Wednesday 3-5-03 Recaps

Wednesday 3/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee informs Kendall that Palmer kicked them out. Greenlee starts to pack and Mia and Simone show up with the eviction notice off the front door. They all argue. Kendall tells them she will save the company. Greenlee wonders about her mystery man. Jamie stops by to help her, and is able to find a name. Mia goes to the bar. She runs into Carlos and asks him why he doesn't like Simone. She asks him to go back to her place. He doesn't want to take advantage of her. A random guy hits on Mia, and Carlos steps in to save her. He gets her home safely. She kisses him. Laurie asks Jamie why he kissed her. Palmer interrupts them and asks her to replace Kendall as Petey's nanny. Kendall apologizes to Palmer and asks him not to kick them out. He says they can stay if Laurie will be Petey's nanny and make peace with Erica. Adam wants to know if anything is wrong with Liza. She tells him she doesn't want to go to the charity event. Lysistrata tries to get Liza to tell Adam what happened with Tad. Liza tells him about Jake and Mia. Lysistrata asks him how he would feel, and Adam says if Liza had an affair it would kill him. The doctor tells David the baby needs a Pacemaker. David doesn't want that. He blames himself for his daughter being sick. Back in the room, Anna says everything they went through was worth it. Maggie stops by to visit. David tells Anna that the baby needs surgery. They discuss what is best to do for the baby. Maggie tells Henry that David is incredibly strong and loyal, and that Anna keeps David in line and loves him.

ATWT by Dione

Jessica and Marshall have two different viewpoints as to what occured between them the night before. Jessica claims Marshall "sexually assaulted" her while she slept. Marshall thinks they shared a night of passion. Jessica decides not be Marshall's attorney any longer. Meanwhile, she contemplates calling Margo to file charges against Marshall. Barbara calls the Oakdale Police on Craig for crashing on her couch the night before. Craig offers Barbara some friendly advice as to not be a "vampire" and stop blaming everyone else for her problems. Mike tells Carly that he wants them to be a real family when the baby arrives. Molly comes to the cottage to forgive Mike, after she urges Jack not to divorce Carly. Carly asks Craig for in advance in salary to buy a home of her own.

B&B by Matt

Brooke touches Ridge’s shoulder at Taylor’s grave. Ridge wonders if this is Taylor’s sign he was asking for. Bridget is also at the gravesite but isn’t seen by the other two. Brooke feels she should go, but Ridge asks her to stay. Brooke realizes something is wrong, but doesn’t push Ridge to tell her. Mass plays with the kids at Ridge’s place. Ridge eventually comes home and is pleased to see Mass playing with the kids. Mass gives Ridge one of his rings that has been passed through the Marone line. He also refers to him as Massimo Marone V. Mass isn’t thrilled to hear that Brooke showed up at Taylor’s grave. He tells him that Brooke is jeopardizing their family, but Ridge warns him that he will make all the decisions regarding his relationships with Brooke and Bridget. Thorne pays Lorenzo and Macy a visit. Lorenzo and Thorne share some unpleasant words and almost get into a fight, but Macy shows up to break them up. Thorne warns Macy to not take too long in her decision as he leaves. Brooke pays Bridget a visit at her apartment and explains how she had perfect timing with Ridge and they may be back on the path to marriage. Brooke asks Bridget to not bad mouth her in front of Ridge. Darla congratulates Macy for her nuptials with Thorne. Macy explains how she has to decide between Lorenzo and Thorne, but admits she loves him. She asks Darla to talk to Thorne and get her judgment on the situation.

Days by Rebecca

Nancy's labor continues as Chloe prepares to be admitted for her bone marrow transplant. She and Brady make love and are called back to the hospital. Shawn and Belle reunite and update eachother on the days happenings. Cassie wacthes on and runs away. Rex and Mimi chat sweetly and Cassie comes in angry, breaking a Shawn and Belle picture frame. Rex pulls her aside and tells her to go home. Later, Mimi spills medicine on Rex takes off his shirt (oo la la)

GH by Meghan

At her club, Carly got dizzy on the stairs and had to sit down, Liz saw and tried to help but Carly sent her away. Liz told Courtney about what happened and Carly told Courtney that she had morning sickness. She left to go home and take a pregnancy test. When she left, Elizabeth asked Courtney if Carly was pregnant, Elizabeth was told to stay out of Courtney's family. When Ric came to see Elizabeth, she told that she thought Carly was pregnant. At the penthouse, Carly asked Jason to go to the park and get Michael for the night so her and Sonny could find out if she was pregnant. She took the test, and it was positive. At the park, Jason found Michael and Courtney playing with Rosie, and when Jason came, Courtney offered to leave w/ Rosie,Michael said no. Jason and Courtney talked about their relationship, Courtney had a few tears, and Michael told Jason to promise not to hurt Courtney again. She left, and Jason took Michael home. While eating with Coleman, Skye saw Jax eating with a call girl. She sat down at their table and told Jax who he was eating with. After he told his ex that he knew, Skye told Jax that he was being a coward, because he was refusing to feel any emtotion. She told him when he was ready, she wanted him to come and talk to her as a friend, nothing else. Faith's hitman Sam, demanded another million dollars to kill Sonny. Faith told her she inherited money from her grandmother, although she later found out she inherited only a ring, and all the money went to a charity. Faith told Ned she still needed him, and requested another million dollars, he said not until she told him why. At the Basement, Ric tried to get Carly to drink wine, she refused, and handed the glass to Sam, not knowing she was the one Faith hired.

GL by Barbra

Danny and Cassie are at Towers. Danny asks Cassie to help him. She wonders why it has to be her? He gets a call and leaves. Harley and Gus check out Olivia's phone records. Frank gives Harley a picture of the bracelet which has a large S on it. Reva confronts Olivia while Olivia claims she is innocent. Shayne doubts Olivia's guilt. Alex discovers that Olivia hasn't signed the divorce papers yet. Danny tells Gus that he has info about the man who helped Carmen escape from jail and where he can be found. Phil goes to the station and asks to see Olivia. He tells her he believes in her and will move heaven and earth to get her out. He will talk to Ross about her defense. Phone records indicate that Olivia called Reva, Marah and Cassie the same time the stalker did. Alan makes plans to meet India for lunch tomorrow at the Country Club. Eden is talking to someone on the phone- Hi darling- It's Eden, I'm back.

OLTL by Jessica

Viki told Mitch at her house that she will fight the will that says that Mitch gets everything. There was a party at LU. Jen was about to hook up with Rex. Marcy tries to help her because She is drunk. Natalie meets Joey for the first time but the meeting was not too friendly. Jen started yelling at Cris because he brought Natalie. Natalie confronts Jen in the bathroom and Jen tells her everything she did to keep her and Cris apart. Joey brings Flash to the party and later Jessica follows her back to her "house". Flash was not very nice and told her to leave. Jessica almost gets robbed at Angel's Square but Antonio saves her. Jen leaves with Rex. Marcy tells Al that she connects with the voice of the night and goes to see who he is but no one is in the booth. Later we find out that Al is the voice.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. and Eve lose time together when he gets called in and Liz uses it to her advantage. Chad and Whitney spend time together and rekindle what they had. They go back to his studio to make love. Eve works on Sheridan and tries to get her conscious. Luis waits impatiently. Beth waits to to hope that Sheridan dies so she can have Luis. Anotnio rushes to her side and they all try to figure out who tried to kill her. Julian and Rebecca talk to the informant and Julian becomes horrified. He realizes that the informant is an angry ex Crane employee. He holds Julian at gunpoint and then he finds out the information the man has on Theresa and hes shocked.

PC by Beth

Joshua pays Elizabeth a visit. He wants her to keep tabs on what Alison and Rafe are up to and report back to him. Elizabeth doesn't like the idea of spying on her daughter, but Joshua convinces her that it's all part of getting sweet revenge on Caleb. He also tries to talk her into a mutual feeding, but Elizabeth doesn't want to do that with him. He ignores her and sinks his fangs into her neck anyway. Jack runs after Tess. He's sorry that she saw him with Reese, but he's not sorry that he did it. They argue about her relationship with Caleb, and Jack informs Tess that he wants to live his life without her. After she leaves, Reese informs Jack that he's too complicated, and she doesn't need that right now. Tess returns to her cave, where she concludes that she doesn't belong anywhere.

Lucy apologizes for the way she treated Ian earlier. Ian thinks the Healing Pool is another piece of the puzzle. They go to Victor for help, and it's a very awkward situation. Lucy apologizes, but Victor explains that when he sees her with Ian, he thinks about Kevin, and it's hard. He's lost his son, and he doesn't know why. As they talk, Ian finds something about the Battle of Putnam's Field in one of Victor's books. Victor now remembers where he's heard of the Healing Pool. According to legend, soldiers who bathed their wounds in the spring were healed. The book doesn't give any additional information, but Victor pulls out some old maps. Although they don't find any pools or springs on the maps, there is a reference in Dutch to a "place of healthy waters." The problem is that they can't tell where it's located, because a piece of the map is missing. Meanwhile, Rafe takes some staff paper and writes out the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" repeatedly. Alison is angry with him for rejecting her advances. She doesn't think it matters that the music made her want him. Just as Rafe charms his way back into her good graces, Kevin stops by the warehouse to volunteer his services in bringing Caleb down. He wants to get Livvie back as a whole person, and he finally acknowledges that Tess is part of her. Rafe doesn't trust him. Kevin becomes excited when he sees the staff paper, because he sees a message in the notes. He connects the notes into a diagram, but he doesn't know what it means. "The notes just jumped into my head, and I saw this," he states.

Y&R By Jodi

Brad reads J.T. the riot act after seeing him kissing his daughter in the school newspaper. J.T. tells him he can't explain his feelings for her. Brad asks that he stay away from her, but knows that he can't force them to be apart. Colleen admits to Lily that she wants to make love to J.T. When they meet at their secret hideaway, Colleen tells J.T. she wants to make love to him and he doesn't seem to mind that idea. Before Jill can get her birth record from the candy striper's hand, her supervisor comes in and says she can't see it without a court order. Mac and Billy have first meal at their new apartment. Lauren asks for their help in keeping J.T. and Colleen apart.

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