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Friday 2/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Kendall is at the bar talking to Aidan. She tells him about Michael and how she exploded when she found him with Erica. She is worried that she blew things with Michael. Aidan tells her that he is worried about Maureen getting her memory back and leaving him for Edmund. He tells her to call Michael. Kendall leaves a message for Michael hoping he will return her call. Maureen tells Edmund about Isabella’s visit. She doesn't remember being a mother, but she feels she abandon him and the children. Edmund tells her that she is not Maria. He tells her that the kids will get to know her as Maureen and she can see them whenever she wants. Edmund gets a phone call, and Maddie sees Maureen. She tells her that she knows Maureen isn't her mommy. Maureen tells Maddie she loves her and her brother. Erica and Chris get into anther argument. He knows about her meeting with Michael Cambias. Chris tells Erica he had her watched. Erica is furious and wonders if they should get married. Chris apologizes. Erica feels they are living in different worlds, and Chris wants to know why she has been looking for excuses to end things. Jack interrupts and Chris leaves. Erica tells Jack what happened and asks for his advice. He tells her to leave Chris for him. Greenlee tries to get more help tracking down her mystery man. At the hospital, Mia wants answers and Simone gives her Jake's letter. In the letter Jake apologizes and tells her he had an affair. He also tells her he has left town. Mia figures out that Allison is the one Jake slept with. Mia slaps Allison, and then Allison accuses Simone of telling Mia what happened. After Allison leaves, Mia gets mad at Simone for keeping the truth from her, and she slaps Simone. Mia then decides that Greenlee is to blame for making her spend all her time with Andrew Miller the night before. When she gets back to Fusion, she goes off on Greenlee and smacks her. The girls are able to calm Mia down and she apologizes. Aidan meets Jack at his office. Jack tells Aidan he has a job for him.

ATWT by Dione

Jack tells Carly that he wants a divorce. In effort to get him to change his mind, Carly holds up a picture of "Baby Girl Snyder". Jack insists that the baby is hers and Mike's. In a last ditch effort, Carly slaps a kiss on his lips. Carly leaves and Jack calls Tom to draw up divorce papers. Molly lays a kiss on Dusty and he barely recognizes her. Dusty tells Rose that he's going to tell Paul about him kissing her. Bonnie and Isaac are shocked to see Jess arrive with Ben. Jess overhears Ben tell Isaac that he's "trying" to trust Jess. Bartleby is outside of the Frasier's when he threatens to kill Katie while on the phone with Simon. Simon rushes home and gets into a struggle with Bartleby. Simon shoots him dead. Katie is dreaming about all of the good times her and Simon had while Simon is watching her from outside. In her dream, they share a final kiss, and she awakes. She runs outside and Simon is gone. Simon makes Henry promise to give Katie a letter from him in one year.

B&B by Matt

No recap today, sorry!

Days by Rebecca

Lexie and Abe talk about Shawn, the baby, and her false labor. Lucas talks to Sami about Brandon and Will and they argue. Nicole and Brandon talk about their relationships and Brandon senses something wrong, but Nicole won't open up. Nicole and Lucas talk for a little bit and Nicole leaves deciding that she will confess. At the arraignment, Shawn Sr. and Caroline are mad at Roman, who is accompanied by Kate. Larry has a visitor - Victor. He tells Larry that he knows about his hit on Bo, and wants Larry to confess to Colin's murder. He says that he will end his life if he doesn't. Later, Larry tells Abe that he has something to get off his chest... Shawn pleads guilty, but changes his plea after Belle makes a scene in the court-room. DA Palmer makes his case against bail and the judge agrees. Bo makes a scene also, and later Bo and Roman scream at eachother. Everyone says goodbye to Shawn as he heads to his cell.

GH by Meghan

Ric got Jason released from the PCPD, and Sonny and Jason went back to Sonny and Caryl's where Courtney waited to talk to her brother. When Sonny and Jason came back, Courtney announced to Sonny that he was not in control of her or her life, and she wasn't putting up with him anymore. She loved Jason, Courtney said and then left. Jason left moments after and Sonny told Carly she should not get in the middle of things w/ Courtney. She became dizzy, and Sonny asked if she could be pregnant. Faith told Ned that she had not ordered a hit on Sonny because she had promised her grandmother that as long as she was alive, she wouldn't be responsible for Sonny's death. Later, Faith and her met at Carly's club, and Faith put a poison into her drink, and waited on the steps, as her granmother collapsed from the poison, Cameron recordred Alexis on video and got Kristina to emerge. He brought the tape to the police, and found notes Alexis had made about cases of the insanity defense. He went back to talk to her. Lucky told Luke he was having problems with a girl. At his club, Luke pset up a birthday party for Summer, but Scott came in to harass him about her. When Luke threatened him, he left, and Summer came in

GL by Barbra

Olivia complains of cramps. She is checked out by Rick. Baby is ok. Phillip and Olivia talk. She admits she thought about tampering with a paternity test results to make Phillip the daddy but couldn't do it, but she wants Phillip to be the father even if he isn't. Alan will have nothing to do with this baby. Phillip takes Olivia to the mansion to stay until Alan returns. Alex freaks. Shayne is being follwed. The studio is secured. Holly comes to the station wearing gloves and presents herself as the prime suspect right in front of them to make it easy to watch her. Holly and Reva exchange words. With the TV station secured they tell Reva to enter the stage area. Tony spies a backpack with a smiley face on it. He grabs it and runs to the stairwell. He throws it down the stairs and as it hits the bottom, it explodes.

OLTL by Suzanne

Todd finds Evangeline, Mitch's attorney, to try to convince her to let him see Victor's latest will; she not only refuses but threatens to go after him for breaking into her office.  Natalie accidentally opens Carlotta's bedroom door, thinking it's Cristian's, offending her more.  Cris and Natalie tell her that Cris is sleeping on the couch, but that doesn't make her nicer.  After his mom leaves, Cris and Nat look at his old stuff that his mom kept; she wishes she'd had a mom who cared about her.  He suggests that they take a shower together to try to wash out the bleach from her hair, so they do.  Cris' wound is bothering him when he gets dressed, so she says he'd better get it checked out.  Carlotta runs back home to get something she forgot and is not pleased to find towels on the floor; she knows what went on and has another disagreement with Cris.  Natalie tells Cris they are finding another place NOW.  Joey watches Flash sing; she finally sees him and stops, embarrassed.  He tells her that he thinks she's good and has a lot of talent.  Brad, the guy who had sex with her at the Palace, comes in leering and confirms that she's really good.  Joey reads him the riot act and says she's under-age so he'd better stay away from Flash in the future.  Flash is unexpectedly grateful.  He tries to get her to open up, but again, it doesn't work.  Later, Jessica fills Joey in on what happened at the arraignment.  She can tell something is bothering him.  At the diner, Al frets about waiting for Rex's friend to call about getting him some uppers.  The friend (Brad) phones and Rex takes down the address.  Al and Marcy gripe at each other, and he doesn't leave enough to pay the bill, let alone a tip.  Al worries about school.  It is revealed that Rex gets good grades by using people, such as charming smart women like Marcy to do work for him.  Al says he won't do that.  Max drops by the diner to look for Al and pays Marcy the money Al owes her.  She gives him the address that Rex dropped.  He finds out she's a tutor and ask her to do him a favor.  Brad won't sell Al any drugs because he doesn't have enough money.  Max comes by and gives Al a hard time about school, so Al hits him up for book money.  Max gives him $50, which Al uses to buy drugs from Brad.

Mitch hovers around Victor's room as they wheel him into the operating room.  Viki arrives, and Mitch tells her that Victor is in the OR and probably will die.  Troy tells Viki that Victor is not doing well, but they hope to get him an artificial heart.  She has to sign some papers to authorize the risky procedure.  Mitch tries to talk her into letting Victor die.  Todd shows up and tells her what Mitch has been up to, so she signs the papers and gives them to Troy.  Viki goes home and fills Jessica and Joey in on what happened.  She learns from Jess that Natalie moved out, so she goes looking for her.  Joey wants to know what's going on with Jess and Nat, but she doesn't tell him.  Flash arrives and thanks him for his help earlier.  He knows she wants something more.  She says she wants his help finding someone: his cousin C.J. (Tina and Cord's son).  Todd goes to the hospital and finds out from Troy about Victor.  He finds the paper where Victor started writing his will.  Mitch meets with Evangeline and tells her that he's counting on a miracle.  Natalie goes to the diner and tells Carlotta that she and Cris are moving out.  Viki comes up behind and suggests that Natalie move back home where she belongs.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa has a new look on life since Ivy set her free. All she wants to do is good and help people woth the Crane's money for little Ethan's sake. Miguel and Charity debate on whether or not they can have a future. Kay interrupts them by acting sick. Miguel and Kay bond over a sonogram of their baby. Charity is devastated over their closeness. Simone tells Kay all she did to win back Chad and accompanys her to her evil doings. Sheridan and Luis get caught up in their passion and forget that Sheridan is still married to Antonio. But they plan to make a life together and have a family. But Beth tries to stop them by burning the house down!

PC by Beth

Kevin vows to do whatever it takes to get Livvie back. Tess is stunned to see that Jack has burned her pictures and her doll in the fireplace. Jack informs her that he's finally letting go. They argue about why Tess brought Caleb back to life, but they never reach an understanding. Jack feels sorry for her, because she doesn't realize that Caleb is using her to get to Livvie, but Tess admits that she's the one Caleb wants now. She also admits that they kissed. Jack rebuffs her attempts to be close to him. He orders her to get out of his home. Tess runs out in tears, straight into the arms of Kevin, who has just stepped onto the porch. The music box is with him. When Rafe returns to the warehouse, he finds Ian waiting for him. Rafe explains his theory that the phrase "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" is the key to defeating Caleb. Caz and Reese burst in, ready for a fight, but they quickly lose. Ian and Rafe force Reese to tell them what she knows about Caleb's music, but all she knows is that there's something about the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." Lucy is upset when Serena visits her late at night, but before she can take her daughter back home, Caleb pays her a visit. Serena is thrilled to see "Stephen Clay," but Lucy wants to get rid of him. After finally managing to get Serena away from him, Lucy pulls out her silver arrow. Caleb wants to know why everyone's after him this time. He hasn't hurt anyone. Still wielding the silver arrow, Lucy reminds him that he turned Elizabeth into a vampire. Caleb sees an opportunity and disarms the so-called slayer, then grabs her neck. She tries to seduce him, and he responds by kissing her--hard. Rafe and Ian get a boom box and play the first five notes of the song on a loop. Rafe can't stand it, but Ian finds it almost soothing. In fact, he wants Rafe to listen to it and hear the voices, water, and gunshots he hears in those notes. Rafe becomes violent and threatens to kill Ian if he doesn't turn it off.

Y&R By Jodi

Dr. Walker does not give Nikki and Victor much hope that Cassie will come out of the coma. Nick tells Victoria that if she doesn't come out of the coma in 72 hours, her chance of recovery is slim to none. Nick calls Doris to try and get a hold of Sharon. Nikki says she's moving out until Victor tells her the kiss was Sharon's idea. Diane and Phyllis have another fight and trade barbs at each other. Andy urges Jack to let Diane help in the transition with Kyle. Wharton gives Fred Hodges a piece of his mind about helping Jill find her birth parents. Fred says he's just trying to help and that it's none of Wharton's business. Jill's brothers, Snaper and Greg come to town to be with their mother for the surgery tomorrow morning. JIll lets them know that she is not their sister and she is determined to find her birth parents and they should either help or get out of her way.

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