Thursday 3-6-03 Recaps

Thursday 3/6/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Kendall tells her partners what Palmer's demands are. Greenlee tells Kendall to get over to Enchantment and make nice with Erica. Liza and Greenlee talk about opportunities and second chances. Liza tells her she kissed Tad. Greenlee finds information on her mystery man. Erica shows concern for Bianca's personal interest in Lena. Bianca tells her she doesn’t have to worry about her. Bianca and Boyd discuss their bet. Boyd asks Lena out and she accepts. Bianca talks with Lena, who says they should have dinner again sometime. Kendall apologizes to Erica for misunderstanding what was happening with Michael. Erica tells her that nothing she does is prompted by a need to get at Kendall. Kendall tells Erica about Palmer's demands. Kendall asks Erica why they can't be more than enemies. Erica tells her to stop competing with her. Kendall says she just wants Erica to notice her. Boyd overhears their argument and interrupts. Kendall runs out and Boyd asks Erica what her problem is. Erica tells him it is none of his business and Boyd quits his job. Edmund runs into Maureen and Aidan. Edmund asks to speak with Aidan. Edmund tells Aidan he wants him to be good to Maureen. Aidan tells he doesn't need to worry about her. Maureen talks with Joanie about Maddie. Joanie tells Maureen she destroyed her children. Maureen tells Aidan everyone is talking about her. Reggie and Trey meet with Jack. Jack tells Reggie he is going to revoke his bail. Jack informs them that the same gun fired in Trey's apartment was used in an armed robbery. Trey tells Reggie to stop protecting the guilty party. Reggie tells Jack that Trey burned down Erica's house. Simone finds Carlos at Mia's loft. She assumes that they slept together. They argue over Carlos and their friendship, and then make up. Mia tells Simone she and Jake weren't meant to be. Simone tells her she deserves more and will be just fine. Tad apologizes for kissing Liza. Liza kisses Tad and leaves.

ATWT by Dione

Jessica had Marshall arrested & said that she wasn't going to defend him. She didn't make Margo aware of the sexual assault that occured the night before. Ben came by with take out for lunch. He thought Jess seemed strange, but she didn't make him aware of what happened, either. Lucy & Aaron met at Al's diner. Aaron gave her back the necklace he bought for her back in the summer & they shared a kiss. Lily allowed them to visit more at her house. Craig arrived on the scene wondering where Lucy was. Rosanna said that she was with her, even though Lucy was gone. Craig told Carly that he would discuss loaning her money for a house, after she reminded him that she loaned him a million bucks to save his kids some time ago. Molly asked Mike to take her back. He declined saying that she would change her mind once he became daddy to Carly's baby. At Molly's suite at the Lake View, Dusty showed up and gave her a big kiss.

B&B by Matt

Macy sends Darla on her reconnaissance mission to get the inside scoop on Thorne. Sally isn’t sure about what Macy is doing and doesn’t appreciate not having Darla around to get caught up on their orders. Sally admits she is proud of how Macy is handling herself. Tricia decides to take the highroad and go back to New York. She and Thorne share a small kiss as she leaves, but Darla sees it and is none too pleased. Thorne promises to prove to Macy he is ready to be with her. After hearing his speech Darla is sure Macy and Thorne will be together. Megan wants to get the legal department on the tabloid story about Amber. Eric admits the sex tape story is true. Rick apologizes to Amber for being so jealous and angry about what Rudy did. He realizes that tape was made years ago. Amber promises to face the board today about the future effects of this on the company. Kristen, Stephanie, and Brooke join Eric in the boardroom. When Amber and Rick come in, Eric suggests they all rethink the future of the Ambrosia line. Everyone congratulates Amber on the record breaking projections the marketing department has come up with. Despite all the compliments, Amber admits that something terrible is about to come out and it’s something they should all know.

Days by Trisha

John threatens Tony about getting to close to Marlena now that the twins are aware that they are their parents. Marlena visits with the twins. When Rex meets Tony for brunch, he asks him if he loves Tony. Tony ignores the question, but it is obvious to Rex that he does when Marlena walks in with Cassie. Nancy really wants to see Chloe before she goes in for her treatment, but Craig threatens that it's not a good idea. Nancy threatens that she will see Chloe whether Craig wants her to or not. Lucas vents to Kate about Sami and Brandon livign together when Roman appears and agrees with Lucas. Roman leaves, as does Kate and Lucas meets a nurse and they also leave together. Roman and Kate meet once again when Roman apologizes for leaving earlier. He tells Kate that they should probably break off their relationship, but Kate disagrees as they go at it in her office.

GH by Meghan

Carly set up Jason and Courtney by telling Jason to meet her at The Celler, when he arrived he saw Courtney instead. She told him that he was as bad as Sonny because he wasn't letting her make her own choices. Carly came, and Jason told her she was hurting Courtney, Carly told Jason he was wrong. When Carly left, Courtney told Jason that if he couldn't let her live her life, she was through with him. He left. At the penthouse Ric was there with Sonny, and while Sonny was on a business call, Ric answered the other phone identifying himself as Sonny, the person calling was Carly's doctor to set up pre natal treatments. Ric told Sonny to mind his business, and to prove himself by not telling anybody that Carly was pregnant. She came home and found out Ric knew about the baby. Ric left and met up with AJ, and they talked about Carly. AJ showed up at the Celler, and listened on the stairs as Courtney told Jason she was done with him. He applauded her and told her she should get back at both Jason and Sonny by sleeping with him; he was slapped(3 cheers Courtney!). Ned met with Faith and refused to give her the million dollars when she told him what it was for. She summoned Edward and asked him for the money, he agreed as long as she made her relationship with Ned more public. Summer went to see Lucky, and asked if they could have a second chance, he shot her down with comments about being paid. She met up with a friend from her old work, who offered to have her back. Luke called Laura's doctors to make a request and they told him that everything had to be approved by Nikolas. Luke demanded power of attorney from him, but Nikolas refused.

GL by Barbra

Alan sees the news on the plane and wonders what happened to Olivia. Alex doesn't believe Olivia is guilty. Marah and Tony listen to radio DJs fantasize about her and Tony loses his cool. Marah wants to get naked. Eden appears to be running an escort service. She goes to see Marah and finds Tony. She offers a partnership and comes on to him. Alex goes to see Olivia regarding her "freedom" from Alan that is. She tells her to sign the divorce papers and she will deliver them to the attorney. Olivia wants to know what it will cost her. Olivia fakes pain and Alex demands she be released and taken to the hospital. Mel examines her and will keep her overnight for observation. Enter Alan, and Mel tells him that Olivia and the baby are fine. Alan blows his stack. Olivia and Alan fight, along with Alex. Mel prescribes a sedative for Alan giving Alex specific instructions for caution when using this medicine. Alex promises that she will make sure Alan gets his medicine.

OLTL by Jessica

Passions by Ashley

Luis and Sheridan get some alone time while she waits for her tests but they almost get caught by Antonio. Eve and T.C. have an argument about Whitney and what the future holds for her. But they get caught up in romance and let it go. Liz and Tom share a reunion and she tells him her plot for her Sister's heartache. Chad and Whitney head out to the studio and make love because of their joyful reunion. Tabitha creates more mischief when she sends Simone over to the studio to find her "boyfriend" Chad. While Simone gets her heart broken Kay and Tabitha watch it all in the bowl that holds the future.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth flirts with Frank at the Recovery Room. Frank places a cryptic phone call in which he assures someone that he's good for the money. Joshua advises Elizabeth to start spying on Alison and Rafe now. Frank intervenes when he sees Joshua grab her arm. Joshua is impressed with Frank, but the feeling is far from mutual. Assessing what he's observed, Joshua believes that Frank could be quite an asset to him. Caleb comforts a very sad Tess in the cave where she used to live. She wishes that Jack had never taken her away and taught her about love. She blames Caleb for creating her in the first place. Caleb explains that all the time he was pining for Olivia, he never took the time to look at Tess. When he finally opened his heart, he realized that she was the one he longed for. He is her destiny, not Jack. Tess looks into his eyes and realizes that he really does love her. Rafe and Alison are still trying to decipher Kevin's drawing when Ian and Lucy burst with maps of Port Charles and news about the healing pool. Ian and Lucy lay the drawing over one of the maps and discover that it points to Caleb's building by the docks. However, when they learn that Kevin supplied the drawing, they become suspicious that it's a trap. Despite his apparently good intentions, Kevin is asked to leave the premises. Elizabeth stops by the warehouse just before Ian and Lucy leave. When Alison and Rafe can't get their stories straight, Elizabeth informs them that she knows they're up to something that has to do with her husband. Caleb and Tess walk to his place, where he promises to protect her from her nightmares. As Ian and Lucy snoop around the docks, they find the same pattern on a padlocked door. To their chagrin, Kevin joins them. When they hear Caleb approaching, they open the lock and hide inside. Caleb notices the open padlock and closes it before continuing his walk with Tess. Inside, Ian stifles Lucy's urge to scream. She's normally claustrophic anyway, but it doesn't help that Kevin is in there with them.

Y&R By Judy

It appears Brit may be pregnant and

it could be the reason she took off. Raul is confused and Anita and JT are not happy at all. Later Raul goes to Fred's and Anita spills the news. Raul tries to explain but Fred feels pretty sad to hear about Brittany's situation.

After talking with Isabella,Michael heads over to see Kelly. Christine has been tallking to Lynn, but has the Kelly get up on when Michael arrives. Paul tells Andy the truth about Christine masquerading as Kelly.

Dru does not believe that Wes and Olivia slept together and an argument commences. Wes goes to see Neil and offers advice about Lily. Neil tells Wes he isn't planning to re-marry Dru.

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