Tuesday 3-4-03 Recaps

Tuesday 3/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Liza freaks out on Tad and takes off. She goes to her Lysistrata's office and interrupts a session. She tells her she kissed another man. Lysistrata asks about the history of the relationship and wants to know what she isn't with Tad. Liza says that her and Tad are best friends. Lysistrata tells her it sounds like she is more married to Tad then Adam. Jamie overhears Tad saying he kissed Liza. They have a conversation about woman and what happened between Jamie and Laurie. Tad tells Jamie that he should stay away from Laurie because she is his brother's girlfriend. He doesn't want him to risk his relationship with JR. Anna and David bond with the baby. Anna asks him about the tests they ran on the baby. The results aren't back yet. Greenlee stops by. They tell her they named the baby Leora after Leo. Greenlee tells them about her mystery man. Anna tells her to follow her heart. David talks to the doctor who tells him the test results for the baby show problems. At Fusion, Palmer shows up and wants to know where Kendall and Petey are. Laurie had been watching Petey. Palmer is really mad at Kendall. Laurie sticks up for Kendall. Palmer says his deal with Kendall is off. Greenlee returns and Palmer tells her that the agreement to lease the building is off. Kendall tells Michael she couldn't let him go. Michael and Kendall make love. Michael asks if Kendall pulled a gun on Erica. Before she can answer, she realizes the time and remembers Petey. She races back to Fusion. Greenlee tells her she just cost them the company.

ATWT by Dione

Ben and Jessica are engaged in a kiss when TMT enters the room. TMT announces that Lien told him that Zara's remains will be sent to Oakdale. Jessica explains to Ben that she wants to comfort him with conversation and Ben should trust her. She continues to assure Ben that she plans to cut all ties to TMT after the trial and Zara's funeral. Later while sleeping on the couch, TMT lays across Jess and kisses her seductively. Hal has packed a care package which includes cocoa for Alison. While in lock-up she meets a hooker and fantasizes about a life she doesn't want. Alison and Hal have a talk about all of her wrong doing. Aaron runs over to Fairwinds in the middle of the night after Lucy forgives him. The two plan on starting anew with Rosanna's blessings. Because Craig and Rosanna had a fight about Carly earlier, Craig is at the Lake View in his old suite. To his dismay, Barbara is living there. He crashes on the couch, against her will, of course! AT JU, Rose and Dusty discuss not telling Paul about the kiss. Molly refused a kiss from Dusty, she wants more.

B&B by Matt

Thomas procrastinates doing a book report and is sad about Bridget’s departure. He then answers the door to find Bridget waiting for him. Rick is happy Bridget stayed in LA and wonders what LA has that Copenhagen doesn’t have. Brooke tells him she is staying because of a man, but not CJ. Brooke admits that she may have blown it with Ridge for good this time. Rick tells her to fight for Ridge, but be smart about it. Eric interrupts Ridge and Stephanie’s argument. Before he came in, Ridge made it clear he would tell Eric the truth. Ridge explains how Stephanie has been manipulating Bridget and all of them for a long time. Mass drops by and is ecstatic that Bridget stayed in town but isn’t thrilled that she and Ridge have decided they aren’t in love. Ridge almost tells Eric the truth, but after some hesitation is persuaded to go home by Stephanie. Mass tells Bridget to not deny Ridge a woman that loves him and not leave him vulnerable to Brooke. Ridge visits Taylor’s grave again and asks for some guidance. Everyone seems to have a stake in this situation and he doesn’t know who to talk to. Suddenly a hand touches his shoulder and Ridge turns around giving a surprised look.

Days by Rebecca

Tony and Marlena tell the twins that they are they're parents. Cassie is mad at first, but John makes a speech and afterwards she embraces her mother. John supports them as does Brady, but Belle runs out crying. Marlena remembers the boat with the twins leaving, and gets upset. Later, Tony vows to take care of all of his family. Shawn is released from prison and Roman is thanked for his plea on Shawn's behalf. Bo and Hope return home and she tries to get over her event with Larry. Shawn goes to the dorm and finds Mimi, and leaves to find Belle. Jack and Jennifer write the story about Shawn/Larry/Colin and later they begin to make love in her office.

And by Trisha

Marlena, John, and Tony continue to tell Rex and Cassie who their birth parents are as Belle and Brady watch. After much argument, Cassie and Rex hug Marlena and accept the fact that she is their mother, but Belle cannot handle it and storms off. Shawn is released from jail when it is "proven" that Larry Welsh killed Colin. He runs to Belle's dorm to find a sickly Mimi. They chat and Mimi sends Shawn to the dock where Belle has said she will be walking to clear her mind. Jack and Jennifer are relieved to hear the news about Shawn and frantically type up a new story...but not before making love under Jennifer's desk.

GH by Meghan

At the gatehouse, Ned told Faith she had to leave because he was going to be bringing home Kristina, and he didn't want her around the baby. He left to see Alexis. Ned tried to convince Alexis that having Kristina out of the hospital was better, and eventually she agreed to let him take the baby home. When Ned was at the hospital, Faith called Edward to Ned's and told him he was bringing home Kristina and her and Edward agreed the baby was a problem. Ned came home with the baby to his house decorated and his grandfather there telling him all the arrangements he had made for the baby. Ned said he didn't need help. At the hospital Cameron told Alexis that he didn't tell Scott about her faking because he admired that she would do anything to protect her baby. Alexis told him that she let Ned take home Kristina, and Cameron told Alexis that Ned suspected nothing, but Scott thought she was faking her problem. He promised to help. He left and went to Kelly's where he asked Gia to try and get information from Taggert about how Scott was planning to go after Alexis in the trial....she told him he should worry about his own son, not Alexis's daughter. She went to her brother who hinted that Scott thought Alexis was faking; Gia went to the hospital and told Cameron and Alexis what she found out. Carly told Courtney she might be pregnant. Courtney thought she should quit working at Carly's club because of the problems with Jason and Sonny; Carly told her no, because then she wouldn't have the opportunity to run into Jason. Later, Carly told Sonny that she wanted to do something to honor Catherine. Faith walked into the club, and said she was sorry for the things she said to Sonny and Carly. Neither believed her. Courtney came into the club dressed up, with Jason soon behind her. Skye went to check on Jax, who had a woman at his house. Skye told him that strangers couldn't give him love, he told her that was the point. She left, and the woman came back announcing that Jax was the new owner of a company...she suggested that they celebrate, he said no.  Jax also bought shares of a different company. Faith met with a woman named Sam, who she told she wanted a hit on Sonny, and told Sam she wanted history to repeat itself at Carly's club at Catherine's memorial that Carly was having. Jason told Sonny that the hit "man" Sam was in town.

GL by Barbra

Holy is cleared a s a suspect. Bill admits to Beth that he and Michelle have split up. Enter Harley and Gus to the Spaulding mansion on police business. Harley tells Phillip the call was traced to the mansion. Gus asks to look at everybody's cell phones. Harley arrests Olivia. Phillip calls Ross for legal help. Olivia protests that she is innocent. Alex goes to the police station to see Olivia. Reva comes to see Olivia. Cassie and Danny sign their partnership papers. Alan goes to New Orleans to see Mindy Sue. Michelle gives Danny pictures.

OLTL by Suzanne

Jen wakes up with Rex next to her. Later she tells Marcie that she was just using him to realize that she has control over her life. Blair and Starr got in a fight and Starr ran away to Troy's house. Troy told Blair and Starr was asleep when she got there. Troy and Blair sat down and had a glass of wine. Rae told Asa that she would divorce him and that she wants nothing. She also found out that Asa faked his heart attack. Victor's will was about to be read and Todd brought a tape that he made saying it was Victor's redone will but Viki told him that it would never work. So the will was read and Mitch got everything. Sam and Viki went to contest the will. Jessica might have an idea to persuade Mitch to let them keep everything. Later, Todd went to Mitch's house and pulled a gun out on him.

Antonio drops by Llanfair to tell Jessica that a guard has been stationed outside to protect them from Mitch.  She thanks him but notices something is wrong.  He says it's about his daughter and fills her in on what's happened.  She urges him to go to Keri so she can convince her mom to let him have visitation with his daughter.  Joey goes to see Al at the university.  Keri is nearby, cleaning out her stuff from her office.  Al is acting very hyper and gives Joey a big hug that picks him up off his feet.  Joey asks Al if he's seen C.J.  Al hasn't but heard from him a year and a half ago; he said he was living in a town in Michigan.  They catch up a bit but Al is not making a lot of sense.  Jessica comes up and they all chat.  Joey suggests that Al ease up on the caffeine, then he leaves.  Jess is also suspicious about Al's behavior but he assures her that he's just had a lot of coffee.  She invites him to a party there.  Later, he naps but gets awakened when they set up for the party.  He takes some more pills.  Emily finds Keri and says she was hoping to take her class, but Keri says she's quit and won't be back.  She's rude to Emily but later they apologize to each other.  Antonio comes in with Jess and sees that Keri was going to leave without saying goodbye.  They exchange a few harsh words.  Antonio swears he will not let his daughter go.  Jen comes in and sees that Marcy is mooning over Joey.  Marcy assures Jen that Al will always love her, even if he says he doesn't. 

Rex pretends to be working hard when Renee comes by the bar.  He asks for extra shifts so he can buy more books for school.  Flash comes back and Renee tries to bar her from there.  Flash says she didn't rip off that guy and she gives Renee $100 to pay for the vase she broke.  She has a soda at the bar.  A middle-aged businessman-type comes up and offers to buy her more drinks.  He leaves his keys on the bar and later when he can't hear on his cell phone, Rex suggests he go to the lobby.  Later, the man comes back and tells Renee that his room was robbed.  Lindsay sees Gabrielle sitting in the Palace bar and asks her if Bo is working late with Nora.  She warn Gabrielle that Nora may seem harmless, but she's really after her man.  Jen meets with her mom at the Palace bar.  Jen doesn't want to go home because it reminds her of Cris.  She suggests moving in with Lindsay, but Lindsay says she'd rather keep her privacy.  Jen realizes that Lindsay just wants to get back with Troy; she tells her mom that he would rather be alone than be with Lindsay.  Hank, Bo, and Nora are not happy to be in the judge's chambers late at night because of a meeting called by Mitch's defense attorney.  She is trying to get the charges dropped because of procedural errors on the part of the cops in Jason's Landing.  The judge is also not happy to be there late at night.  He says there will still be a trial since the defense does not have any sworn affidavits.  Mitch is outside the chambers with Bo. They threaten each other.  Mitch is not happy to hear that his lawyer lost.  The trio go to the Palace bar.  Bo stops to talk to Jen about testifying against Mitch.  He and Lindsay are rude to each other.  Jen doesn't say much but he threatens her.  Gabrielle comes up and gives Bo a big kiss hello and he tells her about what happened with the judge.  Viki and Todd try to get Victor to finish writing his will, but instead he grabs Viki's hand.  She gives him the pen and makes him hold it, but he can't write. So Todd says it's okay, he can just say his will and Todd has a videocamera. Victor tries but doesn't get past "I Victor Lord" when he has some sort of trouble and they have to call in the doctor.  Troy tells them that he had a stroke and general organ failure.  Victor is dead.  Mitch comes by and is happy to hear it.  Todd consoles Vicky and they share some nice moments.  He leaves, saying he has something to do.  Joey meets up with Flash and tells her what he want out.  He suggests they go to the police station to use their database to find more info.  But first he wants to eat. We see them hanging out but the police show up, with Renee, and arrest Flash for robbery.  Viki comes home to find that Mitch is sitting in her living room, saying that it is his house now.

Passions by Ashley

Ivy and Grace talk more as she tells her how she's gonna act if she's in her house. While Chad and Whitney talk and he gives her a choice either he stays if she gives him a reason to or he's gone. Whitney tells him to take the job and runs off crying and runs into an unexpected friend...Julian. Julian talks to her about her loss and what she should do now. Theresa is still running strong with donating the Crane's money to charities. Ethan is thrilled with Theresa but Gwen is not pleased at all and questions her motives. Rebecca meets with her secret informant to get the goods on Theresa to rid her out of the mansion. Luis tries to free Sheridan from under the beam in the burning cottage. Luis will not leave Sheridan and Beth is outside watching the place burn. Chad, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, and Fox see the fire at the cottage and race to put it out. They find the gas can and realize someone set fire to the cottage. Then Fox rushes to save Luis and Sheridan.

PC by Beth

After observing "Marissa" and Jamal, Ricky decides to confront them about their so-called relationship. He's clearly suspicious that "Marissa" isn't who she claims to be. Jamal tries to cover for Casey by kissing her, but this only fuels Ricky's suspicions. Casey takes Ricky aside to tell him the truth, but before she can confess, he kisses her. The kiss confirms what he thought. He knows exactly who she is. They share a few more joyful kisses before thunder roars and she vanishes. Jamal explains that Ricky blew her cover, which can't be a good thing. Reese pouts about being blown off by Ricky, but she perks up when Jack informs her that he's tired of sweetness and ready for someone who's bad to the bone. Reese asks whether he really wants to be a vampire again, and for right now, he can't think of a reason not to. Caleb takes Tess to his place, where he assures her that she'll be safe. They talk about what happened with Jack, including his accusation that she has feelings for Caleb. He asks whether Jack could be right about that. Tess insists that she although she does love Caleb in her own way, it isn't the way he wants her to love him. Caleb admits that he had the chance to kill Lucy but instead chose to rescue Tess from Kevin. He hopes that she'll stay with him, but it's her choice. Tess chooses to go to Jack. When she gets to the house, she's stunned to see Jack allowing Reese to kiss his neck. Ian and Lucy fight about her tactics in handling Caleb. Ian admits that he's jealous. When Lucy orders him to get out of her house, she knocks over some boxes. Ian notices that a book opened when it hit the floor. He takes it as a sign from God, because it opened to a page illustrating his vision of "The Healing Pool," where the dead return to life. On his guitar, Caleb plays the five notes of "Naked Eyes" over and over.

Y&R By Judy

Brad's not happy about the kissy face picture of Colleen and JT. Colleen meets JT at the Boutique but he seems uncomfortable that someone might catch them kissing, especially Lauren. John runs into Lauren and they exchange words about Colleen and JT. John wants the secret meetings stopped , but Lauren tells him she's not a day care center. Then Brad calls and insists he wants to see Colleen. Lauren finds the two love birds together as Colleen heads to Brad's. With photo in hand Brad tells Colleen she is moving back in with him today . He tells her she can't be trusted . Lauren then tells JT he is going to follow her rules and no more secret meetings with Colleen. Snapper throws a hissy about Jill looking for her parents and she tells him to get out of her way. Greg on the other hand helps. They go looking for her records. Jill makes up a big whopper that she needs the information for a health emergency and the office girl hands over the birth records. Elizabeth is now recovering from her apparent successful surgery. Anita drills Fred about his overnight whereabouts. They then discuss Brit's recent demeanor. Mac and Bill get cozy in their new home while Raul breaks the news that Brittany left him an email saying she is leaving for a few days. He thinks her parents have bribed her to move on. But Mac and Bill seem certain that Brit's parents have no idea where she is. Raul shows up at Fred's office.

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