Monday 3-3-03 Recaps

Monday 3/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Erica gets mad at Opal for going to the Fusion party, and Opal tells her she is just jealous. Erica tells Opal she slept with Jackson. Opal tells Erica that maybe she is finally getting what she deserves. Erica storms out. Chris stops by with flowers to apologize. Opal tells him that Erica should be apologizing to him. Kendall is crying on the roof when Michael shows up. Kendall apologizes for letting herself get provoked by Erica. Michael tells her that his father asked him to do a business deal with Erica. Michael doesn’t think Kendall wants to be with him. Michael asks her to stay the night with him. If she doesn’t come, he will leave Pine Valley and never bother her again. After talking with the girls, Kendall goes to Michael’s. Liza wants Mia to come stay with her, but Mia says she is staying at the loft. Tad stops by and Mia slams the door in his face. Mia gives Jake’s stuff to Tad. Tad admits he knew about Jake and Allison. Mia asks Tad why he Jake cheated on her, and he mentions all the hours she was working at Fusion. He apologizes for Jake. Liza gets angry at Tad for not telling her about Jake cheating on Mia. They argue about their past, and they kiss. Jack tells Aidan he wants him to investigate Chris because of new charges against him. Aidan question Jackson’s motives. He wants to know if someone is trying to smear Chris. Jack wants to make sure Erica is safe and protected. Aidan says yes but insists on seeing the information Jack has. Jack gives Aidan a gun, and Aidan tells him to think about it. Erica shows up at Jack’s office crying. Jack tries to get her to admit she has feelings for him but she denies it. After Erica leaves, Jack calls Aidan and tells him to go after Chris.

ATWT by Dione

Craig talks shop to Carly about putting out her line & she wants a friend, not a "partner". Jack struts into the Monte Carlo office with divorce papers in hand. Carly pleads desprately with Jack to try and make their marriage work. In anger, she throws the papers and kicks him out. At Java, Mitzi urges Rose to tell Paul about the kiss Dusty gave her. Molly flirts endlessly with Dusty. In the interrogation room, Alison confesses to Emily that she staged a night of passion with Aaron. Emily insists that she tell Lucy the truth. Lucy is outraged by the news. Alison is escorted to her cell.

B&B by Matt

Ridge blasts Stephanie for keeping this secret from him for so long. Stephanie tries to explain that she has only known the truth since his accident 1.5 years ago. Ridge doesn’t buy that and slams Stephanie’s character by comparing her to Brooke. He almost walks out, but Stephanie begs him to not leave her. Brooke is glad to find Bridget in her apartment since Copenhagen hadn’t heard from her. Bridget reveals she hung around because of a certain someone though she feels it is basically a loving friendship. Not knowing she is referring to Ridge, Brooke advises her to pursue it. Sally is adamant that Thorne hasn’t changed and advises Macy to take a good look at the man she already has, i.e. Lorenzo. Lorenzo has set up the apartment with American paraphernalia in an attempt to cheer up Macy. She breaks it to him that they are no longer married. Upset, Lorenzo suggests that she divorce Thorne and they remarry. Macy isn’t sure what she wants to do and asks for more time.

Days by Rebecca

Nancy is in labor as Craig, Chloe and party watch on. Belle and Brady receive a call telling them to go to the Dimera Mansion. Tony returns to the mansion greeted by Cassie and Rex and tells them he has news. John and Marlena chat, make love, and go to the mansion to take part in the news-telling. They tell the twins who their parents are (Tony - their father and Marlena - their mother) and they are shocked. Larry confesses to Abe for the murder of Colin Murphy for reduced charges but he waits for more evidence. Roman and Bo have a confrontation, but they are both (with Hope) called down to the station. Abe informs them of Larry's confession, and Bo is happy about it but Roman is skeptical and they get into another argument. Nicole was about to confess to the murder but Victor stops her, not wanting to ruin his good name. He reminds her that he will always have control of her. Belle writes Shawn a love letter and his parents go to see him with the good news, that he ISN'T a murderer!

GH by Megsaqt

When Ned got to Carly's club where Faith had killed Catherine. he told her that she didn't have to pretend to grieve, he knew Faith killed her grandmother. Faith told Ned she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Mac came and wanted to question Faith, before he asked any questions she told him that her and Catherine were together, and when she was leaving she heard Catherine drop the glass. Later, Faith sat in the chapel, while Ned read the autopsy report. He went to apoligize to Faith telling her Catherine died of natural causes. They hugged, and when she was alone again, Faith talked to herself, saying that she had to kill Catherine because she needed the inheritance. Sonny tried to get Carly to go see a doctor to find out if she was pregnant. She refused saying she wanted to wait, before the argument could go further, Carly got a call about Catherine and her and Sonny rushed to the club where they learned what happened with Catherine. When Faith told Sonny that she didn't cry, she moved on like he did with Lily, Caly kicked her out of the club. Cameron continued to question Alexis about her personalities, and she admitted she had made them up, and that she had killed Alcazar. Cameron told her he would go to Scott, and Alexis begged him not to explaining how she had acted in self defense. Cameron was mad that she had used him, and left with Alexis yelling from her door for him to help her. Cameron went to the PCPD and told Scott to do the right thing for Alexis and bring the tape to a judge so Alexis could get help. He refused. Luke told Summer that he knew she had been seeing Lucky, and wondered what he wanted. She told Luke she didn't know Lucky was his son, and the only thing she wanted was the feeling she got from being in love with him. Luke told him that she felt gratitude, not love. He told Summer that she thought she would be better off forgetting she knew him. She lfet thanking him for the party. Luke tracked Lucky down on the docks, and told him he thought maybe he should try the relationship with Summer, him and her were over.

GL by Barbra

People panic in the studio when the bomb explodes. Not to worry says Gus, just a flash bomb. Scary but not dangerous. The show goes on. Reva goes live and announces what just happened. She then begins to share her story. The stalker manages to get through the screeners of the calls and comes over the loud speaker. He tells Reva that she was wrong and that he will hurt her and her entire family. She keeps him on the line and he tells her he knows she is trying to trace the call and hangs up. Alex, Phil and Olivia watch from the mansion. Olivia is upset. Phillip tries to comfort her. Both leave the room. Edmund watches from Towers where he is having a drink to celebrate his new ambassadorship to San Cristobel. He gets angry and leaves. Frank comes in looking for him and misses him. Gus is in the sound booth and says that they managed to trace the call. He reads out the address of the Spaulding mansion.

OLTL by Jessica

Cristian confronts Todd about what he did to him and Natalie. Todd figures out that Victor was trying to rewrite his will. He finds Sam and Blair together and asks Sam for help. Sam refuses. Viki tells Natalie to come home and Natalie accuses her of loving Jessica more than her. Viki tries to prove her wrong. Flash lets Joey know that she needs his help to find his cousin CJ. Victor goes into surgery. Roxy asks Natalie for money and tells her that she can go live with her. Evangeline tries to get Mitch's charges dropped. After Victor's surgery, Viki and Todd bring a camera to videotape him trying to redo his will.

Passions by Ashley

At the Bennetts' house Grace has a startling premonition about Ivy and Sam. Her and Ivy talk and she sets ground rules for her house. Whitney and Chad talk to Ethan and Theresa about their relationship and how it's failing. Chad tells Whitney how he got a job offer in L.A. and if she doesn't give him a reason to stay then hes leaving. Theresa gives away more millions to Charities and plans on selling the Rolls-Royce that Rebecca drives. The anonymous tipper Rebecca paid off comes into town. Sheridan and Luis are trapped in the house fire Beth started and Sheridan's leg gets pinned under a beam.

PC by Beth

When Ian refuses to turn off the music, Rafe attacks him. Alison arrives just in time, and Ian tells her to turn off the music. Rafe is confused about what just happened. When he hears those five notes, he's filled with anger and hatred for vampires. In contrast, Ian sees a vision of a cold, white place and feels himself being called to go there. Ian also hears voices and the sound of muskets. Alison insists on listening to the music herself. The music clearly has a rapturous effect on Alison, who tries to seduce Rafe in front of Ian. Ian stops the music, and Alison explains how it made her feel. She felt very connected to Rafe and to their life together. She also felt alive and loved. Ian rushes out to fill Lucy in on what they've learned. Alison still wants to be with Rafe, but he turns her down. He doesn't want to be with her now, because the feelings inside her were caused by Caleb's music.

Kevin persuades Tess to go to his house, where they can talk. He takes her back to the lighthouse, and after gaining her trust, he pulls out the music box and opens it. As the music plays, Livvie emerges. Meanwhile, Caleb and Lucy get hot and heavy, but when he puts his lips to her neck, she can't keep up her act anymore. She tries to cover, but it doesn't do any good. Caleb has no intention of sleeping with someone who has tried repeatedly to kill him. Lucy warns that if he kills her, he'll blow his chances of getting Livvie back, because Tess won't want anything to do with him. He informs her that he doesn't want Livvie anymore. Seeing an opportunity, Lucy grabs her silver arrow and points it at him. Sensing that Tess is in trouble, Caleb vanishes. Although thrilled her see her dad, Livvie can't stop talking about Caleb. When he suddenly appears in the living room, she runs to him. Caleb stuns Kevin by closing the music box and bringing Tess back. Kevin can't believe this. He assumes that Caleb saved the wrong person, but the vampire knew exactly what he was doing. Smashing the music box, he informs Kevin that it's over. Kevin accuses him of abandoning the love of his life, adding that he'll just corrupt Tess the way he does everything else. Caleb warns him not to push it, but Kevin intends to get his daughter back. Caleb takes Tess home with him. Lucy fills Ian in on Caleb's attempt on her life--and how she attempted to stop him. Ian wants to know how far she would have gone.

Y&R By Jodi

Phyllis invites Diane over to help calm down Kyle. Jack is very happy with his wife and is pleased she did this for Kyle. Jill's mother is having her surgery tomorrow and Jill is still determined to find her real birth parents. Greg says he'll help her. Victor tells Nikki that the kiss with Sharon was her idea and after some prodding, Nikki forgives him and hugs him. As Vikki and Nick are watching over Cassie, her eyes flutter open. Vikki runs out to get Victor and Nikki and the three of them hug.

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