they're looking for, but his questions go unanswered. When Lucy panics and says that she can't breathe, Kevin's suggestion to whistle calms her down. As they crawl through the cave, they see a light. It becomes much brighter as they approach it, and they hear the sound of running water. Ian breaks through into a cavern. The hot spring lies in the middle. To Ian, it feels as if there are answers there, but Lucy has a very different feeling, as if something is a little bit off. The cavern fills with the sound of moaning, and something odd is happening in the water. Lucy can't explain what's happening, but she doesn't think they're alone.

Y&R By Jodi

Brittany IM's Raul and tells him she might be pregnant. Anita is at Fenmore Boutique and finds out. She makes Raul tell Mr. Hodges. They are both fuurious and blame Raul for ruining Britt's life and her future. Winters sisters are going at it over sleeping with Wes and Neil. Dru tells Olivia she was a rebound and Wes will never go for her because h's too hung up on Dru. Michael goes to talk to Lynne at Christine's apartment to find ou what's going on with Kelly Simmons, when who should open the door, Kelly!

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